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3rd Week of April Daily Summaries  

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April 16, 2012
Everything Was Fine.

Stefano surprises Kate with a splashy romantic dinner in the square. As he gushes about how great she is, she gets a bit uncomfortable. "I was fine, everything was fine," she claims. He chuckles as he talks about Sami and says he always knows what's going on with his family. She downs a glass of wine. He toasts to her and how exciting she makes his life. He's ordered all of her favorites and calls the snails in. Kate doesn't know what to say. "It's as if it's our last night," he declares. When the meal ends, he tells her that she is no longer welcome in his home. After spitting, he declares, "This is our last supper!" Although she tries lying, that doesn't last. Crying, she confesses and tries to explain herself. Stefano says that she is dead to him. After throwing an envelope at her, he storms off. She opens it and reads the paper inside. She hyperventilates, trashes the table and screams.

At Casa DiMera, EJ confronts Billie for snooping around. She tries to talk her away out of it. That fails. He starts probing about why. She tells him that he and his father should hide things better. Billie suggests they work as a team to get some answers about what his father is up to. He guffaws. She threatens to blackmail him. He rolls his eyes as she saunters off.

Abby walks into the pub and bumps into Cameron, spilling chowdah all over his face. She starts cleaning up. Caked in white goo, they starts apologizing to each other. He explains that his family are old friends of the Bradys so he's helping out while Caroline is busy. She offers to help out too. He ties on her apron and they discuss their families. He starts to mop until she grips his stick and offers to take care of it for him. She slips on the wet floor and he catches her. He tells her she can take off. She has nothing else to do.

At Lexi's, she's anxiously getting things ready for a meeting with her brother. Abe thinks she's not up to this but she's determined to keep everything normal. He thinks they should see some more doctors to get more opinions. She agrees and has already set up an appointment. Abe promises to be her personal cheerleader. "Can I get you some pom-poms?" she asks. Theo shows up and is confused by what he's hearing. His parents tell him Lexi just needs a lot of hugs. After Theo runs off, EJ shows up to discuss the health plans for the city. Abe tries to offer some advice. Elvis doesn't appreciate that. The men bicker until she gets upset. Lexi sends her husband to make tea and EJ tells her about his father's betrayal. She grabs her head and groans. Abe rushes in. Her brother guesses that was more than just a headache. Lexi tells him about the tumor.

At the hospital, Bo starts to twitch. Hope gets excited. Daniel walks in and checks him over. He says it's a good sign but there's still a long way to go. After he leaves, she keeps begging Bo to open his eyes. She huffs and puffs and punches the mattress. Hope recounts the long story of their love and mullets. His eyes flutter. In the hall, Daniel runs into Billie and they discuss how Bo is doing. He asks her if she wants to have a bite with him. She finds whatever is going on between them is uncomfortable. "It's a little weird," she says. He thinks they can still be friends. Her head nods. They head to the pub separately and sit at different tables. The doctor thinks this is silly so he joins her. Once they've made it through coffee, he says they should do this again. After an awkward goodbye, they part ways.



April 17, 2012
DiMera Has Never Been More Dangerous.

At the hospital, Bo's eyes dart around. Hope welcomes him back. His eyes close. She yells at him to open them again. Daniel comes to check on the situation. She says that Bo is ready to come out of the coma. He takes a bit of convincing but agrees. Once the doctor sets things in motion, Hope cheerleads Bo back into consciousness. "Fancy Face," he gasps. He asks the doctor to give them some time alone. Bo could hear her talking to him while he was under. She climbs on top of him and gives him a kiss.

Marlena finds John waiting for her in the alley. She's not happy he's with the ISA and gets passive-aggressive about it as they head into the pub. "I don't want to be a spy's wife," she says, suggesting that he is putting his job before her. John insists that he needs to finish what he started. He explains that this investigation is bigger than he'd thought and Stefano poses a threat to everyone. "DiMera has never been more dangerous," he says. She gives up debating because she realizes they will never be free of Stefano until he's dead.

