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1st Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 2, 2012





January 3, 2012
My Sins Have Come Full Circle.


Brady and Madison are at the mansion flirting. She’s trying to work and complains about having to hire a replacement for Sami. When she says she’s going to push back the release of the men’s line, he forbids it because it would mess up all the cross promotions. They bicker and she refuses to bow to him. She accuses him of being extra hard on her because they are dating but he insists he’s just being fair. “Maybe we shouldn’t be sleeping together,” she suggests before backing down. They decide to try to make things work by compromise and plan things out. He starts to worry that Sami might betray them but then dismisses that, confident she would never do anything so stupid. They make out. Read the rest of this entry on the SOF Blog »


January 4, 2012

Austin and Rafe tease Carrie as she fusses over the plants in her new office. She sends Rafe away and then hugs her husband. He makes some snarky remarks about her new business. This ruffles her feathers so he assures her she has his support. They get lovey-dovey. Rafe and Tilley walk in. “I’m desperate!” bellows the animal print wearing woman. The love of her life has gone missing and he has an eye for the ladies. “I guess I love him more than I hate his bad habits,” she says, asking them to pick him up and bring her ‘snugglebunny’ home. Finally, she explains that she’s looking for her cat and gives them some pictures and five bucks. After she leaves, they chuckle and go out to search for the cat. Rafe finds him under the clam delivery truck. The cat escapes. As they return to the office, they worry about what this will do to their reputation. Tilley calls and thanks her and ‘Ruff’ for sending her cat home. He showed up on her doorstep. Carrie and Rafe bump knuckles. Read the rest of this entry on the SOF Blog »


January 5, 2012
A Kick In The Face.

At the spa, Quinn is teaching Mel and Gabi how to kick. When Chad walks in and drops his keys, Mel accidentally kicks him in the face. Once they wake him up, the apologies and flirting flow. He explains that he and Abby broke up. Gabi is gobsmacked. When Quinn takes her away for a second, Mel and Chad continue to flirt and insist they are just friends. Gabi returns and the three of them head to the pub. The girls are left alone for a minute and Gabi asks Mel if she thinks Abby would mind if she asked Chad out. Mel puffs out her cheeks. Quinn and Chad join them. Mel gets uncomfortable as Gabi flirts with Chad and Chad gets uncomfortable as Quinn flirts with Mel. Read the rest of this entry on the SOF Blog »

January 6, 2012

Kate visits Sami in her office and tells her that they have to get used to bending the rules. She gives Sami the night off. Sami’s baffled and her boss tells her it’s okay to spend her time looking at screensavers of her kids. Meanwhile, Will returns to the loft where Rafe is making a stir fry, including one without carrots for Will. He tells Will that Sami’s late nights will only be temporary, “I hope not. It’s so much better when she’s out of the house,” Will says. Rafe tells him to stop pouting. Will doesn’t want Sami to ruin Rafe’s life like she has with every other guy she’s been with. Rafe claims that things are all good. Sami shows up. Smooches. Will looks nauseous. The small talk begins. Will escapes. Sami doesn’t understand what’s going on so she relates an irrelevant story about how much Will likes the pink play money in Monopoly. They eat and she kisses him. He points out that she’s been overly affectionate lately. She claims that since she nearly lost Johnny, she’s realized how much she loves him. Sami talks about how much she likes her new job and how everything will work out. After he does the dishes, she leaps on top of him and he carries her into the bedroom. Read the rest of this entry on SOF »


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