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2nd Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 10, 2011
Doctor Moral High-Ground.

Daniel shows up at Jenn's with coffee and muffins. She puffs until Jack strolls in half naked holding her coffee. Jenn claims this isn't what it looks like and Jack was sleeping on the couch. Daniel thinks the three of them have a lot to talk about. The doctor declares that he loves Jenn and won't let her be hurt. Jack vows he won't hurt her again. Daniel lectures him. Jack doesn't appreciate 'Doctor Moral High-Ground'. Jenn explains that he was actually kidnapped. Daniel squints and guffaws. He keeps lecturing him and Jack warns him to stop pushing. Jenn's sick of them acting like children. She tells the doctor that she needs to work things out on her own and asks both men to go. Daniel understands. They hug. Jack's more reluctant to go but plods off with the doctor.

Rafe finds Sami and her stuffed dog sleeping on her homework. She wakes up and worries about getting the kids to school. He already packed them off. They make out. She freaks out when she remembers it's Monday and Johnny has dress-up day. Rafe took care of that. He starts to worry about how stressed out she is. She insists that family will never come second. She just has to get used to having a job. He fills her in about EJ's lawsuit. Sami fumes.

In their room, Carrie starts laying into Austin when she catches him looking at John's files. In fact, they are his files. She apologizes for being cranky. He worries about all of the pressure on her. Meanwhile, John paces around the penthouse thinking about the lawsuit against him. He watches Marlena sleep. She wakes up and they talk about getting their lives back. Marlena says that compared to what they've gone through in the past, this is nothing. As they make out, someone rings the bell. It's Austin and Carrie. He explains that he can't be there because it's a conflict of interest. John swears on everything that he loves that he's innocent and being set-up. Rafe and Sami show up. John repeats that he's innocent. Carrie tells her husband that his word should be enough. He reminds the lawyer that evidence counts. John begins flashing back to making financial account changes and then snaps, "No more fighting!" Marlena thinks they should all go but John wants to work on his case with Carrie. Austin walks out. Sami tells her family about her new job. John thanks Rafe for everything and the cop says he's poking around to help. After he leaves, Carrie warns Sami that the press will be all over her. John returns to moaning about how he's ruined their lives. Marlena calms things and thanks her kids. After the sisters leave, John worries about the strain this is putting on people. Marlena promises everyone will support him. "I've made my decision," he says. "We need to file for divorce."

At the station, Austin explains his predicament to Rafe, who says that good rarely comes when work and family collide. Austin worries the sisters won't have much time together. He's also concerned about what the stress will do to his marriage. Rafe is sure he knows what to do about it: leave his job. The cop points out that money doesn't always make things easier. Meanwhile, Carrie and Sami drop by her place. Sami wonders if John could be guilty. Carrie refuses to contemplate that.

October 11, 2011
Just Leave.

In the square, Jack rants to Justin and Adrienne about his rival. Justin thinks Daniel's concerns about him are merited. Jack say that 'Dr. Cowabunga' has nothing but an unnatural tan. His sister tells him he's been an ass. He's determined to prove that he's changed and is now reliable. "Words are cheap," Adrienne says. Justin starts babbling about Chad, which confuses Jack. They explain that his daughter is dating a DiMera. "I've got one daughter and she's hooking up with the spawn of Dracula?" he asks, freaking out. He runs off to stop it, in spite of their protests. Justin wonders if being your own worst enemy ever gets tiring.

At the mansion, Mel walks in on Victor and Maggie stuffing their faces. She's eager to start wedding plans. Victor says the only thing he needs is Maggie. Mel gets awkward and points out that she married Philip in the same room they're in. Maggie reminds her she has her whole life to find happiness. Mel whines and then apologizes for being a Debbie Downer. Henderson starts bringing in packages. Victor explains that they are the maid of honor dresses that Maggie liked. She's impressed. Justin and Adrienne arrive. They all chat about Jack before the topic turns to the wedding. Mel tries on a dress and Maggie thinks she looks beautiful. While the others leave to discuss Mad World, Mel returns to moping about her wedding. She promises that she will get over it. "You are my angel," Maggie tells her as they hug.

At home, Abby mopes to Chad about her father. She asks him to convince Jack to leave town. He says that won't happen but offers to distract her with his basket of popcorn, soda and "The Goonies." He also offers her a massage. They make out. As he starts massaging her, Jack arrives and yanks him off. Jack rants about how sick and twisted the DiMeras are. His daughter tells him he's a liar and a jerk. He forbids her to see Chad again. This only infuriates her. She tears into him for abandoning his family and says he gave up all of his rights as a father. "Just leave," she orders. She wants him out of her life forever.