At Lexi's, Elvis goes into denial when she breaks the news that she has a brain tumor. Abe paces as Lexi explains the situation to her brother. EJ blames Abe. His sister tells him off for that. Elvis offers to make some calls but the doctor tells him all the calls have been made. She and Abe assure him that they are not giving up. EJ starts blaming himself but she says it's not his fault either. She's hit by another headache and goes to rest. The men agree to put their differences aside to help her. EJ apologizes for the things he's done and they shake hands. Lexi returns and is happy to see this. She hugs her brother and asks him to let her break the news to Stefano. Once he leaves, Lexi tells her husband that they have to start planning for the possibility that she might not survive. Abe urges her to believe in miracles and stay positive. "I am not going to lose you," he says, hugging her.

Kate bursts into Sami's apartment. "I want to tear your head off you little bitch!" Kate declares. Sami is giddy. When Kate lunges at her, Lucas runs between them. Sami happily explains that she has taken over CW and Kate is fired. Kate vows that will never happen. Lucas is still confused so Sami explains that Stefano handed her the company. Lucas is even more confused and starts lecturing the blond. Sami gloats about how much Stefano trusts her. Kate threatens to get a lawyer. Sami keeps pushing her buttons. "This is one of the best days of my life," Sami brags, pestering Kate to tell them about how she screwed things up with Stefano. Kate promises that Sami will be a sorry woman and storms out. Lucas is not happy that Sami took this deal. She keeps yelping about how she is finally getting revenge on her old enemy. He walks out. She hops up and down until EJ storms in and demands that she get the children so he can hug them. She's confused so he tells her about his sister's brain tumor. As he tries to hold back his tears, she hugs him. He pulls away from her and tries to get his head around why his sister is being 'punished'. As he looks around, he notices the CW files all over the place. She explains that his father put her in charge. "He can't just put someone in control of the company without getting my approval!" he objects. Sami begs him not to take her company away. He's furious at his father for this latest insult and storms out. "What about me?" she yells after him.

Lucas chases down his mother in the square. He thinks they should just start another company and offers her a place at Hearth & Home. She explains that Stefano took that company away too. They are both out of work.


April 18, 2012
Man-Sized Bowl Of Ice Cream.

Austin and Carrie are smooching in the street. They walk into the pub as he tries to tempt her to bed. They bump into Rafe and his 'man-sized bowl' of ice cream. "I never thought of you as the sprinkles type," Austin quips. Carrie guesses it's for Nicole. Rafe takes the mountain of scoops over to Nicole. Austin repeats that they need to put everything behind them and they shouldn't be uncomfortable around Rafe. Across the room, tie dyed Nicole shovels in the mountain and tells Rafe once again that he doesn't need to do all of this for her. He assures her his relationship with Carrie is dead. She doesn't know how he can stand acting so honourable. He watches Carrie and Austin make out before running out the door. Rafe gets maudlin about not having the chance to read "Good Night Moon" anymore. She suggests they go to see the movie in the square. They wander down there and she tries giving him a pep talk because he's being a downer. He wants some time on his own and mopes away. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie go back to their room, strip down and leap into bed. He falls asleep after he's done and she sneaks out. She goes to the square to see the movie. Rafe is standing beside her.

At the coffee house, Gabi is impressed to see Will getting some exclusive concert tickets from some dude he did some work for. She's so impressed by how well his life if going that she thinks her life should pick up to. She thinks he could help her pull something off. "Am I going to regret this?" he asks. Gabi explains that she wants to get back with Chad. She wants him to help her break up his relationship. Will's shocked that she wants to do that and that she wants his help. Gabi says doing the right thing has never done her any good. She blames herself for their failed relationship. Will explains that their problems were never because of her. "It was me not knowing who I was," he says. Taking her hand, he says it never could have worked between them because he's gay.

