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2nd Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 9, 2012
Will Hurts EJ's Feelings.


At Casa DiMera, EJ feigns ignorance of what Will is talking about. Will wants money to keep his secret and explains that he saw him having sex with Sami. He points out that this could cause a scandal that would lead him to losing his election and Rafe killing him. Will has a drink and repeats his threat. Elvis has a cigar and starts asking questions. EJ sarcastically compliments him and then reminds him that he knows one of his secrets. "I've always seen a little of myself in you," says EJ. He keeps talking around the issue and then tells Will that he can send him to prison. Will claims to be clueless. "That hurts my feelings," EJ says, claiming it was one of the most important moments in his life. Before Will can leave, EJ reminds him that he tried to kill him and Lucas took the blame. Will accuses him of being delusional. They keeping poking at each other. Will wishes he'd killed him and will aim higher next time. Elvis keeps pushing and threatens to reveal more of his secrets. "Prison isn't a very nice place, especially for a man of your... disposition," EJ muses. Will backs down. Elvis doesn't forgive him and needs to teach him a lesson. He plans to keep him close, as his special minion. "Welcome to your worst nightmare, William. I own you," EJ states.

Jack walks into the square and spots Jenn hugging Daniel. He grabs a newspaper and hides behind it to spy on them. Daniel assures Jenn that he has everything under control. She still cares and wants to help. Jack listens as she tries to get Daniel to open up. Jack rumples the newspaper and interrupts. Jenn rolls her eyes. Jack tells Daniel how horrible he feels for him. He tries to offer him some encouragement and suggests that this will all lead to something better. Jenn furrows her brow. Jack recommends that the doctor take Jenn's help. She's shocked he's being so mature. Daniel stares into space. Jack points out that as long as Jenn has feelings for the doctor, he will still be in the equation. He suggests they end this and says he's taking himself out of the equation so Jenn no longer has to choose. Daniel understands because he did the same thing. The men tell her how amazing she is. "And now I've lost you both," she sobs. The men tell her they can still be friends and then give each other compliments. Jenn's as confused as ever. Daniel sits down and looks uncomfortable as Jenn debates with herself. He tells her to let things work themselves out and leaves after giving her a peck.

Bo and Hope are in their bed discussing therapy. He's surprised by how much they haven't worked through their problems and worries they can't get past them. She is sure that they have no choice but to face things, but she's afraid of what will happen. They go over the Zack story again and she points out how they keep going back to the same distrustful place again. They can't have a healthy relationship without trust. He wants to prove that's all in the past by being honest with her until the day he dies. She knows she has things to work on too. They kiss and agree to work on it. The couple decide to go out. He jimmies the lock at the pub so they can go in. Caroline has left candles on the tables. They start to dance. She wants to keep their marriage great. He'll do whatever it takes. They talk about how this feels like destiny. "Fancy Face, you are my destiny," he says. They kiss.



January 10, 2012
The Trouble With BFFs.

Chad and Sonny are at the pub joking around and discussing Sonny's redesign of the Cheatin' Heart. Chad doesn't think taking money from Kate and the family is a good idea. Mel shows up and Sonny runs off to class. As they sit down, Chad tells Mel he wants to kiss her. She resists and insists they don't do this in public. Abby shows up. "How did you two keep your hands off each other long enough to stab me in the back?" she snipes. Chad leaves but Mel stays to try and talk to her friend. Mel tries apologizing and explaining herself. Abby declares that they aren't friends anymore and blames Mel for ruining her relationship. She reminds her of all the other men she's stolen. "I'm an idiot and you're a selfish bitch," Abby explains. Mel says she's not. Abby thinks she's a slut and storms off, leaving her ex-friend to cry.

Chad meets Sonny in the square. Sonny points out how obvious it is that he has something for Mel. He wants to know if he was cheating on his cousin. "Define cheat?" asks Chad. He explains that he's only kissed Mel three times and they're trying to give Abby time before they start to date. Sonny thinks they're doing the right thing. Once Sonny leaves, Mel shows up to tell him how much Abby hates her. He's sure she'll get over it. Mel cries about how Abby was supposed to be her BFF. "I can't be with you... ever!" Mel bleats, saying it's time for her to listen to her guilt. She scurries away.

At the mansion, Brady thanks Madison for supporting his decision, but he's nervous about how Victor will react. She assures him she can run in heels. They go to see Victor and Maggie. Brady slowly explains that he's leaving Titan to work with his father. Victor forbids this madness. Brady reminds him of when he ran Bella magazine with John and insists that he's doing this for family. Victor thinks he'll wind up living in a box under a bridge but Brady won't back down. Madison admits she didn't think this was a great idea at first but she's decided he's doing the right thing. Brady reminds him that the company is Philip's birthright and he just stole it. To make things right, he's giving Victor back his shares in the company. This doesn't make Victor happy either. Brady just wants to learn to be more like his father and build something from the ground up. Maggie sides with Brady and says that he sounds just like Isabella. Victor decides she's right and even says he's proud of him. The men hug. Brady runs off, leaving Victor to chat with Madison. She's defensive but he appreciates her sticking by Brady. He explains that he'll be bringing in a new CEO and Philip has no interest so he's offering her the job. She's gobsmacked. "I'm keeping it real," he says, pointing out that she will have to give up the reins at MadWorld.

