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4th Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 26, 2011

Bo and Hope are at Jenn's. They're all dressed up and excited for the party. Daniel shows up with Doug and Julie. Hope reveals that she's invited plenty of family members and some of them are actually coming. Over at the mansion, the Kiraikis family and friends are all dressed up and waiting for the limo. Mel mopes about Dario. Abby promises they will all have fun today.

Brady drops by Chloe's hospital room to check on her. She thanks him for setting her up with the audition. Nicole shows up. The diva tells them to go to the party and have fun. Meanwhile, Rafe is pacing around the loft waiting for Sami. She bustles out and he starts undressing her. They have sex on the couch a couple of times. Over at Casa DiMera, Kate asks EJ if they've been invited to 'Bopapalooza'. He assures her that this will be a memorable night for the people of Salem. His date arrives. Kate heads over to the hospital. As Chloe is getting dressed, Kate tells her she will never be getting her son back. The diva is defiant. Kate taunts her for getting hooker reward money. "You are never ever going to see Parker again," she repeats.

Everyone begins arriving at the square. They dance around. Maggie thinks it's beautiful. Bo and Hope go up on stage and talk about Tom and Alice's memories of old Salem. Hope declares that this is a new day in the city. They unveil the new town square. Everyone wanders in, saying it looks wonderful. EJ arrives with his date. Bo and Roman stop him and wonder if he's there to cause trouble. Junior introduces his date, Patti, around. The cops snicker. Abe goes up to the podium to thank Tom and Alice for their gift. He names it Horton Town Square and sends everyone off to party. Nicole arrives. EJ introduces her to Patti and then someone ushers her away. EJ asks Nicole if she's okay. She explains that she didn't come with Brady. After she walks off, Patti returns and tells him that Nicole is obviously still keen on him.

Sami and Rafe sneak into the party as Sonny is shouting about the special guests. Bo and Hope call Carrie and Austin out. Everyone claps. Sami hugs her sister and introduces Rafe around. Bo and Hope reveal that they weren't actually the special guests. The guests of honor will be a little late. Everyone starts dancing. Carrie explains that she's a lawyer now and Austin is a forensic accountant. Sami introduces them to Will and Gabi. The adults are waved away for a family photo. Gabi asks Will why he didn't introduce her as his girlfriend.

Jack stands in his hotel room and smiles at a picture of Jenn. He heads to the square and stays out of sight. He tries approaching Jenn but the teens bustle by. He notices Daniel examining Jenn's tonsils. He listens as Jenn babbles to Daniel. Abby and Chad walk over to interrupt their PDA. Sami and Rafe drift over. Jenn starts asking about the job interview. Sami gets embarrassed and has to explain to Rafe. Jenn sneaks off and makes puppy dog eyes at Daniel. She coos about him to Adrienne. Jack gets fed up with this, but when he's about to reveal himself, Jenn and Daniel launch into another PDA. Meanwhile, Abby mopes to Chad about her missing father.

Lexi tells Abe that he's a shoe-in for re-election. Brady and Justin sit at the bar. The lawyer explains that he's been talking to Philip and he may be coming around to letting Chloe back into Parker's life. Mel mopes by and Maggie asks her about Dario. "It kinda sucks," Mel says. Maggie says you never know what could be around the corner. She joins Victor as he's thanks Hope and Jenn for their help. Maggie guesses he's up to something. Bo and Hope run back to the podium to introduce the special guests. Marlena and John arrive in slow motion. Everyone claps.

Sept 27, 2011
We're Home.

Everyone is at Horton Town Square for the big shindig. Hope introduces John and Marlena to the cheering crowd. They hug Will and meet Rafe for the first time. Marlena wishes that her daughter would have called her when she was going through all of her hard times. Sami didn't want to worry her. Marlena gets up to speak to the crowd and thanks everyone for their prayers. After discussing John's rehab, he manages to stand up. Everyone is amazed. John and Marlena tell everyone how important their support was. As the dancing resumes, he warns her that Hope wants them to stay. She worries he's overdoing things. They make out.

Kate arrives. She's distracted. EJ gets snarky with her. She starts babbling with Patti about getting models for her campaign. A reporter comes by to asks Kate about the relaunch of Countess Wilhelmina. Elvis strolls away and listens in as Nicole tells Kinsey that she doesn't need a man in her life anymore. He runs into his kids. Rafe and Roman get defensive but Sami is sure he'll behave himself. EJ hugs his kids and then walks off alone, leaning against a wall and sighing. Across the Square, Abby can see that Mel is all alone and more mopey than usual so she sends Chad over to pity dance with her.

