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3rd Week of August Weekly Summaries

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August 20, 2012
Tad, It Is Not A Fad.

Rafe startles Sami when he shows up at the DiMera safe house. She doesn't understand what he's doing there so he explains he's arresting her. He demands to know where EJ is. She's clueless. He orders her to sit down so they can wait. Rafe suggests that she might want to change into something more appropriate for prison. They bicker. She guesses he's mad. "Honey, you have no idea," he says. Sami suggests Carrie put him up to this as revenge and accuses him of 'the ultimate betrayal'. He breaks the news that Carrie and Austin left town awhile ago. She doesn't understand. They argue about Carrie some more. When she tries to run away, he stops her.

At the hospital, Mel and Gabi are shocked when Andrew is wheeled in. Mel runs off but he grabs Gabi. He begins threatening to expose her and then coughs up some blood before he kicks the bucket. She pulls his dead hand off her wrist and turns around, only to find Chad standing there. Down the hall, Nicole is confused when it sounds like Daniel doesn't want to have sex anymore. He begins apologizing for being a 'jackass' but she insists he hasn't been. Maggie runs in to say that Mel ran into Andrew. The doctor goes to check on Andrew with his mother and daughter trailing behind. They find him dead. Meanwhile, Chad questions Gabi in an empty office. She admits her guilt. She just wanted them to be together but she never planned to have Mel kidnapped. He lectures her and she understands why he's so angry. "You are the most selfish, deluded, dangerous person I've ever met. And I'm a DiMera," he says. They run into the others. Mel starts hugging both of them. Chad tells her not to worry about Gabi. A cop pops up to start taking statements. When Chad and Gabi are left alone, he tells her they are not done. He orders her to stay away from Mel or he'll rat her out. Mel returns and tells Gabi the cops want her statement now. And Daniel returns to Nicole's room. He tells her what just happened. They rehash their unfinished conversation and decide not to finish it now. She suggests that he join her for dinner later.

T. confronts Will in the square about being a 'fairy'. He doesn't understand how he 'changed teams' and he still can't get over everyone else knowing he was gay before he did. T. says that everyone may act tolerant, but they really find it disgusting. Will tells Tad that he has just grown up and accepted who he is. "Tad, it is not a fad," he explains. Tad doesn't want anything to do with him and walks away. Meanwhile, Sonny runs around the pub looking for Will. His father bumps into him. They wonder where Will might be. Justin guesses his son actually cares about him so they go looking. They quickly spot Will moping outside the square. Will tells Sonny he's a bad person. Sonny gives him a hug. "I was worried about you," he says, kissing him. Will seems shocked.

In a mysterious room, EJ comes to with a bag on his head. Ian pulls the bag off. He begins weeping about Madison dying. "You're useless Mr. Mayor," Ian says. With her dead, all of his plans are in ruins. Ian drinks and tells Elvis he has to help him. He admits that he killed Stefano and framed him for it. "You practically set yourself up," he points out, pulling out the DiMera mystery coin. EJ squints and struggles with his bonds as Ian talks about Madison. He declares that he will get rid of Elvis once he's got what he wants. That doesn't make Elvis want to co-operate. Ian explains that he has a reason for him to help. "Tada!" he yells as he pulls back a curtain. EJ is shocked by what he sees.

August 21, 2012
He's a Bastard.

In the square, Sonny is so relieved to see Will that he kisses him. Will shoves him off and accuses him of taking advantage. "I don't want you to kiss me," Will says several times. Sonny thinks he's in denial. Will insists that he is not running from who he is. "You might think that you're the king of the gays, but you don't know me," William says. He begins questioning their friendship and says he doesn't kiss his friends. Sonny mopes over to the coffee house. Brian drops in to see him. He wants to hear about his problems. Meanwhile, Marlena is yapping on the phone when Johnny runs over with his penguin, wondering where his mama is. Later, Will arrives. He asks his grandma how he can figure out who he is if everyone else already thinks they know. She tells him to be his own 'delicious' self. He heads to the coffee house and finds Brian cleaning the steamed cream off of Sonny's face.