Bo and Hope are at the pub looking over the Alice files. A woman walks in and serves Hope some papers. It's a cease and desist order, telling them to stop their investigation. He assumes this is a sign they are on to something. They decide to track down the lawyer behind this, Erin Hewitt. The cops meet her at her office. She was expecting them and is strangely friendly. Hewitt explains that she represented Alice in personal matters and other, less private, ones. When the cops show her the bank statements, she won't explain anything. Hope begs. Hewitt lets her see some of the 'less private' files. Once they have them, they return to the pub and look them over. Hope gets frustrated. Suddenly, she decides that her Gran must have been using this account to help someone.

At the townhouse, Marlena is baffled when John asks for a divorce. He won't put her through what he knows is coming. "Without you, I don't have a life!" she declares. They argue about what's best for her but all she wants is him. He expects her to cut all ties with him. She refuses but he tells her she still has to leave. If he's exonerated, they can be together again. Marlena refuses to leave, no matter how many times he asks. He's the only man in the world for her. John keeps refusing the help of his family, but she says he has no choice. Rubbing his back, she vows that they will get their lives back. He backs down and says he couldn't survive all of this without her.


October 12, 2011
Fresh Blood.

In town square, Nicole is helping EJ with his tie and lecturing him about dimples. They meet with the interviewer, who explains that it will actually be a dual interview with Abe. They are not pleased and both blink violently as Abe and Lexi arrive. Abe wasn't expecting this situation either. The reporter leaves to set things up. EJ takes Nicole aside and threatens to fire her if she does something like this again. Abe admits to Lexi that this is throwing him off but she's sure he can wipe the floor with her brother. EJ and Nicole return to bicker with Abe about his lack of experience with a challenger. Abe claims he does his job really well. The men squint and try to intimidate each other. Abe is sure Elvis will start drowning in the political pool. "EJ's fresh blood and the people like that," Nicole shoots back. The interview starts. Elvis checks his watch as Abe yaks about the square. EJ says that the square is just a distraction from the real problems in Salem. He claims that crime is the number one issue and says that Abe and the PD are completely inept.

Sami and Brady bring Madison to the pub. "It's so homey!" she coos. They introduce her to Caroline and then plop around a table to start discussing ads. Kate comes in and trashes her rival. Madison says that she's seen the plans for Kate's showroom and it looks like something from the 80s. Kate is furious. Nate Berkus shows up and Madison explains he's there to work on her showroom. He's introduced to Kate and he wishes her the best of luck. She advises him to get paid upfront. Nate plods off for a minute and the women keep trading barbs. Kate tells them she just inked a big distribution deal. She stole it out from under them. Sami leaps up to accuse her of stealing. Madison remains quiet as Kate mocks them. After Kate flounces off, Nate returns as Brady worries. Madison isn't concerned and smirks.

Jenn finds Jack sitting on the bench. Moping, he says that their daughter hates him. "I don't know what I'm going to do without her," he says. This has upset him terribly and wishes he could fix what he's done. He keeps beating himself up and then recalls their happy days in London. "Without you and the kids, I got nothing," he says. It worries her to see him so upset. He doesn't want to lay anymore of this on her and tries to walk away. She grabs him by the hand to say that she still cares. They hold hands for a moment and then she pulls away. Jenn knows he loves his children and offers to go somewhere to talk with him, though she makes it clear that it's only talking as old friends. They get coffee and he admits that he told Abby to dump the DiMera. She felt the same but says she didn't want to be the mother who tells their daughter who to date. They can't push her to listen to them now that she's an adult. Jenn insists that Chad is okay. Jack can't handle this. As they hold hands again, she tells him Abby needs time. "How much time do you need?" he asks.

October 13, 2011
I Never Meant To Be Held Hostage.

During their interview in the square, EJ trashes the Salem PD and Abe's competence. Abe defends himself but EJ accuses him of just posturing and blames the crime rate and poverty in town on him. "If you want the crime rate lowered, leave town and take your father with you," Abe shoots back. Elvis defends his family and reminds his opponent that Lexi is a DiMera and he has no criminal record. Abe thinks this is just an ego trip for him. The topic turns to John and EJ lays into him, explaining his class action lawsuit. Looking at the camera, he promises to make John pay. Abe thinks he's taking cheap shots. EJ keeps going and points out that Abe's first loyalty was to his friend rather than the public. Abe says stoning people in the town square is vile. He reiterates his support for John. Elvis furrows his brow and smirks. Lexi and Nicole discuss the interview. They each think their husband is winning. The interview ends and Nicole tells EJ that the Twitterverse is on his side. Lexi tells her husband that she's proud of him for sticking by his principles, but the public doesn't see it that way.

