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1st Week of February Daily Summaries 

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January 30, 2012
Will Hurts EJ's Feelings.

John and Marlena are at the penthouse. She shocks him with her cougar wear and they suck face. They discuss how to have an exciting sex life on the cheap. They go into the bedroom for awhile. Later, as they get dressed, he tries inhaling her and then wants to go back to budget planning. She assures him they will get by. He wants to be the breadwinner. She tells him to relax.

Nicole is helping Syd unwrap gifts at Casa DiMera. EJ takes pictures and Abe creeps away to switch the debate question in the foyer. EJ walks out and catches him. Abe claims he was just looking for a pen to sign Syd's card. EJ buys this and they trade some barbs. EJ returns to the party and tells Will they should get Syd back before Sami finds out. Will assures him that Sami will be gone for a few more hours. The Carvers chat. Lexi tells Theo his dad will be on TV soon so everyone can see what an honest man he is.

Rafe and Carrie continue to waltz around the pub in their princess costumes. Sami arrives outside and spots them. "Is it hot in here or is it me?" Carrie asks him as Sami and Austin walk in the door. They explain why they are dressed up. Their spouses understand that, but the rest... They explain some more. Rafe tries flirting with Sami but that fails and she enlists Austin to decorate. Rafe explains that Will has Syd. Sami tries calling him. Eventually, he picks up and tells her they're at EJ's and she should come over. She nearly explodes when he hangs up on her. Rafe doesn't have time to change but he runs off with her. Austin continues badgering his wife about Rafe and angrily drinking coffee. "You're hurting my feelings," she says. This hurts his feelings. It also hurts her feelings that she's been playing princess with another man. John and Marlena arrive and guess they came at a bad time. Austin feels embarrassed. "It's called 'marriage'," John tells him. Austin is starting to think his wife doesn't want him. Meanwhile, Marlena takes Carrie aside and she vents about everything. She admits that she's been avoiding her husband.

At Casa DiMera, Will sends Theo and Syd into the kitchen for more cake as Sami and Rafe burst in. "Did Sami let you dress yourself this morning?" Nicole ask Rafe. Even Abe laughs at that one. Sami rants until Syd runs out and tells her to stop. Sami starts apologizing. Rafe shows her his costume. She cringes. Will and EJ exchange glances and Syd declares that she wants her dad at the other party too. Her mother says he's too busy. She jumps over to her dad, holding his leg and asking him to come. Sami gives in. Will gives his mom the thumbs up as she leaves. EJ demands some answers from William and warns him that he's on dangerous ground. Will smiles and says seeing how mad Sami was made it all worthwhile. EJ smirks to himself. Will follows his mom and the others over to the pub. His mom corners him and says they are going to have a very serious conversion. Nicole and EJ arrive to join the party. Sami bites her lip.

In the square, Bo and Hope keeps saying they are ready to open the box. Stefano keeps telling them they are making a mistake. They spazz. "I just want to go home. Mary's hamster is more entertaining than you two," Stefano complains. "Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla," Hope yelps before accusing him of being scared. "We need to get this over with today and then you can go back to playing chess with yourself, or whatever you call it," Bo says. Stefano lays out his terms. They keep going around in circles. Stefano finally walks away. Hope curses.


January 31, 2012
Bonbons And Tabloids.

Abby goes to Austin's office. He's already there and disheveled. Dressing he explains that he slept there last night after a fight with his wife. "You and Carrie have been married for like forever though," she says. He explains that marriage can be a lonely place. His wife didn't even try calling him last night. Abby thinks that nuts and babbles about how fantastic he is. He rubs her hand.

Over at the office, Carrie tells Rafe about her fight with Austin. She explains that they've been having problems ever since she took John's case. Rafe offers to help but she's sure that would make it worse. She rehashes the past few months and how they no longer find time to be together. It just doesn't seem important anymore. He tries defending Austin and then tells her about the problems with Will. She probes and he opens up about his fights with Sami and the things she's been doing. They go down to the square and spot Austin having coffee with Abby. She wants to run but her husband sees her. Rafe and Abby give them some privacy. Carrie's angry that Austin doesn't seem more upset. He tells her how upset he is. They sit down and he asks her to help him figure things out. He points out that she's been spending most of her time with Rafe and she admits that she hasn't been very considerate. A text comes in telling him he has a meeting. "We're good, right?" he asks. She says they're better and he can come home tonight. They kiss and he heads off.

Sami runs into John at the pub. They chat awkwardly about stuff. He reminds her that he used to look after her when she was Johnny's age because her mom was too busy. He suggests she should put her kids before her job if she thinks it's getting in the way. That sets her off. When he asks about her marriage, that makes it worse. She yells, beats herself up and storms out. When she goes through the square, she bumps into Rafe but tries to avoid him. He keeps her there to talk. This turns to bickering about how much she'd rather be eating bonbons and reading tabloids. Rafe aggressively kisses her and lets her leave. He heads back to the office. Carrie arrives soon and they talk about their frustrations. Meanwhile, Austin returns to his office. He apologizes to Abby for everything and tells her not to worry about his problems. When he leaves, she smirks to herself.