At the safe house, Rafe puts the cuffs on Sami. She remembers their old days in the other safe house. He bottle feeds her some water. They argue about EJ. She accuses him of being a 'ridiculously jealous ex-husband'. Sami thinks he's just mad about Carrie. "Some people run off with their spouses instead of their exes," he snipes. He explains this is really about her and how she ruins the lives of those around her. She says the kids will be fine because she left them with Will. As she complains, she accidentally confesses that the plan to run away was her idea. She questions him about Nicole's baby. He repeats that he's the father. They bicker until some dude with a gun rushes in. He and Rafe wrestle around. She yells at Rafe, distracting him. The dude grabs a knife and shoves it in his guts.

In captivity, Ian pulls open a curtain to reveal that a wheezing Stefano, dressed as Hannibal Lecter. Ian explains that Stefano is still alive and a fake was buried in his place. EJ refuses to believe that. "I know a fake when I see one," he says. Stefano stares at him and EJ realizes he's real. Ian sits down and begins musing on the nature of love. EJ and Stefano don't know anything about that. Ian takes out a dagger and explains that his men have been torturing Stefano, but he hasn't said much yet. He puts the dagger to EJ's throat. Then he tries putting it to Stefano's. EJ offers to talk. Ian questions him about the coin. He explains that his mother's name was on the coin and she had an affair with Santo. EJ guesses he think he's a DiMera. Stefano yells that it's not true. "He's a bastard. Nothing more," Stefano groans. Ian is determined to decrypt the code so he can have the entire DiMera fortune. EJ says family business has nothing to do with him. Ian thinks he can prove how much Stefano cares about EJ by forcing him to watch him being tortured. He threatens to go after Theo if this doesn't work. Stefano watches as Ian starts to slice into EJ's throat. Stefano doesn't react. Ian laughs. He explains that he faked the Alice letter and blood test. He can't believe they were stupid enough to fall for it.

A candy-striper delivers a laptop to Nicole in her hospital room. She babbles about what a rock star Dr. Dan is. Nic asks her to help give her a little makeover. Moments later, Daniel arrives and tells her she looks great. He's looking pretty rough. The doctor assures her he is still on board about the baby situation. He hurries back to work.

Maggie bustles over to see Jenn. "What's wrong?" wonders the redhead. Jenn breaks the news that Jack is dead. "Oh honey!" Maggie says. She offers to make calls but everyone already knows. Abby comes in and Maggie hugs her. She tells them that they aren't alone. Sobbing, she runs out. She heads to the hospital to see her son and tells him the news. He stops himself from calling Jenn but asks his mom to keep an eye on her for him. Nicole eavesdrops on this. Maggie asks the doctor if he still loves Jenn. He avoids answering. She badgers him to go and see Jenn but he refuses to be part of her life again. Nic decides to give Jenn a reminder of 'how things are supposed to be'. Back at the house, Abby reads her father's book. Her mom cuddles up to her and they read together. "Your daddy loved you so much," Jenn says.


Aug 22, 2012

Ian tells EJ and Stefano that Alice's letter was a fake and so was the blood test. He can't believe they were dumb enough to fall for that. Stefano confirms it. Ian threatens to kill EJ, who manages to break free. He lunges at Ian who kicks him into the wall. EJ leaps up and knocks him out. "Well done my son," says Stefano. "Don't you ever call me that again!" Elvis yells. His father tells him he doesn't mean that but EJ is furious and declares that he hates him. EJ takes the coin out of Ian's pocket. He takes his phone and then calls the cops to bring them over. Elvis shoves the coin in Stefano's pocket and declares that Sami is the only thing he cares about. He leaves his father tied up there.

Will walks into the coffee house and spots Brian wiping the cream off Sonny's face. He runs off, bumping into T. "Hey hey dudette!" Tad groans. Will tells him to find someone else to harass and walks off. T goes inside. Sonny tries telling Brian not to get the wrong idea. They talk about boy troubles. Brian guesses that Sonny wants to be more than friends with Will. "I think you might be waiting forever," Brian warns. He says he'll be around if he changes his mind and then leaves for closing. Tad comes out of the toilets and asks Sonny how he turned Will into 'a fairy'. Sonny orders him out. Tad punches him.

Will runs into his father in the square. Lucas tells him he needs to go and see Jenn to pay his respects. Will feels like he'd be lousy company. His father tries to get through to him. That fails. Lucas tells him to be a man and show respect to his family. Will doesn't appreciate that. Lucas tears into him for working for EJ and betraying the family. "'Disappointed' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about you!" Lucas bellows. Will cries and suggests this is all about him being gay. William storms off.