At the pub, Sami freaks out about Kate stealing their distribution deal but Madison just chuckles. Nate laughs as Madison explains that it was all a set-up and Kate took the bait. "No one goes up against me and wins," she says. When Sami goes outside, Kate corners her and says she's a joke. Sami says Countess W. is going down. "I can't wait to hear your blond explanation for that," Kate says. They trade insults. Back inside, Madison closes a deal in Japanese. Sami returns to moan about Kate. Madison assures her it's all in hand. They head over to the showroom and Nate talks about how it will look when it's finished. As Nate and Madison cuddle, Brady looks a bit uncomfortable. Nate and Sami go off to measure the walls. Brady gets close to Madison. She flatly tells him she doesn't date men she works with. He's confused. She repeats herself and then looks at him flirtily. He's more confused. Kate shows up and starts throwing around more insults. After she putters off, Nate warns Madison not to underestimate her. Madison likes having an opponent. Nate ask Brady for some help moving furniture. To avoid getting his clothes dirty, Brady takes off his shirt. Madison averts her eyes.

In the park, Jack asks Jenn if she will ever come around to forgiving him. She stares into his eyes but refuses to do this right now. "I never meant to be held hostage," he says. As he keeps begging, she keeps saying she's not ready. He offers to wait as long as it takes and thanks her for giving him hope. She agrees to try talking to their daughter on his behalf because she knows how much Abby still cares, but warns him that he's hurt her a lot. Jenn makes it clear that this is his last chance. He explains that being in a cave has changed him. Being away from her was Hell for him. Thinking that she would believe he didn't care terrified him more than death. He made a deal with God that he would never hurt anyone he loves again. Jack just wants the chance to make things better so the family can have one more chance.

October 14, 2011
Screw-Ups Since Time Immemorial.

Bo and Hope join Jenn and Maggie at the Horton house to complain about the John case. Hope explains they need to talk about Alice and her secrets. She tells them about the bank account. Jenn think Alice's only secret was her donut recipe. The cops explain that the account has been open for twenty years and the transactions are ongoing. They ask to use Jenn's computer since Hope's crashed. When the cops are left alone, Bo massages Hope as she flips though the documents. They find an email to Alice's attorney about an investigation which yielded surprising news for Maggie. The cops are flummoxed. They notice the email regarding a letter sent to Maggie was sent the day before Alice died so they wonder if she received it.

At the station, Rafe looks through the evidence that Austin has been analyzing. He shows the cop a security photo that captured John making one of the illegal transactions. The picture also contradicts John's story about not being able to walk. Rafe goes into denial. They decide to pay John a visit. Meanwhile, Carrie drops by the townhouse with bad news for John and Marlena. She shows them the picture. John says it's a fake and then looks confused. Marlena says he was at a clinic when the picture was supposedly taken. Carrie calls the clinic but there are no witnesses to verify John was there. He doesn't even remember being there because he was so drugged up. Austin and Rafe arrive. Carrie is defensive but John agrees to talk. John claims that his accounts were hacked. Rafe says there's no proof of that and pulls out a warrant for John's computer and phone. "They were stolen," John says. Austin says that's pretty convenient. John says it all looks like a set-up that only Stefano would engineer. Off the record, Rafe says that makes sense but there's no proof. Marlena decides to bustle off, much to John's chagrin. He sits down and stares at the photo. Suddenly, he has a flashback and wishes he knew what was going on. Across town, Marlena shows up at Casa DiMera looking for Stefano.

Daniel drops by the mansion. Victor thinks he looks like he needs a drink. The doctor moans about Jack being back. He really wants to punch him and thinks Jack is just playing Jenn. "Women have been falling in love with screw-ups since time immemorial," Victor explains, and Jenn loves Jack because he's a jackass. Daniel paces as his godfather explains that half the time, women don't know what they want and the rest of the time they tell you to do the opposite of what they want. Victor offers to send Jack to Siberia. Maggie and Jenn arrive. The doctor apologizes to his girlfriend for his behavior. She knows it's a difficult situation and takes his hand, saying she wants to talk. They head to the square and she explains that Jack is trying to change and make things right. Daniel is skeptical. "I've never been so confused in my whole life," she admits. He doesn't see how this is any different than all of the other times Jack has screwed up. She feels like she owes her family one last chance. He explains that she's changed his life and taught him to love again. Daniel begs her to stay with him and swears that Jack will hurt her again. "You are a wonderful man," she weeps, but even if she loves him, part of her still loves Jack. Meanwhile, Victor tries convincing Maggie to side with Daniel. She points out that the doctor is hardly a model of virtue himself. The redhead tells him about the Alice mystery. Maggie misses her kids. Victor understands. Hope calls to ask her if she received a letter form Alice. She didn't so the cops assume it must still be in the Horton house.

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