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3rd Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 19, 2011
My Son Would Never Hurt Another Woman.

Justin runs into Lexi at Chez Rouge just as Abe arrives late for their meal. He tells them about the arrest. Justin putters off and the couple discuss the good news. She says this will be good for the re-election campaign. He's not sure that he should run again because it's taking him away from his family too much. She offers to cut back her workload to help him with the election. They decide to announce his candidacy at the big party. He gets a call that shocks him.

The cops drag Quinn down to the station. He insists that he would never attack a woman. Quinn wants an attorney so Hope takes him to make the call. Viv and Taylor rush in. "My son would never hurt another woman!" Viv says. Gus tries to comfort her. Rafe takes Quinn to make the call and Viv starts threatening to sue. She starts calling attorneys and Gus advises her to think carefully about what she's doing. He reminds her that her son is a drug dealer and pimp. Viv refuses to abandon her son again. Taylor is sure he's innocent. Bo starts sticking Quinn's rap sheet in Viv's face. Taylor admits that she was arrested with Quinn. "What were you, a special whore?" Viv blows up, suddenly realizing she's related to Nicole. She accuses her of pushing Quinn into pimping. The cops accuse her of feeding Quinn information because he was committing the crimes. Taylor says that she and Quinn are innocent. The cops decide to put her in a holding cell. Rafe returns and takes Viv down to the cells to see her son. She tells him they have to find out the real story.

Dario meets Mel at the pub to tell her he has to leave for Argentina tonight. She gets mopey, but decides they should make the most of their final hours together. They head over to the station to see his brother. He tells Rafe that he's been promoted and is moving to Buenos Aires. Rafe is shocked. "Don't go," he says. He instantly changes his mind and hugs him, saying this is fantastic. The cop has to get back to work so he wishes his brother luck.

Abby, Gabi, Adrienne and Maggie are at the mansion looking at all the clothes that were left in the closet. Sonny and Chad hop in and Adrienne tells them to pick out some suits. Will comes in and tells his friends that their business is going nowhere. He hands them all the legal paperwork they need to do. Abby tries distracting him with suits. Adrienne calls her husband over. She gets him to look at the papers. Sonny is sure his dad is too busy for that. Justin and Adrienne joke around about the party. Mel and Dario arrive. He tells everyone he's leaving tonight. Gabi is shocked but proud and gives him some homilies. Mel trails across the room and sobs to Maggie. The redhead tries cheering her up by handing her a dress to try on. Will tells Dario he's sorry he's leaving and promises to take care of Gabi. Justin declares that the paperwork is not really a big deal. Maggie yells at them all to come and see the girls do a fashion show. When Sonny reaches into his pocket, he finds a wedding invitation to his parents' wedding. Justin hands it to his wife and they kiss, saying that they love each other even more now. Then there's a long 80s style musical montage of people dancing and trying on outfits. This turns into all of the couples dancing in slow motion. Mel cries until Dario says he has to go. He hugs his sister and lets Mel walk him to the door. She asks him to not disappear. They kiss goodbye. As soon as he leaves, Maggie comes out to hug her.




Sept 20, 2011
They Caught Gus?

At home, Rafe is impressed that Sami can check her email. He has to run off to work. After he leaves, Jenn arrives and tells Sami that she's just the person to get the economy back on track. She blabs about the job she applied to. Sami has an interview today and needs some coaching. They look for ways not to make her answers so blunt. Sami proceeds to try on half a dozen outfits before finding one that doesn't make her butt look too big. They start talking about the big party but Jenn's clueless about it too. Jenn teaches Sami how shake someone's hand and the training continues. Jenn's sure she will blow away her interviewers.

At the station, Bo and Hope have been questioning Quinn for seventeen hours and he hasn't told them anything. They keep accusing him. He keeps saying he's innocent and points out that you could find the DNA of a third of Salem on the pier. The cops say they don't need nearly as much evidence as they have to put him in jail. A call from forensics comes in saying the blood on the nightstick was Chloe's. Hope calls him a predator who beats women. He asks for a lawyer. After they send him off, she turns to Bo and he starts to wonder if Quinn might actually be innocent. Hope thinks the attacker must have mother issues and starts digging for past events at the pier.

Viv runs up to Gus in the street. She's panicking about her son but he's in a cheerful mood. Viv orders him to take her to the station. As they plod off, Nicole walks by and into the pub to see EJ. She tells him Taylor is in trouble. Over at the station, Taylor tells Abe and Roman that Quinn is innocent. The commissioner tells her she should be more worried about herself. He asks if Quinn used her for information. She stutters until EJ arrives, advising her not to say another word. They go into an office and Nicole says they have to put their differences aside to clear her name. EJ asks her for the truth. She insists the cops have the wrong guy. A cop comes in to say they have two minutes before she's put in a cell. Elvis leaves to chat with Roman. The sisters argue about who has made the biggest mistakes. Nicole wants them to work on their relationship, just like they'd promised their mom. Taylor likes that idea. She's sent down to the cells, where she runs into Quinn. He tells her he's innocent.

