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4th Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 24, 2011
Freakin' Joke.

At the pub, Rafe is irate to hear that Austin wants to stay at the loft. Austin protests that he didn't get him fired. He kicks himself for giving up his hotel room. Rafe tells him to stay with his mom. He refuses. Before he can stomp off, Sami offers to convince Rafe. That's not easy. She's sure Austin is innocent and he's family. After some badgering, her husband caves. They take Austin home and tell him he can sleep in the tub or the couch. He goes off to see the kids. Sami nags Rafe to pretend to be happy. He admits that he feels like he's failed her for losing his job. Rafe doesn't know what else he can do because the job market in Salem sucks. Suddenly, he decides to be optimistic and they make out until Austin stumbles back after his shower. The couple go to bed. Austin strips down and gets on the couch, spilling his cold water over his crotch. As he pulls off his drawers, Sami walks in and gasps. She throws a blanket on him. As she tries to soak up the water, he trips on top of her. They start to chuckle until Rafe comes in and turns on the light.

Lexi and Abe stroll around the square and plan Halloween. He starts worrying about John and then spots EJ. He assures his wife that he has some tricks up his sleeve and heads off. Lexi wanders past her brother and snubs him. He's offended. They bicker. He reminds her that they are family and he needs her advice about parenting. She gives in and he babbles about his kids. He's sure they miss him. She's sure he really cares. Elvis wonders if he should take the kids trick-or-treating. His sister advises him just to buy them a treat bag or something. She's still uncomfortable. He lays the family stuff on pretty thick and then asks if he can reschedule the debate with Abe. When he assures her that he doesn't want to ruin their relationship, she tells him to drop out of the race. This offends him. "Are you freakin' kiddin' me!" she blurts out as she lectures him about playing dirty and accuses him of setting John up. "You're such a freakin' joke," she says.

Sonny and Chad are at the mansion worrying about what's happening on their site. They suspect that someone is using it for gambling. When they head to the square, they find EJ bickering with his sister. Chad crashes the family fight. The siblings apologize to him. Lexi says that they are all still family. Elvis brings up the website and says that he's been keeping an eye on it. Chad wonders what that means. EJ is vaguely defensive and says that all want him back in the family fold. Chad makes faces and plods off with Sonny. Elvis tells his sister that he needs her to be close to him. They shake on a truce.

Daniel shows up at Jenn's to say that he misses her. She says her date with Jack is over so they can spend some time together. He misses all of the spontaneous things they used to do instead of being stuck in a date-off. She says they can't live in a world of what ifs. Abe shows up to talk about his campaign with Jenn. He asks her to be his PR person. She seems flabbergasted but is intrigued to get into politics. However, she has to talk it over with a few people first. After Abe leaves, Jenn excitedly contemplates the job. She worries it would make her too busy for her kids. The doorbell rings. Daniel opens the door and finds a giant white box. It contains an huge cookie. Jenn spots it and starts talking about her date with Jack. Daniel realizes she had a good one.

October 25, 2011
Try To Stay Clothed While I Shower.

Madison and Brady are chatting in the square about Sami and going up against Kate. Marlena listens in as they flirt. She interrupts and asks Brady to speak to her about his father. He doesn't want to and asks her to go. Madison leaves instead and Marlena gabs about how much Belle wishes she was there but John won't let her be. Brady says he's too busy for his dad. She accuses him of abandoning John. "He only thinks I need him when I screw up and I don't need that kind of parent," he says. Marlena thinks he's all wrong. He reminds her they don't live in a greeting card and his father just makes him feel judged. The shrink keeps probing and worrying. Meanwhile, Madison gets a call from someone she doesn't want to talk to. She tells them to stay away from Salem or they will jeopardize everything she's doing. She eavesdrops on Brady and Marlena until the shrink leaves. When Madison sits down, they discuss his father-son problems. This agitates Brady. She's sure he really cares about his dad and points out that Titan has been silent on his arrest.

