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2nd Week of August Weekly Summaries

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August 13, 2012
What's New?
Brady finds Mel in the tunnels. He thinks they should run but she worries about Gabi. Mel's leg is stuck. After pulling off the rubble, he ties his jacket around her bloody leg. Brady explains the tunnel has collapsed on both sides. He stays calm and reassuring. "So, what's new?" she asks. They catch up about his trip to rehab and his wedding. Meanwhile, Gabi is down the tunnel trying to wake up Andrew. Chad arrives, hugs Gabi and then starts screaming at Andrew. Another explosion hits. Somehow, this frees Andrew from the pile of debris he was trapped under and he runs. When Chad comes to, he asks Gabi why Andrew asked him to ask her where Mel was.

In the ballroom, Abby falls into the elevator as the place starts to blow. Chandeliers falls from the ceiling as Daniel darts across the floor to Nicole. When the explosions stop, John wakes up and helps Marlena from the wreckage. "It seems like there was an explosion," says the shrink. Kate pops up and the three of them wonder where their loved ones are. Kate runs off to search. Jack and Jenn start worrying when they can't find their daughter. They head for the elevator. They yell through the door and she yells back. Cameron and Jack try to pull the doors open. That doesn't work. Jack begins freezing up before suggesting that they go in through the top. Before they can, another explosion hits. A burning piece of the ceiling falls onto the elevator doors. Jack begins hyperventilating. Jenn tries to keep him calm as Cam uses the fire extinguisher. The men try pulling the door open again. Once they do, Jack leaps in. The elevator begins shaking as the door starts to shut.

In a hallway by the ballroom, Ian comes to next to Madison. He cradles her and wakes her up. "We're going to be happy. You're my sweet, sweet girl. The only woman that I've ever loved," he sobs. Kate stands nearby and hears this. He tells Madi that he was just using Kate to get to the DiMera fortune. He begs Madi not to leave him. Kate almost cries. Ian begs Madi to forgive him. "Brady I love you," she gasps as she passes out again. Kate sobs as Ian cradles Madison's body. At that moment, Brady shudders.

Back in the ballroom, Nicole is trapped under the rubble. She calls for help as Daniel digs. He talks to her about the baby as he pulls away the debris. Bo arrives and helps the doctor dig. She begins flashing back to losing her other baby. The doctor tries calming her, telling her to use her craziness and strength to help her baby.

In the warehouse, Roman and the cops take aim at EJ. Sami gets in front of him and tells him to run. An explosion knocks the cops out. Sami starts to fall from the landing. Elvis does his best to hold onto her. They yell at each other as sparks fly underneath her. She tells him to let her go. "It would be okay for the kids," she adds.  Outside, Bo and Hope find a wounded Roman stumbling around. They help him to the pub where Kayla has set up a triage unit. Lucas is brought in and babbles about Sami. Will runs off in search of his mother. Back in the warehouse, she's about to fall when Will runs in. He helps Elvis pull Sami to safety. Remembering that he is the mayor, EJ wants to help with the rescue effort. Sami reminds him he needs to get out of town or go to jail. He agrees to leave and she insists on going with him.

August 14, 2012
Bo and Daniel continue to clear away rubbish in the ballroom. The doctor panics when Nicole stops talking. They keep digging. Hope shows up and tells the doctor he looks like he could use a rest. Part of the ceiling falls on his head. Bo tells him that's a sign that you should never argue with Hope. Daniel mumbles like a drunken sailor and starts digging again. "My God!" he gasps as he jumps back. They've reached the bottom and there is no one there.

