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April 2, 2012
Circling The Drain.

Carrie meets with Marlena in the coffee shop to talk about what a mess her life is. She explains that Austin didn't cheat. The whole mess showed her that she really has feelings for Rafe. Those feelings have not gone away. She recalls everything that she's gone through to be with Austin. "How did you find the courage to leave Dad and be with John?" Carrie asks. The shrink ruminates and says it was the hardest choice she's ever made, but it was the right one. Carrie begs her to just tell her what to do. Marlena advises her to listen to her heart. Carrie knows what she wants and runs off. Roman calls Marlena and she asks him for help with the John issue.

Lucas is at the pub with Sami, telling her he needs to go home. She begs him not to. "You don't need me, you have EJ," he says. She objects to this. He thinks it's obvious that Elvis still has feelings for her and vice versa. She's in denial and says he's crazy. "What? Me shooting him in the head is just a bump in the road to true love?" she moans. He pushes out cliches. She says this is too stupid. He's relentless. She flashes back to sex with EJ and smirks. Sami spills on herself. He assumes the wet spot means she's thinking of EJ. He's starting to feel like 'the best friend in a werewolf movie' who has to keep her locked up when there's a full moon. "I'm not going to watch you circle the drain again," he says. She accuses him of running away when he needs her. This infuriates him. He can't deal with her anymore until she deals with EJ. After he storms off, Sami chats with Caroline. She's afraid that some of what Lucas said might be right and then hops away. "God only knows what she's going to do now," Caroline worries. Sami chases down Lucas and tells him she actually has unresolved feelings for him.

Rafe and Nicole are sitting in the square chatting. She lets it slip that she's pregnant as EJ walks by, "We're p-p-p-pregnant?" he stutters. She tries to run. EJ runs after her. Rafe gets between them. Elvis tells her she needs a doctor and she should be worried. Rafe tries defending her and the men bicker until she gets them to back down. EJ promises that he will be with her every step of the way. She says she has a lot to process right now. He wants her to move back to the mansion. Nicole tells him that they are never getting back together. EJ aggressively clears his throat. "I really, really hope you are not going to try keeping my baby from me, Nikki," he warns. They discuss her medical history and he insists on being an important part of the child's life. Rafe puts his arm around her and declares that the child is his. EJ refuses to accept that. Nicole backs the story up. Elvis says they won't get away with this. Carrie stands by and eavesdrops.

In Alamainia, Gina and John are drinking champagne. He's nervous about their deal with Stefano. He just wants to sell the egg and disappear. They toast to fun until their guest is announced. Stefano strolls in and declares that this is just like old times. They talk about how much they love playing games and then play poker. John proposes that they gamble for a deal on the egg. He orders that they have a new dealer and a fresh pack of cards. The new cards and dealer arrive. Stefano still wins. "Now go get me my egg," he demands. After he leaves, John tells her that Stefano has the dealer switch the deck. This is exactly what they expected.

April 3, 2012
This Isn't Going To End Well.

Abe and Roman join Marlena at the pub. She worries about John. They offer to look into it and putter away. They return later and ask her to be patient. Marlena suddenly realizes it's Abe's anniversary and says he should be with Lexi. They send him off. Roman starts placing calls to the ISA. The shrink paces until Roman decides to lead her out.

Kate drops in on Lexi. She makes a lame excuse about being in the neighborhood and then admits she hasn't heard from Stefano. She asks if he ever talks about Marlena. "That was a long, long time ago," Lexi says. After Kate leaves, Abe arrives with flowers. They happily talk about their anniversary until the topic turns to Kate's visit. They get back to discussing their marriage. He's so proud she chose him and they toast to their future. Lexi gets a headache and then passes out.

