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1st Week of December Weekly Summaries

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December 3, 2012

Lipstick Pig.

EJ and Sami lie down on the floor and discuss lipstick on pigs and sexiness. Babysitter Abby calls to say she needs to run off. Sami suggests that EJ may want to help her put the kids to bed.  When they get to Horton house with their work box, Johnny comes out to see his father. They ask him to help with their product design. He tells them to call it what it is. After he goes to bed, Elvis says they should just do what their son says. He comes up with a whole marketing scheme based on it. After he makes some remarks about her 'hidden talents', she puts her box in his hands and he leaves.

Brady arrives in Kristen's room. He closes the door. They embrace and she feels his leather. She asks him what he wants. They go around in circles but he says they can't fight what they are feeling. Sexy guitar music plays. He admits he overheard her confession. She shows him the door. He closes it. She smacks him. He grabs her arm and they start kissing. Kristen pulls him onto the bed.

Nick gets on his knees in Gabi's room and promises he wants to give her and the baby the best life possible. Will arrives. He's worried that he could lose Sonny unless they get a time machine. Nick explains his plan to raise they child with Gabi. Will wonders what will happen when the truth comes out. The couple think that no one else needs to know it. Horton doesn't think anyone's math would be bad enough to believe Nick's the father. He has to think about this. She's not so sure either but she thinks this is probably the best option.

Nicole moves into the convent. "The sky didn't fall," she tells Eric, promising to act respectable. In the rectory, she tells him that she has made amends with Daniel. The priest doesn't think she's ready to move forward. She flips out and insists everything will be fine. "I think I liked you a lot better when you weren't such a damned saint!" she moans, stomping off. Over at the hospital, Daniel begins grunting when he's informed that the treatment has failed. The doctor is sorry and leaves. Daniel flinches when Jenn tries to hold his hand. He walks out, refusing to talk to Maggie on the way. The redhead tells Jenn this is all her fault.

Daniel goes home and sits in the dark. Nic shows up. Daniel's hands start shaking when she says she's been praying for him. When she mentions Jenn, she snaps and boots her out. Jenn shows up moments later. He tells her that just because he's a pretty face, doesn't mean he doesn't use his brain sometimes. That means that he doesn't want her pity. She insists he has no idea how she feels about him. "Stop. Just stop!" he says. "Stop! Please stop! Stop!" he continues. He sends her out and adds he'll always love her but he needs her to stay away. Meanwhile, Nicole returns to the rectory to unload on Eric about how she's still not over Daniel. The priest assures her she can get past this if she wants to. Later, he goes to sleep but soon wakes up from a nightmare and begins praying.


December 4, 2012

We Didn't?

Brady wakes up in bed with Kristen. "We didn't?" she gasps as she comes to. He pulls her into a kiss. She leaps out and throws him his pants, ordering him not to come back. Kristen keeps saying that this was 'almost Biblically wrong'. He cocks his head. She says they share an attraction, but it's more like 'friction' and it's wrong. Brady feels like what they have is 'inevitable' and 'true'. She doesn't think this is possible. She repeats that she doesn't want him to come again. He gets dressed and departs.
Marlena meets with John at Caffeinated. He assumes she wants to discuss Kristen and stomps out, leaving his lipstick behind. Kate shows up and announces that she 'ended the misery' with Stefano. The shrink knows she loved him. Kate wishes he'd given them half a chance. She notices Marlena looking at the lipstick. Kate explains that it's a new CW prototype and only a few people could have it. Billie arrives to see her mom. She tells Marlena she just saw John go into the inn. The shrink runs out the door. Meanwhile, Kristen has called John over to her room. He cocks his eyebrow. A little later, Marlena shows up at the door. She hears moaning so bursts in.
Nicole brings Eric some paperwork at the rectory and promises she will be a big hit with the nuns. She thanks him again for giving her a chance. She slept really well in the twin beds. Eric doesn't look like he slept so well. Meanwhile, Sami is at work pondering her latest fight with Rafe. She calls him but hangs up when EJ walks in. Rafe starts calling back. She doesn't pick up. She and Elvis head over to the rectory with a check for the school. Sami breaks the news to Eric that she works for EJ. Nic returns and Eric tells her she works for him. "No freakin' way!" blurts Sami. She kicks everyone out so she can lecture her brother. He already knows what Nicole's done. "I know what you've done too," he adds. Sami sputters. He starts listing her crimes. "I was a kid!" she claims. "You and Nicole aren't much different," the priest says. She rants. He loves her anyway. Sami accuses him of having poor judgement. "You've been making lousy judgements since you were three, Samantha Gene," he says. She pouts and tells him to get along with Elvis. Sami stands up for EJ and says that everyone can change... except Nicole. Outside, EJ mocks Nicole for going to work for the priest. "For a guy who is speechless, you're talking a lot of smack," she says. She's not becoming a nun, she just wants to be better and stay away form people like him. He thinks she's hard-wired to be a screw-up. She accuses him of going after Sami when she obviously loves Rafe. Nicole heads back to the rectory and eavesdrops on Sami lecturing her brother about Nicole. Sami storms off. When she finds EJ, she vents. He promises not to let Nicole ruin Eric's life. Back in the rectory, Nic thinks maybe she should leave but Eric insists that, as long as she's changed, she should stay.
Gabi and Will are at the pub. He's still not sure what to do. She repeats that this doesn't have to be his responsibility. Rafe walks into the conversation and wonders why Will is still in the middle of this. William runs off. Rafe feels like he's being left out. She tells him Nick proposed and wonders what he thinks about it. Somehow, she turns this into asking why he isn't getting back with Sami. After he leaves, Will comes back and they pick up where they left off. He doesn't want to lie to his own child. Gabi admits that all of this sucks but she doesn't know how else it can work. They continue debating. Meanwhile, Rafe wanders into the square and sees EJ consoling Sami.