Down the hall, Jack manages to pry open the elevator. He jumps in to his daughter but Cam can't keep the door open. "We're trapped!" Abby gasps. Jack tries to be optimistic. He starts trying to jump to the ceiling to climb up but that only shakes the elevator. His daughter makes him stop. He promises her that her story will not end this way and she will have a beautiful life. Jack admits that he's done many stupid things in his life, but seeing her grow up has been the best thing that's ever happened to him. He regrets everything that he has missed with her. Sobbing, she tells him that he's always been a huge part of her life and she's lost without him. "I'm so grateful that I'm your daughter," she says. They cry and hold each other. As they calm down for a moment with recollections about her pacifier collection, Jenn tries prying the door open with a bar. The elevator starts to shake again. Smoke begins to seep in. Jenn calls through the door and tells her daughter not to be a quitter. The cable starts cracking again. Jack attempts to pry open the doors. Once they've been cracked, he helps his daughter out. "I love you!" Jack calls out as the cables break and the door slams shut.

At the pub, Kayla is treating Roman. He says he's fine and starts worrying about Sami. Marlena says Will and Lucas can find her. The cop explains that Sami was helping Elvis escape. The police are still after them. Later, Abe is talking to Kayla. She says Lexi must be their guardian angel because barely anyone was hurt. He can't sit there and do nothing so he wants to help. When they go into the kitchen to get water, Theo finds a little girl crying because she can't find her mommy. Abe and Kay return and get the lowdown as Theo reassures the girl and then takes off. Once Abe notices his son is gone, he panics. Theo shows up after finding the little girl's mom. She explains that she passed out behind some cars where Theo found her and woke her up. He tells his dad that he just used his detective skills. Abe's proud of him.

In the warehouse, Sami tells EJ she is leaving town with him. He refuses to allow that. Will offers to babysit. Sami thanks him and tells Elvis they need to go. As the sirens approach, she drags EJ away. They head to Casa DiMera. She mopes about her kids so he tells her to walk away from his mess and stay put. Sami can't walk away from him. He asks if she can really leave Lucas. She doesn't think EJ has anyone else. They discuss where they should go and he comes up with the perfect place. Sometime later, they arrive in one of the DiMera safe houses. He thanks her for coming.

Lucas stumbles around town and collapses. Will finds him and helps him up. Lucas trudges off with his son trailing after him. They go to the warehouse. Lucas worries Sami may be trapped there. His son stops him to explain that she left with EJ. That doesn't go over well. Lucas demands all that he knows. He nearly falls over when his son tells him that Sami is going on the run too. Will tries to calm his father, who begins whimpering about how she's chosen to be with a murderer. "She just made the biggest mistake of her life," he says.

Aug 1
5, 2012
Was Your Tongue Just In My Mouth?

When Daniel gets to the bottom of the rubbish heap, he discovers Nicole is not there. Bo notices there is a doorway there so they assume she used it. The doctor asks Hope if she's heard anything about his daughter. Bo hears some coughing so they dig through another pile and find some random woman. Daniel checks her over for injuries. After the paramedics take her away, Daniel runs outside and finds Nicole drifting around the square. She starts going into shock. She's verging on labor and he's determined to stop it. Brady and Mel are still trapped in a corner of the tunnels with some leaking gas. He starts having an ominous feeling. A rumbling hits and they're knocked out. When she comes to, she tries reviving Brady by giving him mouth to mouth. He coughs. "Was your tongue just in my mouth?" he asks. She makes him stay put so she can start digging. They worry some more and try cracking jokes. He keeps her calm. Meanwhile, Gabi and Chad are running around the tunnels when they hit a dead end. They begin digging through the rubble. Gabi keeps repeating that this is a bad idea. She finally drags him out as the ceiling crumbles. They run around but don't know where they are going. He hears voices and follows them. They soon find Brady and Mel, who have just come through the rubble and are hugging.

Up in the ballroom, Ian cradles dead Madison and tells her she's the only woman he's ever loved. Kate stands beside them and he admits to her that he only loved the other woman. John lurches in and offers to get help. Ian tells him it's too late. He blames Brady for this and tells John he will make him pay. Ian rails about Brady and John blames Ian for Madison's death. They yell at each other until the EMTs arrive. John goes off in search of his son and Ian begins to cry. He wanders out of the building and through the square. Kate follows him. He goes to Madison's room to drink and smell her clothes. Kate walks in and tells him he's an 'evil son of a bitch'. Ian wants to be left alone. She makes a toast to 'SOBs getting what they deserve' and throws the drink in his face. He barks at her to get out but she wants to watch him grieve like he watched her grieve for Stefano. She can't believe how stupid she has been but she's determined to ruin the rest of his life. They drink and insult each other. He thinks she's gone from being an honest whore to a delusional woman. Ian admits he used her, just like every other man in her life has, including Stefano. She accuses him of knowing nothing about love and he trashes her relationship with Stefano. "You should be down on your knees! Thankful that I killed him!" he blurts out.