John and Hope are in Alamainia, getting ready for their con. She makes him promise that they will never become one of those couples who never have fun. Hope kisses him and his glass vibrates. Count Wilhelm arrives. They ask John to get lost so they enjoy themselves. She asks the count to go upstairs with her. He's eager to get his sash off but she says they should eat some caviar first. As he fetches it, she lets John in by the balcony. He has dope for her to drug the count's drink. John hides under the bed while the count returns with treats. She notices he didn't bring a glass for himself. The princess turns on the peer pressure until he offers to get another glass. When he looks away, she drugs her glass and offers it to him. After downing booze they climb into bed. He passes out in the middle of the groping while John comes out from hiding. They find the egg in a secret compartment. She sends him off with it to wait for her.

Outside the pub, Lucas tells Sami that she has unresolved feelings for EJ, not him. She keeps insisting that she still loves him. He thinks she just wants him because she can't have him. She insists this has nothing to do with that. Lucas feels like a sucker for coming back. "I'm not going to do this with you again!" he declares, storming away. He heads to Casa DiMera to tell his mom he's leaving town. She's happy he will be safely away from Sami. He gets a call from the airline saying his secretary cancelled his ticket. Now he's stuck there until tomorrow. He wanders off and Marlena arrives with Roman. Kate's jumpy. They ask where her husband is but she doesn't know. After they plod off, she groans. Meanwhile, Lucas drops by the pub to see Sami and confronts her about cancelling his reservation. He should be mad but he's not. She's sure that's because he's still hung up on her.

Carrie arrives in the square and hears Rafe insisting to EJ that he is the father of Nicole's baby. Elvis demands that they have a paternity test. They refuse. He refuses to let her out of his sight until he knows the truth. Rafe agrees to that. Nic looks worried as they stroll to the hospital. Meanwhile, Carrie runs off to cry and get nauseous. Austin rushes over to her. She doesn't want to talk but he does. He tells her he loves more than anything in the world. Carrie declares that she wants to make their marriage work because she's realized they can never have the same thing with anyone else. They embrace.

Elvis, Nicole and Rafe arrive at the hospital. Lexi isn't in her office so EJ goes searching. Nic thanks Rafe for his help but she's freaking out. He assures her that things will be okay and EJ will not take the baby. She doesn't understand why he's helping her. He can't stand by and do nothing. EJ returns to say his sister has the day off but he's sure there must be another doctor. The men bicker. Nicole declares that this has to end. Rafe covers. EJ leaves to find a doctor. "This isn't going to end well," Nicole says. Rafe reassures her again. When EJ returns again, he explains that they have to wait until she is ten weeks along to get the test. He orders them to take care of his baby.


April 4, 2012
Terrible Danger.

EJ tracks down Will at the coffee house and tells him he needs him to spy on Nicole full time. Marlena gets between them and argues that her grandson needs to go to school. Elvis offers to schedule around his classes and then argues that he's the only person giving Will the freedom he needs to be himself. Marlena acts territorial. When Will leaves to get her coffee, EJ assures her that he cares very much for William. She decides to give him the benfit of a doubt for her grandson's sake. EJ wanders off as Will returns. His grandma apologizes for embarrassing him and asks if EJ knows his secret. Will tells her to back off. He feels like people have been lining up to tell him how to live his life. Will knows who he is and who he wants to be, he just isn't ready to broadcast it. He admits he's gay again and leaves.

In Alamainia, John and Gina ogle the egg and plan their future. They make out. As he chews on her shoulder, he notices Marlena's headshot on the floor. He picks it up but doesn't recognize her, although she is familiar. Gina tries to get him back in the mood by dropping her kit but he's too busy squinting in thought to notice. He has flashes of Marlena. "Doc!" he blurts out. When Gina returns, he holds up the egg and she worries he's having second thoughts about their plan. She starts freaking out. He reminds her about Bo. "Do you remember anything about the last ten years?" he asks, before calling her 'Hope' and encouraging her to remember. "Who the hell is Hope?" she asks.

