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2nd Week of February Daily Summaries 

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February 6, 2012
The Envelope Opens.

In the square, Nicole accuses Abe and his team of cheating. Lexi thinks that's crazy but Abe and Jenn stay silent. Everyone squints at each other for a while. Lexi starts ranting but her brother is sure he's right. The siblings bicker, Jenn gulps and Abe twitches. EJ tells his sister that she should have more faith in the family and walks off. Lexi is confused about why Abe and Jenn have been so passive. It suddenly occurs to her that her brother might not be wrong. Abe gets sarcastic and makes her feel bad before flat-out lying. She swallows that and tells him how great he is before running off to pick up their son. Abe tells Jenn that was the first lie he ever told his wife. She apologizes for putting him in that position. He's sure he'll have to pay for this some day and his wife will never forgive him. Meanwhile, Nicole and EJ ponder their next move. Nicole says they can up their efforts even more now. EJ promises the election will finally get interesting. They make out and toast to 'mucking' with Abe. She offers to make sure that the Carvers' marriage is destroyed. He smiles.

Austin stops by Casa DiMera to see his mom. She tells him he'll have to come by for dinner. Stefano stares out the window, distracted. He joins them and chats about Carrie as a child. Reluctantly, Austin explains that he's been having problems with his wife. They encourage him to run off and save his marriage. He refuses to make any big gestures because it will let Rafe know how bad things are. His mom urges him to go and make things right. Once he leaves, she asks her husband what's up with him. He fills her in about Alice blackmailing him. She wonders what she had on him. He hasn't opened his envelope yet. Kate wishes she could cheer him up. He says her love is enough. They sit at the chessboard and he tells her what he had on Hope. She's amazed and urges him to open his envelope before it drives him crazy.

At the Horton house, Bo and Hope continue to mull over what must be in the envelope. She still can't make up her mind to open it. She plays with her jewelry and prays for a sign. Suddenly she notices a book of her grandpa's and opens it. A homily falls out and she takes that as a sign. After she leaps up and down in tears, she decides to open it. Twenty minutes later, she actually does. "Oh my God no!" she gasps as she reads the paper inside.

Carrie and Rafe are in their office congratulating themselves for saving a marriage today. They hug and then begin smooching. Sami walks in, coughs and nearly hyperventilates. Before she can leap on them, Rafe says it's not what she thinks. "Why? Were you playing princess again?" she asks. Carrie says they were just excited and it was only one kiss. Sami expected this from her sister and accuses her of always stealing everything from her. She can't believe that Rafe would betray her and starts screeching at her sister again. Carrie wishes she could take back what happened. "Carrie is a slut and you are a traitor!" Sami barks at Rafe. The sisters start fighting and Rafe keeps apologizing. Austin walks in. "You and Rafe were kissing?" he asks his wife. Carrie leaps between the men and insists it just happened. Sami and Rafe leave. Carrie tells her husband what happened meant nothing and it will never happen again. He's not sure she can keep that promise. "Do you have feelings for Rafe?" he asks. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe return to the loft. She doesn't think she can put what just happened behind them. He points out that it was just one mistake and they can deal with it. "I can't!" she yelps, smashing their wedding photo and kicking him out.



February 7, 2012
No, No, No.

John heads to the penthouse. Marlena's there so they start making out and he offers to cook her dinner. He admits that he's worried about how busy he is going to be over the next few months. Over in the office, Carrie can't deny to Austin that she has feelings for Rafe. She claims she just made a mistake. He thinks it's more. "You broke my heart," he says, storming out. She calls Marlena to tell her she just did something stupid. Marlena decides to come over and help. When the shrink gets there, Carrie fills her in on how right things felt with Rafe. She opens up about her fights with Austin. Marlena thinks it might be good for them to spend some time apart to sort out their feelings. Carrie already knows how she really feels about Rafe. This isn't what she expected when she decided to return to Salem. Carrie beats herself up but can't change her feelings for Rafe. Marlena reminds her of everything that's at stake and warns her of what this could cost their families.

