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3rd Week of February Daily Summaries 

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February 13, 2012
She's Just Crazy.

Carrie and Austin are in the square. He thinks they should move back to Zurich, where there's lots of cocoa and people never argue. She entertains the idea. As they smooch, Abby walks by and spots them. Her heart nearly falls out. She runs off in tears and bumps into Mel. They hug and Abbby nearly hyperventilates as she explains her mystery man was kissing his wife. "He and I were so right together!" she cries. Mel asks if they slept together. Abby lies and says they did. They go bck to her place and she fills Mel in about how much he appreciates her. "I knew what he needed and I gave it to him," she says. When she lets his wife's name slip out, Mel puts things together. Abby explains her relationship with Austin and how she doesn't understand how he can hurt her like this. Mel gets them some gold sticker ice cream and tells her friend she shouldn't be alone. Abby cries, sits before the fire and moans that Autin doesn't want her. Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin finish inhaling each other and decide to head back to their room. They kiss a lot but it's too soon for her to go further.

At the office, Bo fills Roman in about the marriage muddle. They wonder what Alice must have had on Stefano. A cop knocks. They just arrested some dude on the most wanted list. He's brought in and Bo starts questioning him, even though he doesn't know what he was arrested for. Bo leaves him alone and chats with Roman about the charges. Roman hopes they can get him to roll over on his boss, Mr. Moroni. Bo returns and tells the guy that he'll be going away unless he rats on his boss for them. When he walks back out to Roman, he lets it slip that Rafe and Carrie aren't working together anymore. A call comes in telling them that the suspect will have to be cut loose because the victim has recanted. Bo has a fit.

Inside the pub, Will tells Rafe that his mom is just crazy. Rafe suspects there's more to it and thinks Will knows what it is. Will claims his mom is just lashing out about Carrie. Rafe beats himself up and moans about how Sami is the best thing that's ever happened to him. Will nearly gags and tells him he can't sweat small stuff with his mom. Rafe downs a beer and warns Will again about EJ. Will needs to get a permit so they head over to the station. Rafe informs Bo about not working with Carrie anymore. Rafe's light on the details but, after some pressure, tells him what happened. Meanwhile, Roman tells Will that Sonny applied for a business permit and says he can tell his friend to come to him if he has any problems with jerks. When they join the others, Roman hears about the Rafe and Carrie make out moment. Roman wants to re-arrange his face. Rafe says he will fix things and leaves.

Brady drops by Madison's and is surprised to find Ian there. He's even more surprised when he learns that Ian is her husband. Brady thinks this must be a joke. Madi shakes her head. Brady looks like he's being punched in the head as Ian babbles about being her loving husband. Brady demands that his girlfriend tell him what's going on. Ian has some questions too and demands to know if she has betrayed him. She stammers and offers to explain things to Brady. He guesses what Ian said was true and storms out. She wants to run after him but her husband stops her.



February 14, 2012
Backward Sex.

EJ and Nicole are making out in bed. She reminds him it's Valentine's Day. EJ starts kicking himself until she tells him it will also be the day that he becomes mayor. He gets up and gets her some flowers and jewels. When he tells her that looking for Prince Charming isn't so far fetched, she reminds him that they need to get to work. They head down to the square where some woman hands him a baby she named after him. Meanwhile, Will meets some dude in the square. They go around the corner and Will promises him protection if there is fallout from what they do. Will wanders over to Nicole and tells her he took care of her assignment. Moments later, Will corners Elvis and tells him that Sami knows that he knows their secret. EJ is not pleased and starts to growl. He thinks Will should have lied. Will promises that Nicole will never know the truth. He fills him in about the Rafe and Carrie mess and assures him all will be well. "For your sake, I hope so," says EJ. He runs back to his wife, who is looking a bit piqued after a call.

Abe and Lexi are at Jenn's talking about their plans for the day. After Lexi putters off, Jenn tells Abe that she can have the results adjusted so he will win. Apparently, the man doesn't want a town run by DiMeras. They just have to give him the word and it will be done. Lexi returns and they cover. Jenn declares there is no way Abe can lose. They head down to the square. Lexi talks to reporters about how amazing her husband is. Abe and Jenn wander off together to contemplate the offer to fix the election. He says that he can't compromise himself anymore.

