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3rd Week of January Daily Summaries 

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January 16, 2012
Will Hurts EJ's Feelings.


At the bank, the manger explains to Bo and Hope that he can't legally open the safe deposit box because Alice insisted that the box could not be opened without her partner present. They ask him to call the other person down. He can't do that but assures them the other owner is still alive. They remind him they're cops so he reminds them they have no warrant and there's no crime. After he walks off, Hope goes on about how Mrs. H. must want them to get at the truth. They head to the pub and he points out that the square where the plaque was didn't even exist when it was made. Hope plows over that. As they ponder who else could be involved in this, Roman shows up to talk about police work. He gives them some gadgets to help with work. Roman says they are his best detectives so he's putting them in charge of an organized crime task force. They bump fists. Hope stares at the key and then tells Roman about it. He tells them not to give up. Bo suddenly gets inspired. He notices that Stefano is not on the latest criminal list. They tell Roman about his relationship with Alice and Bo assumes that Stefano must be the other owner of the box.

Jack joins Daniel at the pub and buys him a beer. The doctor sighs. They try to have a conversation but neither of them really want to talk about themselves. Daniel turns the topic to Jack's PTSD so they discuss how each of them can find a way to be fixed. They toast to moving on. The doctor thinks he might leave town.

Jenn goes down to the square and spots Nicole. She tears her phone away and demands to know how she stole Abe's jobs plan. Jenn rails at her but Nicole is clueless. Nic thinks she's taking this too personally and points out that this is just another instance of her being indecisive. "Your life is messed up and you're ruining Abe's campaign," Nicole says. Jenn reminds her that EJ isn't just a crook, he's a murderer and she must be a total masochist to take him back. Nic starts mocking her for chasing off two men and then shoves her around. Daniel and Jack run over and separate them before it can turn into a brawl. Jack lectures her but she pouts that this was personal, not politics. Jack explains that what Nicole was doing was politics, whether she hates it or not. He thinks that she may be too good to play the games. She notices he arrived with the doctor so he explains they were having a drink. He tells her Daniel's been thinking of leaving. Across the square, Daniel threatens to pout Nic in a cage. "I didn't start this. Little Miss Muffet did," she says. They argue bitterly and she says that Jenn manipulated him and Jack through all of this. "For a brilliant surgeon, you sure are an idiot," she says before stomping off. Daniel approaches the other two. Jack leaves them alone as they stare at each other. She confronts Daniel about leaving town.

Sami catches EJ and Will together at Casa DiMera. She has some questions. EJ explains that he got her son a new sports car for his new job... working for him. She's furious. He says Will is perfect for the job. Sami refuses to allow this. Her son doesn't appreciate her bossiness and claims she's not the boss of him. "This isn't some job at the mall," she says. Elvis chortles as Sami moans about how Will can't get involved with EJ and how much it will hurt Rafe's feelings. EJ talks about what a great opportunity this is but she's sure this is a trap. Will puts his hand on EJ's shoulder and says that he's family. His mom keeps ranting. He points out that she works for Kate. "She's not EJ!" she blurts. He adds that she had two kids with him; he's just getting his coffee. She asks EJ to leave and then tells her son that he seems very sure of himself and seems to be trying to prove something... to Gabi. "You are so wrong," he says before telling her he will not change his mind about this. She worries about his reputation and what EJ can do to people. He calls EJ back in and tells him mom to go. "I'm not giving up on you," Sami tells her son before she leaves. Will sits down and puts his feet up on the table. He admits to EJ that he's really been enjoying this.



January 17, 2012
Oozing Sex.

Chad runs into Mel at the pub. They're both mopey but she insists it has to be this way. As their hands touch, Abby spots them. After Chad leaves, Abby stomps by staring daggers and Mel runs after her. They start yelping at each other in the square. Mel still wants to be friends but Mel thinks her tongue got in the way. Mel insists that her friendship means more to her than Chad. Abby says it's too late. After she storms off, Quinn pops up and tells Mel how sorry he is. He asks her to open up to him about her problems. They still down and she spills. He tells her that it might not be possible to have Chad and Abby in her life and then putters off to work.

