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2nd Week of December Weekly Summaries

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December 10, 2012

Santa's Snickerdoodle.

Rafe meets Sami at Caffeinated. She babbles about the wedding. Hope is shocked to hear that Nick and Gabi are getting married. "I think they're super cute," Sami says. Hope quickly detects that Nick must have knocked up Gabi and bustles out the door. Sami pulls out her wedding plan folder. They discuss what kind of ceremony his sister would want and she says they'll do whatever it takes.

Nick and Gabi are in her bed discussing their future. She asks him if he's sure about committing to her. He's sure. Dropping onto his knees, he asks Gabriella Josephina Hernandez to marry him. Her answer is still 'yes'. He doesn't have a ring so he gives her a necklace with a piece of carbon on it. Hope shows up and Gabi runs off. She tells him he's moving fast. He admits she's pregnant and they fell in love at first sight. Hope's happy to hear everyone is happy and gives him her blessing but looks concerned.

Will and Sonny are in the square. Sonny apologizes for pressuring him about Gabi and then puts his scarf around him. He offers to warm him up some more. "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine," says Sonny. They discuss their past Christmases. Chad intrudes. He trashes Gabi and prods Will to tell them why he's so protective of her. Sonny defends his boyfriend. Will wanders off. Sonny lectures Chad for being Mr. Miserable. Chad follows him over to Caffeinated and unloads about what Gabi did to Mel.

At the cabin, the ferry leaves the island as Jenn's appendix is about to explode. Daniel makes Nicole run after the ferry. She comes back in a minute to say the ferry is long gone and won't be back for four hours. He goes through his medical bag and says that he has to perform the surgery or she could die. When he pulls out a scalpel and starts to shake, Jenn tells them both that this will be okay. He dopes her up. Nicole comes in with clean towels and starts sterilizing things. He slices Jenn open. Nicole's amazed that he manages to do everything without a twitch. Jenn comes to. She tells the doctor that she loves him.

Johnny shows up at the pub with EJ. Caroline sends him into the kitchen to help make cookies. EJ gets smarmy. She asks after Stefano and says that she's learned that being angry isn't worth it. Caroline says that their love for the children is something they have in common. He breaks the news that he's working with Sami. She rambles about her past mistakes and says that maybe Sami takes after her. "I loved Shawn and Victor and Sami loves Rafe and you," she explains. If Victor could turn his life around, maybe he could too... Later, Gabi joins her and talks about how great Nick and Rafe are.

Johnny runs up to Rafe in the square. They hug until EJ wanders over. Johnny goes off to talk to Santa. The men bicker about Sami and how smart she is. Will walks by, spots them and hurries away. He spots Johnny, who is complaining to Santa about how he lives in so many different places. Johnny runs back to the men and they discuss Santa's affection for snickerdoodles. Meanwhile, Sami corners Gabi at the pub and declares that she is planning her wedding. Nick joins them. Sami plans. Caroline and Sami decide Will should be the best man.


December 11, 2012

The Nasty Girl.
Maggie pays a call at the Horton house. Abby tells her that Jenn is on the island. Maggs fumes and says Jenn is causing her son endless pain. Over at the cabin, Jenn repeats to Daniel that she loves him. "It's just the drugs talking," he says. She insists she means it. Nicole returns in time to hear him say he loves Jenn too. Nic compliments Daniel on his steady hands. He stares at them and smiles. He's happy but distracted. The ferry whistle blows. They take Jenn back to town and rush her to the hospital. Kayla checks Jenn over and is impressed by his surgical work. Kay hopes he'll be performing surgeries again soon.

Rafe pays Eric a visit at the rectory. He needs to make arrangements for his sister's wedding. The priest offers to meet the couple tomorrow. Eric heads over to the hospital as Jenn is wheeled in. He wonders how Nic figures in all of this. "I don't," Nicole tells him. Nic kicks herself for what just happened. Down the hall, Abby arrives to fuss over her mother. In the waiting room, Daniel tells his mom about the end of his trembling hands. She's so excited she cries. He wanders off to see Nic. She admits to him that she's realized he could never love her. Weeping, she tells him he's amazing and deserves to be happy. She runs off to Eric and cries to him about always ending up alone. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to apologize to Jenn. In tears, she tells her the treatment worked. Later, Jenn has a visit from Daniel. They hold hands and he kisses her cheek. "It was a Christmas miracle," he proclaims. She gave him his life back. "I was just returning the favor," she says.