Back at the ballroom, Jack manages to shove his daughter out of the elevator before the doors slam shut. The cables break and he plummets. Everyone screams. Roman shows up and orders them all to stay there. He runs off. Abby and Jenn cry. Cam tells them there is always hope. Roman returns and informs them that Jack died instantly. "Sorry," he adds. He takes Cam away to treat survivors while the woman cry. They recall all of the times Jack came back from the dead, but Jenn is sure that this time was real. "I had the greatest dad in the whole world," Abby sobs. When Cam returns, Jenn asks him if she can see Jack. Later, she finds Justin and Adrienne and tells them what happened.

August 1
6, 2012
Watch Your Step, Lady!

At the DiMera safe house, EJ tells Sami they should go back. She thinks that's crazy but he's worried about her. She's still determined to prove that he's innocent. He explains that they are only an hour away from Salem. A dude bursts in with his gun out. It's just Coolio, the DiMera bodyguard. They turn on the lights and everyone is okay. He explains that the kitchen is stocked and then leaves to get them some clothes. Sami takes out the laptop so she can go on Facebook. She discovers that the kids have been having food fights since she left. Coolio returns with more food and some clothes for them to change into. EJ and Sami start brainstorming about who could have been setting him up. They get flirty, even though she thinks she looks 'hellacious'. "You couldn't look sexier to me than you do right now," he says. As he molests her hand, she tells him he's crazy. She leaps away. They discuss the fact that there is only one bed. He wasn't planning on seducing her... but he's done fighting what they have. They kiss.

In the ballroom, Jenn tells Adrienne and Justin about what happened to Jack. "Your brother died tonight," she says. Adrienne cries and goes into denial. Abby shows up to confirm it and says that he was her hero. Julie overhears and starts comforting Jenn. She remembers dancing with him and recalls when they used to work together. They all head over to the pub to tell Kayla the news together. She and Adrienne walk off to call Steve. Jenn calls JJ to break the news. Later, Cam tries comforting Abby. She starts blaming herself for what happened. He assures her it was all just an accident. The family regroups to share their grief. Adrienne tells Jenn she doesn't need to be so strong. Jenn's lost him so many times she's having a hard time believing it's real. Justin tells her the body is in the morgue and hands her the envelope of his stuff. She goes through his wallet and sobs.

Chad and Gabi find Brady and Mel hugging in the tunnels. She runs into her boyfriend's arms. They slobber all over each other. Gabi cringes. The ceiling shakes so Brady ushers them all out. Meanwhile, outside the square, Daniel sends Bo to get his medical bag while he tries to calm Nicole's contractions. He gives her water and tries to keep her cool. Bo returns and the doctor gives her a shot. That stops the contractions. She cries and thanks him for saving her baby's life. People don't usually keep their promises to her. The paramedics come and she's sent off. Mel hobbles by and runs into her father's arms. Daniel thanks Chad for saving his daughter. The doctor tries comforting Mel and promises to protect her. "You will be my first priority," he says. Meanwhile, Bo drops by the hospital to check on Nicole. They talk about what a hero Daniel is. He gets a message and then breaks the news to her that EJ skipped town. When he walks off, she talks to the baby about how much she wants someone to make them happy... like Daniel. Bo wanders by the pub. He finds Abby and Cam outside. She tells him what happened to her father. Bo hugs her and cries.

