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4th Week of December Weekly Summaries

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December 24, 2012
The Anti-Lexi.

Theo and Abe visit Lexi's grave. Theo doesn't like Christmas without his mom. When they turn around, EJ and Chad arrive with flowers. Everyone hugs Theo and Chad wanders off with him. Abe and EJ catch up. Abe's sorry to hear that he's gone back to the family business. Elvis claims he's still trying to honor his sister's memory and stands up for Kristen. Abraham thinks that Kristen is the anti-Lexi.Meanwhile, Stephanie calls her mom at the hospital to say she can't get home for the holidays. Abe drops in and chats to Kayla about not having any Christmas plans. She has some for him.

Sami and the children go to the pub to see Caroline. Allie is with Lucas. Rafe arrives and tells the kids how great their act of charity was. In the corner, Caroline hints to Sami that she should get back with the cop. When Sami joins them, Syd asks Rafe for a penguin. They relive the bloody tale of the laughing penguin. Syd wants one anyway. Johnny offers to share his. The kids play penguin and Sami asks Rafe to hang out. He gets called back to work. Once he's gone, Sami tells her grandma about all of her Rafe memories. She starts complaining about planning Gabi's wedding and then about her lingering feelings for EJ. Caroline admits he seems like he's kinder than he used to be. Sami moans about how torn she is between the two men. "Don't do anything stupid," advises Caroline. Elvis arrives. Caroline makes herself scarce and EJ talks about missing his sister. Sami brings Johnny in to hug him. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and gives him a hug. As the family sits down to read stories, Rafe arrives outside with a penguin. After seeing them through the window, he decides not to go in.

Kristen is at Caffeinated googling about Brady and noticing he bought some rare photo. Later, she heads over to Lexi's grave and finds Chad weeping there. She tells him she'd love for them to get closer and their father would like to talk to him over the holidays. She invites him to the DiMera videoconference. He agrees to be there and they hug. After he leaves, she steals some flowers and dumps them on Lexi's grave. When Chad gets to Caffeinated, Cameron walks in and they agree to get to know each other better.

Eric wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Nicole shows up and wonders what's wrong. He gives her the boot. Down in the chapel, she hides and eavesdrops on Eric praying. She interrupts and says that she can help him if God won't. Nic suggests he must be tempted by her. He says that's sweet but he doesn't find her remotely tempting. She encourages him to open up. He tells her about being a photographer in the Congo during the civil war. A priest there took him under his wing and inspired him with his compassion. With difficulty, he tells her about a village being raided by rebels, looted and burned. When they threatened to kill a village girl, the priest offered to take her place. They killed him. Eric breaks down in tears. He feels like a coward. She assures him that he's a good man and God must have a plan for him. He sends her away so he can weep. Father Tobias comes in to check on him and Eric tells him that things are starting to seem alright again. Meanwhile, Nicole goes off to hang out with a nun.


December 25, 2012

Midnight Mass.

At the mansion, Maggie forbids Victor from eating the gingerbread. They start making out so Abby goes out to the hall and bumps into Daniel. She tells him that he's okay with her if he makes her mom happy. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne drop by Caffeinated to pick up their son and his boyfriend. They head over to the mansion. Victor spikes the punch. Brady arrives with his gift. Victor opens it up and is shocked to see it is the deed to the first boat his father ever owned. Bo tracked it down. Victor runs off to call him.

Roman and Marlena drop by the church with a gift for Eric. It's a robe for mass. They're proud of him. Meanwhile, Nicole is spilling poinsettias all over the square when she bumps into Brady, they give each other season's greetings. Across the square, EJ and Kristen stare at them. She vaguely remarks about her latest scheme and admits she's in bed with Brady. EJ cringes. They interrupt them. Nic meets Kristen for the first time. Brady bustles off and Nic asks to speak to Elvis. She asks him to wish a Merry Christmas to the kids for her. EJ shrugs. She heads to the church and starts sobbing at all the images of the baby Jesus. Eric joins her and asks what's wrong. She tells him about her run-in with EJ. He asks her to mass. She starts crying. "Miracles are made for other people," she complains. He assures her that God doesn't want them to suffer. She just wants a martini and a yule log and stomps off. Down in the square, she sobs and thinks of calling her brother. Syd calls to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Rafe drops by the pub with a penguin for Sydney. Sami thanks him. He seems distracted. Gabi comes in with tamales. Rafe makes it clear to Sami that he'll be busy over the holidays. After he chats with the kids, he leaves with his sister. Kristen and EJ arrive. He runs off. Kayla comes out and sneers at the sight of EJ. Syd drags him upstairs while Johnny eats glue.