Viv arrives at the station to say they are a bunch of cowboys with 'stinky badges' looking to frame her son because they can't control the rampant crime. Bo and Hope rush in to explain to Roman that Gus was abandoned on the pier as a baby. The cops assume that must have twisted him. Across the room, Gus is trying to convince Viv that Quinn is a bad seed. EJ strolls by and asks the cops to release his client. They tell him to stand by the coffee maker while they sort things out. Abe is arguing with Viv when the cops suddenly charge at him. He backs them off with his little knife. Gus threatens to kill himself. Hope tries sucking up to him but he says no one cares about him. When Nicole walks in, he grabs her and moves into the interrogation room.

Brady is still in Chloe's hospital room telling Chloe that she needs to wake up. She groans his name as she wakes. Lexi comes in and checks her over. They tell her that her attacker was arrested. "They caught Gus?" she asks. Lexi leaves to call the police but gets called in to see a patient before she can. Back in the room, Chloe tells Brady that she could hear him. He asks why she didn't turn to him for help. She's ashamed of herself but he tells her she's a wonderful mother and no one should judge her. Lexi returns to say they need to run some tests. Brady calls Nicole to tell her the news. Lexi tells Chloe that a lot of people care about her and then Brady tells her the same thing. The diva worries about her bills but he has an idea for how to solve all her problems.

September 21, 2011
Dirt With Worms.

At the station, Gus is threatening to kill himself until the cops yell at Nicole. He spots her and grabs her as a hostage. Bo starts talking to him though the speaker phone. "Stop talking!" Gus yells. Hope offers to be his friend. He says she's a lying tramp. Bo tells him he can go out the door if he leaves Nicole behind. EJ starts easing to the door until Gus barks at him. Bo tries to talk him down. "You've got a building full of cops. No one's got a gun," Bo claims. Gus tells Viv that Quinn took her away from him. "You're one messed up little manservant," she says. The cops ask her to try telling Gus she cares about him. EJ barks that he'll hold her personally responsible if Nicole is hurt. Viv asks her servant to explain what he's doing. He tells her that Quinn was cutting him out of her life. Nicole and EJ make faces as Viv tries to bond with Gus. She reaches out and touches the glass, asking him to leave town with her. He puts his hand on the glass and asks if she really means it. As she gives him her word, the cops lunge at him. He's cuffed and dragged away while EJ cradles Nicole. She has a cut on her neck so he puts his coat on her. "You saved my life," she says. They both start getting choked up and he says he's worried about her getting killed. "Are you jealous it wasn't you?" she asks. She wants a drink. Elvis offers to take her home but she wants to be alone. Meanwhile, Viv orders the cops to get Gus out of her sight and let Quinn go. Roman says they'll be free any minute now. Gus keeps begging Viv for help but she tells him to rot in Hell. "Don't leave me again mother," he begs.

Maggie drops by the hospital and Mel blabs about Dario in Argentina. The redhead wants to take her shopping so they head off. Meanwhile, Jenn meets Daniel at the pub and they chat about how she could be an interview coach. She likes exploring new things so he asks her to take a bike ride with him. Caroline joins them and they discuss the Bo and Hope party. She says Bo won't say a peep, even after she tried bribing Ciara. After she leaves, Jenn talks about how she wants to start snooping. Maggie and Mel arrive following their retail therapy. Mel mopes about Dario so Jenn tells her about her failed long-distance relationship. She says that an ice cream sundae cures all heartbreak. They order the pub's ice cream and Gummi special "Dirt with Worms" and stuff their faces. After Maggie and Mel leave, Daniel licks the whip cream off of Jenn's face. He leaves to rent them some bikes. She gets a call from a private caller who doesn't say anything. This gives her the shivers.

In the cells, Quinn repeats to Taylor that he innocent. She believes him. They try to figure out who would frame him. She offers to ask EJ to represent him. He gets jealous. She explains that she was just using Elvis to get over him. He starts moping about going to prison and asks her not to wait for him. She urges him not to give up hope. "I can change for real... for you," he promises. The guard gets a call about the hostage situation. They're released and sent upstairs as Viv fires Gus. Quinn tells Gus he will never forgive him for what he did to those women. "You're a drug dealer and a pimp," Gus points out as he's taken away. Abe tells Taylor he wishes she'd come to him before things got out of hand. Roman apologizes to Quinn, but admits that he could charge him with a lot of crimes. The DA called and offered to wipe away his charges if he leaves town today. Viv thinks this is madness and tells her son to stay and fight. Roman advises him to take the free pass. Quinn's conflicted about leaving his mom on her own. Ivan suddenly glides in. "You are not alone Madame. I have come for you," he says.


September 22, 2011
My Knight In Shining Harem Pants.

Mel and Nicholas head to rehab to get their mom. Jenn and Daniel arrive with balloons and cupcakes. Meanwhile, Carly is busy writing an apology to the hospital. She's afraid this will destroy her career and asks Dr. Norman to read it. They go over it until the kids burst in. The three of them skip out to see Jenn and Daniel. Carly thanks them all for their help and says how grateful she is. She and Nicholas are going to Europe and Mel will join them later. Jenn and Carly step aside to thank each other for being in their lives. Carly tells her how happy she is for her. Daniel then chats with her about how happy he is about her sobriety. She says he's perfect for Jenn. Some black roses arrive from Viv. Dr. Norman reminds her patient that she still needs to forgive herself. "I think I have," Carly says. Across the room, Jenn gets another creepy call.

