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4th Week of April Daily Summaries  

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April 23, 2012
Everything Was Fine.

At Mad World, Kate and Lucas suggest Ian has lost his mind if he thinks that she and Madison can work together. He gets a kick out of watching her fight with Madi. "If you're so bored, rent a clown." she snipes. He explains that their combined intelligence will let them push the company ahead... that and their shared hatred of Sami. Lucas starts defending his ex. Kate thinks Ian should fire the other woman and make her CEO. He refuses. Lucas thinks his mom should take the offer. She shruggingly agrees but wants her son to work with her. Ian's okay with that. Lucas protests and says he's returning to Hong Kong. After he plods off, Ian brings in a French designer and explains to Kate that he had her bring her latest collection. He wants to give Kate a whole new wardrobe. She's thrilled about that.

At the hospital, Lexi introduces Dr. Yu to her family. The doctor leaves to check on the latest tests and Lexi tries to stay optimistic. Celeste is panicking so Abe takes her out for some air. The siblings discuss finally meeting each other. He assures her that he is more skilled with a scalpel than her other brother. They hope they have a chance to get to know each other. She promises not to give up. The others return with Dr. Yu. She explains that the tumor is inoperable. There is nothing anyone can do. Lexi only has a few weeks, months at the most. Once Lexi is left alone with her family, she bursts into tears. Abe tells her she is his life and he will never give up on her. Her mother and brother go to the coffee house. They have to face that Lexi doesn't have a chance. Kate walks by and overhears this. She learns that Stefano doesn't know and runs off to tell him.

In the alley, Nicole tells EJ that he lost her but he refuses to accept that. He keeps repeating that he can't live without her."Your life is not that pathetic," she says. He mopes about Stefano and being cut out of DiMera Enterprises. Elvis doesn't know what he's being punished for. They go back to her place and he explains that he doesn't want to end up with an 'empty' life like his father. She reminds him that he is the mayor and has a family. He admits that the election campaign destroyed his life. Getting down on his knees, he keeps begging her to come back. She tells him to stop asking. He broke her heart and she can't go back to him, no matter how much she wants to. Elvis thinks the baby can fix things for them. He puts his arms around her and kisses her neck. She tells him that she will only take him back if they leave Salem. He's bewildered. Nicole wants to escape the bad memories.

Over in the square, Austin insists to Sami that Rafe and Carrie are over each other. She thinks he's being a dope but he's in denial. He claims that Rafe is not a factor. She backs down. When they turn around, they see Rafe and Carrie across the square. Rafe starts explaining his relationship with Nicole to Carrie but she keeps interrupting until Austin and Sami join in. Sami starts sniping about Nicole and her sister chasing after a man who got another woman pregnant. She gloats about her new job and then walks off. After Rafe excuses himself, Carrie tells Austin her feelings for Rafe are still in the process of going away. He's amazed to see how much she really feels for another man and asks her if they actually have a future together. She throws her arms around him and begs him not to give up on them. They run back to their room for sex but she keeps thinking of Rafe.

Lucas shows up in Sami's office to tell her about what's going on at Mad World. Sami's sure that Kate and Madison can't work together. They can just sit back and watch 'those crazy bitches' destroy their company. He suddenly gets a call from his distraught fiancee. Although he goes into the other room, Sami eavesdrops. He gets dumped. Sami gives him a pity pat and then a proposition.


April 24, 2012
This Can't Be My Fault.

At Sami's, she has a proposition for Lucas. He wonders what she has in mind. The sexy guitar cord plays. She thinks they should work together to crush his mother. He shakes his head and says he won't work for Stefano. "You know you want to," she goads. He say he'll be in touch and leaves.

At Nicole's, EJ is shocked when she suggests that they leave Salem behind. She says this is the only way he can have her. He's still reluctant. She thinks this must be because of Samantha. He thinks that's preposterous and claims he just wants to start afresh. His phone rings and he leaves. She breaks into tears. Later, she heads down to the coffee house and reads about Sami's new job in the paper. Samantha strolls in. "Congratulations bitch!" Nicole says. Sami accuses her of being jealous. Nicole guffaws. Sami rubs her nose in her success and Nic tells her she doesn't deserve any of it. "Rafe deserves a child of his own someday," Nicole snaps. "Whose bun is that in the oven?" Sami asks. They bicker and Nicole stomps away. When she gets to the square, she starts having pains.

At the hospital, Abe promises Lexi that he will never give up on her. "I know in my heart it is not your time," he says. She thinks it's time to tell their family and friends. Over at Casa DiMera, Stefano barks at one of his goons on the phone and then flashes back to being at Santo's deathbed. His father told him to find the Anastasia egg and save the family. Kate shows up. Before he can kick her out, she tells him that Lexi is dying. He refuses to believe her. Lexi calls and asks him to come over. Kate insists on going with him. They head to the hospital and split up to look for Lexi. Kate runs into Lucas and tells him the news. Stefano returns, ranting about not being able to find his daughter.