At the penthouse, John puts a butterfly charm on Marlena's bracelet. They smooch and start yakking about Stefano. He promises that no one will tear them apart. She worries some more about Stefano but he assures her that all of this will soon be no more than an unpleasant memory. As he hugs her, he doesn't look so sure. John wants to make love. He kisses her but her lips aren't moving. John starts rambling about sleeping with Hope while he was brainwashed. His wife wonders if he still has unresolved feelings for Hope anyway. He refuses to admit there was anything real between them. He eats a croissant and they have what she calls 'backward sex'.

Chad finds Mel in the square and gives her a valentine. He thinks about her all the time. Abby walks over so Chad leaves them alone. Abby repeats that she's okay with her friend going out with Chad. She's just happy to have her best friend back. Chad returns. Abby forgives him and tells him not to mess things up with Mel. After she leaves, Mel and Chad kiss. They arrange their first date.

In their room, Austin wakes Carrie up with a rose. Donning a horrible French accent, he offers to spoil her and then runs off for croissants. Sami storms in and bitch slaps her. Carrie insist that she's not after Rafe but her sister thinks she's a 'home-wrecking slut'. Carrie insists that she is no threat to her marriage. Sami throws her into the wall, hits her and declares that she is just getting started. Her sister refuses to fight. Sami refuses to let her refuse to fight and demands that she confess that she plotted to go after her husband. They start comparing their past indiscretions. Carrie doesn't think her sister knows how to let go. "You are the most self-destructive person I've ever met," Carrie accuses. Sami calls her a whore and brings up Mike Horton.

Austin runs into Abby outside the pub and tells her they need to talk. He apologizes. She saw him kissing his wife. "I'm sorry?" he says, unsure if it was an apology or a question. She asks what's going on so he explains he's trying to fix his marriage. Abby doesn't get it. Being with him was the most wonderful night of her life. He doesn't want to lead her on and says she deserves to be with someone who will make her happy. She can't understand how he made love to her if he loves his wife. Abby quickly realizes he doesn't love her and feels stupid. Austin returns to his room to get between the sisters. He tells her they are putting the Rafe thing behind them. Carrie smirks. Sami grunts and keeps ranting. He tells her to leave. "Tell me to my face that you're not in love with my husband," she demands from Carrie.

February 15, 2012
Tell Me About This Idiot.

Jack runs into his daughter in the square and can see she's upset. She tells him a guy she goes to school with upset her. He starts digging for details and says the man will have to answer to him. She insists that she needs to take care of this herself. Jack still worries about how vulnerable she is. They talk about his relationship with Jenn, who was also his college intern. Abby claims that she's truly in love with her man but something is in the way. She changes the topic to say she made up with Mel and they are going ahead with the modeling.

At the hotel, Sami demands that her sister tell her and Austin how she really feels about Rafe. Carrie insists she's not in love with him. Sami rants and calls her names before telling Austin he's an idiot if he doesn't see what a bitch he's married to. She storms off. Austin tells his wife he will always be on her side. He's sure all of this will pass. They walk down to the square and run into Abby and Jack. Carrie can see Abby is upset. Austin wants to run but Carrie keeps them there. She starts hugging Abby to console her, which makes Austin really antsy. "Tell me about this idiot," Carrie tells the young woman.

Rafe walks into the pub. The children run away from Kayla and over to him to ask when he's coming home. He gives the kids some chocolates and then Kayla sends them off to decorate cookies. She gets Rafe to open up about what happened. "Oh boy," she says before admitting that she's seen the chemistry he shares with Carrie. He insists that Sami means the world to him. Sami stomps in. Kayla runs away. Rafe tells his wife how much he misses the kids. "Stop kissing my sister," she says before running out. He chases after her and apologizes repeatedly. She asks him if he has feelings for Carrie. When he says he loves his wife and his wife only, she doesn't think that's much of an answer. They run around in circles. She can't get the image of him kissing her sister out of her brain. She can't get past it... ever. Rafe refuses to leave her and reminds her of their vows. They start making out and then he walks away.