Mel is comforting Abby at her place. Gabi arrives with a casserole. Chadsworth isn't happy to see her. He takes her aside and reminds her that he doesn't want her around. As he threatens her, Mel joins them. Gabi talks about getting back into modelling. Chad says he's quit. When Mel leaves to get her phone, Gabi asks Chad how much more he plans to punish her for caring about him. He tells her to move to another planet. Mel returns as Gabi awkwardly departs. Mel starts to wonder what's up and worries about their friend. He doesn't want to talk about her. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo arrive to pay their condolences. The Alice stories begin to flow. Hope brings in a jade plant that was left on the porch. "Oh Jack!" Jenn sobs. Abe arrives to pay his respects. Lucas comes in next and tells Jenn how lucky she was to have time with Jack. Hope and Bo get a call about a kidnapping. They run off and find Stefano with an unconscious Ian.

Will runs into Gabi as she is taking her stuff to the pub. He helps her bring it to her room. She sobs about how stupid she has been. Will assures her that he doesn't hate her. He hates himself for always making stupid mistakes like his mom. He feels totally 'half-assed'. She wishes they could go back to the simpler days when they were together. "You're my best friend ever," she says. He kisses her. They climb into bed.

At the safe house, Rafe is nearly knifed by Coolio. Sami grabs his gun and starts shooting. She hits Coolio in the arm. Rafe ties him up and puts him in the bedroom. He thanks Sami for saving his life. After she accidentally tells him that EJ left to follow a lead, Rafe takes out the computer and starts to snoop. Sami stuffs her face with cold spaghetti. He shows her pictures of the kids on the computer. She suggests that they treat tonight like karmic payback for when he saved her. He stares. They recall their adventures with the penguin. He refuses to get nostalgic. She pouts about her wrist but he won't uncuff her. After he spends some time in the bathroom, he returns and lets her loose. "I loved you so much. Why'd you have to throw it away?" he asks. She admits she ruins everything she touches and that will never change. She cries and Rafe puts his arm around her as EJ walks in.

August 23
, 2012
He Was Full Of Life.

At the safe house, Sami tells Rafe she just ruins things: that's who she is. He puts his arm around her. EJ has been watching them from the door. "You have bruises all over your wrists, so I want to know what game you have been playing," he demands. Rafe explains they weren't being kinky, he was just making an arrest. EJ informs them that Stefano is alive. "Get out!" she says. Rafe needs an explanation so EJ gives him one and has a drink. The cop can't believe he's trying to pass this off as another doppelganger story. As they bicker, some cops come in and order them to step away from the lady. Rafe cuffs EJ and the cops drag Coolio out. EJ isn't happy Sami shot him. He grumbles about Stefano and then thanks her for sticking by him. He makes a pass at her and then Rafe orders them out. As they are split up, EJ starts uncomfortable at Rafe taking Samanther by the hand.

At the Horton house, everyone fusses over Jenn. Roman corners Kate and she tells him she knows who killed Stefano. He makes some calls and then informs her that Ian has been arrested and Stefano is alive. Nicole shows up with flowers and condolences. Jenn is a little perplexed. "I liked your husband. He was full of life," Nic says. Jenn wants to close the door but Nicole babbles. Jenn gets a condolence text from Daniel and it throws her off. Nicole leaves. Lucas and Billie give Jenn some hugs and she gets ready for the airport. Jenn says goodbye to Jack's photo and turns out the lights.

Will and Gabi tear off their clothes in her room. After sex, she says, "That was surprise." Will announces that he has to go and leaps out of bed. He's dressing so fast that he starts putting on her clothes. Things are so awkward he puts his shirt on backward and leaves with only one shoe. Once he's gone, she wonders what she just did. Meanwhile, Will runs into his father. They pick up their argument from before. Lucas apologizes. He gets a call about Sami being taken into custody. Lucas refuses to go and see her.

At the coffee house, Tad punches Sonny into the ground and stomps off. Justin wanders in and finds his son on the floor. He helps him up. Sonny claims he tripped. His father doesn't buy that and wants to call the cops but Sonny insists he will handle this himself. This makes Justin worry and he urges him not to deal with this alone. They hug.

Bo and Hope smuggle Stefano into the hospital. This confuses Daniel. The cops return to say that Stefano's private doctor is checking him out. They explain what happened with Ian. Daniel calls Nicole to warn her and then gets a thank you text from Jenn. After Bo and Hope question Stefano, she gags on the hospital coffee until Kate storms in, demanding to see her husband. "Your old man doesn't want anything to do with you," says Bo. They giggle as they refuse to let her in. She storms off. As soon as the cops leave, she sneaks back in but Stefano is gone.

