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2nd Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 12, 2011
A Wife, Not A Tarantula.

Nicole and Brady are at the hospital worrying about Chloe. He wonders if they should call her parents but she thinks they should wait. A message comes in that makes her gasp. She makes up an excuse and runs off to make a call. "What do you know about my sister?" she asks someone on the phone.

Quinn corners Gus at the Cheatin' Heart and demands to know why he didn't come with them to the club. Gus laughs and pushes him out of the way before walking out. Quinn turns around and spots Taylor. As she talks about her regrets, Nicole walks in and whistles. She introduces herself to him and starts asking questions. The pimp tells her this is none of her damn business. Nicole questions her sister. Quinn claims they just met but Nicole is sure he is one of her sister's secrets. When she keeps probing, Taylor admits she had a relationship with him in Europe. Nicole admits she already knew about them and their criminal records. Quinn threatens her. Nicole still thinks that her sister was still arrested at a political protest. Taylor tells her to leave her alone. Once Nicole leaves, Quinn starts apologizing to Taylor and telling her how much he cares for her. He regrets what he did when he was young and stupid. Things suddenly soften between them and they start making out.

Bo and Hope return to the pier in the fog. Roman is there with forensics. They show him the artist's sketch. It's vaguely familiar to all of them. The cops look around. Gus watches from the top of the stairs of death. He swipes one of their phones when they aren't looking. The cops find the hairs that he planted. "Maybe we finally got the break we need," Roman says. After he leaves, Bo and Hope photograph blood and make out.

In her hospital room, Chloe mumbles Gus' name. Brady comes in as Lexi checks her over. She says the EEG shows brain activity but it doesn't seem to be significant. He holds Chloe's hand and tells her about when they were in Italy. She starts convulsing when he asks what happened to her. Lexi gets her to stabilize and then sends Brady out. Later, the doctor tells him that Chloe was emotionally agitated so she must have heard him. Lexi advises him to spend more time with the diva. He returns to her room, plays opera for her and talks to her about Parker. He wants to hear her sing again. "You need to come back to me," he says, kissing her hand.

At Chez Rouge, Kate tells EJ to stop being an idiot and let her help him. He doesn't want her advice and suggests she run over to the hospital to enjoy seeing Chloe in a coma. They chuckle about it and she offers to be ruthless on his behalf if he needs it. She repeats that he needs a wife to soften his image. He reminds her that he has a wife. "I said a wife, not a tarantula," she says. He starts mocking her marital advice and tells her to shut up. Kate laughs at him. "You really expect to fall in love again... it's hopeless," she says. Kate mocks all of his relationships. He narrows his eyes and mocks her relationship with his father. "You're everything a woman should want... except human," she says. She knows she's no saint, that's why she's good for Stefano. He eats a loaf of bread as she continues doling out advice about getting a trophy wife. He assures her that he has everything under control for his big plan to change the family's reputation. She wonders if he is really ready to turn the town on its ear. Kate leaves him to pay for dinner. He makes a call for an update and then smirks about the news. Elvis orders two glasses of champagne just as Nicole arrives.



September 13, 2011
Bubbly Hubby.

Rafe and Sami go home to drink wine and celebrate while the kids are out. They joke around about drinking champagne every day and she decides she wants to go back to work. He tells her that it's a good thing she doesn't work at the Salem PD because she'd keep him distracted... sort of like Hope does to Bo. He worries that it might be hard for her to get a job but she's determined. They polish off a bottle and she talks about how much life experience she's gained since her last job, like paying bills online and filling out field trip forms. He thinks she would be indispensable to any company. They go to the bedroom and discuss money saving strategies. She teases him for how little he does around the house and then starts stripping him down. They light candles and have sex.

Nicole strolls into Chez Rouge. She spots EJ and calls him a loser. He points out the two glasses on the table and asks her to join him. She's reluctant but can't turn down booze. "What the hell is it that you want?" she asks. When he reminds her that she's his wife, she gets nauseous and confronts him for bonking her sister. He claims he has no 'earthly idea' what he saw in Taylor. She laughs and then blabs about her sister's criminal record. Elvis explains that he wants to be a decent and respectable person and he thought Taylor could lead him to that. They toast to knowing who they really are. He recalls the first time they ever met and tells her she's wonderfully devious, sadistic and underhanded. She thanks him. He fondles his tie and wants to order more booze. Nicole says she has other places to be. "Thank you for the bubbly hubby," she says, before leaving. He sighs and walks out alone.

At the hospital, Brady tells Chloe to fight for the sake of Parker and her friends. He kisses her hands. Kinsey looks on and worries. They discuss keeping Chloe's latest job a secret. Brady tells Kinsey that a love like his for Chloe never goes away. Their marriage may not have worked but he still wants her to be happy. It kills him that she never turned to him for help. When Kinsey wants to leave, he insists that his driver escort her to see her friends. Once she leaves, Brady beats himself up about not realizing what was happening to her. Nicole arrives to check in. She tells him it's time to come home. He won't leave Chloe alone.