At the Horton house, Hope finally opens the envelope. She gasps and nearly falls over. Bo looks at the paper and goes into denial. He assumes this is a DiMera trick. "It says the man I'm really married to is John," she points out. He points out that it could only have happened when she was brainwashed as Gina. She doesn't remember much about that and John's brain isn't exactly reliable either. Looking at the paper, she wants to track down the witness but Bo refuses to accept this is real. Hope assures him that what they have cannot be broken, but their marriage is illegal and they have to tell John. They head to the penthouse. John is alone. He wonders why they look so serious. The cops tell him the tale of the two envelopes and show him the wedding certificate. He squints and doesn't see the big deal. Bo warns that this might be more complicated than just getting an annulment.

Madison is in her room wondering why her mystery man hasn't called her back. She gets a message telling her to open the door. When she does, Brady leaps out and they suck face. She giggles and he gropes but something is wrong. Madison admits she's kind of scared of how she feels for him. He makes a big romantic speech but she's still out of her comfort zone. Brady whisks her away to the square. He's rented the whole place out just for them. They race around on segues. He tells her he just wanted to show her how fun it can be to be a kid. As they wander away, a man creeps in the bushes.

Gabi calls Abby at the office and asks her to come out. Abby says she's busy working for Austin. Later, he arrives, drunk and holding a bottle. He rambles. She takes his hand and asks him to talk about his problems. He opens up about what happened with Carrie and tips back the bottle. She offers her sympathy and he thanks her for being a friend. Abby asks him to stop drinking and offers to stay and talk to him all night. When she talks about how amazing he is, he takes her head in his hands and says she's amazing. "I need you," he admits. She kisses him. "No, no, no," he says. She tells him it's okay and they kiss some more.

Sami throws things at the loft and yells at her husband to get out. Rafe refuses to budge and tells her how much he loves her. She wants to know how many times he's kissed her sister. He insists it was only once and says that he's not the only one who has messed up. Rafe wants to understand how they became so disconnected. She accuses him of making excuses. He points out that the vow renewal seemed a bit desperate and wonders if she never forgave him for what happened with Johnny. She tries to turn it back on him and accuses him of hating the fact that she has a job. As he talks, she recalls her fight with Will and starts crying. Her husband offers to go. He packs a bag and apologizes, telling her he will always love her. Once he sadly departs, she keeps crying.

February 8, 2012
I Drank A Lot.

Bo gets in bed with Hope. She didn't sleep all night. He's sure they can solve their problem. She wishes this was all a really bad dream. Bo assures her that no piece of paper can change what they have. They will be a team no matter what. He thinks this all wonderfully ironic and reminds her that hope was in the bottom of Pandora's box. "You're the best part of me," he says. They roll around. After sex, they talk about Stefano. Bo thinks he's missing a heart and can't stand to see anyone happy.

John paces around the penthouse. Marlena brings him some coffee and guesses something is wrong. "Our marriage is good and strong... it's just not legal," he explains. She laughs until he explains the rest. Marlena starts swearing and wants to kill Stefano. John tells her they need to stay cool. "He's never going to control us again," she vows. "We're going to keep on keeping on," he adds, promising they can just get married again if they need to. She starts inhaling him. Eventualy, they head to the pub and she worries about her girls. Bo calls to say they will be down once they have the legality of the marriages confirmed. The cops arrive and get the call. The weddings were real and confirmed in the town clerk's offices in Alamania. Marlena suspects that there must be more. Everyone's eyes dart around.

A scantily dressed Abby lays down on top of hung-over Austin in his office. He gasps, "Ugh! I'm dreaming?" She assures him it's all real and licks his neck. He asks her to put some clothes on. She tells him how happy she was to be there for him. "You were here for me?" he asks. Abby confesses that she's been fantasizing about this for a long time. "I drank a lot," he says, but he doesn't remember much, certainly not sex. She remembers him passing out while she got undressed, but fails to correct his impression that something more happened. When she tells him he has nothing to feel sorry for, he looks like he's about to puke. He tells her what a great friend she has been and she thinks they can finally be together. He gasps and tells her last night was a mistake. Her cleavage heaves and she runs off to class. Later, she returns and finds the room empty. She wonders if she should tell him the truth. Abby calls and leaves him a message, saying that she can't stop thinking about him and thanking him for last night.