Brady walks into the mansion and finds that Nicole has already packed up to leave. He wishes he could come up with a reason for her to stay. She tells him about being taken hostage and how EJ comforted her. Nicole insists moving out is about what she needs. She says they used to be good for each other. "Now we just drink vodka and have sex," he says. They wonder if their relationship was just a reaction to the losses they suffered. He thought they had a chance but she thinks that's gone. She's determined to stop living through other people and live for herself. They still love each other. The topic turns to Chloe and he assures her that she will be okay. Sobbing, they hug and he tells her not to be a stranger.

Taylor and Quinn head back to his place. "Do you really think I can change my life?" he asks. She says he has to if he wants her. Quinn wants to leave ASAP but she needs to say some goodbyes first. She goes to see her sister at the mansion. Taylor thanks her for reaching out to her and explains that she's leaving town with Quinn. She insists that he's not a pimp anymore and asks her to come with them. Nic laughs and says she's staying there to make a fresh start.

At the hospital, Chloe and Kinsey talk about Brady lying to the cops. Abe walks in. He tells the diva that she gets the reward money for naming Gus. She feels weird about it but accepts the envelope. It's a check from Titan for a lot of money. After Abe leaves, Kinsey points out that money could help her get Parker back. Later, Brady arrives to make sure Chloe got the check. She's not sure she can accept it so he says she can pay him back. He tells her that he got her an audition in Chicago. She's thrilled.

At Chez Rouge, Ivan's dancers show up to serenade a drunken Viv. Ivan appears at the end of the song and starts kissing Viv's hand. "My knight in shining harem pants," she says. He explains that he used his lottery winnings to start a movie studio in India, but he's always missed having her in his life. This is creeping her out. Ivan says he's no longer her servant, but her equal and wants her to come away with him. His servants bring in a case full of jewels and cash. "Green is my favorite color," Viv says, but she needs something more. He says that he heart is full of love for her. They hold hands. He takes Viv to the pub and tells Quinn, Abe and Taylor that he's bringing her to Bollywood to make her a star. Her son is impressed that she's reinventing himself. She's glad that they finally got together again. He worries about Ivan but she insists that he will treat her with style. Ivan and Viv offer to take Quinn and Taylor on his jet. Abe takes Taylor aside and wonders if she really wants to try and save the soul of a pimp. She wants to try. The two lovers file out. Viv asks Abe to tell her friends and enemies that she may be gone but she'll never be forgotten.


September 23, 2011
Nauseating Wholesomeness.

EJ gets back to Casa DiMera after his run. He's sweaty and miserable after running around town. He starts complaining about Bo and Hope and their 'nauseating wholesomeness'. Stefano laughs about it and reminds his son that he's going to ruin their party and change the town forever. EJ assures him that he is totally focused this time. His father worries he'll be distracted by the next skinny woman to walk by. They talk strategy and Stefano wonders if his son is really ready to alienate those around him. Elvis is ready. He just wants to make his children proud of their name. His father asks him what the hell he was doing dancing with Nicole. EJ puts on his jacket and says it was just fun. They play some chess. Once again, Stefano expresses his doubts about his son's plan. Elvis takes his father's hand and tells him that times have changed and he won't let him stand in his way. "Your life is my life," Stefano says. "You stand beside me, or you stand aside," EJ challenges. Stefano offers him his queen. "Godspeed my son," he says.

Bearded Jack, the mystery man, checks into a hotel room. He caresses a picture of Jenn and says he knows where she's going to be.

Maggie and Jenn laugh around the alleys to the pub. They try talking about the party but they have nothing to say. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope are at Jenn's going through a box of Tom and Alice mementos. She starts crying and the reminiscing continues. She babbles about donuts, skating practice and hot chocolate. They remember Alice's Groucho routine and Tom's poems. The topic turns to donuts, poisoned donuts and how good Alice was at breaking people out of jail. After some smooching, they talk about how great their lives are and how their adventures are just beginning. There are more memories of Alice and donuts. They make out. Jenn and Maggie arrive. The redhead rambles about the new town square becoming the heart of Salem again. Jenn begs for hints about the party. They ask her to bring the donuts. Gathering around the heap of letters, they start reading them out loud and crying. "We're making their hopes live on forever," sobs Hope. Doug and Julie arrive. Hope hand feeds Bo and then they talk about the funeral. Doug remembers Alice saying that life never ends. Everyone hugs. Maggie gives her Alice memories. Julie toasts to Hortons always living in Alice's home. Doug starts telling strange dirty jokes that no one else understands. Hope promises them all that the party will be a night to remember. As everyone files out, Hope tells Bo that she feels like Alice is trying to send her a message. When they shut the door, a stack of envelopes falls on the floor.


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