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5th Week of February Daily Summaries 

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February 27, 2012
The Parent In This Relationship.

Rafe runs into Carrie at the office. He tells her that Sami proved that she despises EJ enough to have sex with him. Their marriage was all one big lie. He wonders if he failed her but Carrie assures him that none of this was his fault. She also tells him that her sister must have treated him so roughly because of her guilt. He thinks she's being incredibly generous. Carrie leads him out to the pub for chowder. As he spoons it down, she tells him that marriages are tough and then regales him with the tale of Victor and Caroline. She urges him not to walk away from his commitment. He's not convinced. The topic turns to her relationship with Austin and she awkwardly says she's working on it. As they leave, he admits that he will probably not be able to trust Sami again.

Sami shows up at the penthouse and confronts Marlena and Will, demanding to know who filled Rafe in. They both plead innocent. She blames her mother for all of this and tells her she's hurting everyone. Sami rails about how she keeps ruining her life. Will points out that she had sex with EJ on her own and she needs to stop blaming other people for her mistakes. Sami keeps ranting about how her mom destroyed her family. "For once in your life, please stop talking," Marlena tells her daughter. She urges Will to finish what he was saying before they were interrupted. He can't talk with his mom around and leaves. Sami keeps complaining. Her mom tells her to be there for her son for once. "For years, Will has been the parent in this relationship...  maybe now you can be the parent he deserves," the shrink says. Sami moans more. Her mom asks her if she's ever noticed 'signs' from Will. Sami is clueless. Marlena tells her he needs his mom right now. Sami turns the topic back to herself. She grunts about losing Rafe. Her mom is sorry about that, but if it happens, it's her fault. Marlena tells her again to take responsibility for her life. Sami refuses to listen to her anymore and storms out.

Sonny finds Will in the square. Will tells his friend that his grandma took his news well but their conversation was cut short by his 'lunatic' mother. "I have no family anymore," Will says. Changing gears, Will tells him that he's not gay just because he kissed a guy. Sonny though he'd figured more out but Will is still confused. He's been fighting his feelings for so long... "I have no idea what to do," he admits. Will can't stand the thought of his family rejecting him. His friend tries to be optimistic but Will is still afraid of losing his messed up family. Sonny promises that things will get easier, but first he needs to accept the truth for himself. He tries convincing him of this with some Oscar Wilde quotes. Will is still skeptical but Sonny promises to be there to help him.

Daniel startles Nicole in the square. He senses something is wrong and offers to listen to her problems. Nic doesn't take him up on it. When she tries to stand up, she collapses. He takes her to the hospital. She wakes up and he explains that he's running some tests. The doctor thinks he should call someone but she insists on taking care of herself. Daniel urges her to vent to him. "It's the same old stupid story," she explains, relating her latest relationship woes with Elvis. He made her fall in love with her and then cheated on her with Sami. She feels like she deserved that for being dumb enough to let him back into her life. As she becomes distraught and cries about how much she hates EJ, the doctor holds her. He knows what she's going through and thinks it was very brave of her to opening herself up again. When he offers to call Brady for her, she repeats that she's on her own from now on. After he leaves, she weeps. Later, the doctor returns and informs her that she's pregnant.



February 28, 2012
Sorry Doesn't Cut It.

Ian stops in to see his wife in her room. Madison is distraught. He wants to help talk out her problems and tells her how much he cares about her. She's still annoyed that he didn't let her take the job at Titan and accuses him of stabbing her in the back. He thinks she's really wrought up about something more personal. She asks him to let her go. "I don't feel like a wife, I feel like an acquisition," she explains. She's grateful for the things he's done for her but she's changed and wants different things. He assumes this is about Brady. She explains that he's her soulmate. Ian felt that way about her once. She thinks she's about to get what she wants, but she's wrong. He's not about to let her go. He announces that they are going out so she needs to stop looking like a 'hot mess'.