Carrie walks into the office and finds Rafe sleeping at his desk. She almost leaves but he wakes up and tells her what happened. The lawyer tells him her husband didn't come home last night. He's sure Austin is just letting off steam. They begin debating who kissed who first. Carrie tells him about her torturous relationship with her husband and how much worse coming back to town made things. He thinks it's time to choose between their relationships and their business. He chooses Sami. They wish each other luck. After he leaves, she remembers kissing him. Austin shows up. He apologizes for not coming home. They compare who screwed up more. He starts begging for forgiveness but she thinks that she's the one who needs to be forgiven. They promise to keep it real and hug. She explains that she and Rafe won't be working together anymore. He wants her to do what will make her happy. He trusts her. Carrie's amazed. "I just want us to be us again," he says. She admits she's come to realize that a marriage requires work. Austin wants them to forget what they've done and focus on making things better. He thinks they should run off to Hawaii but she reminds him he has a job. Meanwhile, Rafe returns to the loft and writes Sami a letter, telling her how much he loves her and how he will never give up on her.

February 9, 2012
Stay Tuned.

Bo and Hope are at the penthouse with John and Marlena waiting for news about how to get their annulments. Hope suggests they'll laugh about this some day but Marlena is a killjoy. They start discussing whether there is more to this than they think and decide to confront Stefano. Marlena insists they all go together.

Kate finds Stefano sitting in the dark at Casa DiMera. He's in a mood. She assumes he's obsessing over the envelope. They laugh about how miserable Bo, Hope, John and Marlena must be. He assures her that there is nothing in the envelope Alice had. They chat about Sami until the foursome arrive. "I love it when friends drop by!" Kate jokes. The DiMeras tease them. Bo smirks. John wonders what's in all of this for Stefano. There's lots of squinting and everyone wonders what the point of this is. Stefano reminds them of how Hope used to think of John while having sex with Bo. Marlena tries to laugh off his taunts but that only makes him sure he's right. They accuse him of being jealous. Kate thinks they are protesting too much. There's a lot more squinting. Marlena accuses Stefano of just being a sad old man. John steals one of his cigars and they leave. Stefano tells his wife that the road to the annulment is fraught with peril. "Stay tuned," he says. When she wanders off, he bites his lip and swears under his breath. Meanwhile, the foursome return to the penthouse and John gets a call informing him that things won't be as easy as he'd thought.

Upstairs, EJ and Nicole hide out from his grumpy father. They chat about the election and he grouchily says he's not running anymore. She's confused so he deflects by flirting. They go at it. After sex, he tells her how lucky he is to have her in his life. "This is true," she says. They make out a bit and she asks for dinner.

Brady surprises Madison at her place with flowers. He wants to take her out. She gets changed into something glittery. As they chat about her passing on the CEO job, she gets a little tense. They head down to the square for dinner at the table where they first met. He ordered all of her favorites. Champagne is poured and he toasts to her beauty. He feels like he's known her forever and thinks about her all the time. Getting down on one knee, he whips out a ring and pops the question. She gulps. Nicole and EJ walk by and see this. Madi loves him and gives him a hug but doesn't say yes. EJ wonders if this scene is bothering his wife. She admits it does a little. He says that's okay. They discuss this and he makes jokes about how miserable it would be to be married to Brady. Since they are spotted, they walk over to offer their congratulations. Things are awkward. EJ and Nicole walk off and Brady reminds Madi she hasn't given him an answer. She claims she's overwhelmed and needs time but is super touched. He wants her to take her time. Brady walks her back to her room but decides not to go in. After he heads off, she shuts the door and Ian wanders out of the other room. "I've been waiting for you," he says. Meanwhile, EJ can tell that Nicole is more upset than she wants to admit, but it's not about Brady, it's about him. She always wanted a fairytale romance but never got one.