At the hospital, Chloe mopes about her latest visit from Kate. Brady shows up to give her another pep talk and reminds her of her audition. She mopes about Kate. Brady asks if she'll give up and then tells her she's got what it takes to turn her life around. He gets her down to the square, where Nicole and Kinsey greet her. She announces that she needs to get her life back on her own and stalks after Kate. Mrs. DiMera is with Chris. He's babbling about donuts and the party. Kate is groaning about how hideous it all is. Chloe gets in her face to say that they aren't done. Chris tells the diva to 'amscray'. Chloe tells Kate off and says that she's talked Quinn onto her side if they end up in court. She says that she will air all of their dirty laundry and no one wants to wear the face cream of a 'neurotic bitch'. "Get out of my way and get out of my life!" Chloe orders. She strolls over to Brady and the others to say that she just triumphed over Kate and will get her son back. They remind her she has an audition to get to. Kinsey and the diva leave. Nicole tells Brady that he did good.

Marlena catches up with Will, impressed that he's become so mature. They joke around. Jenn takes to the podium to talk about how they can all still feel her grandparents there. "They are so alive here," she says. Hope reads a poem by Tom and everyone claps. Roman says that he knows that cops and donuts are a cliche but Alice was a goddess. Marlena explains that the new tree is a symbol of the rebirth of Salem. They turn on the glitter lights that hang from its branches and everyone walks around it as Doug and Julie sing. "We're home," John and Marlena declare. As people dance, Jack continues spying on Jenn and Sami runs off, writing something on her hand.

September 28, 2011
Chloe Leaves

At Horton Town Square, John and Marlena continued to marvel about being in a crowd full of loving people. They suck face. EJ and Kate are left watching all of the couples making out and nearly puke. She spots Austin and goes over to say hello. They chat about the rest of the family. Later, Carrie and Austin dance and she says that Salem always feels like home. Sonny and Mel dance by. He tells her that there's actually more to him than being gay. When John steps away, Roman hugs Marlena and they yammer. She tells him about how great it is to see the kids together and how hard it has been to stay strong for John. Things all seem better now, she claims. Roman is skeptical. Across the square, John approaches his son. Brady tries avoiding him. He's surprised to see him. They awkwardly hug and then have even more awkward small talk. Brady makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk to him, but says he's happy to see him. John trails back to Marlena and complains about his son keeping him at a distance. She thinks he's giving up to easily. He wonders if they should tell people about the other reason they are back but she won't allow it.

Jack continues to glare at Jenn and Daniel. He's about to come out of hiding when Chloe shows up with Kinsey. She explains that she got the hob in Chicago. She corners Jenn and the doctor to say goodbye. It's hard, especially since they are very nice and encouraging. Daniel wishes her the best. They hug. Later, Brady and Nicole hug the diva and tell her she will be spectacular in her new job. The diva wishes she wasn't going alone. Kinsey offers to move with her and be Parker's babysitter. Chloe's cool with that. Kinsey thrilled and runs off to pack. Chloe keeps getting choked up, her friends hug her some more.

Bo and Hope head to the Horton house for the crate of donuts. He tells her that loving her is the best thing he's ever done. He vows never to take what they have for granted again. They kiss. After they load up the donuts, she notices a little package of envelopes. They starts snooping through them, discovering they are bank statements. She makes some calls and they guess they aren't Jenn's so they must have belonged to Alice. Hope wonders why this was kept a secret. Bo looks concerned and admits it looks like blackmail.

Back at the square, EJ runs into Nicole. She's being a bit maudlin, wishing she had the kind of life the Hortons did. Nicole says that she's changed and doesn't want to be with 'some idiot guy for all the wrong reasons'. Being Gus' hostage made her life pass before her eyes and she realized that she needs to rely on herself from now on. Across the square, Jenn and Daniel are groping. He tells her that he's ready for a bigger commitment. Jack eavesdrops until someone knocks him off the balcony and straight into the cake beside the couple. "Hi Jennifer," he says as he stares up, covered in frosting. She's gobsmacked.

September 29, 2011
An Ass Instead Of A Horse.

At the square, Daniel is telling Jenn how crazy he is about her. Jack eavesdrops form above and is knocked face first into the huge cake. Jenn realizes it's him and is shocked. He pulls himself up and walks off to clean up. When he returns, Jenn starts ranting at him for going off on his walkabout."I can't talk about this in front of this guy," he says, motioning to the doctor. She tells him Daniel isn't going anywhere and breaks the news that they're divorced. He claims he doesn't know what she's talking about. She rants and accuses him of only loving himself. Abby runs over. "I missed you so much!"Jack blurts out. She jumps away and runs. Jack chases her down. He says that he came to see her and her mom. "Your timing sucks daddy," she says as she tears into him for being selfish. He wants to explain. Daniel tries to get him to back off. Jenn takes her daughter away. Chad stands beside Jack and makes faces. After Jack walks off, Abby asks her mom why he looks like he just lost a pie eating contest. Jenn stutters through an explanation. Both women decide that they won't listen to Jack's explanations. Jenn reminds her that Jack will always be her father whether she likes it or not. Chad tells her that her mom is right and Jenn promises that everything will be okay. Chadsworth takes his girlfriend away. Jenn sobs and groans to Daniel. He offers to take her home before her ex falls out of the sky again. When they get to her place, the doctor tries to be understanding. He advises she rest and promises to be there for her. She asks him to stay and hugs him close. Back at the square, Jack wanders off and gets a drink... and then a few more. Adrienne bumps into him and throws her arms around him. She demands to know where he's been. He wishes his wife and daughter had been willing to listen to him. His sister tells him to practice his explanation on her.