Maggie, Bo and Hope head over to the clinic. The cops assure her that they will find the woman who received her eggs. The doctor comes out and they ask for access. She tells them that's legally impossible. After some badgering, she agrees to look into it and putters away. Maggie worries to Hope about never finding the truth and what will happen if she finds the child. The doctor returns and says that a woman was impregnated with the eggs in the clinic. She can't give her a name though. The cops are miffed. The doctor explains the law to them but that doesn't help. She won't say anything without a court order and leaves. Maggie thinks Justin can get her a court order. The cops warn her that it will be hard. The redhead worries and goes to the bathroom to cry. Bo and Hope peer around the corner. Hope spots a computer. He warns her that they can't get caught touching it.

At the loft, Rafe is grouchy and quiet. Austin is just grouchy. Sami offers them pancakes but they aren't interested. She thinks they need to talk about what happened. Rafe rants. They explain how they fell on top of each other. She was just bringing Austin his blankie. "What is he, ten?" Rafe says before barking that he never wants to see what happened happen again. They promise it won't and then look around shiftily. Carrie calls Rafe to check in on him. Sami and Austin gape at him as he rubs this in. She apologizes for his job loss and they gab about John. She got a witness to back up John's story and offers to find Rafe work when she gets back. Sami starts clanging pots and pans. Rafe explains that Austin slept over and then hands him the phone. Carrie wants to know why he's there. "It was the couch or the street," Austin explains. They bicker and she orders him to get a new room. Sami asks her husband about John's case. He won't say anything while Austin is around. "You two try to stay clothed while I take a shower," he says. After he plods off and Austin starts calling around for a room, Sami follows Rafe into the shower and they make out. "I just want to get naked with the only man I love," she declares.

October 26, 2011
Stupid Hot And Cutie Pie.

Will and Gabi are doing Halloween decorating in the square. They snog until Sonny points out his grandma is there. They hand her a broomstick and then she fills 'cutie pie' Will in on how John is. He goes off to get water and Marlena babbles about love to Gabi. Across the square, Mel tells Abby that she snagged the perfect guy. This makes Abby uncomfortable. Mel keeps babbling about him and how 'stupid hot' he is. They begin discussing their fathers. Meanwhile, Chad and Sonny tell Will about the illegal gambling on their website. They don't know what to do so decide to keep an eye on things. Will returns to his grandmother and she tells him he can talk to her about anything. "Oh that," he grumbles. She reminds him of a letter he wrote to her saying he had something secret to say. When she asks him about Gabi, he's defensive and runs away. The three young ladies worry about what Will is talking to his grandma about. They think it must be sex. Abby tries to reassure her by saying that sex is probably the last thing on his mind. Chad tries dragging Abby to a Scorsese retrospective. She's not interested but Mel is. They start doing high fives. Abby abruptly changes her mind. Later, Chad shows Sonny proof that someone is placing bets.

At Casa DiMera, EJ moans to Nicole about the latest bad press he's been getting. Stefano walks in to chime in about how much she sucks at her job. She says her contacts didn't know. "This is a disaster!" Stefano moans. They call in a crisis management firm. He sends her out so he can talk to his son. Elvis defends Nicole's work so far but his father is unconvinced. He can't understand why Nicole would want to help him after he ruined her life. Stefano advises him to fire her if he wants to be mayor. EJ refuses and defends Nicole. "I'm not letting her go," he says. Stefano gets a worried look and asks him if he's in love with Nicole. EJ fingers his Blackberry. He won't admit or deny it. They meet with the crisis management team. Stefano still isn't impressed by Nicole's performance. She tears into him, vowing to prove him wrong. He plods off. Elvis commends her for doing damage control. Pulling on her dress and staring at her chest, he compliments her 'assets' and talks about how he doesn't want to lose her gifts. When he leans in, she tears herself away to go to a meeting.