February 10, 2012
You Had Sex With The Devil.

Abby runs into Mel in the square and suggests they catch up. They go into the pub and Mel promises that she isn't going out with Chad. Abby knows that she would never have crossed the line. She's sorry for being unfair. She starts yammering about how she has found 'the one' and they have a 'natural connection'. Abigail then urges her friend to be with Chad. Mel is just happy that she has a friend again. They discuss the modeling gig and Abby worries about how her mom feels about it. That doesn't last long. Mel runs off to practice her poses in the mirror.

Brady leaves Madison alone in her room to consider his proposal. She turns around and Ian comes out from the other room. Madi's surprised. He wants a hug. She gets nervous and looks for an excuse to leave but he won't allow it. They begin discussing the CEO job. He tells her he was looking out for her best interests by forcing her not to take it. She's frazzled and he talks to her like she's a naughty puppy. Ian asks her about the man she was talking to. She claims it was just business. He thinks the sequins she's wearing tell a different story. Ian thinks she's let some local Joe worm his way into her bed.

John, Hope, Bo and Marlena pace around at the penthouse until Carrie arrives. She explains that the marriage cannot be legally annuled because it was consummated. "We didn't know what we were doing," Hope says. Bo says it couldn't have meant anything and they can just lie to a judge. Marlena knows that wouldn't work. The lawyer explains they can still file for divorce but they would have to do it in Alamania. That would take at least two weeks. Bo thinks they should just forget that all of this happened but Carrie warns that could lead to complications down the line. Later, she talks to her mom about trying to make things work with Austin. The shrink wonders about her feelings for Rafe. Carrie says she was just confused. After she leaves, John makes some calls and they arrange the trip.

Austin paces around the square, reading texts from Abby and wondering what he should do. Brady runs into him and invites him out for a drink. He tells him about the proposal. As they toast, Austin warns him that Madison might say no. Brady doubts it. The topic turns to Austin and his problems. He thinks things will be great with Carrie once he takes care of a few things. Brady blubbers about how amazing Madison is. Austin urges him to tell her all this stuff himself. Brady runs off. Carrie arrives and says she doesn't want their marriage to be ruined. He says it just needs work. She's glad everything is out in the open now. He suggests they move back to Zurich. She thinks that might be a good idea. As they kiss, Abby walks by and spots them. Meanwhile, Brady shows up at Madison's. Ian answers the door. Brady's confused. Ian lets him in and introduces himself as her husband.

Sami clings to the laughing penguin at the loft as Will packs up his things. He'll never forgive her. She refuses to let him leave and pretend she doesn't exist. "I hate you and it makes me sick to be in the same room as you," he says. She hates what she did too but thinks she can make things right. Rafe shows up to get his cell phone charger. He breaks the news to Will that he's not living there. "You told him about EJ?" Will blurts out. Sami covers by explaining that EJ is paying for William's apartment. Her son says she's leaving something out... he's been working for Elvis. Rafe thinks that's a mistake and then tells him how he messed up and betrayed Sami. Will gets riled up when he learns that his mom kicked Rafe out. Sami wants to talk to her son alone. When Rafe putters off, Will lectures his mom. She tells him Rafe kissed Carrie. "You had sex with the devil!" Will says, insisting nothing Rafe did could be as low as what she did. When Rafe returns, he keeps beating himself up about breaking Sami's heart. He tells her he won't give up on them. She asks him to go. Once he leaves, Will tears into his mom, telling her she's sick. He leaves with his box. Sami sits alone, reads Rafe's letter and gags. Johnny runs out to say a monster is after him and he needs Rafe's help. Meanwhile, Will joins Rafe at the pub. Rafe is starting to suspect more is going on than anyone is telling him.

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