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2nd Week of April Daily Summaries  

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April 9, 2012
Drowning In Drama.

Lucas and Elvis are trading barbs in the coffee shop. Lucas suspects that he's trying to get Sami back and he's not going to let that happen. Elvis sighs and says he is just helping Sami and the children. They argue about Will and EJ reminds him about the blackmail. Lucas starts rubbing Nicole's pregnancy in his face and accuses him of seeking revenge on Rafe. EJ reminds him that he has a fiancee and wonders why he's even there. They rehash their past disasters with Sami. Elvis starts laughing at him and Lucas threatens him before plodding off.

Nicole wanders the square and sees an ad for maternity yoga at the spa. Rafe joins her and they chat about it and that their paternity ruse will be harder to maintain than they expected. He thinks she should do some yoga to relax but yoga is so relaxing it stresses her out. He keeps giving her a pep talk and encouraging her to think positively. She doesn't know why he's so helpful. He admits he has a thing for damsels in distress. As they hug, Lucas walks by and tells them to get a room. He backtracks and congratulates them before filling them in about EJ giving Sami a place to live. The men talk alone. Rafe says Sami isn't his business anymore and if Lucas has half a brain, he'll walk away from her. "Don't get sucked into her drama, it will drown you," Rafe advises. Meanwhile, Nicole strolls into the coffee house and runs into EJ. He promises to behave himself for the baby and apologizes for what's happened. Elvis says that this baby is proof that they should be together. Elvis urges her to come clean but she thinks he would take her child away and accuses him of running after Sami. Nicole begs him to leave her alone and walks out. He calls Sami and says they need to talk about their future.

Brady runs into Madison at the pub. They start bickering about Ian. He wonders what her husband has on her. When he tries touching her, she pulls away and repeats that he needs to stay away. He repeats that she should leave her husband and tells her she's a fool to toss away what they have. Frustrated, he's about to walk off but she stops him. She claims that she wants to help Basic Black before he runs it into the ground. She's called over a member of the fashion press so they can do some damage control. They work together to charm the reporter and cover for the dinner party disaster. Brady gives him a scoop and declares that he is doing a cross-branding with Mad World. The reporter is happy and runs off. Madi isn't so thrilled. He says they have to follow through on the promise now or they'll be in trouble. Brady kisses her. She giggles and pulls away, saying that he'll have to behave if they are going to work together.

Ian has Kate in his room and coos about how he has never stopped loving her. They leap into bed. She says that she would have waited for him if she knew the truth about why he walked out on her. He hated himself for leaving her. He declares that he's finished with Madison and just wants to be with her now. She gets pensive. Kate feels like she's been in Marlena's shadow for so long she'd forgotten what it was like to come first. After they work up an appetite, he calls room service to order her favorites. She stares at her wedding ring and thinks of her husband. Suddenly, she starts crying that she has made a terrible mistake. As she gets dressed, he tells her that this is not a mistake. Kate insists that she loves Stefano and begs him to pretend this never happened. He thinks she's being a drama queen.

In Alamainia, Stefano confronts John and Gina about the fact that there is a photo of Bo in their room. John claims he thought it was a bill for room service. Stefano seems to buy this. He wants to know about his egg. They claim they know how to get it but it's complicated. He warns them that they'd better get it soon. As soon as he leaves, John tells Hope the egg will be their ticket out of town. They realize that there must be something in the egg. They get it open and gasp. Meanwhile, Stefano is chatting with his goon about the situation. He plans to leave them in their alternative personalities. He chuckles about that until his goon tells him the latest about Kate and Ian. "My wife failed the test," Stefano says as his hands start shaking. He smashes his glass and vows that she will pay for this.

April 10, 2012
Fifth Ruined Marriage.

Will stops in at the coffee house and helps Sonny clean up. He tells him about coming out to his grandma. Sonny says this is a 'major deal'. He congratulates him and admits that his gaydar has been going off since they met. Will wonders what to do next. He wants to tell his dad but is scared of how he will react. Sonny tells him about how he came out to his parents and assures him that he can still have a family. Will says that there is no way he is going to come out to his mother. She is the most self-centred person in the world and he has no respect for her. Sonny thinks he shouldn't use being gay as a weapon against his mom. Will thanks him for all of his support and they hug. This leads to an awkward moment and Will leaves.

In Alamainia, Stefano calls his goon and sadly talks about his wife betraying him. He will never forgive her for failing his test. Meanwhile, Kate paces Casa DiMera and thinks of sex with Ian. He shows up. She doesn't want to let him in. He declares that he's not afraid of Stefano and would be happy to divorce his wife. Stefano calls. He can hear how flustered she is and pushes her on it. Then he explains that he's been keeping tabs on Marlena so he could use her as leverage against John. "I don't want any secrets between us," he adds before wishing her pleasant dreams. He hangs up. "Oh the bitch!" he growls. She turns to Ian and says she's made the biggest mistake of her life. He keeps insisting that they belong together but she hates him for ruining her life. She thinks he should be afraid of her husband but Ian refuses to give her up without a fight.