At the pub, Caroline and Sami tell Nick that Will should be his best man. No one else is enthusiastic about this. Nick says they shouldn't put Will on the spot. Caroline and Sami won't back down. Moving on, the couple say they don't want a church wedding. Sami refuses to allow them to back out of it. She starts whispering to Will about how cute the Gabi and Nick children will be. A minute later, she realizes that was a bit insensitive. Will escapes. Gabi and Nick look for reasons to run too. Gabi leaves him there to sort out the food for the reception. Rafe arrives and Caroline sends Nick off to do dishes. She tells Rafe that Sami is doing all of this wedding planning for him. Sami pops up again. She magically manages to snipe at Rafe over his trust issues with her.

At Caffeinated, when Chad tells Sonny that Gabi was behind Mel's kidnapping, Sonny accuses him of lying. Chad thinks Gabi should be rotting in jail. He explains the fake stalking and the whole Andrew story. Chad says Gabi is one 'nasty girl'. He understand why Nick is protective of her. "He was in prison for four years and she was putting out," he explains. Sonny points out she's also pregnant. Chad assumes that was deliberate. He warns Sonny about letting his boyfriend remain tangled up in this. After the DiMera departs, Gabi drops in looking for Will. Sonny snaps and at her, saying he doesn't like her dragging Will into her drama. He warns that he will be watching her a lot more closely now. Meanwhile, Chad confronts Will about the Gabi situation. He wonders why he is so wrapped up in this. Will claims it's just because he's Gabi's friend and asks him to leave her alone. Chad wanders by Caffeinated again and spots Sonny warning Gabi. She turns and sees Chad in the window. Things click.


December 12, 2012

The Fruitcake Is Still In Town.

In the pub, Abby asks Will about the rushed wedding. They hope everything works out. She squints and wonders why he's looking down. He moons about the 'awesomeness' of Sonny. She teases him and envies him. He's sure she'll find a guy some day. "You're not forty," he says. Meanwhile, Justin meets with his son in the square. Sonny worries about Will's involvement with Gabi and admits Chad told him about her role in the Melnapping. Justin can't discuss it. That's enough to confirm things for Sonny. Justin tells him to let this go and keep his mouth shut, assuring him that Will is not in any trouble. The lawyer bustles off. Sonny calls his boyfriend. They meet up at the pub. Sonny bluntly tells him he has a problem with him being the best man. He doesn't think he should trust Gabi.

At the rectory, the nun tells Gabi and Nick that Father Eric is on the way. She worries he knows she's knocked up. Eric arrives and clears his throat. The three of them begin chatting. The couple soon realizes he's a Brady. They agree to let him marry them anyway. After they set up some appointments and he wanders off, they smooch and putter off. When they get to the pub, Sonny glares at them like something he stepped in. He walks out. Gabi trails after him. Outside, Gabi asks him what his damage is. She guesses it is Chad related and tells him to back off. Back inside, Nick fills Will in about Eric. Will groans about how much this sucks. Nick advises him to calm down.

Over at the mansion, Brady writes a clever note to go along with his gift for Kristen. He shoves it in his pocket when Victor shows up. The teasing starts. Brady won't reveal who the lady is. "I'm delighted she's brought you back to the living," Victor says. He has to take a call. Brady starts fixing his note until Vic calls him away. He leaves the gift and note on a table. Meanwhile, Kristen drops in to Caffeinated to harass her baby brother. They yap about 'EEJ'. She thinks it's time to get to know her other brother now and offers to listen to Chad's problems. He's kicking himself for opening his gob when he shouldn't have. She spins platitudes. "Revenge is a dish best served cold," she advises. Brady and Victor wander in. The mustache spots Kristen. "The fruitcake is still in town," he grumbles. Kristen wanders out with her scarf dangling. "I guess she left her tinfoil cap at the hotel," says Victor. He and Brady argue about her. Brady assures him she's just trying to make things right. He heads off and Vic makes a call. Abby putters in, looking for Sonny. He's not there so she chats with Chad about Mel. He asks her to go out some time. "Nothing special," he assures her. Justin shows up and asks to speak to Chadsworth alone. He tears him a new one and threatens to send him to prison. Justin explains that he could care less about Gabi and Nick, the whole agreement he cooked up was actually to keep Chad safe. After he walks off, Abby returns. Chad asks Abby out again. She offers to think about it.