Chad drops by the spa to give Gabi her homework. His shoulder hurts so she offers to massage him. She makes him take off his shirt and then oils him up while licking her lips. Kate and Sami show up to check on the merchandising and stare at the young people. "If we could only package that," Kate says. She starts chatting with Quinn about sales. Sami gets inspired and tells Kate they should hire Gabi. Kate thinks they should include Chad too. They approach them and ask them to be their focus group. "No," they answer in unison. Chad doesn't want to be involved with anything DiMera and Gabi says she's working. Quinn tells Gabi she can do it and the ladies beg Chadsworth into submission. As the makeover begins, Sami calls in the photographer. She takes Gabi aside to worry about Will and then the makeover continues. As Chad and Gabi tell each other how great they look, Mel arrives and makes faces. Kate starts dictating the photoshoot which leads to Gabi unbuttoning Chad's shirt. Mel is uncomfortable and starts to twitch like her pantyhose are covered in ice. Kate asks Chad to drop by and see his dad some time. He shrugs and goes to see Mel to explain that he was cornered into this product modeling thing. She thinks all the goo agrees with him. He tries to take her hand but she pulls away. Chad thinks it's time she gives up on Abby. Mel still refuses. Sami herds Chad and Gabi back into the photoshoot and orders them to start oozing sex.

At the penthouse, John gives Marlena coffee and tells her how excited he is to see his son. He wishes they had more time to enjoy their freedom though. She's happy he's happy. They suck face and he gets her some cereal. Meanwhile, Brady and Madison finish exercising and go up to her room to make out in the shower. Once they towel off, she calls in for work. He nibbles on her so she says she's coming in late and then they de-robe for more. After sex, they go to the square and she admits she's still uncertain about taking the Titan job. She gets a text about an internship program at Salem U. Brady assures her it's a great program. Abby wanders by and hears this as Brady heads off. She rushes to Madison and declares that she wants the job. They sit down and Abby tells her about herself. Madison thinks she sounds busy but tells her to email her resume. Marlena wanders by and starts to chat. Madi realizes that Abby is Jenn's daughter. The topic turns to Sami betraying MadWorld. She gets called off to work and Marlena questions Abby about her friend problems. After she runs off, Marlena and Madi discuss Brady working with his father. Marlena's impressed that she really cares about what's best for him. Meanwhile, Brady arrives and the men start work. He starts telling his dad about how Madison is his girlfriend and he could go the long haul with her. He marvels to John about how great she is and how she's smarter than him. They begin discussing fashion and decide that will be the basis of Basic Black.

January 18, 2012
The End Of Chuckling.

Sami stops by Rafe and Carrie's office where the partners are still chuckling about the broken thermostat. Sami doesn't see the humor and hands Rafe a bag of muffins. Carrie leaves them alone and Sami tells him all about hiring Gabi as a model and how nice her job is. She thinks they should set a date night. Carrie returns for more babbling. They eat muffins and Sami babbles about chowder before declaring that she's going. She stands and stares at them as the lawyer tries to figure out how to use a fan properly.

At the pub, Lexi admits to Abe that she's hit the end with her brother. He wants revenge for his plan being ripped off. Bo and Hope show up and the Carvers tell them they want him to make some arrests to help him get elected. They tell the cops about EJ's stunt. Abe says he has some tricks up his sleeve and wants to promise more money to fight crime. He offers the cops some leeway to take care of a few things fast. After the mayor and his wife leave, Bope call in Carrie and Rafe, announcing that they want to hire them as they spearhead a bunch of arrests. They discuss PI work and the cops admit that they used to have to hunt down goldfish. The topic turns to the mystery key and they worry Alice shared her box with Stefano. The police jog off and Rafe offers to get Carrie lunch.

In their bed, Nicole starts quizzing EJ about Will. He tries distracting her with sex. After that, he suggests they get Mary to cook for them. She turns the topic back to Will and has to tickle it out of him. When she requests to go to his meeting with him, he bats his eyelids. She already suspects he's been using Will for sabotage. He tells her she's thinking too much and leaves to take a shower. She makes a call requesting some of her husband's personal files.

Marlena catches Will in the square and starts interrogating him about what he's been up to. He explains that he's sticking around town. That makes her happy and she thinks he should talk to his mom. She says he needs to get past his anger. Will doesn't even understand how she can love her daughter since Sami treats her like crap. Marlena rambles through the list of all the things she loves about Sami. Things get more uncomfortable when Elvis and Nicole arrive. Marlena starts clucking and can't believe what Will's new job is. EJ sits down to consult the menu while Marlena drags Will away for a lecture. Elvis chuckles and orders breakfast. Will tells his grandma that everything is cool but she's not okay with this. He fobs her off and Elvis sends him away on an errand. Abe and Lexi wander by. "You have a pair of brass ones," Abe snipes at him. EJ claims he's hobnobbing with the common people. The Carvers lay into him. "Crime doesn't pay," vows Abe. Lexi puts them on notice and tells her brother that he's 'an expensive, empty suit'. He tells her this is just politics and chuckles. Abe declares that this is the end of chuckling and they walk off. EJ seems genuinely upset. Nicole worries but he thinks his sister will get over this. Meanwhile, Abe promises his wife that EJ will not win.

