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3rd Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 17, 2011
Another Child.

Jenn and Daniel wander the square. He tries digesting her admission that she still loves Jack. He just happens to walk by as they go over this. Jenn clarifies to him that only part of her loves him, but the other part loves Daniel. This confuses the men. Jenn tells Jack he took the happiness they had away from them. She keeps repeating that he left and she learned to love someone else. Jenn insists that she wasn't just rebounding with Daniel. He's the only man she's ever been able to love and trust at the same time. Both men try to be understanding. Jenn is clueless about what to do. The doctor has an idea. After a cuddle, he says she doesn't deserve her pain. To make things easier on her, he's going to step away and let her go back to Jack. This makes Jack smile. Daniel tells Jenn that he already cleared out a drawer in his room for her but he thinks she should give her family another shot. After he kisses her, she weeps and throws her arms around him. She doesn't want to lose him. He says she might not have to. Jack asks him if that means they're all moving to Utah. Daniel thinks she should date both of them. He thinks this is the only way she can know she's making the right choice, but warns he won't do this forever.

At the Horton house, Bo and Hope go through Alice's old boxes. Eventually, he finds the letter and they run off. Over at the mansion, Maggie tells Victor how blessed she feels to be becoming his wife. They smooch until the cops rush in with the letter. Bo tells her to sit down but she thinks that's daft. Maggie reads the letter to everyone. It recalls when she had her eggs harvested. Alice investigated what happened to them and discovered that a baby was born from one of them. Maggie sits down. "I have another child!" she gasps.

Stefano's at home listening to opera when Marlena crashes the party. He's happy to see her. After he makes a few jabs about John, she slaps him and accuses him of framing her husband. She starts making jabs about Kate. They bicker. He says she's obviously under a lot of stress. Stefano talks about her beauty. She talks about being John's nurse. He warns that her husband may not be the man she thinks he is. "You have always been nothing more than a bully," she accuses. Stefano says he has no interest in her or John. She refuses to believe that and rants. He's amused for awhile and then tells her that she's only going to make things worse if she doesn't stop this. "You will always have a special place in my heart, but nothing more," he says. Marlena challenges him to prove it by saving John. He reminds her of all of the trauma that John has been through and what that can do to a person's behavior. "It may be time for you to take those rose colored glasses off," he advises.

Carrie heads back to her room. Austin thinks they need to talk. He calls room service and they sit down to dinner. He explains that he won't let the case get between them. She sits on his lap and they make out. To avoid discussing John, they decide to bump fuzzies. "I think that's what we should be doing with all our spare time," he groans when they finish.

October 18, 2011
I'm Disturbed.

At home, Sami calls to discover that there is no school today. She had no idea it was a holiday. Rafe would like to help but he has to go to work. She picks up toys and complains because Madison is on her way over. He offers to call around for a sitter. After he leaves, Johnny rushes in and accidentally trashes the breakfast Sami made for her boss. Madison arrives and Sami sends her son off to play. Sami's work is drenched in orange juice. The children scream and Sami runs after them. Madison cleans up until she returns. She explains that Nate's furniture orders have been screwed up. Sami thinks Kate must be sabotaging them. Johnny returns because he doesn't want to play princess. Madison gets him to huff some perfumes. "Mmmmmm," he says. They smell like vanilla. Once the adults are alone again, they talk about kids. As the children scream, Sami babbles about how blessed she feels. Later, Madison says she wants Sami to head up the launch of her product line and stick it to Kate. Seeing her multi-task convinced her that this is a good idea.

At the pub, Gabi shows Will how much traffic their site has been getting. As he looks through the comments, he gasps. Sonny walk in and wonders what the rumpus is. They pretend it's nothing. When he looks at the computer, he discovers some people want to boycott the site because it's 'run by a bunch of gays'. Will offers to post a no bullying policy but Sonny says they don't have to fight this for him. Will won't let it go but Sonny declares that he is bowing out. They won't accept that and show him that some people are defending gays on the site.

Carrie and Austin roll around in their bed. Eventually the sex stops and she leaves for work. Over at the station, Rafe gets confirmation that John was in the cafe he claims he wasn't in. He's still not convinced. Austin shows up and tells him he's wasting his time and John is guilty.

Marlena wakes up at the penthouse. "I'm disturbed. I know where you went last night and I'm not down with it," John says. She claims she was just putting Stefano on notice. He thinks that was pointless and dangerous. They bicker about this until Carrie arrives with her bag of evidence. Rafe calls Carrie and tells her that he's found something that might help. He shows up a minute later and tells Carrie that he got a confirmation John was in France and at the clinic in Switzerland. She thanks him and he leaves. Carrie tells her client they got a break. He looks at her cockeyed. She can't explain and bustles off. When she gets home, Austin shows up. She's leaving town for the case but won't tell him where she's going. He hates not knowing where she is. Rafe shows up. Austin is baffled that Rafe is taking her to the airport. Back at the penthouse, John keeps going over the evidence. He tells Marlena that he would send himself to prison based on this evidence. She's more optimistic. They make out.