John and Hope find a coin in the egg. It has some kind of code on it. They try to figure it out and then go to dealer to get a ringer for the coin. John repeats that they have to keep up their ruse until they are out of the country. Stefano shows up. They chuck the egg at him. His goon hands them some passports and Stefano bids them to go. They head to the airport and get in line for a flight. Meanwhile, Stefano has realized that the coin is a fake and curses. He calls his goons to stop John and Hope.

Sami settles into her new place and takes off her wedding ring. EJ pops in. He instantly pulls her into a kiss. She leaps away. He asks her if she felt any chemistry. She says no. Elvis says that answers his question. They babble about the kids and how people might perceive their relationship. She keeps bumping into him as they debate this about their 'grief sex'. Sami doesn't want to discuss it. He says they need to make sure they never end up together again. She shows him the door and then tells him that the faucet is leaky. He takes off his jacket and looks under the sink. He asks for a 'big wrench' and starts fiddling as she yacks about Rafe. Water starts spraying in EJ's face. He's soaked. She hands him a towel and he notices her ring is of. She offers to throw his shirt in the dryer. He wants to give her his pants too but she turns that down as he doffs his top. Sami moans about Rafe and Nicole. EJ says he is still not running away from his wife, especially if she might be carrying his baby. "Do you realize this is my fifth ruined marriage?" she asks. He says she has plenty of time to catch up with Liz Taylor and that this just proves she's lovable. They shake on never getting romantically involved again and he departs with a smirk.


April 11, 2012
The Friendly Skies.

At Sami's, she and EJ repeat that there is nothing between them. He smirks and bids her goodnight. After he leaves, Johnny comes out and asks for his dad. Sami calls him back. As he bids goodnight to his son, Rafe and Nicole arrive in the hall to look at an apartment. They spot their exes. Johnny spots them and rushes over to say goodnight. EJ takes his son to bed and there is bickering among the broken couples about how they've all moved on fast. Sami insists she only had sex with EJ by accident. Nicole wants to see a diagram explaining that. Nicole reminds Elvis of all the promises he made her and says he never really loved her. Sami accuses her of getting Rafe to impregnate her out of spite. Nicole slips and says the baby is EJ's. She and Rafe cover. Elvis follows her into the hall to tell her how sorry he is. He's sure that part of her still loves him. She weeps. He begs for a glimmer of hope. She's sick and tired of this. EJ declares that he would raise her child even if it was Rafe's. "I want to come back to you, but I can't," she sobs. He keeps begging but she still says no and storms away. Back inside, Sami lashes out at Rafe and calls him a hypocrite. He throws that back at her and tells her that the real victims in all of this are the kids. Rafe lists her failings as a mother. She rejects this. He reminds her of how much he loved her, regardless of her flaws. As he talks about how much he loves the kids, Johnny comes out and asks him to read him a story.

In Alamainia, Stefano fumes after he discovers that John and Hope tricked him. He calls his goons to stop them from getting on the plane. Meanwhile, John and Hope are at the airport where they are denied permission to board their flight. John offers the attendant a bribe. As the attendant slips off, Agent Spencer appears. He demands that they fill him in before he gets them on a flight. The attendant returns and pulls a gun on them. Spencer and John knock him out. "So much for the friendly skies," Hope quips. The agents bicker about Stefano and the Spencer smuggles them onto a plane.

Chad is at the pub with Mel and Gabi yacking about the chick flick they just saw. Mel putters to the powder room and Chad asks Gabs what she's doing later. He tells her that he wants it to be perfect and Mel can't know anything about this. She gasps and he hands her a key to his apartment. It gradually dawns on her that his romantic plans are actually for him and Mel. Gabi leaves when Mel returns. She's eager to get back to his place but he delays it. As they smirk at each other hornily, Gabi is over at Chadsworth's tossing petals on the bed and lighting scented candles. She imagines watching him in bed with Mel and accidentally knocks over a photo of the couple. They arrive moments later. Mel's impressed that he had all of this set up for her. They make out. The easy listening music comes on as they peel off their clothes. Meanwhile, Gabi sits on a bench crying and tearing up a picture of the couple.

April 12, 2012
Sweaty In Salem.

Mel wakes up in Chad's bed as he kisses her. He hands her a gift. It's a pink robe and he wants her to leave it there. "I hope there are many more nights you will spend here with me," he says. She gets the take-out from the fridge but they end up eating something else.

Daniel meets with Rafe in the square. He hands him information about how to fake a paternity test but warns him that this is a bad idea. He reminds him that he nearly bludgeoned someone with a crucifix when someone faked his child's paternity. The doctor doubts this is worth the effort. Rafe admits he doesn't know what he's doing; he just hates EJ. They discuss Carrie and Rafe contemplates telling her the truth. She calls and asks him to meet her at the pub. Rafe debates about what to do. Daniel gives him a pep talk and sends him off. Rafe scurries to the pub and tells Carrie how much he's missed her. She claims that things are going well with Austin. When he tells her how much he still cares about her, she asks him to stop. He wants to explain himself. Before he can, Austin arrives. He wants them to put all of the tension behind them. She pulls out papers to dissolve the PI business. Rafe's unsure but she pushes him. Once he signs, Austin talks about how hard things have been for all of them but he wants them all to be friends. Rafe forces a smile and leaves. Austin thinks that went great. They smooch and he putters back to work. When she goes outside, Rafe is waiting. She lashes out at him for sleeping with Nicole and says he could never have done that if his feelings for her were real. When she's about to storm off, he grabs her arm and offers to tell her the truth.