Jenn is with Abe while he drowns his sorrows at the pub. Bo strolls in. Kayla asks him to try and get through to Abe. Bo takes over from Jenn. EJ is outside, calling his minions to track down Nicole. He calls her to leave an apology. When he walks into the pub, he barges past Kayla to talk to Bo. Abe starts barking at him and the cop holds him back. Kayla asks EJ to go. As he leaves, he tells Abe that he's happy Lexi dumped him. Jenn starts pacing and blaming herself. She gets a text and runs off. Bo tries giving his old friend advice and suggests that he start doing damage control. Abe admits that he fixed the debate. That makes the cop chuckle. His friend feels like crap though and he's sure that Lexi will never forgive him. The topic turns to Hope leaving for Alamainia. Kayla reminds her brother that being mayor will keep EJ between a rock and a hard place. Bo tells Abe that he has plans to protect the citizens of Salem from their new mayor.

At the hospital, Nicole is shocked when Daniel informs her that she is pregnant. She is sure the test results must be wrong. He offers to run them again. Nicole explains that she learned what true sadness was when she lost her baby and she ruined many lives when she went mad with grief. She doesn't want to go through all of that again, even if she wants a baby more than anything in the world. The doctor asks her to relax while he checks the results again. As soon as he leaves, EJ shows up and demands to know if she's okay. "I'm here because of what you did to me," she says. He's sorry. "Sorry doesn't cut it," she says. They both know that he has no love for Sami, but she still can't forgive him and wants nothing to do with him. He begs for a chance to make amends but she refuses. He's till determined to prove that what happened with Sami was meaningless. EJ insists that they are meant to be and all of their problems are in the past. Nicole repeats that she doesn't want to be part of his world.

Jenn shows up at the hospital and waits for Daniel in his office. When he walks in, she wonders why he never called her. He claims he didn't have a chance, although he has called Mel and Maggie. Jenn feels like he's been avoiding her. They sit down and she tells him that Jack decided they aren't good for each other after all. "Some people are, some people aren't," he philosophizes before announcing he has to get back to work. They share an awkward hug. He returns to Nicole's room. "I have your test results," he declares. EJ pricks up his ears. Nicole tells her husband that this is none of his business and orders him out. Eventually, EJ leaves and Daniel tells Nicole that she really is pregnant. She cries.

February 29, 2012
Lobster Cobb Salad.

Brady opens his door and finds Madison on his doorstep. He tries to get rid of her but she keeps talking. She still loves him and is sure he loves her too. Madison has already asked for a divorce. Brady asks her to get out again. She keeps talking, wondering how he can walk away from their shared loved of "The Big Lebowski" and Christmas trees. The only thing stopping them from being together is him. She thinks they can be happy without being married. He refuses to acknowledge this. After his screwed up marriage to Chloe, he promised himself that his next marriage would be done right. He doesn't believe she can love him enough to trust him. She leaves in tears.

Will meets his mom in the square. She tries making small talk and asks how he is. "You can tell me anything," she says before she rambles. She hopes they can get past what's happened between them. "I just want to be your mom again," she says. He doesn't know why she's suddenly interested in him. Sami knows how he feels right now, that's why. Will admits that he's confused about his feelings and his life sucks. His mom tells him he's strong like his dad. He doesn't know what else to say but thanks her. The thaw doesn't last because she quickly starts talking about herself again. He tries to walk away but she begs him to keep talking. That's not going to work. "I almost feel sorry for you," he says, explaining that she wastes all of her energy trying to look perfect and has none left to actually do anything about it.