Lucas confronts Sami in the pub for cancelling his flight. She begs him again not to leave her alone. He thinks she's just in crisis mode because she doesn't have a man. "Whatever it is, you did it to yourself," he says. She accuses him of being patronizing and says she and the kids need him. He refuses to repeat their past mistakes. She complains about his mom and tells him he should just bring his fiancee to Salem. He offers to talk to her. After he walks off, Elvis bursts in and tells her that their exes are having a baby. She thinks that's impossible and then sits down to blame herself for this. He apologizes as she cries. Lucas returns and gorps at them before interrupting. Once Elvis departs, Sami tells Lucas the news. He says he will stay for now. She hugs him and cries. They go back to her place and he explains that his fiancee is missing him. As he helps her move in, they notice EJ moving in to the apartment across the hall. "Lovely to meet you, neighbour," he says.

At home, Lexi collapses on Abe. When she regains consciousness, he wants to get her some help. She claims she's all better. He insists on taking her to the hospital. His wife refuses so he decides to call Daniel. Meanwhile, Billie and Daniel wander the square, discussing Bo. He thinks her presence is a great help. She accuses him of flirting. They flirt. The doctor asks her out. Abe calls and asks if he can come by. He runs off. Lexi's vision starts to blur but she tries to cover. Daniel arrives and checks her over. Theo comes in and gets concerned. Although Daniel doesn't find anything, he asks her to come in for a physical. She's reluctant but Daniel and Theo badger her into it. After Daniel walks out, Celeste runs in through the back door. "You are in terrible danger!" she moans.

Back in the square, Billie meets with Agent Spencer. She shows him the pictures she got of Stefano's arms deal. They assume the money he stole from Basic Black was used to buy the weapons. They worry about John and Hope. Spencer tells her the most helpful thing she can do is keep digging. She thinks that the evidence was too easy to find and suspects that EJ is really behind it all. He thinks they'll need more proof to convince anyone of that. She's determined to get it.

April 5, 2012
Forever Ago.

Gabi and Abby are in the coffee house looking at the CW website. Gabi gabs about Chad and then he wanders in with Mel. Abby says they are a cute couple. They join the two young ladies and discuss the Austin fiasco. Even Abby can't believe how crazy she went. Mel's sure she will find someone new. Later, Gabi 'notices' that there is a nasty post about Mel's past as 'premiere party girl' on the CW website. "That was like forever ago," Abby says. Mel's distraught and runs off. Chad follows her. She tells him how bad she used to be. He was no saint either but they've changed and he loves who she is. As they kiss, Gabi watches them and gags. The couple returns. Mel hacks into the website and deletes the post. Chad's impressed. Gabi's not. When she is alone, she logs into the website as the user who was badmouthing Mel.

Nicole and Rafe go to see Daniel in his office. They tell him EJ knows about the pregnancy but they've told him Rafe is the father. The doctor tells them biology doesn't work that way. They ask him to keep the real paternity a secret. Daniel and Nicole worry that this could screw up Rafe's life. He refuses to bail out. The doctor has to leave for a consult. Nicole still wants to disappear but Rafe's sure EJ would find her. She refuses to drag Daniel any further into this mess so they brainstorm for a way to switch the paternity test on their own.

Austin and Carrie are at the pub discussing how much stuff they've accumulated since they got back. He suggests that they get a house... and some kids. She stutters and says they need to take things slow. He shows her a little house he found online. "It's like Switerland in Salem," he says. They talk of how babies change everything. Rafe and Nicole walk in. Austin wanders off to take a call. Rafe walks by to get some menus. He stops by Carrie, wanting to tell her the truth. She doesn't want to hear it and declares that she is working things out with Austin and he's the only one she ever loved. What they felt for each other wasn't real. Rafe acts happy for her. He returns to Nicole. Carrie stares sadly. Rafe hides behind his menu until Nicole makes him explain what just happened. Nicole's sorry. Austin returns to his wife and notices Rafe is there. His wife assures him that he is the only man he wants. She gets Austin to stand up so they can have a PDA. Abby spots this through the window. She gasps and turns around, bumping into some guy and knocking a photo from his hands. Back inside, Carrie is horny and tells Austin they should go. He suggests they use the backdoor because it is quicker.