Doug and Julie arrive at the Horton house. Nick and Jenn welcome them. Julie starts grimacing. Nick guesses she's miffed about the wedding. He insists that the wedding is giving his life meaning. Doug and Jenn chat about JJ and she babbles about how blessed they are. Lucas and Allie arrive. Things are a tad awkward for the siblings. Gabi and Rafe arrive. Julie tells them how happy she is about the engagement and wonders where Sami is. Most of the Kiriakis clan arrive. Lucas tells Sonny he's glad he came. Rafe makes small talk with Nick and warns him how hard marriage is. Gabi tries to corner Sonny but he runs away. Hope and Ciara join them by videophone as the decorations are handed out. Everyone hangs one. Even Gabi gets one. Maggie catches Jenn fondling Daniel's ball and sobbing. After the redhead runs off to mass, Jenn sends Daniel a text. He sends her one back. They both smile and then she gives Jack's picture a kiss. On the other side of the world, Hope reads The Bible to Ciara.

Brady meets Kristen for drinks at Mandalay. She got him a copy of an obscure photo he's been looking for. He is so moved that he wants to tell the whole world how happy she makes him. She pouts when he admits he didn't get her anything. He offers to give her something later and rushes off and joins everyone for Midnight Mass.


December 26, 2012

A Horton Christmas.

Brady and Kristen keep rolling around in her bed. EJ and Chad start pounding on the door. Brady goes out the window and she lets her siblings in. They exchange gifts and then Stefano appears by videophone. They all discuss Lexi and Stefano tells them how much he loves them all. After he blows them kisses, EJ grunts and shuts off the video. Once Chad departs, Elvis gives his sister the necklace which Lexi gave him. She claims she'll cherish it. He tells her how grateful he is to have another sister.

Eric helps the kids put together their scooters together in the square. Sami starts bellowing and then admits to her brother that she's never been crazy about the whole priest thing. She wishes she knew what she was doing with her life and complains about all of the different fathers the kids have. They tease each other until Brady arrives. Sami notices he hasn't changed his clothes. He gets a text from Kristen. Brady hangs out with them for a while and then runs off. Syd asks her mom if it was Santa or Rafe who got her the penguin. EJ shows up and tells Samanther he wants some clarity about what's happening between them. She's not sure what he's talking about. Johnny interrupts. EJ tells Sami he wants them to be a family. She stares. Meanwhile, Eric goes back to the church and thanks God for getting him through mass and bringing him home. He prays for peace for his family. And Brady goes back to Kristen's for more festive frolicking.

At the Horton house, Sonny thanks Will for including him in the Horton Christmas. They are standing under mistletoe so start making out. The Hortons stare at them. Doug and Julie bustle off for the hospital. As Nick and Gabi head for the door, Will stops them to ask that they all get along for the holidays.

Jenn is with Daniel at the mansion. They apologize to each other for not having gifts. They're about to kiss when Victor calls them away. Over at the hospital, Abe hangs out with Kayla and Theo. Abby arrives and awkwardly greets Cameron. When Jenn and the others arrive, Doug declares that she will be the one to read the Christmas story. Maggie insists. Jenn tries to get out of it but Julie piles on. She finally sits down and tells the kids that they are in the best hospital. Jenn reads the story. Julie tears up. Doug starts carolling. Everyone joins in. Eventually, Santa arrives. It's Victor. He hands out gifts. Maggie and Jenn convince Daniel to come back to the Horton house with them.

At Caffeinated, Billie yaps with Chelsea on the phone until her brother arrives. Kate follows him in and declares that this is the best Christmas in a long time. Lucas insists they both go to the Hortons' with him. The three of them head over. Julie does her best not to gag. Bill calls and talks to Kate while Julie tells Billie she is always welcome there. Allie stands around looking bored. Sonny and Will join them. Everyone else starts filing in. Lucas gives Jenn and Daniel dirty looks. Then he corners his son and Sonny to explain he made a donation to PFLAG in their names. They are touched. Julie and Nick force Gabi to eat donuts. Abby finds Chad at Caffeinated. It's empty so she drags him over to the Hortons'. That's awkward. Maggie is nearly sobbing by the tree. Doug takes the hint and calls everyone's attention. Maggie tells them all how proud Tom and Alice would be of their family.



December 27, 2012
Disappearing Act.

Sami bumps into Rafe in the square and confronts him about his 'disappearing act'. He claims he was just busy. After some prodding, he admits he saw her hugging EJ. She says it was just a consoling gesture. He suspects she is sending mixed signals to both him and Elvis. She blubbers about how EJ has changed. Rafe thinks she enjoys being in the middle. He declares that they are done and he won't compete for her.

At home, Jenn calls Daniel and confirms their date for later. She fusses over her outfit. Her daughter tells her she'll have fun. Jenn complains about how 'excruciating' this is. Hope shows up to tease her cousin. Abby runs away. Jenn insists that she's trying to keep everything low-key. She worries she might never get back what she had with the doctor. Hope is encouraging. They putter off.

Maggie arrives at the hospital and Daniel suddenly notices in his date book that it's been two years since he lost Parker. He knows that she and Victor have been visiting him so he asks what the little boy is like. She says he's a delight. He tells her about his upcoming date and she tells him he's dealing with too much emotionally to be dating. Jenn just happens to arrive to eavesdrop on this. She runs off before she can hear the doctor tell his mom that he won't back out. Moments later, Jenn sends a text cancelling their date. She claims she's sick. The doctor runs off. Hope shows up and explains Jenn is not sick. Maggie guesses what happened. Meanwhile, Daniel shows up on Jenn's doorstep with flowers.