Down the hall, Hope is petting Bo's face. He wakes up and tells her he had this great dream about Stefano 'turning in his bad guy badge'. John and Marlena arrive to say real life isn't so rosy. He explains that they found the name 'Yvette' on the coin. They wonder what this means. They can hear Stefano outside the room. They go out to see him and John barks at him to back off. Lexi rushes by and hugs her father. Kate tells them what's happening and asks them to leave him alone. Embarrassed, John and Marlena leave to find Abe to tell him how sorry they are. "There's no hope," he says. The shrink tells him there's always hope. Abe is overwhelmed. He doesn't know how he can go on without Lexi. The couple go to see Bo and Hope, who have also been trying to digest the news. Bo is eager to hold his daughter again. Meanwhile, EJ and his sister cry together. She tells him that she needs to tell Chad the news herself. He thinks she's incredible. "These things happen, sometimes for no reason at all," she says.

Back down the hall, Lexi explains her condition to her father. Kate pays her condolences and Lucas takes her away. Stefano offers to make calls but his daughter insists there is nothing they can do. He hugs her as she cries. EJ arrives. When Dr. Yu shows up, Stefano sends the children away and the doctor tells them all they can do is keep Lexi comfortable. That's not good enough for him. She explains that the tumor likely developed from exposure to a gas, particularly the kind found underground. He asks her to explain this again and becomes pensive. "This can't be my fault," Stefano gasps to himself. Abe overhears this.

Lucas and Kate walk the square. She says she still loves Stefano and he, understandably, just wants to break her heart for breaking his. Kate tells her son to stay away from Sami or become a casualty of their war. He goes to see Sami at her place and tells her about Lexi's tumor. That's made him worry about his family. He's determined to protect her from his mom. Lucas accepts the job offer.

April 25, 2012
Divorce Is Underrated.

At the hospital, Dr. Yu explains to Stefano that Lexi's tumor could be the result of exposure to toxic gas. As Abe arrives, he hears Stefano mumbling that this could be his fault. Abe wants some answers. Nicole stumbles by gasping. Down the hall, Lexi tells EJ that there is no cure for her condition. The tumor is aggressive and she might only have weeks. She forgives him for going after her husband and hopes that he can do some good as the mayor. She only wishes she could see the kind of man he might become. He tells her that he is going to be a father again. They hear Nicole screaming and run out to see what's going on. They're barred from Nicole's room. He demands to know what's going on but no one is allowed to explain.

Will meets with Gabi at the coffee house and tells her that he wants his being gay kept a secret. "What's going on?" Rafe asks as he walks in. He sits down and teases his sister before joking about how underrated divorce is. Daniel calls to say that Nicole is asking for him. Rafe runs off. When he gets to the hospital, EJ is badgering Daniel to let him see Nicole but the doctor explains it isn't allowed. Rafe is allowed in. He gives Nic a pep talk and tells her she'll have everything she's ever dreamed of. She falls asleep. Daniel and Rafe discuss how to handle EJ. The doctor warns that it won't be easy to keep Elvis away for much longer. Nicole dreams of being happy with EJ in the future. Suddenly, he turns into Rafe. She gasps and wakes up.

Chad and Mel are lounging in his bed. He tells her that he booked them a trip to Chicago. Back at the coffee house, Gabi tries convincing Will that she's putting her feelings for Chad aside. Once Will leaves, Chad and Mel show up. Gabi wants to talk about their photo shoot but he explains that it was cancelled and he doesn't know when they will work together again. With the changes at CW, they don't even know if their campaign will have a future. He tells her all about his plans with Mel. Gabi grits her teeth. She goes up to her room and then returns in tears with a headless Barbie and a note that says, "This is what's going to happen to you, model whore!"

Across the room, Celeste tells Cameron that she's feeling helpless. When their hands touch, she gets a strange feeling. Abby walks in. Celeste tells her son that he must have been sent there to help his sister. Abby corners Cameron when he walks over to the coffee bar. She asks him what's up. He vaguely tells her about his sister. She senses there is more wrong and hugs him. Abby then offers Celeste her sentiments. Celeste has her cards out and gives her a reading. She sees something about an older man. When Cameron returns, Abby runs off. His mom warns him that there is an aura of danger around Abby.

In the hospital hall, EJ tries convincing Stefano to go and check on Nicole. Stefano refuses, insisting he's only concerned about his daughter. Elvis warns him not to turn his back on him. Lexi starts berating them and nearly collapses. She asks her father to go. As Abe takes her to sit down, Will shows up to see EJ. He lectures him for failing to keep tabs on Nicole. Elvis asks young William to hack into her medical records. He rejoins his sister and is introduced to Cameron. When the doctor walks off with Abe, Lexi asks EJ what's going on between he and Stefano. Down the hall, Abe questions Dr. Yu about her earlier conversation with Stefano. He remembers that his wife was held prisoner in a tunnel by her father. "If he caused this, I swear to God I'll kill him!" Abe blurts out as EJ approaches. Meanwhile, Stefano returns to Casa DiMera and weeps over a photo of his daughter. He's so upset that he accidentally smashes it.

April 26, 2012
Crazy Child.