At The Cheatin' Heart, Gabi drags Will away from the boys to play pool. He hates pool because he sucks at it. "The winner chooses our next activity," she declares. Gabi kicks his ass. Across the room, Mel babbles to Abby about meeting her brother and finally having a real family. Mel wanders over to Gabi and they start chatting about Dario. Gabi goes back to beating Will. She thinks they should spend the night camping. "If that's what you want," he says. Dario walks in and loudly declares that he has incredible news. Titan is giving him a promotion. Mel hugs him and tells him he deserves it. He gets them wine to toast. She worries this means she will see him even less. He claims he will always have time for her. Dario wants to prove to her family that he's worthy of her. They slow dance and he promises again to always make time for her. As they're making out, the other kids are discussing their web company plans. Sonny asks how they can get more venture capital. Kinsey arrives and they talk about Chloe and how dangerous everything is. Suddenly, Dario gets a call from HR. It turns out that his promotion means he had to move to Argentina in a week. Elvis shows up to see his brother and starts asking him about his business venture. He offers to cut him a check but Chad insists he's fine and eats some ice. "Nothing comes for free with you people," he says. EJ thinks that's rude.


September 14, 2011
I Miss My Gran.

Mel is at the Cheatin' Heart calling Brady to accuse him of messing with Dario. She says he's mean and nasty. Dario shows up. She starts babbling. He admits that he heard what she just said and says she should talk to him rather than pretend she's fine about his new job. He says that he won't take the job if it makes her unhappy. Mel admits she's being a drama queen but he's sure that sticking around is what he wants. He heads back to work

At the clinic, Dr. Norman worries that Carly may be incapable of forgiving herself. Norman is starting to wonder if her patient is ready to go on a road trip with her kids. Carly doesn't know how to forgive herself so her doctor advises her to get ready to make apologies. Later, Mel arrives with pumpkin muffins and asks for some advice. She babbles about what just happened with Dario. Carly tells her it would be a mistake to stop someone from doing what they want to do. She's sure her daughter will make the right choice, even if it hurts. Mel hurries over to the pub to meet Dario for lunch. She discovers that it wasn't Brady who offered him the job to get rid of him. Mel changes her tune and says he should take the job after all. Sobbing, she says he can't stay just for her. They kiss. Back at rehab, Carly tells her doctor she wants to start her apologies with Jenn and Daniel.

At the station, Bo and Hope put the police sketch into a facial recognition program. They head over to the pub for salsa and chat about the upcoming party. When she looks at her phone, she gets dour and suddenly starts crying about Alice and all of the recipes she left behind. "I miss my Gran," she says. Hope wishes Alice could have seen her dream for a new town square come true. He tells her how much he misses fishing with his pop. She vows to make this the best party ever. They head back to work. The sketch wasn't recognized so they decide to look for more evidence.

Gus strolls into the pub. Viv rails at him to pick up her dry cleaning. He taunts her for eating alone rather than with her beloved son. She accuses him of being jealous of her 'handsome, masculine' son while he's just a servant. Viv thinks he should get a hobby. "I have. I'm a vigilante," he says. She guffaws.

"Oh my god!" Taylor groans as she wakes up and realizes she's in bed with Quinn. He wonders if she regrets it. She doesn't. She's been trying to get him out of her head but it's never worked. Quinn wishes they could start over. They do the first introductions routine and then make out. They order croissants and strawberries and marvel at how much they've changed. She begins talking about Chloe. "Um... Chloe?" he mumbles. He gets upset when she tells him the diva is in a coma and grumbles that he wants to kill the guy who did it. When she spills some orange juice on her shirt, she goes off to change and he calls Chloe to leave a concerned message. As Taylor returns, Viv and Gus show up at the door. The couple gets dressed and Gus tells Viv that her son is obviously too busy for her. He's sure she will hate any woman who gets involved with her son. The couple returns and Viv gets friendly with Taylor. Quinn tells 'Russ' to order room service. Gus fumes. Viv decides they should have lunch and sends Gus off to run errands. He pockets Quinn's key card on the way out.

 September 15, 2011
It's Not You, It's Me.

Sami and Rafe make out at the pub. He claims he will never get sick of her. She starts offering homespun wisdom and then they make another public display. She looks through job ads but soon realizes she has almost no education or job experience. Rafe won't let her give up. Instantly, she finds a job she gets excited about. Since there's no actual job description, he thinks it sounds sketchy. He asks her to wait until he checks it out and then leaves for work. As soon as he's gone, she applies. Caroline comes over to check on Sami and says she looks sneaky. Sami explains what she just did. Her grandma brings up her cancer scare and wonders why she didn't tell her about it. Sami says she will next time. They yammer about the party. Caroline putters back to work and Sami notices she already got a response to her application.