Marlena is telling John how much she likes being home. He's sure she hates not telling her family the real reason they're there. He insists they don't tell anyone tonight. Meanwhile, Abe and Roman discuss his plan to run for mayor. The commissioner is sure no one else would stand a chance. He notices that Stefano has just arrived. Kate tells him that he missed the pie eating contest. The reporters get excited. John and Marlena stare. Stefano strolls over to welcome them home. "Go to hell," John says. As DiMera strolls off and starts joking around with his son and wife, Lexi tells her husband what a great mayor he is and what a big deal this is. Roman comes over with booze and they toast to Abe. They drink to him having all the city's upstanding citizens behind him. She goes up to the podium to introduce her husband to the crowd. Kate tells EJ that Lexi is Abe's best weapon. Lexi keeps making her speech. EJ falls asleep. When he wakes up, he mumbles it's too bad she put her cart before an ass instead of a horse. Lexi keeps talking about the drop in the crime rate and the increase in job creation. She thanks John for helping with the pension fund and then gets maudlin about her husband. Rafe is watching in the crowd. He gets a call and has to slip off. "You sure about this?" he asks, worried. Abe has a few awkward words with John and then heads up to the podium. There's lots of clapping. Elvis rushes up to make an announcement before Abe can speak. Lexi and her husband pull him aside and demand to know what's going on. EJ returns to the mic to declare that he is running for mayor. "What?" Lexi yelps.

September 30, 2011
Rubber Chickens At The Moose Lodge.

Bo and Hope return to the party. She keeps worrying about the secret bank statements they found. He promises that they will figure this out later and they make out. In the square, EJ is on the podium declaring his intention to run for mayor. The Kiriakis family cringe. The Bradys join together to complain. Over at the DiMera table, Nicole says, "Politicians are behaving badly. EJ ought to fit right in." Elvis says a prayer and then claims that Salem can become the greatest city in America. "I have a dream of a Salem free of drug dealers, prostitutes and corporate embezzlers," he says. After he finishes his big speech, he lets mayor onto the stage. All of the reporters start following Elvis around. Stefano hugs his son. Kate tells him he was brilliant. Brady's confused. "Why would anyone want to be mayor. All you get is rubber chicken dinners at the Moose lodge," he says. Carrie is sure her sister will be furious with this. Austin gets a message saying he has to do some urgent work for an arrest that's happening tonight.

Across the square, Maggie fumes to Victor about all of this and worries about Abe and Lexi. She putters away to see them. Lexi runs over to her family. "How dare you!" she says. EJ makes excuses but his sister is sure this is personal. Elvis doesn't see the harm in trying to elevate the family name. "If you play dirty, you'll have to answer to me," she warns him. She walks off. Stefano chuckles that she's more of a DiMera than she'll ever admit. The press run past and corner Nicole. They start asking her about EJ saving her life the other day. Elvis manages to get rid of them. His wife swats him and says she won't be used for publicity. She demands to know why he's really running. He wants his kids to be proud of him. Although he can't change, he can change the way people see him. Stefano joins them and gets snarky with Nicole. She wishes EJ good luck and walks off.

Abby tells Mel that she's lucky her dad is so normal. She doesn't understand how her dad could just abandon them. Abigail joins Chad and they talk about their family complications. Across the square, Bo tries to distract Hope by doing a dance for her. They decide to chat with Maggie about why Alice would stash money away. The redhead says Alice had no secrets. Brady interrupts to take Maggie away. When she joins Victor, he has the lights dimmed and a marriage proposal projected on the wall. She tears up. Being with her makes him feel like a teenager again and he doesn't want to lose that. He pops the questions and whips out a ring. "You didn't have to try so hard," she says.

Rafe is running around, trying to tip Sami off but she can't be reached. John and Marlena sit in the corner. He tells her to prepare herself for what's coming. John gathers Abe and Roman around to inform them that something very serious could be going down tonight. Rafe and Tim approach. They arrest John for embezzlement, securities fraud and misappropriation of pension funds. Out by the gate, Jack and his sister sit on a bench and she asks for his story. He gives her the lengthy version. She's just happy he's home safe and can't imagine what he went through. Adrienne's sure that this changes everything. Jack doesn't think he can talk to Jenn while she's so hurt. His sister doesn't let him off and says that he almost seemed to hurt his family deliberately. He regrets coming back and thinks he should leave. She tells him to go to his wife, tell her everything and beg for forgiveness. Jack hugs her and runs off.

At home, Jenn cries to Daniel about Jack coming back. He promises to be with her always but wonders if she still has feelings for Jack. She feels sad, confused and angry. "Do you still love him?" he asks. Jenn tells Daniel that she wants to spend the rest of her days with him. Jack is always either drama or hi-jinx and she doesn't want that. She just wants to know why he's still hurting her. As they embrace, Jack arrives at the door.

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