Kate is in her office ranting on the phone to one of her underlings. Ian creeps in. She leaps. He tells her she's looking beautiful. "You walked away from me," she says. She's not happy he's back. He keeps doling out compliments. "What the hell do you want?" she demands. Ian takes her hand and says life is too short for grudges. She claims she never holds them. He reminds her of their time in Paris. As she tells him how angry he made her, he smells her hair. "Nobody gets to me the way you do," he admits. He leans in for a kiss but she claims she's a devoted wife and even shows him the flowers Stefano sent. "I never thought you'd ever need a sugar daddy," he says. When she tries to slap him for that, he grabs her hand and kisses it. "You are such a bastard!" she spits. He thought she liked that and pulls her into his arms. She says he's as arrogant as ever so he urges her to hit him. "I never should have let you go," he says. He's staying in Salem. "It's not Paris, but it does have you," he adds.

Brady is at the mansion when Madison shows up. He doesn't want to talk to her but she wants to explain. She tells him it's very complicated. Brady's furious anyway. Madison never meant to hurt him and says she tried hard not to fall for him. This is all his fault for being so wonderful. He tells her to stop it. "Go to your husband and leave me alone," he says. She explains that she owes Ian her life. Brady feels like everything has been a lie. Madi cries that she doesn't want to lose him. "I don't know anything anymore!" he yelps, feeling like a fool. He orders her to leave and act like their relationship never happened. She begs him not to do this but he tells her to go.

February 16, 2012
Complete Scum.

In the square, Carrie is urging Abby to open up to her about all of her problems. Austin suggests she talk to someone her own age instead. The women don't stop talking. Jack tries to escort Austin away, but Abby asks Austin to stick around and listen. "Oh boy," Carrie says as Abby gushes about how she thought she met 'the one'. Austin looks around nervously and twiddles his thumbs. Abby feels stupid for falling in love with a man who only wanted one thing for her. "What an ass!" Carrie moans. "You can say that again," Austin groans. He says the guy probably didn't know he was leading her on. "The first time he kissed me, I could hardly breathe," Abby says. Austin keeps trying to rationalize the guy's behavior. "What am I supposed to do?" blurts Abby. Carrie gives her a pep talk, saying the guy must be 'complete scum' with a clueless girlfriend.

Across the square, Lexi encourages Abe to be optimistic. "C'mon," she says. He's antsy. She notices Jenn just went into the pub with some dude. Lexi loves her brother but wouldn't vote for him to be town dog catcher. In the pub, the dude asks Jenn if she wants him to make sure Abe wins. She tells him they don't want it fixed so he warns her that the exit polls don't look good. He leaves and she shrinks. Abe walks in and guesses the bad news from her face. She tries to put a positive spin on things until Lexi interrupts. She blubbers for a minute about her family. Abe leaves to take a relaxing drive while Jenn and Lexi walk outside. Lexi starts hyperventilating about the possibility of Abe losing. Jack rushes over and she runs off. He chats with Jenn about their daughter's romantic issues. Jenn is startled to hear that Carrie is listening to her daughter's problems. Jack thinks she needs a neutral ear. Abe and Lexi join them. Jenn gets the call and then declares that he won. He and Lexi hug. She says this proves that integrity works. When she putters away, the reporter who snuck him the questions comes over to congratulate Abe. After he leaves, Lexi has magically reappeared and heard everything. She confronts him. He whispers that he had no choice. This makes her furious. Jenn returns and says it's time for the victory speech. At the end of his speech, he calls Lexi up to the podium with him. The crowd cheers her on but she won't budge.

Over at Casa DiMera, the family sits around waiting for election returns. Nicole has been calling for info on the exit polls. Stefano thinks she should have just bought the election but Nicole says EJ didn't need that to win. Elvis is confident. His dad isn't. Nicole calls to check in with Will. Kate corners her and thanks her for giving Will a job. "You're a good influence on EJ as well," she adds. Nicole gets sarcastic. Kate claims she's just giving her her due. Nicole coughs out a compliment for her and then they head in different directions. Elvis sits down with his father to explain that this is only a first step for the family on the road to respectability. The call comes in for Nicole. "I'm so sorry EJ," she says. He can't believe it. He blinks wildly and starts stuttering. Stefano is smug and thinks they should have accepted his help. He rants about how his son squandered his family's name by putting it in the hands of 'some baby stealing bimbo' he's been sleeping with. "Maybe Abe can appoint you to the school board," Stefano snipes. EJ walks off. Kate stands up for her step-son but Stefano thinks his son is just a lapdog. Meanwhile, Nicole starts making calls to fix things. Elvis returns to his family to watch the acceptance speech on TV. Nicole follows. "It should have been us," EJ says. "It will be us. Sooner than you think," she assures him.

