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3rd Week of December Weekly Summaries

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  December 17, 2012
Hello No!
At the pub, Sami is happy to hear her brother is doing the wedding. When Gabi mentions she's twelve weeks along, Hope gags and blurts that Nick said it was six. Gabi stutters as everyone interrogates her. Nick arrives and repeats it's six weeks. Rafe and Hope detect something is up. The math whiz covers by confirming she is twelve weeks along. They just slept together before they were dating. Nick says it was love at first sight. "First day out of the joint? Second day?" asks Rafe. He's not pleased and accuses Fallon of taking advantage of her. Hope tells Rafe he's out of line. Nick protests and Rafe storms out. Sami chases after him. By following the steam coming out of his ears, she tracks him to the square. He's scared that his sister hasn't been thinking. He blames himself. She tells him that love ought to be all that matters. He points out it wasn't enough for them. She still thinks the couple have a lot in their favor. He mopes away. Meanwhile, Nick gets Gabi some hot chocolate. She thanks him for bailing her out. He promises things will be easier from now on.

At home, Jenn orders her daughter to make toast. This manages to remind her that she told Daniel she loves him. "Oh no!" she gasps. Her daughter comes in and guesses she's freaking out about something. "There's nothing wrong with my health," Jenn explains. She tells her daughter what happened. Abby prods but her mom won't exactly admit she loves the doctor. Jenn starts hugging Jack's picture. Her daughter knows she loved him, but she can't stop living. She'd be relieved to see her mom happy again... if she's ready to move on. Jenn flips through a photo album, sobs and kisses Jack's picture.

Kate shows up at the hospital. As she looks for her phone, Maxine chats with her about being five years cancer free. The nurse notices a photo of cutie-pie Parker. Daniel can see the snapshot from across the room. Kate has to bustle off for something. She leaves the picture behind. Daniel picks it up. Kate returns and catches him. He runs away. She follows. He admits he'll never forget Parker. She tells him that she is still cancer free and in remission because of him. In thanks, she offers to tell him more about Parker. Maxine shows up with his surgery schedule. Kate probes. He explains about the miracle cure and impromptu surgery. She warns him Jenn will never get over Jack. Kate vents about Stefano. He's sorry. She lets him keep the Parker picture. Later, Jenn shows up.

Will shows up at Caffeinated to ask his boyfriend why he hates Gabi. "She's a user," says Sonny. Will guesses this is coming from Chad. Sonny reminds him that you can choose your friends and she doesn't deserve any loyalty. That sounds like an order to Will. He defends her. Will leaves in a huff. When he's sitting at Mandalay, Rafe shows up and declares he knows the real story about Gabi's pregnancy. They talk around it. It becomes clear that Rafe doesn't actually know what's going on. Rafe worries that she wanted an abortion because of how judgemental he is. Will says that wasn't it. Rafe's glad Gabi has him as a friend. Meanwhile, Sami arrives at Caffeinated and yaps to Sony about the wedding. She asks him to be an usher. "Hell no!" he says.


December 18, 2012

Holy Moly.

At the hospital, Jenn is eager to speak to Daniel. She stutters for fifteen minutes. "Ssssssssssssso uh um?" he eventually asks. She notices the picture of Parker. He says she taught him how to let go and thanks her for helping him realize love doesn't usually last. The doctor walks away. She runs after him, all the way to the pub. Panting, she tells him that there is something important she needs to say. This drags on for ten minutes until she claims her brain is working now and she loves him. He wonders if she's sure. "I'm not even sedated... and I love you," she says. They stand under some convenient mistletoe.

Brady sleeps in bed with Kristen. She thinks of his dad. "It's time to take this to another level," she says to herself. She puts some tear drops in her eyes and pretends she's having a nightmare. He rolls over and comforts her. She claims she can't remember the dream and then explains it was about John and Marlena. They get dressed and she worries about how risky all of this is. "John and Marlena will not think of this as a Christmas miracle," she says, worrying they will tear them apart. He refuses to let them know about their affair. That's not what she wants to hear. He says only time will tell what they have. If it turns out that they have something, then everyone will have to accept it. He tells her he wants to come again later and then heads out.

Gabi is decorating the pub when Rafe arrives. They bicker. He apologizes and tries to understand what she has been going through. They hug. Meanwhile, Sami runs into EJ's office in her leather slacks and sees that he is buried under a pile of gifts for the children. "This is not what Christmas is about," he declares, explaining he won't let the kids have the gifts. He's already convinced them that they have enough gifts. The children run in and their father suggests they donate the presents to charity. They load up the car and drive the gifts to the square to give them to the local marine. Sami notices Rafe standing around. She fills him in about what's happening. The kids run over and hug him. EJ wanders over and Rafe compliments him on his gift-giving. He offers to help out but Sami says it isn't necessary. He smiles broadly and walks off. EJ's sister appears and they chat about her getting close to someone. Sami eavesdrops. Meanwhile, Rafe goes over to the church to see his sister and they make holiday plans.