At the pub, Kate fusses over Austin. "I'm not six!" he moans before begging that they don't discuss Sami. Marlena walks by and gives them the stare of death before stomping away. Kate asks what was up with that. He explains Marlena isn't happy about his job. Austin tells her how compelling the evidence is. "You job is your job," she says. He explains that all of the trauma John has been through could be causing major mental lapses. The topic turns to his living arrangements. Her son won't stay with her because he doesn't like Stefano. He confesses that he's staying with Sami. Kate is traumatized. "She's trouble," she says. He thinks 'Rrrraaafe' is the problem. He complains and she wonders how many people John will drag into his mess. After he leaves, Stefano shows up to have some cider with his wife. They discuss their sons and she assures him that Chad will come around. He admits that he's concerned about what Elvis is up to. When he says that he's seeing someone, Kate quips, "She can't be as bad as Nicole." Stefano throws his hands up and groans, "I just hope to God that my son isn't falling in love with his own wife." Meanwhile, Austin runs into Austin outside. They argue about the friction in the family. He stands up for what he's done but assures her that he hasn't not turned against John. She believes that.

October 27, 2011

At Titan, Madison and Sami settle into Brady's office for product testing. They show him their big idea: a cosmetics line for men. "In what universe would any man use this stuff?" he asks. Madison tells him appearances count for everyone. Sami says Rafe loved the samples she gave him. Their model calls to say he can't make it. Sami wants to call for a replacement but Madison wants to use Brady. He refuses but Madison tears off his jacket and explains he'll just be their guinea pig. After she taunts him about his manliness, he tears off his shirt and asks her to cover him in cream. Sami scribbles and averts her eyes as Madison rubs lotion all over Brady. She runs out and Madison insists on applying all the lotion herself. After she shaves him, rubs him down and puts cucumbers on his eyes, she says he's good enough to eat. As he towels off, she gets him to lay back and then starts rubbing another product on him. Sami returns and makes a stink face. Brady says the products are great. Sami's babysitter calls so she heads off awkwardly. Madison and Brady flirt some more about his manhood but end it abruptly and she leaves, biting her lip.

Jenn runs downstairs as Daniel arrives for their date. They smooch and he asks if she's decided on Abe's job offer. She admits everyone thinks she should take it, but she still has her doubts. He hands her the business card of a man who can answer all of her questions: a professional political operative. The doctor explains that the man is waiting for her at a cafe. She's impressed that he's giving up his date night like this and kisses him all over. As they head to the cafe, she spots the dude. She's nervous but Daniel is encouraging. After her meeting, she excitedly tells Daniel how well it went. Jenn babbles and he tries to get her to relax. She can't pass up an opportunity like this job. He takes her home and she keeps thanking him until they make out.

Mel and Maggie wander through the square after a movie. The redhead wants some tea. Maggie can't stop thinking about her mystery child. She just hopes barging into their life won't upset them. They head over to the pub and Maggie badgers her about her life. Mel admits that things have been hard with Dario. She pretends she's okay that it's all over. Groaning, she says that love isn't in line for her. Maggie is sure love will find her when she least expects it. They head over to the mansion. Mel goes upstairs to fix her face.

Bo and Hope sneak into the clinic disguised as custodians. They break a lock and she gets on the computer. A guard comes by. After he's gone, they copy the necessary files and run. They go straight to the mansion with the name of the woman who took her eggs printed on a paper: It's Lillian Parker. That doesn't mean anything to Maggie. Bo says there were a bunch of them in town. The cops are going to keep looking for more information. Maggie thanks them but she's a bit distraught. As she leads them to the door, Mel wanders down and finds the paper. "That's my grandma's name on this paper," she says to herself.


October 28, 2011
Samantha Gene! You Disappoint Me!