In Madi's room, Ian and Kate yell at each other about love. He trashes Stefano and tells her she should be thankful that he killed him. He reminds her that she wanted him dead. Kate's furious and they begin shaking each other. When she threatens to go to the cops, he throws her across the room. "Not so fast, lady!" he says. Ian doubts anyone would believe her. He smashes a bottle and shoves it at her throat. "If you think I'm capable of killing, you better watch your step, lady!" he threatens before kissing her and walking out. Later, Brady arrives, searching for Madison. He's surprised to find Kate there instead and demands to know what's happened. "I'm so sorry," she tells him.


August 17, 2012
I'm To Blame.

At the safe house, EJ tells Sami he's given up on fighting their attraction. They kiss. She stops him and says this is wrong. He fondles her collar. She reminds him that twenty four hours ago she was with Lucas. "You're playing house with the guy," he says with a shrug. Sami moans about how hard her life is. He tells her that they can finally put the past behind them. Elvis tries talking her to bed but she thinks they should wait. They make out on the couch until a message comes in. It says that one of his men has dug up information to clear him. EJ's eager to run out and forbids her to come with him. They smooch and he says they'll pick up later. After he leaves, she spills tea all over herself, which forces her to change into the little black dress. Someone comes to the door and tries to get in so she grabs an empty bottle. Suddenly, Rafe appears. Meanwhile, EJ is wandering the woods when he gets clobbered.

Nicole wakes up in the hospital and finds Daniel sitting there. She thanks him... but that was only a dream. In reality, she's alone. Father Matt pops up. She tells him about how Daniel saved her. He sees she's pregnant and passes on his congrats. She informs him that she's left EJ and the baby isn't his. He's sorry she's dealing with this alone. "I don't plan to be alone," she says. She breaks the news to the priest that she's not religious and then tells him she had a moment of clarity last night that made her realize what matters. She unloads about how she has screwed up her latest relationship. He advises her to focus on the baby. That's what she's planning to do.

Down the hall, Maxine tends to Mel when Maggie runs in to say she'll never let her go again. She and Chad curse Andrew. Mel feels kind of bad for him and wishes she knew why he kidnapped her. Gabi listens and worries. Roman shows up to say the gas leak has been contained and Andrew won't get away. He takes Mel away so he can get her statement. Chad notices Gabi is worried. She blurts out that this is all her fault. "I'm to blame for this!" she cries. He hugs her and tells her she's a hero. Mel returns and says he's right. Maxine orders them out and they wheel in a patient. Mel gasps. It's Andrew.

At the nurses' station, Daniel is beating himself up about letting his daughter go missing. Maggie tells him he's being too hard but he can't forgive himself. He explains that he has been using Nicole because he's no good at being alone. He doesn't think she wants him. Daniel just wants to be a man his daughter can be proud of. The doctor goes down the hall to see Nicole. She thanks him again and her other doctor shows up to confirm that she and the baby are fine. She advises Nic to abstain from sex for the rest of her pregnancy. After she leaves, Nic starts teasing Daniel about going a few months without sex. He admits he cares about her but... he doesn't think it's mutual. She stops him.

Brady arrives in Madison's room. He finds Kate there and she breaks the news. She keeps saying she's sorry and then hugs him. When she explains what happened to Madi, he wishes he'd been there. She says he couldn't have done anything. "She was getting ready for our wedding," he sobs. Kate says she was beautiful. She blames Ian. Brady becomes livid. John shows up and accuses Kate of winding up his son so she could send him after Ian. "If you want revenge, you go get it yourself," he says. Kate tells Brady that Madison's last words were that she loved him. After John kicks her out, he tries to calm his son. He tells Brady that the death was an accident and there is no one to blame. John encourages him to hold onto the fact that Madi loved him.

Lucas is moping at the coffee house when his mom finds him. They discus Sami's selfishness. She explains she's headed to the SPD to talk to Roman. He admits that, right now, he'd build Sami a cell in a pit if she wasn't the mother of his children. Kate's eyes light up at the suggestion. Lucas claims he's not letting the Sami bus run him over anymore. All the same, he still wants Sami to be happy.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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