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4th Week of February Daily Summaries 

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February 20, 2012
It's Too Late

EJ and Nicole rush home and find that his father and Kate are gone. She starts congratulating him for winning but he's not ready to celebrate quite yet. They make out anyway. He can't get over the fact that there is suspicion on Abe. "How did you fix this?" he asks. She shakes her head and doesn't want to talk about that. A call comes in making his victory official. He picks her up and spins her around, thanking her for believing in him. EJ wants to call Lexi but Nicole says that's a bad idea at the moment. They're sure that Abe's fall will lead to Lexi returning to the family fold. He runs upstairs to work on his acceptance speech. She gets pensive and makes a call before going upstairs to leap into bed with her husband. He pours champagne and toasts to her. After sex, he falls asleep and she slips away to make a call. "We both know the truth and need to talk," she tells someone on the phone.

Kate and Ian are kissing outside the square. She slaps him off and reminds him she's married. He's sure she feels the same way he does. They start making out again. This time he pulls away so she'll be left wanting more. She accuses him of just being a seducer but he says no other woman has made him feel the way she does. Letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life. Kate thinks this is just an act and tells him to find some naive woman to try it on with. He's sure she will remember how well they 'fit' together and walks off. She's exasperated. When she gets back to Casa DiMera, she finds a note from her husband. It says that he's leaving for awhile but explains nothing.

At her place, Madison digs out her wedding ring and puts it on her finger as she thinks of Brady. He appears at the door. He sees the ring and demands the whole truth. She explains that she met Ian when she was in college and trying to get her company off the ground. He quickly swept her off her feet and helped her build MadWorld. She claims that Ian never loved her. Ian seemed like Mr. Wonderful but was really cold and controlling. He had lots of other women. There was one he put above all the rest: Kate. Seeing how intimidated she still is by Ian, Brady gets confused. They argue and she insists that she still owes Ian. Although she kept trying to push Brady away, he wouldn't go and she fell for him. She apologizes profusely and insists that she despises her husband. Brady can't understand why she is still married. Ian walks in and explains that she's tried to end the marriage, but he won't let that happen. "Divorce is not an option," he says.

At home, Abe finds Lexi packing and asks her not to go. He insists that he did not fix the election. She doesn't want to listen to his excuses. Lexi admits that most of their problems have been her fault but the trust they've developed amounts to no more than words. He says that he loves the town and couldn't stand idly by for EJ to take over. When he talks about making sacrifices for the greater good, she gags. She says that he's not the same man anymore and no one will look up to him from now on. Jenn calls to inform him that EJ won. Abe goes back to begging his wife not to leave. "It's too late," she says. He thinks they should be bigger than this. She's not. She feels like a fool. Abe says that this is all going too fast and they need to slow things down. Lexi won't change her mind. "I'm taking Theo," she announces. He begs her to stay once again. Since she refuses, he offers to leave so their son's life won't be disrupted.



February 21, 2012
Mommy Dearest.

Jenn is on the phone doing damage control from home. Jack walks in and she yelps when he startles her. He has something important to talk about. Abby rears her head. "I hate fighting!" she blurts out. She starts talking about modelling, which doesn't make her mom happy. Jack tries to referee. Jenn makes her case against it. Abby makes her case for it and asks her mom to trust her. Jenn still finds it hard to believe her little girl has grown up. She gives her daughter a hug and agrees to support her. They all agree to have dinner and Abby runs off. Her parents talk about how great she is. "Sometimes I wonder what we did without you," Jenn tells Jack, adding that he really has changed for the better. He thinks he's the same jerk he's always been but she insists that he's become more mature. All of these compliments confuse him. She's realized again that she loves him. Throwing her arms around him, she declares that she wants them to be a family again. He doesn't know what to say. He's afraid that he will hurt her again and can't risk putting her through that. "It's better that we're separated," he says, explaining that he is doing this because he loves her. They kiss and he runs out.