December 5, 2012

Robot Lobster

Nick walks into the pub and Gabi fills him in about filling Rafe in. He asks her what she and Will have decided to do about the baby. Will asks if things will be different if the true paternity is public. Nick claims it wouldn't change his feelings. Will repeats that he can't let his kid grow up like he did. He finally agrees to let them raise the baby as their own. Gabi hugs him and promises that everything will be okay. She runs off to share her happy news. Nick thanks Will for 'doing the right thing'. "Don't rub it in," Will says.

Sami runs up to EJ in the square to moan about how Nicole will ruin her brother's life. Rafe arrives across the square to watch EJ calm her down. Elvis ushers her back to work. When Rafe turns around, he bumps into Eric. They yap about Sami. The priest says she's like 'riding a bike'. He hopes that he can still find 'life and happiness'. Rafe says there is lots of life around and promises to come to mass. As Eric goes, Gabi shows up to tell her brother she is tying the knot. She meets up with Nick again and they go over to Caffeinated to tell Sonny their news. Meanwhile, Will runs into Father Eric outside of the pub. Will bluntly tells him he's gay. Eric doesn't want to discuss the church's position on that. They discuss football instead and the priest tells him he just wants him to be happy. He head off because he needs to have a nap before mass. Will goes to Caffeinated as Nick and Gabi leave. Sonny tells Will what a great friend he's been to Gabi.

John flashes back to his conversation with Kristen. Meanwhile, arriving at Kristen's door, Marlena hears the loud moaning and barges in. She sees Brady on top of the DiMera and tries to avert her eyes. Her phone starts vibrating. Kristen spots her and gasps. Marlena runs. When she gets to the square, she bumps into John. She needs a glass of water. Billie randomly shows up and blubbers before running off. He fills the shrink in about seeing Kristen and the lipstick. Doc sees a plot. John tells her there isn't one. Back at the inn, Kristen repeats to Brady that what they are doing is wrong. He thinks it's amazing. She refuses to cause problems for him with his family and declares that they are done. After she pulls on her hooker boots, he tries to make out with her some more. Her brother calls and says he's coming over. Brady tells her not to talk herself out of a good thing and gives her a kiss before leaving. He runs over to the mansion. Victor barks at him for missing a business call. Brady assures him he isn't stoned, he's just happy.

At the office, Sami keeps ranting about how Nicole used to sleep with her brother. EJ reminds her that he's a priest now and she needs to keep out of this. He prods her back to work. She slurps her coffee as they go over their marketing plan. Johnny's teacher randomly texts her a photo of Johnny's drawing of a robot lobster. EJ regales her with the tale of the beast. He strolls out and bumps into Rafe in the hall. They bicker. EJ tells him Sami likes to be 'pushed' and they get 'very creative together'. Rafe wanders into the office and tells Sami his sister is getting married. He's ho-hum. She's excited and says she can finally hire Nick. "I need you," he blurts out, adding that his sister needs an adult disguised as a girlfriend to help with the wedding. Sami would be honored to help. There's an awkward moment and he runs out. Meanwhile, Elvis drops in on his sister to tell her that her plan to get him back with Samanther is going brilliantly. Laughing, she tells him her own randomly thrown together plan is going well too. "Someone's about to get the shock of their life," she coos.


December 6,
Take A Hint.

At the Horton house, Jenn mopes and pukes. Abby asks if she has a bug. "It's just me," Jenn explains. She blames herself for ruining Daniel's life. Meanwhile, Daniel is in his apartment beating on a kettle when Maggie shows up. She blames Jenn for what happened. He blames himself. Maggie says there's still a chance the treatment could take effect. Daniel explains that whatever he could have had with Jenn is now dead. She suggests that he go and stay at the cabin to get away from everything. Maggie weeps and hugs him. He heads over to the hospital to sign out. Maxine isn't happy that he's going away for awhile. When he turns around, he bumps into Jenn. The blond tries to tell him about her feelings. He runs away. She chases after Maxine. "You look like hell," says the nurse, Jenn asks where Daniel went and threatens to follow her around all day if she doesn't tell her. The nurse tips her off. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at the cabin. He starts pulling out medical supplies. His hands are still shaking.