"Oh my god! It's you!" Nicole blurts out when she wakes up in the hospital. Rafe stands beside her and assures her he will be there for her. Carrie stands at the door and eavesdrops before running off. Nicole thanks Rafe again for helping her sell the lie. She thinks she's beneath him. He thinks that's silly and says people have misjudged her. He assures her they will both find love again. Daniel arrives to say her tests show things are fine. He adds that keeping this secret is a bad idea. She refuses to come clean and gets all worked up.

Abby walks into the pub and finds Chad with a headless doll. "Has Johnny been trying to perform brain surgery again?" she asks. Gabi explains that she's being stalked. They sit around and Gabi says she's received strange notes and flowers. Chad thinks they should call the cops. Gabi says no because then her brother would find out and make her become a nun. "If the nunnery would even take you," Abby jokes. Gabi puts a brave face on but Mel insists that they can't go to Chicago if they are worried about her. Abby offers to stay with Gabi but that's not good enough so Mel suggests that the Gabster move in with Chadsworth. He's not wild about the idea. When Gabi leaves to pack, he tells Mel that this is very frustrating plan. Meanwhile, Abby notices how happy Gabi looks and gets suspicious.

At Mad World, Madison rails about Kate coming to work with her but Justin says there's nothing illegal about it. Brady tries to calm her down. After Justin leaves, Brady and Madi start having sex on her desk. After that, they head out for a stroll in the square. They talk wedding plans and make out. Meanwhile, Justin runs into Carrie at the hospital. He offers to give her name to some of his colleagues to get her a position in a firm. She wanders down the hall to see Nicole, who tells her how much the baby means to her... and Rafe. Carrie wishes the three of them well. Nicole blubbers about how she never meant for any of this to happen and encourages her to move on with Austin. Rafe returns. Carrie runs off. He runs after her. She doesn't think they have anything left to say to each other. She won't listen to him when he tries to explain and stomps off. Nicole watches them. "I'm so sorry Carrie, but I need Rafe more than you do," she says.

Elvis arrives at Casa DiMera as Stefano is on the phone ordering tests on the gas below the mansion. "Your daughter might die because of what you've done to her," EJ accuses. Stefano can't deal with this. Elvis says he deserves to be punished for hurting his family. Stefano puts the blame on Andre, but admits that he should have stopped him. EJ refuses to trust him. "We'll talk when you stop acting like a crazy child," Stefano says. Elvis starts to spazz and smash things before barking that he is a man. He accuses him of undermining everything he does. "Everything I did, I did because I love you," Stefano insists. He gets reflective and says the fates are gathering to destroy them. Elvis feels like he has been pushing him away for weeks. "Why do you test my love for you?" he asks. Stefano assures him that his love for him is real. Both men are distraught. EJ rambles about family. "You are wrong!" Stefano blurts out, telling him he can't help Lexi. He begins explaining something that he's sure will break EJ's heart. He can't find the words so he looks for the papers. EJ gets a call from one of his spies saying that Nicole has been released. When he turns around, Stefano has run off.


April 27, 2012
Saving Her Ass.

Sami and Lucas take Will and Allie to Outdoor Family Day in the square. The other kids are at the zoo. Will watches his parents flirting and then takes his sister away to teach her how to dunk. Lucas tells Sami that Will will come around but she has her doubts. They shoot hoops and he tells her she can't worry about anything today. She starts racing, running down old ladies and dogs in her path as Lucas chases after her. When they get back to the square, Will and Allie return. Sami sends the girl to see her friends and Lucas prevents the mother and son from snarking at each other. Will asks about Autumn and congratulates Sami for ruining Lucas' relationship. Lucas lectures his son, who runs off with Allie. Sami babbles about growing up. Lucas thinks she grew up to be perfect. The kids return and discuss Sami's brief gymnastics career. Will isn't into all of this family bonding and takes Allie away for some mac and cheese. Sami tells Lucas she's glad he's back and they hug. She thanks him for never giving up on her. They kiss.

Billie harasses EJ at the coffee house. They snipe at each other and she asks why he 'saved her ass' by not ratting her out to Stefano. He asks her who she's been snooping for. She starts trashing Stefano and stands up for her mom. Billie keeps prodding him about everything he's lost over the past few months. She rails about Stefano taking her company and then starts poking him over not knowing what his father is up to. Billie suggests that they team up to find out what's going on. He's not finding her case terribly convincing. She won't relent and points out that someone, possibly Stefano, tipped Rafe and Carrie off on how to exonerate John.

Hope, John and Marlena take Bo home. He complains about all of the fuss so they tease him. Bo's eager to know about what happened in Alamainia. "When do we get married?" he asks Hope. It's explained that the divorce got sidelined. They relate the tale of the egg and all the brainwashing. Bo keeps probing them about the coin. Marlena thinks they should back off of Stefano at the moment because of Lexi's condition. A threatening text message comes in for John. They guess it's from Stefano and decide that they need to set up security and send Ciara away. After John and Marlena leave, Bo tells Hope how much he's missed her and they make out. He's horny but she's not sure the doctor would approve. They do it on the couch while a goon watches. Outside, John tells Marlena that Stefano is going for his final win and doesn't seem to care about who he might have to sacrifice. A goon runs out, grabs Marlena and holds a knife to her throat as he demands they hand over the coin.

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