Marlena walks the square. Thoughts of Brady and Kristen roll through her head until Hope arrives. The shrink tells the detective that Kristen is having an affair with Brady. She gives her the gory details and admits she hasn't told John. Hope doesn't think silence will help so she offers to do whatever she needs. The doctor needs to find out if it's about more than sex. "What about a threesome?" she says, asking Hope to try and set Brady up with someone to see if he'll be tempted. The detective gets an idea.

"Holy moly!" Hope says when she meets with Brady at Caffeinated. He just gave her a big donation to the police fund and she calls in Sarah, who she thinks Brady has a crush on. After Sarah putters off, Hope offers to set him up with her. He claims he's not interested in dating anyone. Once he leaves, Marlena comes out from eavesdropping around the corner. "It's worse than I thought," she states.


December 19, 2012

A Ho-Ho-Ho Moment.

At the church, Father Eric talks to Father Tobias about Nick and Gabi. He worries about how young they are. Tobias says they should ask an older couple from the congregation to speak to the youngsters for their pre-cana sessions. Eric has a brainstorm about who to ask. His superior questions him about his nightmares and urges him to speak to his family about them. Eric wants to spare them.

John shows up at the mansion to talk to his son about Kristen. That sounds repetitive to Brady. John asks him what he was doing at Kristen's. His son explains that he just went to Kristen's to stop Marlena when she broke in. Brady yaps about how Kristen has become a better person. Over at Caffeinated, Hope offers to tell John about the affair for Marlena. The shrink says no. Hope thinks that Brady is insane with grief and can't think for himself. Eric arrives. Marlena crosses the room when she spots John. The priest asks Hope if she and Bo would be willing to participate in his pre-cana sessions. She'd like to but Bo is already off with Shawn Douglas. Meanwhile, John vaguely talks about Kristen and Brady to Marlena. She stutters. He doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. John assumes it's about them working on the church board. Eric comes over to talk to his mom about homilies before asking her to take part in the pre-cana session. She's reluctant, but John doesn't mind the idea. He babbles about how they have no secrets. She stares.

At the pub, Jenn repeats to Daniel that she loves him, even when she's conscious. They are standing under mistletoe. "Talk about a ho-ho-ho moment," Lucas interrupts. He reminds Jenn of how attentive to Chloe the doctor was. Daniel goes outside and pumps his arm. Victor walks over and chuckles. They catch up. Back inside, Lucas tells Jenn she's a 'total idiot' and Dan could 'hold a seminar on exploiting women'. She admits she has more than friendship with the doctor and accuses Lucas of not being able to get over his own pain. "How can you do this to Jack?" he asks. She's outraged. He thinks she's insane with grief and he won't let his sister be another notch on Daniel's bedpost. She smacks him for that. Victor and Daniel come in as Jenn storms out. The doctor follows her. She assures him that her brother hasn't changed her mind. They simultaneously get called away, but she asks him to the Horton Christmas. He heads to the hospital and has a chat with Hope about the Horton Christmas. She needles him about Jenn.

In the square, Sami eavesdrops on EJ probing Kristen about the man in her life. Kristen can smell Sami from a few yards away and calls her over. Kristen covers by saying that Chad is her new favorite brother. She adds that Stefano can't come home for the holidays but he wants to have a video conference. Sami sneers when EJ admits he'd like to see his papa. She tears into him until the kids interrupt. EJ introduces the kids to their aunt. Sami takes the kids away after they start asking why they have no cousins. Kristen sends her brother off to play with the kids and then calls Brady. After she steals a gift, they meet up in her room and he says he wants them to be exclusive. He notices the gift and opens it, in spite of her protests. It's a toy truck. She sobs and wishes she had kids, but she can't. He tells her there are always options. After they have sex, he gets dressed and is about to leave when he starts making out with her in the doorway. Jenn shows up and is shocked. Back in the square, Sami moans about EJ's father. Elvis makes it clear that he's not breaking from his family. If he's happy, it's because he's spending time with the kids. He starts telling her about his feelings for her when Johnny interrupts so they can play ball.

December 20, 2012
Merry Christmas Bitch.

Kristen and Brady make out in her doorway until Jenn arrives. Her jaw drops. Brady turns orange. Jenn just dropped by to see her friend but is really uncomfortable. "I think I left my oven on!" Jenn exclaims, running. Brady follows the Horton home. He asks her to keep what she saw quiet but tells her he's not embarrassed to be with Kristen. When he explains they are a couple, she blurts, "You got a lobotomy and didn't tell me!" Brady wants to keep this quiet until he knows what's going on. Jenn thinks this is too fast. He tells her that feelings don't work on a timetable. She understands and agrees to keep her gob shut.

Hope is wandering the square and shopping while yapping with Bo on the phone. Kristen jogs up to her and acts extra-friendly. The DiMera quickly guesses that Marlena has been filling Hope in. The cop eventually finds a reason to walk away. "Merry Christmas... bitch," Kristen mumbles. She heads over to Jenn's and assures her that she isn't out to hurt Brady. Kristen turns on the waterworks and talks about second chances. Jenn hopes this doesn't become another Daysaster. Later, Hope arrives and they discuss Kristen and then Daniel. Meanwhile, Brady calls Kristen and tells her they need to be a little more careful.