Nicole looks around the rectory for Eric. He's in his room having nightmares and gasping, "Don't!" She can hear him from downstairs and wonders what's up with that. When he heads down, he's agitated and growls at her before sending her on an errand at the mansion. She complains that Maggie might sic the dogs on her. The priest tells her to seek forgiveness. When she gets to the mansion, she drops off some church paperwork and asks Maggie if she can make amends. She gives her some apologizes. Maggie waves her off so she can answer the phone. Nic overhears her talking about Daniel going to the cabin. She smiles to herself and leaves. When she shows up at the cabin, the doctor tells her he's not fit for company. She offers to stay out of his way. He just wants space. A branch falls on the generator so he goes out to fix it. She starts a fire. Jenn shows up. Nic tries talking her into leaving. "Take a hint: Daniel hates you," Nicole says.

In the square, Marlena has something to tell John. "I can take it," he says. She thinks of Brady giving it to Kristen and is about to fill John in when Brady arrives. There's some excruciating small talk. John wanders off. Brady notices Marlena is off balance. He babbles. She guesses he didn't notice what happened earlier. When John comes back, she runs off. He tells his son about the latest argument with Marlena.

In her room, Kristen happily tells EJ that her revenge plans are coming together. She won't explain this to 'Eej'. He encourages her to distract Rafe with some 'poking'. She tells him this is lame and her plate is already full. Kristen glares at her phone. When Brady calls, she kicks her brother out. She seems disappointed when she discovers he's only calling to moon about how much he misses her. He says he didn't tell John and Marlena and they don't suspect anything. When she hangs up, she vows not to let 'that bitch screw things up'. She stalks over to the hospital and corners Marlena. She confronts her. "Shut your lying mouth!" blurts the shrink. They argue until John shows up. He wonders what's going on. Kristen urges Marlena to explain. The doctor squints. Back in the square, Brady bumps into Maggie and talks about how good his life is now. He's optimistic about the future. Across the square, Eric runs into EJ. They discuss fundraising opportunities for the church. The priest wants them to get along. Guitar music plays. They smile at each other and discuss Sami. EJ apologizes for her but the priest is used to her shenanigans. Elvis urges him to avoid Nicole.

December 7,
A Favor.

At the cabin, Nicole and Jenn bicker about Daniel. Nic tells her to take the hint that the doctor hates her stinking rotten guts. Jenn accuses her of coming between them. Nic accuses her of doing all the coming herself and making Daniel miserable. Daniel walks in. He tells Jenn they have nothing to work out and then asks Nic to step out so they can get some 'closure'. As soon as she goes out, the doctor continues telling Jenn that he doesn't need her hovering. She needs to go home. Jenn continues to babble, no matter what he says. She has a fever and pains in her guts. When she passes out, he calls for Nicole. Jenn's appendix is about to blow. The ferry blows its whistle as it leaves, stranding them there.

Sami shows up at the rectory and watches Eric teach Ciara how to say her Hail Marys. When Sami gets involved, the little girl asks her why she isn't a nun. Eric explains that his sister didn't get the call. Sami explains that she respects people helping others but that's not for her. After Ciara putters off, Sami makes a Pope joke and then apologizes about Nicole. She's just happy to see how happy he is to be helping people. But she still doesn't understand this whole priest thing. They go to Caffeinated and she admits she can't imagine life without a man. He assures her that he is fully committed to the priest life. She probes. He admits it wasn't easy but after what he saw in the Congo, he needed to understand the world more clearly. Maggie appears and tells the priest how lucky they are to have him back in town. He heads back to work and Sami wonders about how much he's changed.

John surprises Kristen and Marlena as they argue at the hospital. Kristen pushes her to explain. They go into the shrink's office and she confesses to breaking into Kristen's room. John hopes this is a joke. It's not. He gets a business call and has to go. Marlena explains she won't be the one to tell him about Brady. "I just did you a favor," says the doctor. Kristen gets sarcastic. The doctor says that the image of her and Brady has been seared into her brain forever. She claims she doesn't give a damn what Kristen does. Kristen thinks she's just happy she's sleeping with Brady instead of his dad. Later, Marlena meets up with John in the square and rationalizes what she did.

At Mandalay, Brady tells Maggie that his future is looking interesting... but he's not sure what it is. He rambles. She chuckles and then tells him Madison wouldn't want him to be alone. She's sure it must be hard for him to move on. Since she doesn't really even know what he's been talking about, she offers to keep this to herself. She putters off. Kristen sends him a text. When he shows up at her place, she's in lingerie. "Wow!" he gasps. She tells him he talks too much. After sex, they discuss how complicated this is. He's sure they can handle complicated. She doesn't like turning him into a liar and encourages him to come clean with his dad. He doesn't want to give John and Marlena a reason to come after her. She seems a bit disappointed. After he leaves, she rants to herself and tries to come up with a new plan. She decides that delaying the truth might be a good thing. Meanwhile, Brady meets up with his dad, Eric and Marlena for lunch.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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