Kate paces Casa DiMera and wonders where her husband is. The doorbell rings. Mary's not around so Kate answers. It's Ian. She wants to slam the door on him but he gets his foot in. "Katie," he purrs. She thinks he wants trouble but he actually has information... about Sami. He explains that Sami has been spying for Madison. Kate's in denial. Ian says the partnership is done but Kate still refuses to think Sami has bettered her. He hopes she won't let them get away with this. Kate wonders what's in him for all of this. Ian claims he just likes to keep people on his toes. She starts quizzing him about Madison. After he departs, she calls Sami over. Kate notices she's been crying and explains that they have a big problem. She's been told that there is a spy at CW. Sami acts dumbfounded. Kate claims that Sami is the only person she can trust and wants her to keep her eyes open. Sami starts looking nervous when her boss mentions going to the police. As soon as Sami leaves, she calls Lucas to say she's in trouble. Meanwhile, Will bumps into Ian in the square. Ian knows who he is. He's sure they'll get to know each other quite well and then happily strolls away.

In Alamainia, John walks in on a topless Hope. It turns out that there was only one hotel room in the whole country and they have to share it. They're sure Stefano was behind this. She's eager to get to the courthouse. They head over, are forced to hand over their passports to a bureaucrat and then go out to a pub. John's frazzled but she's optimistic. Someone watches them. They're stuck there for two weeks. John doesn't know how to kill the time. She reminds him she had a different personality the last time they were there. He's been having deja vu and reminds her that Gina likes lobster cobb salad. John chats to the waiter, who remembers them. Things are starting to come back to her too. She goes outside to make a call. Agents Spencer and Walsh are sitting behind John. They start chatting over their shoulders. John is still working for the ISA. The agents hint that what's going on doesn't just involve Stefano. John wants answers. They promise to fill him in later. Spencer warns him to watch his back. Hope returns to collect John. Once they leave, agent Spencer follows. Suddenly, someone walks up to agent Walsh and plunges a hypodermic needle into his chest. He croaks face first on his tomato sandwich.

March 1, 2012
I Really, Really, Really Hate You.

Hope and John go back to their room. She thinks they should go out for dinner to kill time. Suddenly, she spots a brochure and memories flood back. He seems to be enjoying this more than her but insists that whatever happened between them before was not of their own free will. John thinks they need to talk this out. Hope doesn't want to do that but he thinks they need to face this head on. Abruptly, he decides to give her some space. She guesses he's up to something and wonders why he's so fidgety. He confesses he's still working for the ISA so she insists on going along to his meeting. They head down to the cafe and open it with the old spare key. She shivers with flashbacks. He tells her the memories are meaningless. When he turns around, he's startled by who walks in. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asks.

Nicole is in her hotel room getting another positive result from a pregnancy test. Daniel shows up to check on her. She curses EJ and Sami for ruining her miracle. He tries to calm her down and tells her she needs to eat for two people. The doctor urges her to ponder her options. She insists on having the baby, regardless of it being EJ's. He suggests she tell her husband about her situation but she refuses. Daniel tells her to think this through some more. It's impossible to keep something like this a secret. She wonders if she should leave town for a 'mental health break'. The doctor tells her she needs to take it easy for the baby. Nicole wants him to help keep the baby a secret. He's reluctant but agrees to help her with her pregnancy. "I swear you've just saved this baby's life," she says, hugging him.

Rafe is cleaning up at the office. He stares at his wedding photo and drops it in the trash. Sami shows up. He doesn't want to talk but she needs help. She's going to be working out of town and needs a babysitter. "You miss the kids, don't you?" she asks, admitting that she hasn't bothered asking anyone else for this favor. He agrees to help out but rejects her offer to stay at the loft. Pacing, she tells him how hard this has been for her and wonders if they have a future. Sami apologizes for everything. He thinks they just need to move on but she can't accept that she's lost him. Rafe could have forgiven her for sleeping with EJ, but she lied to him over and over again and that was too much. Sami claims that she was just trying to protect her family and begs for another chance. "I'm sorry," he says, walking out.