At the mansion, Maggie asks Victor if she can bring some of his flowers to the hospital. He likes that she keeps redecorating his place and asks if she's decided about moving in. She nearly falls over and changes the subject. The redhead fusses with flowers and he worries she's been avoiding him. Maggie gives him a long-winded explanation about her feelings and how much she enjoys their mutual stubbornness. This doesn't get through, so she tells him that a real commitment means marriage and she doesn't want that now. He's shocked. "It's not you, it's me," she says. She spills out more cliches and insists that she still loves him. After giving him a peck on the cheek, she walks out.

At the station, Bo barks at the lab on the phone. He moans to Hope about it. She gets bags of food from her caterer so they can finalize their party menu. They start eating. He spits it out. She shovels more in and then sits on his lap. He says the food isn't what people will remember about their party. They compare favorites and suck face. Then they go back to worrying about their case. Rafe joins them and they try to figure out a psychological profile on the attacker. He starts asking about the party. Hope teases him. A fax comes in with the results from the DNA test. Quinn is the match for the hair.

Taylor and Quinn arrive at Chez Rouge for a meal with his mom. Viv arrives to say they look adorable. She complains about Gus having a snit fit. She starts complimenting Taylor on her MBA. Quinn gets nervous because his mom is being so nice. They eat and Taylor asks her to the museum. Viv worries about leaving Gus alone. Quinn runs off to get a new pass key. The women talk about getting to know Quinn. Viv admits that she wasn't expecting to like Taylor but she thinks they could actually be friends. After they chat, Taylor admits that she's known him for a few years but they only recently reconnected. Viv starts quizzing her about his past. Meanwhile, Gus sneaks into Quinn's room using his pass key. He starts tearing up photos of Quinn and Viv. "I did this all for you," he tells Viv's picture. He plants the nightstick somewhere obvious. As he's about to leave, Quinn arrives.

September 16, 2011
Busy With Twinkle-toes.

Nicole drops by the hospital to see Brady and Chloe. She apologizes for giving him a hard time. They sadly talk about the situation. She thinks they should call Philip and have him bring Parker. He thinks that's a good idea. Then they could loop the kid's voice and play it 24/7. She drags him off to get food that doesn't come from a vending machine.

Kate and EJ stroll into Chez Rouge gossiping about the Horton party. She doesn't like all the secrecy. When they're shown to their table, Stefano pops up. She's thrilled and they hug. They kiss and he tells her she's beautiful. They go off together for a quick dance while EJ orders their meals. The couple returns and begins badgering EJ about getting a companion. Stefano says you can't wait for a magical 'poof' to give you love, you have to look for it. Nicole walks in with Brady. Synthesizer music plays. This makes Stefano lose his appetite. Brady asks Nicole if they should go somewhere else but she insists they stay. They start dancing. EJ stares. Brady gets a call from the hospital and goes outside to take it. Elvis strolls over to Nicole as his father shakes his head. He asks her to dance. She resists but that turns into a tango. Brady returns as it gets intimate. He narrows his eyes as EJ pulls a rose out of nowhere and puts it in her hand before whispering that her boyfriend's back. "Glad you kept yourself busy with twinkle-toes," Brady snipes at Nicole. Stefano asks his son if he's lost his mind. EJ stares at Nicole.

Nicholas goes to see his mom at rehab. She's afraid of what she has to do today. Meanwhile, Jenn and Daniel are discussing Carly's condition. Maxine calls him to say that there's no change with Chloe. "She has to wake up soon," he says. Dr. Norman arrives to tell them that Carly seems to be avoiding the meeting. Carly and her son suddenly arrive. She sits down and begins telling her friends about detoxing. In tears, she apologizes to them. Daniel says that he can accept her personal apology, but not the trust she broke at the hospital endangering her patients. She keeps apologizing and admits that their relationship pushed her over the edge and she still can't deal with it. Although she thinks he belongs with Jenn, she's still stuck on him. Jenn tells her to let the guilt go. Carly declares that she's leaving for good to stay out of their lives. They don't like that, tell her how much they love her and want her around. Carly hugs Jenn and says she just needs to see things more clearly.

At the station, Rafe helps Bo and Hope search for dirt on Quinn. They discover he's Viv's son and he's been busted as a pimp. Hope goes off to get a warrant. They also find out he was arrested with Taylor and they wonder if she was feeding him information.

Quinn returns to his room just as Gus is about to leave. Gus hides in the closet. When Quinn goes into the washroom, Gus sneaks out. After hearing on the radio that the cops are on the way, he knocks on the door and tells him Viv's coming. He paces around nervously until the police show up. Hope flashes her warrant. They barge in and search his room. Rafe discovers the bloody nightstick. Quinn says he's never seen it before. Gus smirks. The cops arrest him as he argues he's innocent. Back at the hospital, a nurse gives Chloe a pep talk.


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