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1st Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 5, 2011




September 6, 2011
Working With Your Partner Doesn't Work.

Mel shows up at rehab to see her brother. He's moping and drinking tea. She assures him that this will all be worth it. They file in to see their mom. Dr. Norman has just woken her up as the kids arrive. She asks them to join in their session. She wants to concentrate on the Mel-Carly relationship. Mel's reluctant, but her mom wants to talk. They rehash their troubled story. Nicholas says he's realized that his mom did all she did because she loved them. With some prodding, Mel admits that being given away will always hurt her. The kids forgive her but she keeps beating herself up. "I can't do this anymore!" she blurts before running out. Her kids track her down. She tells them she feels stuck. The doctor joins them to explain that Carly is trapped in an emotional prison and she's the only person who can let her out.

Bo and Hope are in Mandy's hospital room hoping that she will give them the break they need. Taylor wheels in the mug shot books. Mandy goes through one book without luck. Roman calls Bo out to tell him about the latest attack. Taylor follows them and Bo breaks the news to her. She heads out and Bo returns to the women. Mandy still hasn't found her attacker. There's still a pile of books to look at. As she starts the next one, Bo and Hope leave to chat about a party.

Jenn meets Daniel outside of the pub. He tells her that he has a hard time dealing with all of this violence. They make out and then go inside to wait for news from the hospital. She misses working with him. He thinks she could get the job back. Jenn snaps so he tries to tempt her with promises of supply closet sex. She says that working with your partner doesn't work. This leads to discussing Jack. She insists that she's happy with the doctor. Daniel says Jack casts a pretty long shadow. Jenn tells him that he will be an even bigger part of her life than Jack was.

Brady rushes Chloe into the hospital and calls for a doctor. Lexi is called in and starts ordering exams for the diva. Brady is panicky. He's kicked out with Nicole and Kinsey. He's furious that Chloe went hooking instead of turning to him for help. Kinsey begs him to keep the diva's job a secret. Roman pops up and Brady tells him about Chloe's attack. Kinsey walks off, afraid to talk to the police. She tells Nicole that the diva still feels a connection to Brady. Lexi comes out to say that Chloe is lucky to be alive and still unconscious. Roman is befuddled. Brady is frustrated. The cop starts questioning the ladies so Brady comes up with a cover story. Once Roman leaves, Nicole wonders if they should be lying to the police. Lexi returns to announce that Chloe is in a coma. Nicole sneaks in to see her friend and weep. Meanwhile, Roman tells Bo and Hope that Chloe was attacked. That changes everything and they need to make another public statement. The cops return to Mandy to inform her of the attack. She's upset but still hasn't found her attacker. Hope decides to call a sketch artist.

Gus arrives at the Cheatin' Heart to find Viv laughing it up with Quinn. He presents her with a book only to find the Quinn already got her a copy. Gus is crushed. Viv asks him to get the drinks in. He goes to the bar and has a few drinks. As Quinn's about to leave, Gus grabs a hair off his jacket and then sticks it in his handkerchief. Meanwhile, Taylor meets Quinn on the pier. She tears into him over the latest attack. He insists that his business is in lockdown. She doesn't buy it. They yell at each other until she admits that she can't forget about him. They kiss. Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Gus helps Viv book a hotel. He gets nostalgic until she explains that she's bringing her son. When she goes to the loo, he looks at the hair and smirks.


September 7, 2011
It's Kinda Like Groundhog Day.

Nicole and Brady are at the pub. He can't believe what happened to Chloe. Nicole says they have to keep this under wraps. EJ sidles up to them and starts sniping about how she always goes back to Brady until someone richer comes along. Brady tells him to shut up. EJ keeps going on about what a user and opportunist Nicole is. She slaps him. He likes that. "So many memories," he muses. Nicole gets Brady to step away and then accuses Elvis of being jealous. She wishes she could kill him. Brady returns and Nicole tells Elvis to exit. Once he's gone, Brady compliments her on her right hook and they hug. Sitting down, he tells her that EJ seems hurt and, although Elvis is an ass, he was basically right about her. She hurts men and goes back and forth between them. "It's kinda like Groundhog Day," he says. Although he really cares about her, he constantly wonders when the other shoe will drop. "I would die before I'd hurt you again," she says. He's sure she means that but she's passionate and complicated, which means she doesn't sit still for long. Nicole insists that he's what she wants. After they kiss, he says he thinks they should take things light and without strings. She's not happy.