Marlena drops by the loft to see Sami. Eventually, her daughter lets her in. Rafe walks in, wanting to take the kids to school. They're already gone. Things are awkward. Marlena tells her daughter to talk to Rafe. Sami doesn't like her swanning in to dole out advice. The shrink lectures them about how good they are together. Sami orders her out but her mom won't budge. Rafe says he is the one who has to make things right. After he leaves, Sami challenges her mom to blame her for everything. Marlena squints and then taunts her. Sami starts to shake and accuses her 'mommy dearest' of teaching her how to tear a marriage apart. Marlena can't believe they're having this conversation again. "It's about time you grew up," she tells her daughter, explaining that hurting Rafe is hurting the children. Sami wishes her mom would defend her for once and claims she never hurts her children. Her mom keeps lecturing her about Rafe and accuses her daughter of repeating her mistakes. Sami claims she would never do that so her mom points out she has already done it to Will. "You tell me what you know," Sami demands.

Austin returns to his room after his jog. Carrie has been up all night working on the divorce case. Her husband thinks she is avoiding him and wishes she would make an effort. He wants them to leave for Zurich but she won't leave town. Austin ends up agreeing to do whatever she wants and is eager to go away for a romantic weekend. She goes over to the office. Rafe is there packing up his things. She offers to leave but he asks her to stick around. He promises to keep his lips to himself. They complain about the office and then discuss the divorce case. After awhile, he looks for an excuse to leave because he enjoys being around her too much.

Abby goes to Austin's office to meet him. He says that what happened was a mistake and he's sorry. She's not sorry. He loves his wife and tells Abby bluntly that there can never be anything between them. He offers to get her a new work-study position. She wonders if he'll do that by telling people that she's 'easy'. She accuses him of lying to her about everything and tells him that he needs to confess to Carrie...  today.

February 22, 2012
I Know Exactly How That Feels.

At the loft, Sami barks at her mom to tell her what Will told her or get out. Will arrives and is giddy to see his mom being lectured. Marlena thinks they need to speak alone. Will smiles and admits that he told the shrink everything. "What did I do to deserve this?" Sami complains. "I think I've got a list somewhere," Will jokes. Sami thinks her mom must be loving this. The shrink isn't. Sami bellows but her mom doesn't think that will fix anything. "Seriously, tell me I'm adopted," Will snipes. Marlena stops his stream of Sami trashing and asks her daughter to simply let her help. Sami cries and explains herself. Her mom understands that she was just trying to avoid facing her grief by having sex with EJ. Sami tells Will she wishes she could fix this. Her mom promises that things will be alright and they hug. Marlena says it's time to tell Rafe everything. She's sure he will forgive her. Sami is sure Rafe will run off with Carrie. She tries to make them promise to keep her secret. They won't do that so she lashes out at them. "I can't change who I am. I can't change that I'm selfish. But that comes from having a mother who only thinks of herself," says Sami. "I know exactly how that feels," Will adds.

At the mansion, Brady asks Victor what he is going to do about Ian, who strolls in on cue. Everyone narrows their eyes. Ian gives Maggie some shortbread and compliments her lemon squares. Victor and Brady gang up on him. Ian insists he only wants to run their company successfully and claims he's just there to mend fences. Brady gags. Victor looks over Ian's new business proposals. He's impressed. Brady squints up a storm. "You cannot lose what you never had," Ian whispers to him as he leaves. Maggie and Victor listen to Brady vent about Madison. He just can't trust her anymore. Maggie is sure that Brady is really the man in her heart. When he walks off, Maggie starts aggressively cleaning. Her husband guesses he hurt her feelings. Victor claims she's the best thing that's ever happened to him, even if that means he's not the most attentive businessman anymore. "That's just business, you are the love of my life," he says. They kiss.