At the penthouse, John toasts to Marlena's new job at the university. She's proud of him and his plan to pay back his investors. They yammer. She makes him sound like a boy toy. He worries about how Victor will react to Brady jumping ship. She starts hauling out some of her Hallmark advice. They discuss Sami and he assures her that everything will be alright. He knows they've hurt her but they've loved her too. There is much kissing. He sends her out and chucks an apple at her. Marlena heads to her new office and bumps into Abby, noticing that she is in tears. The shrink asks her to open up. Abby tells her the story about losing her BFF. Marlena says it might not be as bad as it looks and urges her to give them the benefit of the doubt. The shrink says that sometimes things feel like betrayal but aren't. Abby's not forgiving. Meanwhile, Brady meets with his dad and tells them they are partners. It's a dream come true for both of them. There's fist bumping.

January 11, 2012
I Own You.

\At Casa DiMera, Nicole and Elvis are discussing the election. He teases her. She cringes when Will walks in. EJ introduces him as the newest member of their campaign. Elvis blathers through an explanation but Nicole is still perplexed. When she leaves to make calls, EJ tells Will it's time for him to start impressing him. He wants him to go to Abe, hack into his computer and bring him back some campaign information. Will refuses. "I own you!" bellows EJ. Once Will leaves, Nicole returns and tries to figure out what's going on. This leads to flirting. He pulls her into his lap and throws away her phone before carrying her away. They go out for lunch and he surprises her with some bling. As they talk about the strength of their relationship, he assures her he will not throw their partnership away. "Life is good and I owe it all to you," she says. He smiles.

At the mansion, Madison is overwhelmed when Victor offers her the CEO position at Titan. She's reluctant to give up running the day to day operation of MadWorld. Maggie gets them coffee. Madison is still reluctant so Victor tells her about how his gut feels. She leaves to ponder his salary package. Victor tells Maggie he's come to realize that Brady leaving is probably for the best. He thinks he must be maturing. She's sure his daughter must be smiling down on him. She suggests he ask Bo to take over the company. He chuckles and says that Bo would never do it. Maggie still thinks he should make the offer. They get lovey-dovey. He admits that he approves of Madison as a woman for Brady because she isn't a flake or a skank like all the others.

Madison runs into Brady in the square. He thanks her for helping him see the way to leave Titan for his dad. She explains that his grandfather has offered her his old job. Brady think that's great. She doesn't think she can walk away from her company. They talk about how they will always find time for each other and how amazing they are. After they engage in some PDAs, he runs off and she makes a call to get some advice from an old friend.

John meets with Lexi and Abe at the pub. Abe thanks him for his endorsement. John doesn't want EJ to be mayor. A reporter arrives and interviews John. He throws his support behind Abe and says he will be re-launching his own company in Salem. Will wanders in. While Abe is distracted by a call, Will tries hacking into his computer when Lexi spots him. Everyone starts chatting to Will until the reporter calls them away. Will gets back to stealing files. After he says goodbye to everyone, he heads off. He takes the information to EJ, who tells him he can learn a lot about himself and the world under his tutelage.

At the office, Sami poo-poos the models Kate's been thinking of for the new face of CW. She thinks the countess should just be the average woman and they should find her among the general public. Kate squints. Sami paces and prods until her boss calls her idea genius. When she starts talking about Rafe, Kate groans and wonders what she must have done to Rafe to want to talk about him all the time. Samantha claims she just loves Rafe. Kate's seen her act like this before with her sons and it always meant something bad. Sami flashes back to mingling fluids with EJ on the DiMera couch.

January 12, 2012
Sweaty In Salem.

At their office, Rafe is pacing and panting because the heat is pumped up and he can't put it down. Carrie arrives and notices he's half-naked. He explains as he dresses. She stares. He tries fixing the thermostat with his knife and stares at her sweaty cleavage while she ogles his biceps. He explains that they got a call from a mother whose son was arrested. Rafe has a gut feeling he could be innocent and they should help. Unfortunately, the kid's family is broke. They have nothing else to do so she agrees. Rafe thinks she's the best. They flirt about Allen wrenches and she lets him handle her bobby-pins. After they discuss sweating, he admits that he thinks Sami going to work for Kate might have been a bad idea. They're even more surprised about why Sami didn't overreact to them working together. They keep sweating. He continues arching his eyebrows and ogling her before he walks around the room bending over during a lengthy musical montage. She grabs some ice and starts melting it all over her cleavage. His face falls on his desk. He makes some calls regarding their case and digs up a new witness while she picks apart the other witness statement.