Marlena runs into Will in the square. They rehash their conversation. He admits again that he's gay. "And the sky didn't fall down?" she jokes. They hug. He feels lame for being the last one to figure this out but she's 'exquisitely proud' of him. This makes him hungry so they eat cake. He feels like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. All the same, he still feels like he has given up some of his dreams. He's not ready to date yet and he's a little worried about how Gabi will take the news. Marlena wonders how his parents will take it. He is sure his mom would just make it all about herself and his dad would not be thrilled.

Celeste shows up at Abe and Lexi's to declare that her cards told her Lexi is in grave danger. She claims that if she doesn't heed her warning, she could die. Abe decides that his wife should have her tests run tonight. They head over to the hospital to meet with Daniel. He takes Lexi down to the lab. Later, Lexi returns so they can wait for the results together. Celeste has something else to tell them. She's been keeping a secret for many years. Before she can explain it, Daniel arrives with the results. He has gone over them several times and the news is not good.

April 6, 2012
He Calls You Fancy Face.

Jenn joins mopey Jack at the coffee house. They worry about their daughter and wonder how to make things better. She says they have to fix themselves first. Jack blames himself. Jenn says they can do better and give Abby stability. He's afraid of hurting his family again. She's tired of hearing that and storms out. He trails after her, admitting that he's scared of everything, especially not being the man she needs. She's sure he is that man. Jack's tired of being scare and alone. They kiss.

Outside the pub, Cameron is grouchy as Abby tries to help him with his cracked photo. She offers to have it restored. That's not good enough for him. He stomps off. She goes into the pub for a coffee. When she looks out the window, she sees her parents kissing. Abby goes out and asks if they are back together. Jenn says he came back to her in the nick of time. The three of them hug and head to the hospital to see Bo. The parents wander off and Abby runs into Cameron again. She offers him directions since he looks lost. He apologies for being a jerk before and explains that he's on edge about meeting someone.

In Alamainia, John keeps sticking Marlena's headshot in Gina's face and telling her she's not a princess. She smokes and acts aloof. He tells her that Stefano is still controlling her. She's so upset that her glitter shakes. He ties her to a chair and runs off. When he returns, he has a picture of Bo from the Salem Spectator. John keeps shoving it in her face but she can't remember her husband. "He calls you 'Fancy Face,'" he pushes. "Bo," she suddenly groans. She snaps out of it. "It's time to go," says John. He tells her about the egg. Stefano's goon updates him about Kate receiving the package. He wonders what she'll do as she stews over it. The goon doesn't understand why he's so keen to make his wife jealous. "I have my reasons," Stefano says. He goes to see John and Gina. They keep up their ruse but he notices the photo of Bo and demands an explanation.

Kate is in the square going through the Marlena files again. Ian shows up. He assumes she's been waiting for him. They bicker about that. He offers to listen to her problems so they head over to his room. They trade barbs about their marriages and he tells her she deserves better. She rants about Stefano not paying her any attention. Kate reminds Ian that he used to treat her that way too. He explains that he dumped her because he was being blackmailed by a business rival and they threatened to ruin Kate's reputation. "I've always loved you," he says. He hasn't been able to give up on her. They start making out.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Lexi, her mom and Abe that she has a brain tumor and it's in an advanced stage. Abe is baffled. The tumor is inoperable. Lexi runs off and Daniel tells the others that they are facing the worst case scenario. Abe leaves to find his wife. Lexi's pacing the corridors. She goes to see a coma patient and rambles to her until Abe finds her. He comforts her and says they still have hope. Abe will not give up on her. They return to Celeste. Cameron joins them and Lexi explains that he is her son. Celeste was only able to reconnect with him recently. Lexi's taken aback by all of this. Cameron hands them the photo, which was taken of them when Lexi still thought that Celeste was her aunt. Lexi can't deal with this right now. She and Abe leave so Celeste fills her son in. Later, Daniel returns and finds Celeste doing tarot readings. She tells him the results didn't surprise her. Meanwhile, Abe takes Lexi home. She weeps. He promises that they can get through this.


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