In the square, Chad and Mel invite Abby on a double-date with Lexi's brother. They admit that they've met. Cameron checks to make sure if he has anything breakable. Abby decides to leave but the doctor promises not to be a 'wise-ass'. The four of them find seats for the movie. Abby and Cameron keep staring at each other. She stuffs her face with popcorn until she starts choking. He runs over to give her the Heimlich. Once she spits up, she claims she wasn't choking. The doctor wants some thanks for saving her life but she thinks he's an ass. He can't believe that. Mel takes her friend aside and tells her she's crazy. "I've seen you say 'thank you' to an automatic door," Mel points, wondering why she is being so terse to the doctor. Abby is sure he thinks she's a klutz. She still feels messed up and unsure about herself. Mel tells her that what happened with Austin is over and she needs to move forward. Abby returns to sit with Cameron. She apologizes for acting wacky and thanks him for saving her. "You want some popcorn?" he jokes.

John and Marlena visit Bo and Hope at the hospital. The cop is eager to know what's been going on. A nurse comes to check on Bo so the others leave. Stefano is pacing the corridor. He wants his egg. They begin exchanging threats, Bo comes out in his gown and barks at him. Stefano tries to control his laughter. After some more threats, he leaves. "What the hell is going on?" Bo asks. They fill him in.

Harold is tying to keep Kate out of Casa Dimera. He explains that Stefano already had her stuff packed up and removed. EJ arrives, wondering when he'll be kicked out too. Kate declares that this is the worst day of her life. He mocks her as she vents and then angrily admits he has no idea what his father is up to. Getting excited, he asks her what she did to Stefano. He guesses she cheated and chuckles, relieved that Stefano must hate her more than he hates him. EJ explains that his father has been undermining him for months. Stefano strolls in. "Misery really does like company," he says. Elvis demands some answers. "Fun time is over!" he declares.

April 19, 2012
Fun Time Is Over!

Chad wanders through the square and is mobbed by some random chicks. Mel arrives as some girl smooches him. She chases the hoochies off. Chad's impressed, scared and turned on. Over at the coffee house, Gabi tells Will he doesn't have to pretend to be gay to make her feel better. He's not pretending. Will explains how he has come to accept who he is. He's at peace with it for the most part. She feels like this is her fault. He insists she was irrelevant. She tells him the last guy she liked was gay too. "You just need to have your gaydar tuned a bit," he jokes. He's sorry if he ever made her feel undesirable. Mel and Chad enter guffawing. Will urges Gabi to give up on Chad. She's sure that she still has a chance with him... she just needs to get Mel out of the picture. Gabi attempts to guilt him into helping her. She heads over to start playing head games with the couple. Will interrupts her as she does her best to make Mel jealous. He drags his ex away and tells her this is hopeless. She refuses to see that. He thinks she's acting like his mom and leaves. "I guess it's all up to me now," she says.

"Fun time is over!" Elvis declares as he confronts his father at Casa DiMera. He and Kate wonder if his father wants to be alone. Stefano says he was okay being married to an ex-hooker, but not one who is still in the business. He explains to EJ that he has been subverting him because is not the man he thought he was. Stefano tells Kate she's dead to him and kicks her out. "You can throw me out but you can't stop me from loving you!" she declares. He's done with this. She doesn't want to lose her company too. He yells at her to get out. Once she's gone, EJ asks his father why he has been undermining him. Stefano won't explain. Elvis doesn't know who he is anymore. Stefano tells him he is a failure. "You will never, ever lead this family," he says. EJ rails and demands an explanation. He asks him what he will tell the grandchildren. "Your failure really is not your fault. It's mine for not being careful enough," Stefano explains. EJ says he no longer feels like Stefano is his father. After he storms off, Stefano takes out the letter from Alice and sadly looks at it. "You're right Elvis... I'm not like a father to you because... you are not my son," he says with tears in his eyes.