John surprises Marlena at the hospital. He guesses she's avoiding the pre-Cana conference and assures her this will all be cool. He pumps his fist. Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi are meeting with Eric at the church. The couple feel like they are being grilled by the inquisition. They discuss lies. Gabi is uncomfortable but they discuss it anyway. The priest leaves to find out where their guest counsellors are. Gabi tells Nick that all of these lies are getting to her. Eric brings John and Marlena in and promptly leaves the couples alone. John tells them that secrets ruin relationships. When Marlena asks Gabi about how her mom feels, Gabi admits her mom has been kept totally in the dark. Even Dario is still clueless. They start rehashing Nick's problems and the shrink admits she thinks they should be moving slower. The couples pair off along gender lines. Marlena's concerned that Gabi hasn't told her mom and asks her what she's ashamed of.

At the pub, Lucas calls his sister to apologize. Will joins him and his father suggests he ask Sonny to the Horton Christmas. "Like for serious?" asks Will. He tells his dad about the fight he had with his boyfriend. Lucas tells him that couples fight. "Learn from my mistakes," he advises. Lucas leaves. Will pines after Sonny. As he's about to go and see him, Eric walks in and starts talking to him about the wedding. William asks him if he thinks Nick and Gabi will be good parents. The priest tries to reassure him.

Sonny is moping at Caffeinated. Chad tries to get him into the holiday spirit. Sonny still mopes about Will and Gabi. Chad prods. Sonny think he hit a never where Gabi is concerned. Chadsworth tells him to forget what he said about Gabi but Sonny is worried about what she could do to Will. The DiMera repeats that he shouldn't let Gabi get between them. Lucas arrives and asks to speak to Sonny alone. He tells him how torn up his son is and how he doesn't want them to break up. Sonny appreciates that. Lucas asks if the fight was about money. He mentions the school project. Sonny is perplexed. After Mr. Horton leaves, Sonny thinks and then asks Chad some questions. He tries to piece together what Will has been hiding. Later, Will arrives and asks Sonny if they can go back to normal. "Iíve figured it all out!" Sonny declares.

December 21, 2012

Grandma Gaga.
Nicole runs into Chad in the square. She hasn't seen him since she stopped living in DiMeraland. "I'd say it's great to see you but we don't give a crap about each other," he says. She's been shopping for charity and even picked up gifts for Syd... though she can't see her anymore. Nic asks him to put them under the tree. He shows her a picture of Syd and agrees to get the gifts to Syd anonymously so EJ will not fume. Abby shows up to thank Nic for helping to save her mom. Slightly upset, Nicole wishes her happy holidays and leaves. Abby babbles about being Gabi's maid of honor. He grimaces. She tells him to deal with it. Chadsworth can't explain his Gabi hate. They flirt. He points out that the past year hasn't been a picnic for either of them. He remembers his first Christmas after his mom died. She tells him tales of Jack. Chad says that getting through the first Christmas will make the next one easier. That seems to make her feel better.

Eric drops by the pub to have tea with his grandmother. She thinks he's just there to see if she has gone 'gaga'. Caroline complains that her family are stalking her. She talks about Midnight Mass. He yawns because he's overworked. She senses that he is more uneasy than he used to be. He admits that he saw horrible things in Africa but won't say more. After she bustles off, Nicole startles him. She opens up about missing Syd and losing Daniel. Nic notices that he looks like hell and tells him to get a nap. He goes home and prays for forgiveness. As he naps, he has another nightmare involving gunshots. He yelps until Nicole wakes him.

At Caffeinated, Sonny tells Will that he knows what happened with Gabi. Will gulps. Sonny demands that he be honest. William tries apologizing. They discuss what happened for fifteen minutes but it eventually becomes clear that Sonny isn't quite as clued in as he thinks. Will realizes that he still thinks Nick is the father. He doesn't correct him and invites him to the Horton Christmas. Sonny agrees if he comes to the Kiriakis Christmas too. Smooches. Later, Chad arrives and asks Sonny if he worked everything out with Will. Sonny assures him it's all good. Chad repeats his warning about Gabi.

At the church, John and Nick discuss marriage. Nick babbles about the wonders of Gabi. John thinks he's a little too smitten. Nick paces. John tells him marriage is forever. Fallon rails about Marlena being involved in this. Meanwhile, Marlena interrogates Gabi about why she isn't telling her family her big news. The shrink blames Nick. "He's older than you are. He knows how not to make a baby," she says. Gabi is defensive. Marlena keeps poking and brings up her bad break-up with Will. The shrink is impressed by how Gabi glosses over everything. Marlena decides that she is getting married for all the right reasons. The men join them. After some awkward chuckles, Gabi and Nick head back to the pub and discuss their session with Caroline. Will arrives as she heads for the kitchen. He tells the couple what just happened with Sonny. Gabi panics. Nick says no one will figure out the father is 'some gay boy'. He walks off. Will was not impressed by his remark. Outside, John and Marlena worry about the couple they counselled and then moon about how much they love each other.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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