February 17, 2012
Leaving The Earthworms Behind.

Victor calls Madison over to the mansion. Brady walks in on them. Maggie shows Ian in. Brady isn't thrilled to see him, especially after he learns that Ian is Titan's new CEO. When Brady throws a 'tantrum' and tries to deck Ian, the new CEO whacks him with his walking stick and shoves him into the floor. Victor is baffled by this scene. Brady explains that Ian is Madison's husband. Victor isn't happy about this and rescinds his job offer. Ian tells him it's too late, whether he likes it or not. He's already signed the contract and is raring to get to work. Ian excuses himself. "What a jerk!" Maggie moans. She and Victor leave to call some lawyers. He beats himself up about not checking Ian out more thoroughly. He never would have done that before they got together. His wife doesn't like him saying that. Meanwhile, Brady refuses to talk to Madi. She talks anyway, apologizing for lying but insisting that she loves him.

At the penthouse, Marlena and John pack up for their trip. "Alamainia is not exactly romantic," he warns. Bo, Hope and Roman arrive. Hope is sure this will all be over soon but she's really upset about leaving Ciara and their earthworms behind. Bo hopes Stefano rots in hell for all of this. They head to the airport. Something is wrong with their visas. They instantly blame Stefano. John tries calling Viv for help but she won't take his call. Marlena goes off to call Nicolas and Hope starts flashing back to sucking face with John. The visa problem is suddenly solved so they can all board. Moments later, they're informed that only Hope and John have permission to go to Alamainia.

In the town square, the crowd cheers Lexi to join her husband on the podium. She runs away instead. Abe makes his speech anyway and then gets down to whisper to Jenn about what happened. He runs off to find his wife. He finds her outside the square sighing. Abe tries to explain. She accuses him of being just as dirty as her brother. He says he had to do something. She tries blaming Jenn but he won't allow it. Lexi says that the only thing that stopped her from being like her family was Abe. She walks away in tears. He chews his moustache.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole assures EJ that the nightmare of Abe winning will be over soon. They watch the news footage and wonder where Lexi was. Nicole tells her husband to wait until he makes his concession speech. He doesn't see the point in waiting and putters off. "Ai ai ai ai ai," Stefano groans. Nicole assures him she won't let EJ down. She runs off and Kate shares a loving moment with her husband before bringing up Alice's envelope. He wants to let sleeping dogs lie. She stares into the fire and thinks of Ian. He senses something is bothering her. Kate insists it has nothing to do with them. After giving him a kiss, she leaves, asking him not to wait up for her. Once she's gone, he takes out the envelope and finally opens it. "No, no... this can't be," he says as he reads it. He cries. Meanwhile, Kate runs into Ian in the square. He assumes she's been thinking about him. "You think enough about yourself enough for both of us," she shoots back. They start kissing.

Nicole chases EJ down to the square and asks him to give her time to fix things. He just wants to get this over with. Jenn comes over to gloat about him being a loser. Elvis walks away so Jenn badgers Nicole until she gets a call and smugly walks off. A call comes in for Jenn. "You have got to be kidding me!" she blurts out. Meanwhile, EJ corners his sister and guesses something is wrong. He offers his congratulations anyway. Abe joins them and EJ tries congratulating him until Nicole runs over to say there were voting irregularities so there will have to be a recount. Jenn runs over and drags her candidate away. She explains there was evidence of ballot tampering and assumes they were set up. Roman arrives with some election officials to say it was rigged. The officials take EJ away to talk and Roman tells Abe he knows he would never do anything wrong. Lexi shows up, and she's a lot less convinced. She spills to Roman about her husband's double dealing with the debate. "I don't know what happened to the man I love," she cries, running away. Roman tells his friend they need to go to the station. Across the square, Nicole tells EJ that she's taken care of everything. They hug.

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