John shows up at Marlena's office. They suck face and he guesses something is wrong. She beats around the bush for twenty minutes. Finally, he asks her, "What's the damn problem?" That miffs her. He gets a call that his employees have just gone on strike. John runs out. She huffs and wonders why she didn't tell him. She tells herself she did it for Brady. Later, John meets Victor at the mansion. Victor warns him about how cunning Kristen is. John's not worried. As he wanders out, he notices the gift addressed to Kristen and recognizes Brady's handwriting. Meanwhile, Brady shows up at Kristen's. After sex, he realizes he left her gift at the mansion where anyone could see it. "You are an idiot," she says. He gets his pants on. John bangs on the door. Brady hides in the bathroom. When she opens up, John is holding the gift. Meanwhile, Marlena goes to see Eric. She complains that Kristen is making her question her own behavior.

December 13, 2012
Happy Slicing.
Gabi returns to the pub upset and tells Will that his boyfriend hates her. She won't explain why. He thinks everything is getting beyond their control. She accuses him of making everything about him. Will complains that they are living a lie but she insists they are doing the right thing. At that moment, EJ and Sami head to Caffeinated. He moans on the phone at one of their employees. She takes off her scarf and tells him to relax. They bicker about business until Chad strolls over and snipes about Gabi. Sami explains to Elvis that she's been planning Gabi's wedding. He doesn't seem to care and then rubs in how much he wants her to be happy. She kisses his cheek and bustles off in her loosely fitting leather pants. Chad accuses his brother of having her trained to eat out of his hand. The brothers chat about Kristen and EJ encourages his brother to listen to her. Once he steps out, Gabi suddenly materializes and shoves Chad. She reminds him that she can send him to prison. He reminds her she'd go away too. Chad hints that he knows something is going on between her, Nick and Will. Meanwhile, Will runs into EJ in the square. They awkwardly discuss EJ becoming his mom's partner. Elvis asks him about his love life. "Whoever this young man is, he's very lucky," EJ

Rafe meets with Hope at Mandalay. She wonders if he's okay with the wedding and baby. Hope advises him to fake being happy and asks him to come and help plan the wedding that afternoon. She drops the hint that Sami is helping out to impress him. Hope putters over to the pub to meet Sami. She mentions that she asked Rafe to be there. Sami mentions that she's working with EJ again. Hope snipes as they look at cakes. Sami trusts EJ. Hope tells her she's 'idiotic'. Rafe arrives. Gabi follows soon after. When she mentions that she's twelve weeks along, Hope says that Nick told her it was six. Dum dum dum.

Kristen hides Brady in her bathroom when John comes to the door. He hands her the gift he found and says it's from his son. "I don't understand what's happening," she says. He admits he was surprised to find the gift but he wanted an excuse to come over and thank her for not ratting Marlena out. John assumes that's what the gift is about too. She thinks they can peacefully co-exist. He wanders off. Brady comes out. She opens the gift. It's beautiful. Smooches. He strolls off and she sings to herself. Later, John meets with Brady in the square and recaps everything that just happened. He asks his son to keep an eye on Kristen.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms that Daniel's tremors are a thing of the past. Kayla hops up and down. Daniel gives all credit to Jenn. "Happy slicing!" Doctor Lewis declares as he goes. Down the hall, Maggie is in Jenn's hospital room, offering to drive her home. Jenn coos about Daniel being a surgeon again. Later, Kayla pops in to say toodles. Back down the hall, Maggie fawns all over her son about how this is the best day ever. She sends him off to see Jenn. The blond greets him by complimenting his bedside manner. When he starts waving his magic hands around, she compares him to her grandfather. He thanks her for talking him into treatment and says they can finally have their happy ending. They join hands. When he brings up her declaration of love, she's clueless and points out that she was baked. Kristen bursts in to check on her friend. The doctor exits. The blonds chat about Daniel until he returns. The DiMera heads out as Jenn signs release papers. He wanders off and mopes to his mom. Simultaneously, Jenn goes home and suddenly flashes back to telling Daniel that she loves him. Gasp. At that moment, Kristen and Brady meet up outside of the square. He's horny. She fondles his scarf and tells him how important he is to her.


December 14, 2012


Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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