EJ corners his sister in the square. She doesn't want to talk but that doesn't stop him. Lexi accuses him of driving Abe to betray his principles. He trashes Abraham. "He's still my husband," she says. He changes the topic to his new health care plan. Elvis wants her to be city health commissioner and promises her all the resources she wants. She thinks he's just trying to stick it to Abe but agrees to think about this. EJ tells her she's not the only one who has lost something; he's lost his wife and could really use his sister right now. "We'll see," she says before walking off. When he turns around, he notices Sami moping. She tells him to go to hell. They rehash their screw-up and he tells her he's lost the only person who ever loved him for who he is. Sami doesn't care and says Nicole is a 'stupid cow' who will go back to him. "You are a selfish little bitch," he groans. They trade insults. He thinks that the karma coming to her will destroy her. EJ has no compassion for her and thinks his children could do a lot better than her. He says she's long overdue for some punishment for shooting him. "I really, really, really hate you!" she grunts. Meanwhile, Rafe joins Lexi at the pub. They talk about their broken marriages. He knows how harsh life can be.


March 2, 2012
What Are The Odds?

Sami storms into the loft grumbling to herself about work. When she opens the door, Lucas is standing there. "You're in Hong Kong," she says, confused. He reminds her that she called him about her imploding life. She hugs him. He wants an explanation about why she had sex with EJ. She asks him why he used to drink. Lucas admits it was because he wanted to self-destruct. She says that was the same reason she had sex with EJ. They discuss their son's latest behavior. He assumes that Will will open up to him. They sit down and he questions how she has been handling things with Rafe. Sami claims she can only fight so many losing battles at once. He tries giving her a pep talk but that just annoys her. She rants at him and tells him to get lost. Once she stops talking, he tells her that they have work to do. He insists that he's just there to help her because he will always love her. They hug.

Abby is in Austin's office hunting down where he ran off to. Meanwhile, some flowers are delivered to the spa. There's no name on them but Gabi signs for them and sees they are from Chad. He strolls in. Mel shows up and guesses they are actually for her. She kisses Chad. Gabi watches, disappointed. They explain that they are a couple now. When they walk off, she smashes the flowers and curses herself for being too nice. Mel and Chad return and she claims it was a karate lesson mishap. Abby strolls in and asks Mel to head up north with her to the ski lodge. She invites Chad to come along but he thinks that would be a little weird. Mel and Abby run off to check on reservations. Gabi advises Chad not to be an idiot. Moments later, he tells Mel he's not going. After the two friends leave, Chad thanks Gabi for her advice. She asks him if she can practice her massage techniques on him. He'd be glad to let her use her 'magic hands' on him. She gets his shirt off and starts working him over.

Carrie and Austin arrive at the ski lodge. She's annoyed that he made her pack her snorkeling gear. They talk about scarves and then reminisce about how they made love there for the first time. She's impressed that he arranged all of this when she is the one who screwed up. They go skiing. When they get back to the lodge, she's eager to get back to their bedroom. They head up. After some scarf play, the easy listening music comes on and the clothes come off. Downstairs, Abby and Mel arrive. As they get their skis, Austin and Carrie wander by. "We all ended up at the same place! What are the odds?" Abby asks. Austin narrows his eyes.

Brady stumbles out of the pub, distracted by thoughts of Madison. He heads to her place to see her. She assumes he's there to lecture her again but he's not. Brady tells her how much she hurt him, but he knows that's only because of how much he loves her. Losing her would hurt him even more than what's happened. He's done with being angry. "I need you," he says. They kiss and he assures her this is for keeps. She warns him that getting Ian out of her life won't be as easy as it sounds. She's afraid of what Ian might do to them. Brady insists that he can take care of this but she will have to give up something that she loves: MadWorld. Madison loves Brady more than her company. They leap into bed.

In Alamainia, Hope is disoriented by her flashbacks. John assures her that this is all meaningless. She knows, but it doesn't feel that way to her. Suddenly, Stefano shows up. He smirks. They arch their eyebrows. He makes light of the situation and assures them that whoever they are waiting for should be along eventually. After making a lot of vague comments, he walks off chuckling. John and Hope ponder their next move. He tries calling his ISA contact but has no luck. They head back to the hotel and find Agent Walsh's corpse in their room.

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