The children are running all over the pub. Bo gathers them together to tell them a scary story about a cattle rustler being hanged in the town square. His widow swore revenge and haunts the square. Johnny wants to see the ghost. Caroline gives them candy. Bo and Hope take Maggie aside and promise her that they will get her answers about the child soon. Over at the townhouse, Marlena finds John lifting weights. He wonders why she isn't dressing up for the holiday party. Grabbing her ass, he tells her that he called the cops to drag her to the party. She doesn't want to leave him alone. He promises that their lives will be normal again soon. They make out until Bo and Hope arrive. Marlena comes out in costume. John makes a joke about keeping her in there with him but she doesn't get it. After he explains how jokes work, he sends her off with the cops. Once she's gone, he takes off his ankle monitor.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis feels humiliated to be dressed up as his namesake. "I hate it," he moans. Nicole makes him spin and grab his crotch. He wants out of the costume but she thinks he needs to convince people that he has a sense of humor about himself. "I want to be their mayor, not joining their bowling league," he says. She talks him into it. Down at the square, Chad and Abby are avoiding discussing his monster trauma. Mel arrives. She's in the same French maid outfit as Abby. Abe gets on the mic and welcomes everyone. EJ and Nicole show up though and everyone rushes over to them. He makes a speech and reporters ask him to pose with Nicole. She objects because she's there as his publicist. They reporters prod them to kiss. "No tongue," she tells him between her teeth. They share a tender kiss. Nicole seems moved. EJ finds his kids and chats with them. They don't know who Elvis was. After he sadly sends them off to Uncle Austin, Nicole joins him. He says it tears him up inside to feel like his kids are scared of him. She reminds him that she's his publicist, not his girlfriend. He reminds her that she's his wife. "Should I call the lawyer or should you," she asks.

Jenn makes Daniel go bobbing for apples. She won't do it though because it would ruin her princess make-up. Jenn tells him he's a good sport and promises she will make her choice of man soon. As they kiss, someone in a mask walks by and stares. Mel wanders by. Her dad isn't thrilled with her costume. Jenn runs off to badger her daughter. Mel asks her dad how the competition is going. He's unsure about his chances of winning. Jenn finds her daughter. Abby apologizes for getting angry about her giving Jack a second chance. That means a lot to her mom. Abby just wants her to be happy. Jenn says she loves both men and will have to sort that out, but Abby needs to work things out with Jack too. After Abby walks off, she spots Chad running up to Mel, dipping her and kissing her for a long time. "What the hell are you doing?" Abby demands. "Oh uh I um I uhh wha-what ya-ya ummm the costumes... uh mistake," he stutters. Mel stutters too and runs away. He claims the costume made him crazy. She lets him off the hook this time and he insists that she's the only girl he wants to kiss. He kisses her and they exchange I love yous.

Bo and Hope approach Maggie in the square. They say that they should know the name of her child tonight. He gets a call from the Salem PD telling him that their computer crashed. But they did learn that Lillian is deceased and had a son born on December 18. "Why are you guys talking about my grandma?" Mel asks as she walks over. Maggie is ready to plotz. After they learn Daniel's birthday from her, they realize Daniel must be her son. Mel is in shock and throws her arms around Maggie. Jenn walks by and approaches Abe and Lexi to announce that she will take his job offer. Everyone is happy about this. Chuckles all around. The Carvers run off. Jenn notices the guy who has been following her. She starts telling him off so he runs away. She wonders if that was Jack when he's supposed to be in England. Rafe and Sami dance along and bump into her mom, who is fuming that she's been avoiding John. Sami comes right out and says that she doesn't think John is innocent. Her mom is furious. "Samantha Gene! You disappoint me," she says. Sami runs. Rafe apologizes. John comes up and grabs Marlena. She's outraged until she realizes it's him. He says he wants some Halloween fun. She tells him this is no time for sex games and he needs to go home before EJ spots him. Meanwhile, Rafe chases Sami to the pub. He thinks she's talking like Austin..

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