At Mad World, Madison rails at a fashion editor on the phone until Brady shows up. They flirt and get nostalgic about take-out and vending machines. Ian crashes the party and asks to speak to his wife alone. Once 'the humorless one' leaves, Ian explains that he is not going to stand in her way anymore. He's granting her a divorce and there's no catch. She thinks this is a trick but he insists he wants it over quick and painlessly. This makes her smile. She says he's reminding her of the good man she once fell in love with. Madison will never forget what they had, hugs him and runs off. He makes a mysterious call, ordering that 'the next phase' go into motion. Kate shows up. She tells him what happened with her husband. He thinks she's better off without Stefano. She blames Ian for her problems and he explains that he is giving Madison a divorce because he wants to convince her that they belong together. Kate warns him that she's pretty high maintenance. He offers her a new wardrobe and a job. She doubts anything will make her happy. "What about revenge?" he offers, suggesting they go after Stefano together. Meanwhile, Madison calls Brady over to her room. She breaks the news that Ian is granting her a divorce. He's thrilled and throws her in bed. After sex, she reminds him of his proposal. She wants that offer back on the table. He pops the question again. "Brady Black, I would love to marry you!" she says.


April 20, 2012

Madison and Brady roll around in her bed. She reminds him she needs a divorce before they get married. She's starting to have doubts about what Ian is up to. He offers to take care of Ian but she'd rather call her lawyer. She's sure Ian must have found someone new. Brady starts to worry that she might be jealous. They tease each other and she gets a message from PR saying that Sami is now running CW. She makes some calls to confirm this.

Kate is meeting with Ian in the square and lamenting her fall. He thinks that being dumped is the
best thing that could happen to her and promises that things will soon be looking up for her. Lucas shows up and surmises that his mom was dumped because of Ian. Kate explains that she failed Stefano's marriage test. Lucas thinks they are both on the road to ruin. Ian attempts to reassure him and explains that he's loved Kate for a very long time. Something clicks for Lucas and he realizes they've met before. They met on a skiing vacation and Ian let little Lucas smoke a cigar. He wishes Ian luck getting Stefano out of their lives.

EJ stumbles into Sami's office. She's eager to know if she can keep her new job. He tells her that he can't contradict his father's choices. She's just happy that Kate has been ruined. Elvis thinks she should be more concerned about not screwing up this opportunity. Sami claims she must have been hired because of her extraordinary business sense. He explains it had more to do with taking revenge on Kate. He insists on lending a hand so she doesn't run the company into the ground. She finds this patronizing and guesses that Stefano must have kicked him to the curb too. He explains that his father has been undermining him for months. Sami guesses he just wants to use her to get back into his father's good graces and turns him down. She gets on the phone with Madison and they start taunting each other. Sami vows to take her down and hangs up. She tells EJ she's sorry about how things are with his father and asks about Nicole. Later, he runs into her in the street. Nicole sees he's drinking herbal tea and wonders if he's hungover. They discuss her hangover cures but she doesn't want to go down memory lane with him. "I don't want to lose you," he says.

Carrie and Rafe roll around in bed. They take a break to discuss what a bummer it is that they waited so long. She talks about how right this feels and then snaps out of it, realizing she's actually in bed with Austin. He's sure they can make things work this time. He has a shower and she calls Rafe. They meet up in the square. She blurts out that she is just going through the motions with Austin but she can't shake her feelings for Rafe. He tries to explain what's really been going on but she keeps complaining about him sleeping with Nicole. Across the square, Austin runs into Sami. They discuss her new job. He thinks she's joking at first and urges her not to accept a job like this from Stefano. Sami thinks she can be a huge success. She also thinks he should be more worried about his relationship with Carrie than her career.

Ian calls Madison over to meet him at the Mad World offices. She brings Brady along. The men bicker and Ian explains he only asked them there to discuss business. Kate and Lucas arrive. Ian wants them all to discuss the Sami situation. He offers Kate a job at Mad World. Madison starts screeching about this but Ian thinks this is a 'no-brainer' in their battle against Sami and Stefano.

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