Austin drops his books and papers in the square. Abby is there to help him clean up. He tells her how nervous he is about his new job and how happy he is to see a friendly face. She offers to carry his books and shows him the shortcut to his office. When they get there, he tells her he doesn't know how to do anything online. He's so old that he does everything in pen and ink. She offers to teach him how to use the internet. He thinks she's a godsend. She needs to run off to get her work-study assignment so he suggests that she work for him. He makes a call to get her the job and then offers to take her to the cafeteria for grilled cheese. She sighs ecstatically but warns him that it's not good. Abby decides to go to the pub to get them their cheese.

Sonny is surprised to run into Will in the square. He thought he was leaving town. Will says he's tired of pretending to be 'good little Will'. He wants to open himself to new people. Adrienne shows up to tell her son how proud she is of him. She runs off. Justin shows up to chat with his son about his coffee house and how Java burned down. The Kiriakis men hug and thank each other for everything. Sonny runs off to a meeting and Justin thanks Will for helping his son. Will thinks it's great that his friend has such a supportive family. Justin tells him that nothing about his son's sexual orientation changes things. He bustles off to find his wife. Sonny returns with Mateo, a potential investor. He starts giving Sonny compliments about his work on the website. They mock Sonny's taste in music and then agree to meet up tomorrow to listen to some tunes together. Will suddenly gets awkward and defensive. They go back to discussing the coffee house and Will abruptly runs off. Mateo wonders what happened. "He's just not there yet," Sonny tells him.

Bo and Hope are at Jenn's talking about police work and the Alice mystery. They don't know any more about the latter. She ponders the key. They talk about therapy for the 'millionth' time. He's willing to spend 50 minutes a week on making their marriage better. Once again, he suggests they drop the Alice investigation. This doesn't go over well. Hope holds her Gran's picture and gives her rationale for why Alice hid the key knowing it could be found accidentally. She refuses to drop this. "You're a dog with a bone," he says. That doesn't go over well either. If he doesn't support her, she'll go crazy. He offers to support her regardless. They get a tip about a robbery and run off. After that, they head to the pub to discuss the key some more.


January 13, 2012
It'll Have To Do.

Madison is in ecstasy as she gets a massage from Brady at the spa. Quinn pops in to say that his masseuse is late so they'll get a discount. Madison locks the door and tells Brady to lose the towel. She starts to massage him but he gets uncomfortable as she gropes his ass so he pulls her on top of him. Outside, EJ takes Nicole to the spa for a self-defense class. She thinks she should be working but he wants her to keep an eye on Quinn. He sends her in. She's not thrilled to discover that Quinn is her instructor. He tells her that he's in therapy and completely legitimate now. She bumps into Brady while he's getting some water. She notices he seems different. "I'm sober," he says. Madison comes out and Brady runs away to find some fruit. The women talk about him. Nicole tells her that he's a real catch and she's happy that he's happy. When Brady returns, the ladies are laughing. Madison goes off for her massage and Brady tells Nicole that he's glad to see that she's happy. He returns to Madison and they mull over her business future. They strip down and make out. Meanwhile, Nicole finishes kicking Quinn around the mat. When they finish, she tells him that people can change so she's willing to accept that he can too.

Bo and Hope are at Jenn's showing her the key and telling her its story. Abe arrives for his strategy meeting. Hope remembers he's running for mayor. Abe tells them he's got Elvis on the ropes. They yak about Abe's new jobs program. When the women are left alone, Hope questions her cousin about her love life. The topic soon turns to her and she admits that she and Bo are in therapy. They eat a plate of cookies. Hope collects her husband and they leave. Jenn and Abe discuss his campaign and how the recession has hit Salem. He doesn't want to exploit people's suffering for a photo op. Jenn's sure his dedication to the town will impress the voters. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope go to the bank. She paces a hole in the floor. Alex, the branch manager, finally shows up. Hope tells him about the safe deposit box. He explains that they can't have it. She insists the box belongs to her so he tells her that the box did not belong to her grandmother alone.

Rafe and Sami meet up for lunch in the square. They discuss her new job. She assures him she has her eyes wide open. They smooch and hug until she spots Elvis and clears her throat. She tells Rafe about how Kate thinks she's a 'genius' and then they flirt some more. Sami starts talking about how proud she is of Will. Rafe's sure that he will come around and get over losing Gabi. He heads over to Jenn's to talk about a security job for Abe. She gets a call and turns on the TV. They're shocked to see EJ giving a talk about the jobs program that he's planning and which was clearly stolen from Abe.

Elvis corners Will at the pub. When EJ touches him, Will cringes. They argue about what EJ's been making him do. He thinks Will is getting a kick out of all these little errands and is sure he's getting his heart beating faster. EJ instructs him to meet a man and receive an envelope containing instructions. Will sighs. His master leaves. Young William skulks down to the square to make his contact and grab his instructions. He heads to Casa DiMera and hands Elvis the keys he found in the envelope for EJ's new sports car. "It's your car William," EJ tells him. Will tries to refuse but his boss tells him this is a job perk. "It'll have to do," Will grumbles. Moments later, Sami shows up at Casa DiMera and finds EJ and Will together.

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