Madison wakes Brady up by licking his chest. They start making out but he's distracted. The topic of her spying scheme comes up. He wonders what else she hasn't been telling him. "We should get dressed," she abruptly says. He worries about her demeanour so she kisses and hugs him. They get dressed and go down to the pub where they run into his father. As John makes a business call, Madison tells Brady it must feel good to have a father who is so proud of him. She bustles off to work and John returns. Brady fills him in about Sami's adventures in business and they worry she could revert to her old tricks. Meanwhile, Sami and Madison meet up. Sami thinks it's time to take Kate down. Madison is reluctant to have her involved with this now that she's been told about her friend's past with Kate. Sami's adamant about going ahead with the plan but her boss doesn't think it's worth it anymore. "You cannot leave me hanging," Sami says.


February 1, 2012
I'd Rather You Be Pregnant.

Will is at the loft deleting pictures of Gabi from his phone when Sonny shows up to take him to the movies. When Sonny brings up his friends, Will asks him how someone realizes they are gay. Sonny explains that he always liked cute guys on TV but didn't really understand it. He talks about how he used to go out with girls and try to fool everyone. For years, he wished that he could stop being gay. Will wonders what he was afraid of the most. Sonny feared that he could never have his own family. Will points out that his family was fine with him but he wonders if it would be different for someone else and if it would cause more damage than living a lie. "Once you accept who you are, things get better," Sonny says. Will doesn't believe it's that easy. Sonny tells him he just has a better shot at happiness if he's honest. "You can't find true love if you're not living your life truly," he adds. Will starts pacing as Sonny tells him he's not alone.

Madison joins Brady in the pub. She tells him she's been feeling bad for using Sami and apologizes for lying to him. She's decided to pull the plug on the plan to sink Kate. He smiles and is impressed that she's making a sacrifice. Madison admits that this is the first time she's cared about a man more than work. She still loves running her company but being with him is something she wants too. "No one has ever gotten to me the way you have," he says. They kiss and head back to her room. She's about to tell him something big when her phone starts ringing. When she looks at it, she freezes up and then gets frazzled. She claims it was just her office. He has to run to a meeting anyway. "I love you," he blurts out. She loves him too. After they make out, he runs off. Her phone rings again.

An excited Abby runs home and tells her parents about her internship at MadWorld. When she tells her mom, Jenn says, "I think I'd rather you be pregnant." Her mom thinks she's too busy for this job and she needs to refuse the offer. Abby's not asking for her permission. Jack referees. Jenn still forbids it and tells her she'll have to move out if she disobeys. Abby wants people to see her as a grown woman. "I forbid anyone to see you as a grown woman," Jack says. Abby thinks models get all the respect and this discussion is useless. She flounces out. Jack explains to Jenn that they cannot dictate their daughter's life anymore. They may have messed up their own lives, but they've raised good kids and need to let them make their own mistakes. She's so afraid she starts crying. Jenn feels like she keeps losing everyone. He gives her a hug. She's amazed that he's being the voice of reason. As Jenn sits in an armchair with a picture of her daughter, Jack tracks down his daughter in the square. He tells her she's going to have to give her mom some time to come around. He asks her to be careful. She thanks him for being there for her. They hug.

Rafe and Carrie are playing cards in their office. He thinks their business venture sucks. They talk about fighting with their spouses and then get a call that distresses Carrie. Her law firm has cut off their funding because they haven't brought in any business. She feels like a failure but he thinks she's amazing. Carrie tells him her old firm in Switzerland has left a position open for her. They debate this and she admits she'd hate to miss out on mocking him. She tries making some calls to get work but has no luck. He reminds her that they've paid rent for the rest of the month so they might as well keeping trying until time runs out. She agrees to that.

February 2, 2012
I Can See Myself In Him.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole and EJ are electioneering. Will listens to them rehearse his answers for the debate. Nicole worries but EJ's sure William will keep quiet about this. She demands to know what's really going on between them. Her husband confronts her about bribing Will but he's not upset. She threatens to quit and leave him with his 'pretty intern'. Elvis explains that he's blackmailing Will. He tells her about the shooting and then sneaks in some jokes about Lucas and Will. This doesn't sit well with William. He threatens to put his cards on the table too and tell Nicole everything. "Go ahead and tell her," EJ challenges. He then tells William he just got him an apartment at the DiMera complex. Nicole thinks that's uncharacteristically generous. Nicole leaves to take a call. EJ tells Will he wants him to get a taste of what life has to offer. Will is still miffed about Nicole being filled in. Elvis warns Will that he has a lot more to lose by telling Nicole than he does. "Don't ever threaten me again," EJ warns. Will leaves to pack. Nicole returns and asks him again about his interest in Will. "I can see myself in him," he says. She thinks it looks more like Will is blackmailing him.