Madison is sanitizing her hands at the spa as she chats with Quinn. Kate stomps in and she's miffed that Madison's products are on display. With some prompting, Quinn explains things bluntly. He is partnering with MadWorld now and reminds Kate they had nothing in writing. When he leaves the ladies alone, they level insults at each other. Kate thinks she must have a personal vendetta. Ian wanders in and kisses his wife. Kate nearly falls over. Quinn eavesdrops as Kate accuses Madi of being unable to handle the fact that she had Ian's heart. Kate says that men like her, but Madison hasn't been able to satisfy Ian or Brady so she'll always be a loser. After some more barbs, Kate leaves.

"I hope you're not breaking my heart for nothing," Abby tells Austin in his office. She thinks he needs to tell his wife about everything that happened between them. She also thinks they should tell Carrie today. When he tells her this has to stay between them, Carrie walks in. Austin covers, in spite of all of Abby's strange remarks. Abby complains about the jerk who jerked her around. Austin looks really uncomfortable. The women continue their talk. Later, Abby runs into Quinn in the square. He offers to listen to her guy troubles. She spots Austin and Carrie across the square so she takes the Aussie's hand. He tells her that the spa is going international so he will be leaving town. He only hopes he can convince Taylor to join him on his travels. Austin is watching all of this and get antsy. He sends his wife away. Once Quinn leaves, Austin confronts Abby for flirting with him. He warns her that Quinn is bad news but she says it's none of his business.

February 23, 2012
Dude, I'm Sorry.

Over at the loft, Marlena admits to her daughter that she was selfish for what she did in the past. She urges her daughter to come clean with Rafe so they can move on. Will has to go and see Sonny. "Don't let Mom hurt you," he warns Marlena as he goes. Sami accuses her mom of using her closeness with Will against her. She thinks she wants to be a mother to him since she never was one to her. Marlena ignores this and recycles her previous lines before walking out.

Rafe drops by the penthouse to tell John, Bo and Hope that the Alamainians still won't issue visas for Marlena and Bo. John is sure Stefano is behind this. They pace around. Bo's been thinking of breaking into Casa DiMera to find Stefano's envelope. They all hope he's miserable. Marlena joins them and Bo worries that they are heading for a trap. Hope says that this is the only way. Besides, they always win when they go up against Stefano. John thinks they should leave tonight. Marlena is afraid but John assures her this will be over soon and they can have another wedding. Bo isn't comfortable with any of this but Fancyface has absolute faith in them. As John and Hope leave, they agree that this won't actually be easy.

Will meets Sonny at the pub to get his notes for school. He tells his friend that he's been going through some family stuff. Sonny urges him to open up about his problems. Will can't talk to anyone about it because it could ruin his family. Sonny thinks he's talking about coming out so his friend explains it's actually his mom's secret. After some more prodding, Will tells him what happened. As he explains, Rafe walks in and overhears that Sami had sex with EJ. "Dude, I'm sorry," Sonny says to Will before suggesting they go out and party. They head over to the square to see some of Sonny's friends and start eyeing up the men. Neil walks over and asks Will to be his beer pong partner. After he has a few drinks with Neil, he stumbles back to his friends. Sonny thinks he should take a break. Will heads for the bathroom. Neil follows him. They make out. Sonny walks by and watches them uneasily.

Rafe bangs on the door of the loft. As soon as Sami opens up, he confronts her and wonders if she still loves EJ. "I was just so upset," she says, claiming it was the worst mistake of her life. He says she's destroyed the family. She's been lying right to his face for months. Even more disturbing is the fact that she's good at it. She throws what he did with Carrie back in his face. "You gotta be kidding me?" he shoots back. She suggests that they work through their mistakes. He thinks that could have happened if she'd come to him sooner, but now it's too late. When she accuses him of breaking up the family, he forbids her from putting that on him. She says she loves him. "You're not capable of real love," he says, storming out.