Chad runs into Mel in the square and he starts twirling her around, saying she's his favorite dancing partner. As she giggles, Abby appears and wonders what's going on. She cuts in and dances with Mel. Chad says that was hot and goes off to get them coffee. The ladies yack about their parents being wrecks. Abby doesn't want to talk to her dad again. Mel thinks that's a mistake. Chad returns as Mel keeps urging a reconciliation with Jack. Sonny, Will and Gabi arrive. They tell them about the gay bashing. Sonny worries about the gay kids out there being scared by this stuff. "That sucks," Will says, thoughtfully. Chad checks the site and says they have a bigger problem on their hands.

October 19, 2011
Die Thief!

Daniel and Jenn embrace in the square but break apart when Jack arrives. She talks about how absurd and pointless dating both of them is unless they're all on board. Since she's willing to give it a try, the men agree too. "One of us is going to end up with a broken heart," Jack surmises. This hadn't occurred to Jenn but they still agree to go ahead with it. She wants to set some ground rules. The men debate how they are going to split up the time with her. "This is insane!" she declares as they bicker. She doesn't like the fact that this feels like a competition. The men point out it is. They just need a handbook to deal with this. She doesn't like the way that sounds either. The men admit that they need to discuss the sex situation. Jenn refuses to be intimate with two men at once. Daniel looks disappointed but Jack smiles. The doctor says they will just have to figure things out as they come.

Abe and Lexi drop by the penthouse to see John and Marlena. Abe hopes he didn't seem unsupportive during the debate with EJ. John was impressed with his performance, but he thinks he'd be politically smarter to distance himself from him. The Carvers refuse to do that. John keeps railing about how everyone is angry at him and he has no right to tell them not to be. They eat pie and joke around. John appreciates all of their support and they toast to optimism. A brick flies through the window. "Die thief!" is written on it. Abe runs off with a guard to track down whoever chucked it. John plods off to report this to Carrie. Marlena admits to Lexi that she's worried there could be something seriously wrong with John. The men return. Abe says they need to beef up security. John decides it's time for him to make a statement to the public.

At Casa DiMera, EJ does a video attack on John as Nicole watches. She shows him that all the polls have him ahead. He's upset that not everyone likes him. Patty Sanger calls her and says that she's found the perfect woman for EJ. "That is great news," Nicole grumbles. She offers to give him the message and hangs up. She doesn't relay the message. Elvis is excited and plots about how they can exploit Abe's weaknesses. When she checks the web, she sees that John is about to make a statement. EJ worries as he peers over her shoulder. He squints as John makes his statement of innocence.

At the mansion, Hope and Bo try to help Maggie deal with her feelings about discovering she has a child out there. "Help me find my child!" she begs. The redhead recounts the egg freezing process. She realizes she still has the papers for it and runs off to get them. When she returns, Hope observes that the number for the clinic has been disconnected. Victor looks concerned. Bo and Hope get on the computer and dig around. Hope guesses that the clinic must have been a sham. The cops decide to go and see Alice's lawyer. Victor is sorry his fiancee has to go through this. She's frustrated and in a tizzy. He advises her not to let the unanswered questions eat at her. Once he arranges for his driver to take her around, he places a call. "We have a situation," he says, warning his associate to keep his name out of any discussion of the company that Maggie and the cops are investigating. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope visit the lawyer and beg for answers. They need a clue about what happened to Maggie's child. The lawyer is reluctant but they badger her.

October 20, 2011
Fear Of Frankenstein.

At home, Abby answers the door and is shocked to find her dad there. She's even more shocked to discover that Jenn is going on a date with him. She demands some answers. Jenn fudges. Her daughter reminds Jack that she never wanted to see him again. "You disgust me!" she blurts out. Jack vows that he wants to make things up to her. Jenn asks to speak to their daughter alone. Abby already knows what she has to say. Jenn wants her to forgive but not forget. Abby doesn't understand all of this. Her mom feels like God has given their family a second chance. Abby's head nearly explodes as her mom says she's dating two men. She doesn't want anything to do with this and wishes her father had never come back. Jack comes back in time to hear this. He says he couldn't live with never seeing her again. "Being apart from my family is worse than anything that happened in that cave," he claims. She's skeptical. Jenn begs her to give him another chance. Abby refuses. "You have lost me!" she declares, storming out. Jenn beats herself up and then he takes a turn. She decides that they shouldn't see each other anymore. He tells her that the family needs to heal together so they can all be happy again. "Give this a shot for your family," he implores.

Daniel and Mel jog into the square. She just beat him in a race. Chad strolls by and remarks on how lucky they are to be a happy family. The topic turns to Abby's dysfunctional family. They all wish they could help her out. Daniel tells them to be there for her and admits that he feels sort of sorry for Jack. Chad's about to run off but Mel starts hopping up and down and asks him to go costume shopping with them. After they shop, they joke around about Chad's fear of Frankenstein. Mel chases him around. Abby shows up and she's not okay. She lays into Daniel about the double dating deal. He says that Jenn is a big girl and can figure things out for herself. He's confident that Jenn will come to him in the end. The topic turns back to Halloween. Chad and Mel return to goofing around as Abby watches.