Brady stops by Marlena's with the book Syd left under the Kiriakis table. She asks him about Madison and thinks he should be mourning with his loved ones. He doesn't want angel food cake and people dropping by to see if he's drunk. The shrink urges him to face his grief. He just wants to be left alone. Brady walks off and passes by Nicole in the square. She's been talking to her baby. He tries to run off but she badgers him about his wedding. Brady breaks the news that Madison is dead. She follows him home and refuses to let him deal with this alone. He begs her to leave him alone but she won't. Daniel shows up to help. He had to sign Madi's death certificate and he's noticed her passing has been kept out of the press by Titan. They worry that he's in denial. When Brady goes upstairs, Daniel tells Nic the news about EJ and then bustles back to work. She keeps talking strategy with her gut and assures it they will be a family with Daniel. Later, Marlena heads over to the pub and bumps into Gabi. She tells her how happy she is that she's still friends with Will.

August 24, 2012
No More Drama.

Sami shocks Will when she shows up at home. He can hardly hold his tea bag. She got early bail. Sami fondles a tea bag and thinks of Rafe and EJ. She fills him in on everything and paces around, waiting for the kids to wake up. Sami grumbles and offers to make things right between him and Rafe... Er, she means Lucas. Will understands what the slip suggests and smirks before he leaves. Eventually, the kids wake up and they play 'tickle machine'. Caroline comes over to fold the laundry and tells Sami to stop doing things she has to lie about. Sami claims she has a new mantra: No more drama. She gets a call from Rafe but he hangs up.

Mel shows up at the mansion and throws her arms around Brady. She pays her condolences and fusses over him. He doesn't want to deal with this. Mel says she's afraid her nightmares are coming back, just like they did after the mess with Nick. They hug some more and she blames herself for keeping him away from Madi when she was dying. Meanwhile, Maggie arrives in the pub. Victor informs her that Madison is dead. They worry about Brady and the fact that he has been keeping it to himself. She fills him in about Nick and worries about how Mel will react. They head over to the mansion just after Mel has left. Victor paces and Maggie nags. Brady assures them he will stay sober. 'Gramps' gives him a hug. Maggie urges Brady to remember how much Madi loved him. Maggie leaves to look after Mel. Victor offers to make sure Ian meets 'an accident' in prison but Brady wants him to live long and suffer. Brady explains that he wants to track down Madison's family for the memorial. He's not sure he will ever stop missing her.

Kate shows up at Chad's and breaks the news that his father is alive. He thinks she's lying. "The Phoenix has risen again," she says, handing him a letter from Stefano. He used to wish his parents were more interesting. "Careful what you wish for," he grumbles. He reads the note, which says Stefano is taking a vacation and warns him to stay away from Kate. She leaves and sobs.

Lucas meets Julie in the square. They talk about losing Jack and then she excitedly tells him that Nick has a parole hearing. He worries about what Mel will think. She suggests that they reach out to her now that she's family. He's not convinced that's a stellar idea. He goes to meet his mom and sister in the coffee house. She fills them in about Stefano. They're surprised she's not happy about it but they're relieved that Stefano has made it clear that she's part of his past. "I would go down on my knees to make him forgive me," she says. Her son doesn't like the visual and reminds her that Stefano bought her. "So that makes me a whore?" she snipes before storming out. Over at the hospital, Mel forbids Maxine to be nice to her. They hug anyway. Later, Julie pops up and asks to speak to Mel in private. She tells the nurse how much Abby needs her family around her now. Mel understands, but when Julie breaks the news about Nick's parole, she nearly chokes.

Gabi is in her room thinking about sex with Will. Rafe shows up to see her. He wishes he could have been there to help her in the tunnels. They catch up. She thinks it was probably better that he wasn't trying to rescue her. They go downstairs for coffee. Will shows up and starts arguing with Rafe about arresting Sami. Rafe decides to leave. Gabi and Will simultaneously tell each other that last night shouldn't have happened. He blames himself. "I wasn't think straight... Well, I was thinking straight but I'm gay," he explains. She was messed up too. They want to remain friends with no benefits. He assures her that last night convinced him that he is 'completely gay.' Meanwhile, Sami bumps into Rafe in the square.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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