Sami drops by Madison's eager to keep sabotaging Kate. Madison announces that she is stopping the spying. Sami is stunned and starts to panic. He boss assures her that she has an exit strategy. Madison lays out the plan and Sami accuses her of double-crossing her. She's afraid she might end up in jail. Madi think she's more afraid of not collecting two paychecks. They debate and Sami thinks she's letting Brady push her around. Madison is still adamant. Sami rants about the money and refuses to resign from Countess W. She quits her job with MadWorld instead. Madi thinks that's crazy. Sami flounces off, vowing to make sure Countess W drives MadWorld into the ground. When Sami gets back to the loft, she finds Will with his bags packed. He tells her that he's moving out. She assumes EJ is behind this. "See you around," he says. She sighs and wants to talk about this. Sami can't understand why he treats her with so much contempt and demands to know what is going on.

At the bank, Hope continues doubting her choice about the box to Bo. As they ponder, Stefano shows up. He warns them about the secret again. He's sure that he can handle whatever Alice had on him, but he doubts the same can be said for Hope. They run around in circles some more. Eventually, Hope sticks her key in the box. He sticks his in and they open it up. Stefano takes his envelope and Hope keeps debating with herself about what to do. He warns them again and leaves. Bo tells her they can wait forever.

February 3, 2012
You're A Whore Mom.

Sami is bellowing at Will at the loft. He tells her that they can never heal things after what she's done. Since he's moving out, he doesn't see the point in going through all of this. She burbles that she can't understand how this should be so different from all of their other fights. "Why do I always feel like I'm the adult in this relationship?" he asks. He's tired of cleaning up all of her messes. She keeps screwing up the only family he's ever had. Will accuses her of only caring about herself. Finally, he blows up and admits he saw her having sex with EJ. "It's not what you think," she claims. He's not falling for that. "You're a whore Mom," he tells her. She makes excuses and says she will never stop torturing herself for what she did. Will doesn't want to ruin things for his brother and sisters so he won't say anything to Rafe... for now. "In case I haven't made myself clear: I hate you and I always will," he says. His mom refuses to be shut out of his life. "What? You've never been there for me," he points out. She keeps saying she loves him and begging for another chance. It's too late. When she accuses EJ of turning him against her, he tells her she did that all on her own. He reminds her that she went through this herself. Sami cries and insists that this is nothing like what Marlena did. Will says it's worse. "What you and EJ did was disgusting," he says. "Congratulations! You've become what you've always hated about your own mother!" he yells. She jumps at him. He pushes her back and storms out. She paces, weeps and looks at her wedding ring before heading out. Meanwhile, Will spots some of Sonny's friends in the pub. He goes in to see them. They ask him to a party. "Yeah, I'm finally free," he says.

Rafe arrives at the office and is shocked that they actually have a client. Mrs. Carlyle weeps and tells them that she thought she was up for the best days of her life but now she thinks her husband is having an affair. She found a mysterious number on his phone and wants them to look into it. They promise to do that and ask her not to worry too much. Things get a little awkward when she thinks they're married. The partners try to laugh it off. Once she's gone, he starts to dig around after the number and they discuss marriages ending. The topic turns to their own marriages. Carrie sometimes wishes Austin was more like Rafe. "I feel so incredibly sad and lonely," she admits. He tells her she's not alone. There was a time when he felt connected to Sami, but now he has no idea what's going on in her head. They get back to work. He digs up an address for the woman in question and they run off. Later, they return after discovering that the woman was just a surprise party planner. They're so happy there was no affair. Rafe feels fantastic about helping to save a marriage. They hug and this turns into a kiss. As they make out, Sami walks in.

At the Horton house, Abe admits to Jenn that he still feels bad for messing with Elvis. He feels bad for lying to his wife. She walks in. Jenn covers. Lexi gushes about her husband's honesty. Meanwhile, over at Casa DiMera, Nicole suggests that Will must have something on EJ. Her husband brushes this off as preposterous, which only makes her more sure about it. Elvis insists that Will is just the perfect spy. She makes him swear that's all this is. He swears up and down. They go down to the square for the debate. They meet the moderator and wave over at Abe and his team. The debate starts. EJ's thrown by the first question because it isn't what he anticipated. He stutters through it. Abe takes advantage of this. When the break comes, Elvis is freaking out. Nicole tells him he did fine but he feels like Abe is killing him. He assumes that Abe must have had the questions in advance. The debate starts up again. Lexi's jaw drops when EJ brings up Abe's marital indiscretions. Abe claims to take the high road and challenges his opponent to discuss his own past indiscretions. Once the debate is over, Lexi and Jenn tell Abe how great he was. Meanwhile, Nicole gets the results from the first internet polls and they don't look good for them. They wander over to congratulate Abraham and his team. Nicole accuses them of cheating. Lexi's jaw drops again.


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