Kate's at Casa DiMera sniffing perfume when Stefano calls. She's eager to tell him her news but he already knows. Later, EJ shows up and they talk about her business plan. He's glad she's excited and tells her to get a spokersperson. She confronts him about telling Stefano before she could but decides to let it go. He says she reminds him of the old Kate Roberts. She says he reminds her of the old EJ Wells. He explains that he's only approved of funding this project because of what it can do for the needs of his company. She threatens to take her project and run if he's planning to corrupt it. Elvis explains that he wants her company to legitimize the DiMera name. "That's a tall order," she points out. She tells him that he needs a real wife, like she is to his father. He arches an eyebrow and sips his tea.

Sami and Rafe are at the loft. He's hiding his notebook from her. She wants to see it and opens his computer only to see that he's been reading about cancer. "I have cancer," Sami assumes. She sputters and rants until he stops her to say he hasn't heard any news about her health. He was just doing research. "I don't like facts!" she whines, ranting at him to leave this alone before running to her room to cry. Once she calms down, she comes out to apologize. She thinks he's saint to put up with her.

Gabi and Abby are yammering at the Cheatin' Heart. Gabi complains that she never sees Will because he's spending all of his time with his friends. Plus he's been avoiding sex with her. Outside, Chad and Sonny walk the alley trying to come up with a website idea. Will runs over with one. He thinks they should start a site where students rate their teachers. They go inside and Will asks the girls what they are talking about. He tells Gabi that he got them tickets to some sporting event. Chad and Sonny set up their computer and start talking about how they can run a ticket selling business. Will tells Gabi they can work on this together. Later, Gabi tells Abby that Will always treats her like they're just friends rather than more. She assumes that she must have done something wrong during sex. "He's just not into me," she says. Abby encourages her to try initiating things and see if that helps. Abby leaves with Chad. Gabi tells Will to text her after class. Once she leaves, Will seems disoriented.

September 8, 2011
Best Picnic Ever.

At rehab, Carly admits to her doctor that she's sick of talking about her feelings. Carly doesn't like real life, just surgical procedures. Her shrink thinks she's become too good at compartmentalizing and needs to wade back into feelings. Mel and Nicholas show up to take her on a picnic. Carly cries uncontrollably until her kids stop her. They can't go outside so they take their picnic basket into the lunchroom and look at pictures. Carly cries more. She's so happy to see her kids together. "It's better late than never," Mel says. Carly feels like she finally has a family. Dr. Norman turns up and her patient tells her this was the best picnic ever. The kids ask their mom to join them for a road trip when she's done treatment. She'd love that. They run off to get more food and Carly tells Norman that this was wonderful. Her doctor asks her if she's finally able to forgive herself.

At the hospital, Lexi looks at Chloe's charts and wonders why anyone would do this to her. She tells the diva that they will find the person who did this. After she walks out, comatose Chloe runs over what happened in her head. Lexi returns to her office and finds the results from Sami's biopsy. She calls and leaves a message on her stupid answering machine. Maxine shows up to send the doctor out on her rounds.

Bo and Hope are with Brady at the crime scene. The cops can't understand why Chloe was even in that neighbourhood. Hope guesses Brady knows something. He insists he doesn't but she keeps pushing. Once Brady leaves, Hope and Bo wonder what he knows. They start following the blood trail all the way to the pier. There's a picture of Parker on the ground and her purse. He starts theorizing about how the attack must have happened and the show is momentarily taken over by the unemployed editors of "CSI." The detectives are still stumped that Chloe got attacked when she's not a hooker. Hope remembers that she ran into Chloe in the alley a week ago.