At the station, Austin walks in on Rafe chatting with Carrie on the phone. Austin wants to know why his wife is calling him. When Rafe admits that he and Carrie are on the same side, Austin keeps prodding him. Rafe has more excuses and refuses to argue about this. He trudges off. "I hate to do this," Austin grumbles.

Roman drops by the loft to give Sami a portfolio and says how proud he is of her. She tells him how awesome her boss is. He wonders why she hasn't been spending more time with her mom and John. Sami says she's so busy she can't brush her teeth and then admits she has her doubts about John's innocence. They debate this all the way to the pub. After he gets called off to work, Austin strolls in and starts making vague insinuations about Rafe and Carrie. He points out that Rafe doesn't work for Carrie and his loyalty to her can't be good for him. She hates it when her husband takes risk. He tells her how hard he finds it to think John is innocent. She knows what he means and tells him Marlena hinted John still has brain troubles. He complains about his hotel room so she suggests he come and stay with her. Austin thinks that's ridiculous. He doesn't think Rafe would like it, or Carrie for that matter. Sami insists that she's a different person than she used to be and has worked things out with her sister. "I think this is a genius idea," she says. He gives in.

Back at the station, Roman confronts Rafe. The commissioner just had a call from the Feds and they told him Rafe was helping the defense. "You better be damn honest with me right now," he orders. Rafe confesses he's been slipping info to Carrie. Roman says he's crossed a line. "What line?" Rafe asks. They bicker and Rafe refuses to back down so Roman fires him. Rafe goes home to mope and have a beer. He stares at the wall until Sami and Austin arrive. Rafe accuses him of ratting on him and then clobbers him. "That's for getting me fired!" he says.

October 21, 2011
Cookie Date.

Jack takes Jenn to the pub. He explains that it's closed for a private party… for them. He shows her in and points to a table covered with cookies and decorations. He explains they are part of their date. They're going to decorate them and give them to children in the hospital for Halloween. She's surprised he would come up with this. "You're meeting a brand new guy," he says. He doesn't want a 'do-over' he wants a 'do-better.' Jack confesses that the 'cookie date' is about more than just a date. As they decorate, he tells her about a little boy he met in Afghanistan. He met a lot of kids with no family or future. Seeing how upset he is, she suggests he write it down. Although he'll never forget what he saw, he could never turn it into a story. They rehash how he nearly cost Abby her life once. After they deliver the cookies to the kids, she talks about how great it was. All of this reminded her of her grandpa.

Bo drops by the penthouse to see John and Marlena. He breaks the news that Rafe has been fired for helping them. John blames himself and pouts. Bo says they're just lucky this came out now. He explains that he's taking over the investigation. John sighs. The cop explains how good the evidence is. "The evidence is worthless!" the doctor declares. Bo assures John he will never turn against him. They hug. After Bo leaves, they teleconference with Carrie. She explains that Rafe tipped her off about a witness and she's meeting with him. After she signs off, John and Marlena get optimistic. She has a shower and he gets out the strawberries and whipped cream. She takes the hint and he begins inhaling her. As he molests her robe, she feeds him and says it feels like the first time. He can't remember the last time. As he licks her shoulder, she gasps and unbuttons him. After he lights the candles, they strip down. She wraps up in a sheet and they have soft focus sex.

Hope shows up at the mansion. Maggie is obsessing about her child. Mel pops in babbling about the wedding. The redhead is distraught and can't hide her news anymore. Sitting Mel down, Maggie tells her the story of the eggs and Alice's letter. They decide to bring Mel with them. Moments later, they are in the lawyer, Erin Hewitt's, office. Erin explains that she can't explain. Maggie tells her she's in agony. Taking out the files and placing them on the desk, she says she can't tell them anything and then announces she's leaving them alone for a few minutes. They start rifling through the files. The cops find what they've been looking for – the name of the fertility clinic.

Sami heads home with Austin. When they go inside, Rafe is drinking. He punches Austin and accuses him of getting him fired. Sami's confused. Her husband explains and repeats his accusation. Austin repeats his defense. He doesn't know why Rafe is so interested in having some kind of relationship with Carrie. Sami has the same question. Rafe has no regrets or apologies for what he did. He did all of this for family. Sami has to get between them when Austin gets smug. "So you're on his side?" Rafe accuses. She snaps and rubs it in Rafe's face that he just lost his job. Sami apologizes for saying that. He walks out. Sami cries. Rafe goes to the pub for a pint. His wife crashes the party to apologize again. He apologizes back. Austin strolls in and tells them that his hotel room is no longer available and there's nowhere else to stay. "Staying with you guys might be the only option," he says.


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