Nicole tries calling Stefano but he's not returning her calls. Meanwhile, Billie shows up at Casa DiMera and starts to snoop through the desk. She finds a button that opens a hidden filing cabinet. EJ watches all of this from the foyer and squints. He slams the door and she puts the files away before flopping on the couch to look casual. EJ chucks a muffin at her, announces he's working from home and pushes her to go. Once she's gone, he gets out the hidden files. They shock him so much that he jumps back. Nicole walks in and hears him cursing. She's there to get her stuff but asks him why he's so upset. He angrily explains that his father betrayed him. "I was going to tell you," she blurts out. As he questions her about framing John, she admits she was actually talking about the election. "Your father stole the election from you," she says, explaining that Stefano rigged the election for Abe to win. He doesn't understand. EJ brought John down to impress his dad but Stefano wasn't won over. He's furious and curses. Elvis explains that all of the money he embezzled has disappeared.

Billie bumps into Austin the square. They talk about her living at Casa DiMera. He tells her about the mess with Abby and all the lies. He's sure that things will be golden in his marriage again. His sister warns him that it won't be easy. Austin is optimistic.

April 13, 2012
Looking For This?

At the hospital, Billie tells Bo that she doesn't know when Hope will get there. Hope walks in. She climbs on top of Bo and heaves sobs. She thanks Billie and gives her a hug. Hope begs Bo to come back to her. Time passes. His beard grows. After Billie leaves, Hope kisses Bo and tells him to fight. Ciara shows up and leaps into her mom's arms. Ciara's lost a tooth. They play with each other's hair and discuss skip rope. After sending the little girl off to Caroline, Hope keeps begging Beauregard to come back to her. His hand touches hers. Meanwhile, Billie calls Agent Spencer to tell him about the files she found. She's sure they will be enough to put EJ and Stefano away.

Lucas and Sami are joking around at the pub. She's eager to get home but he asks her to delay while he takes care of something. Out in the alley, Rafe tries to tell Carrie the truth but she's frazzled. Lucas and Sami interrupt. Sami rails about Rafe knocking up Nicole. Carrie storms off and Rafe trails after her. She tells him to back off. He still wants to tell her the truth but she claims she doesn't care. "I never meant to lie to you," he says. She walks away. He goes to the square to mope.

EJ is pacing Casa DiMera. He and Nicole try to figure out where the billions he stole from John went. He's sure Stefano was trying to prove that he's an incompetent fool. Elvis thinks his father will never respect him. She points out that his kids love and respect him. He feels pitiful for crying over failing to get his father's love. He had to grow up fast. One moment he was a child... the next he was an adult. Nicole explains that her father made her feel like crap too but then she realized he was a piece of garbage. Elvis knows he should wash his hands of his dad but he still feels like he needs to prove himself to him. She begs him not to destroy himself. He begs her to come back and leans in for a kiss. The doorbell rings. EJ keeps begging until Sami bursts in with a box of CW products to return. Nicole runs out. Sami wants to talk about what happened last night but he's not interested. Later, Billie returns and opens the secret filing cabinet. She's shocked to find it's empty. "You looking for this?" Elvis asks her.

Nicole finds Rafe moping in the square. He admits that he nearly told Carrie everything. She can see how upset this is making him and encourages him to come clean with Carrie. He won't back out on his promise to Nicole. She tells him he's the best fake baby-daddy ever. Meanwhile, Sami goes home and discovers that Lucas and the kids have set up a campsite in the living room. The kids show her pictures of stuff they can do outdoors. They stuff themselves with smores and Sami thanks Lucas for making her laugh. He slips away to call his fiancee.

Marlena walks into the coffee house and tries to call John again. She blubbers until she hears his voice. She thinks he's on the phone and then notices he's actually standing beside her. She gasps and hugs him. They inhale each other. "Alamainia... it's just like Hell," he says. John explains what happened and how her image is what brought him back. "You're the only girl for me... it doesn't matter who I am," he says before admitting that he didn't get the divorce... and he's still working for the ISA. She tries to frown. She thought he was finished with Intelligence because it's too dangerous for them. John is determined to put Stefano away. Carrie walks in and is thrilled to see he's back. He goes off to take a call so Marlena starts probing Carrie about her problems. She tells her that Rafe has been sleeping with Nicole. "Oh my word!" exclaims the shrink. Carrie still can't shake her feelings for Rafe. She hurries off as John returns. Marlena orders John not to go after Stefano.


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