Elvis and Nicole return home form his victory press conference. He leads her into the main room and shows that he has dinner ready for her. EJ reminds her that it's their anniversary. He thanks her for all of her hard work. She wonders where Stefano has been. He'd rather talk about them and she starts talking about how much she wants to be a princess. He still wants her to be his publicist. They drink champagne and make out by candle light. She marvels about how great things are and declares that she will rip up the divorce papers she made him sign. He has a surprise for her first. EJ gets a ring and drops on his knee. Even if they are already married, he wants to officially re-commit to her. He wants to try to be her white knight so she can feel safe and loved. She agrees to be his wife with all of her heart. "We're going to get it right this time," he promises. As they kiss, Rafe starts knocking on the door.


February 24, 2012
We Were A Mistake.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole agrees to be EJ's wife. He promises they will get it right this time. As they kiss, Rafe starts banging on the door. Sami runs up to stop him. He runs around to the back door and bursts in. The women yelp as he pummels Elvis into the floor. Once the men are split up, Nicole threatens to call the police. EJ says no and Rafe explains that her husband had sex with his wife. Nicole needs some clarification. Elvis doesn't deny it. His wife is crushed and slaps him when he tries to explain. Rafe gets to do the explaining. Sami and EJ claim it was just a mistake. "No, we were a mistake," Nicole tells EJ. Sami tries to leave but Nicole won't allow it. EJ claims it was like an 'out of body experience'. His wife thinks this just proves he has feelings for Sami. EJ thinks that's ridiculous. Rafe declares that he's done with Sami and Nicole tells Elvis that he threw away everything they had. Elvis pleads for a fresh start. Sami tries asking Rafe for that. Nicole pulls off her ring. "I hate you," she whimpers at EJ as she runs out. Rafe accuses Sami of being self-destructive. She insists that what happened meant nothing. "It meant something to me!" Rafe says. He shoves EJ and threatens him. Sami gets between them. Rafe declares that neither of them are worth the trouble and walks out. Sami tells EJ they have to fix this. He says they are not a team and tells her to get out. They yell in each others' faces and he demands to know if Will told Rafe. She runs. Meanwhile, Nicole sits in the square when a man comes up and surprises her. "What are you doing here?" she asks.

John is nervous as he sits at the airport. Hope assures him things will be okay and they need to stay positive. Some dude stares at them. She eats a bag of candy until a stewardess shows up to say they will be boarding soon. As Hope eats a bag of chocolate, she and John discuss how chaotic Alamainia is. Eventually, they board the plane. She trips over him on the way and falls into his arms. This makes things awkward. The dude watches them.

Carrie stops by the penthouse to tell Bo and Marlena that there is nothing new to say. Marlena moans that Stefano is trying to ruin her life. She's afraid he wants to turn John and Hope back into the pawn and the princess. Bo and Carrie point out that Stefano didn't have enough time to plan any of this. They head over to the pub. He asks her about the mess with Rafe. She tells 'Uncle Bo' it's none of his business and throws the Carly affair in his face. He tells her that he's had feelings that destroyed his marriage too and just doesn't want her to make the mistakes he has. She opens up, explaining her situation with Rafe. He thinks she needs to take an honest look at the situation and figure out what she wants. Bo wonders if a relationship with Rafe is worth everything it would cost her.

Will and Neil are making out at the square. Sonny spots them. Will suddenly pushes Neil away and runs. Sonny chases after his friend. Will claims that never would have happened if he hadn't had so much to drink. Sonny doesn't think it happened because of the booze. Will is in denial but his friend knows what he's going through. Will runs off to Marlena's. He's shaking, pacing and confused. She holds him as he cries. When they sit down, he explains what happened at the party. He's surprised when she's not surprised about him kissing a guy. Her heart goes out to him and she admits she's suspected he's been dealing with this for a long time but knew he had to figure it out on his own. Will can't remember the last time he was happy but she promises he will find happiness again. "Do you think that I'm gay?" he asks. She says this isn't about what she thinks but what he knows. Sami barges in to yell at her mom, accusing her of telling Rafe about EJ.

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