Sami and Rafe go home after a trip to the country. She wants them to act like nothing is wrong. He doesn't think he should leave her alone. She orders him to go to work and then checks her messages. Lexi's asks her to meet in an hour. Sami refuses to wait and storms off. She heads to the hospital and sneaks into Lexi's office. There's no one there so she starts going through files. She hacks into Lexi's computer to look but finds her file empty.

Brady visits Chloe's hospital room. He promises to be there as long as he has to be. He knows that she's had it rough, but reminds her that she was strong enough to beat cancer. Rafe interrupts. He wonders what she was doing in the dangerous part of town. Lexi shows up to examine Chloe and asks Maxine to take Rafe down to the office. After he leaves, Lexi urges Brady to keep talking to his ex-wife. When she leaves them alone, Brady holds Chloe's hand and tells her he knows what's it like to feel as if no one cares. He refuses to give up on her or let anyone find out what she was doing. She squeezes his hand when he mentions Parker. He calls Maxine in. The nurse checks her over and says it might have been nothing but it's a good sign.

Rafe goes down the hall. Sami hears him coming and hides under Lexi's desk. Her phone starts to ring when he tries calling her. She crawls out and acts sheepish. He's impressed that she hacked into a computer. He hugs her and promises to always be there for her. Lexi walks in and sees her desk is a mess but doesn't ask what happened.



September 9, 2011

Roman arrives at the hospital just as Daniel discovers that Chloe was the latest victim. He runs into her room and is so distraught he nearly pukes on her. He stutters as Roman enters. This doesn't make sense to them. Daniel tells him to break the law if he has to in order to catch her attacker. He talks about how passionate and alive Chloe was. "Wake up, please," he begs her.

At the mansion, Victor walks in on Maggie and Jenn and hands the blond a package. She's startled. When she opens it, she finds a dress inside from her 'secret admirer' and a poem. They send her off to change. Maggie worries about how Chez Rouge is without her. Victor informs her that they are going there for dinner. "I used your name to get a better table," he says. They hug.

Lexi joins Sami and Rafe in her office. Sami shakes and spazzes. Lexi explains that there is no evidence of cancer. Sami falls over and cries. She apologizes for being a freak. The doctor reminds her that she had nine cysts and needs to see a gynaecologist regularly. "Awesome," says Sami. She starts making out with Rafe. They run out. She jumps on her father to declare that she's alright. He's thrilled and hugs her. "This is the start of better things for everybody!" he declares, ordering Rafe to take her out and spoil her. He skips away.

Bo and Hope wheel Mandy out to meet the sketch artist. She stares at the door to Chloe's room and wishes she'd been helpful sooner. Hope gives her a pep talk. Mandy's ready to speak to the artist. The detective asks her to put herself back into the moment she saw her attacker. Mandy freaks out. She calms down and they start again. A musical montage later and they have a drawing that looks remotely like Gus. Down the hall, Lexi checks on Chloe. When the doctor leaves, Chloe mumbles, "Gus."

Gus and Viv arrive at Chez Rouge. They're led to a table and she tells him the reservation doesn't include her. Quinn arrives. "Hello Russ," he says to Gus with a smirk. Gus mopes over to the bar and brings them champagne. Quinn spills it on him. Viv tells him three is a crowd. Victor and Maggie show up at her restaurant. Viv swans over to their table and starts making pot shots. Maggie snipes at her until she leaves. Victor tells Maggie how much he likes having her at his place. After they start their chocolate mousse, he tells her that she makes every room brighter and cleaner. He asks her to stay permanently. She can't think without dancing so they hit the floor. Across the room, Jenn joins Daniel at his table and she thanks him for the dress. She can sense that something is wrong. With some prodding, he tells her what happened to Chloe. He's feeling survivor's guilt. A tray is delivered with earrings for her. She's gobsmacked. He tells her how swell she is and they smooch. They get up to dance. Sami and Rafe arrive. She doesn't think she's good enough to eat there. He's sure she's larcenous enough to skip out of a check. When they get to their table, their song starts playing. She nearly hyperventilates. He gets her up to dance. They notice Jenn and Daniel dancing and ask them to join them for champagne. The two couples toast to life. Meanwhile, Gus heads down to the crime scene to plant Quinn's hairs as obviously as possible before forensics do their final sweep.

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