Chad runs into EJ outside of the pub. Elvis is looking around for Samanther. They go inside and EJ babbles about the magic of Christmas. Chad spits up his coffee. Abby arrives. EJ starts teasing his brother. He greets Abby with a peck on the cheek and she talks all about the Horton Christmas before wandering off. Elvis teases him some more. That annoys Chadsworth. His brother reminds him that Mel isn't coming back and he needs to move on. Later, Chad bumps into Abby in the square and asks her if she has any plans for New Year's.

At the church, Father Eric finds Nicole looking at his photos of Africa. He thanks her for letting him open up about what happened to him there. She asks him to be his New Year's date... well, not date. He says 'no' and makes it clear that he already had plans. The priest suggests she help him with volunteer work at the men's shelter. "Are you crazy?" she asks. She doesn't want to be his pet project. "You and your freakin' faith!" she moans, hoping the homeless can teach him how to have fun. She storms out. She runs into Rafe at the pub and they start fighting over twenty bucks that he drops on the floor. They chuckle about it. He tells her about his fight with Sami and she tells him about trying to get over Daniel. That gives her an idea. Nic suggests they go to the party in the square together. Meanwhile, Sami meets her brother at Caffeinated and tells him how much she wants to smack Rafe. EJ strides in so Eric decides to depart. Sami starts ranting about how she knows what she wants. He asks her if she wants to be his date. "I would be honored," she says.

December 28, 2012

Daniel shows up at Jenn's and tells her she looks too good to be sick. He insists that they go on their date. She says they should do what Maggie says and cancel. He tells her about his feelings, especially his feelings for Parker. She's impressed that he can look at her when he talks about his feelings. They agree to have a 'really, really, really, really special date'. The doctor takes her to the pub and recalls all the times she called him a 'dork'. They play darts. She sucks. No matter how much he mocks her, she won't get mad because they are together. Anne, the Jenn hater, randomly arrives to hate on Jenn as Daniel steps away to take a call. Billie comes in and calls Anne a 'bitch' before leading her off. Jenn huffs and puffs. She's so mad she manages to hit a bullseye. The doctor returns and she asks him home for dessert. When they get there, she wants more than pie. He gets called back to work. She walks him to the door and they suck face.

Nick walks into the pub with little Nicky. He and Gabi fawn over the kid and keep Will at a distance. They tell him they are leaving and laugh in his face. He yells until he wakes up from this terrifying nightmare. Sonny wonders what he was dreaming about but Will claims he doesn't remember. When Sonny goes for a shower, Will sends Gabi a text. She's been rolling in the sack with Nick. He gets a text from Kate confirming his job interview. Once he leaves, she calls Will back and they meet up in the park. He tells her about his nightmare. She makes it clear that the baby is now Nick's and Will has no claim on it. Gabi reminds him that he already agreed to that. He's not sure about all of this anymore.

Nick arrives at Caffeinated. Kate is complaining to Sonny about how sickly sweet the Hortons are. "The Hortons make the von Trapp family seem like the Beastie Boys," she says to Sonny. She and Nick sit down together and she hands him her offer. He writes some notes on it about what he wants and hands it back. "People in Hell want ice water," she snipes, reminding him he's an ex-con with a crummy personality. He threatens to go to EJ and Sami and strolls off. She sneers. Sonny assures her she'd like Nick even less if she knew him better. Kate wanders off, grumbling to herself. She runs into Will and vents about Nick.

Brady and Kristen are at the rectory discussing the new school. He gets her alone for a minute to smooch and then suggests they leave town for awhile. They arrange to meet up and she runs off as Eric returns and asks him if he'd like to help out at the shelter. Brady admits he has a date but doesn't want to talk about it. The priest has noticed that he seems to have a special someone. Eric walks into the chapel and finds Gabi there. He admits that it seems like there is something she and Nick are keeping from him. Gabi wants to explain.

At Mandalay, John and Marlena drink coffee and she notices he's not in a party mood. He's worried about his lonesome son and suggests they go on a double date with Brady's mystery lady. She spills her coffee. John's sure his son has moved on and thinks they should meet the lady in question. The shrink advises him to stay out of this. John won't relent. Kristen eavesdrops from behind the Christmas tree. He gets a call and bustles off. Kristen comes out to tease Marlena. She says she's about to have an 'exploratory meeting' with Brady in his office. Marlena slaps her. They bicker and Kristen threatens to tell John everything. The shrink accuses her of being a sociopath. Later, Kristen runs into John and Marlena eavesdrops from behind the Christmas tree. John notices Doc running around and chases her down. She advises him to head over to Brady's office. At that moment, Kristen arrives in Brady's office. He plops her on the desk. After they strip down and grind the varnish off the desk, John walks in and drops his jaw.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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