Across the square, Marlena stalks after Sami. "You've been telling me to get a job since I was 16 and now I have one," Sami complains. Her mom actually wants to talk about Will working for EJ. Sami knows about it and still despises EJ but is sure Will doesn't want to listen to her. The shrink says he needs his mother. "Where were you when I needed you?" Sami asks. They accuse each other of hypocrisy and go over their old fights. Marlena decides they've talked too much. "Don't you dare tell me how to be a good mother! Why don't you spend some time wondering why you weren't one," Sami snipes before she storms off. She wanders by the pub where she finds Rafe and Carrie. The lawyer is not sure they should take the offer from the cops. They debate it and discuss being a team. Sami stands and stares at them until Rafe notices and gives her a hug. Back at the square, Will returns. Marlena corners him and says he can do what he pleases, but warns him that nothing good ever comes from associating with a DiMera.

January 19, 2012
You Treat Him Like A Puppet.

Marlena is railing at Will in the square until Abby walks by and asks him to take her for a ride in his new car. Once she leaves, Marlena tries squinting at him. He cringes. She pushes. He admits Elvis got him a car but it is no big deal. She promises that she won't let EJ corrupt him. Will explains that he asked for the job. The shrink is flummoxed until she assumes he must be punishing his mother. She offers to get him a job at Basic Black but he says he can't quit. Marlena keeps prodding. Will tells her she's great but he needs to make his own decisions. He assures her nothing will come between them and then gives her a hug.

Austin runs up to Abby and tells her that he's realized something huge. "I can't live another minute without you," he says. She thinks she must be dreaming but he says she's not and he loves her. He kisses her. When she snaps out of this, Austin asks her what's wrong. She was daydreaming and is frazzled. Abby tells him she might be doing an internship at MadWorld. He points out that she has a full course load, a job and an internship. Austin says he can always get another assistant but she won't allow that. He admires her for being so hard working. She shows him how to use his tablet. He wonders if she is using this as a distraction from Chad. Abby says she's over him. He gets a call from his wife. Abby makes faces until she learns that his wife is too busy for him. She helps him do his course scheduling and he asks her out for dinner.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole continues harassing her husband about Will. He doesn't want to explain and then claims it's what Johnny wanted. Nicole says that's cute but Johnny wouldn't be happy if he knew he was using Will for sabotage. She worries that they are slipping back into their own patterns. He insists that he's just protecting her and tries distracting her with kisses. She gets a call and sends him off. After she gets some information, he returns and starts asking what that was all about. She distracts him on the coochie couch. After the sex, he says they better hose off. Nicole sends him off to start without her and then looks over the info she was sent on Will. She calls him for a meeting. Later, Elvis is heading for the door when Marlena walks in. She demands some answers. He claims he won't corrupt Will. She accuses him of using her grandson as revenge for John going free. "Stay the hell away from Will," she demands. He starts making lewd suggestions about John not satisfying her needs. She can't understand why he is buying Will off and keeps probing. EJ reminds her that he and Will are family, whether she likes it or not. He's always considered Will to be like a son. She guffaws and accuses him of exploiting Will's feelings. "I treat him like a man," EJ claims. "You treat him like a puppet," she retorts, threatening to kill him. Meanwhile, Nicole meets Will in the square and officially welcomes him to the team. She starts asking about his mother and tells him to keep his family and business lives separate. "There's something I need you to do for me," she says, lewdly.

Victor and Daniel meander to the pub. Victor thinks he's making a mistake. The doctor says it's time for tough choices. Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie are at the spa. Maggie has been thinking about Mickey since it would have been his birthday. Daniel calls his daughter and asks them over to the pub. When they arrive, Daniel thanks them for being so supportive... but he's leaving Salem. Mel goes into denial. Her father needs think and you can't do that in Salem. Maybe he'll go surfing... Mel moans. He won't promise to come back but says he loves her. Maggie says he'll always be in their hearts. The doctor feels bad. They all go outside and his mom hugs him. Mel doesn't know what to do without him. He tells her to be strong and live her life. She cries and they hug.

January 20, 2012
Left Behind.

Kate and Sami are at the office looking at the test shots of Chad and Abby. Sami thinks they're awesome. Kate agrees. Sami spews slogans. Kate spills compliments and then orders Sami to do better than the best she can. If this works out, she wants to start a reconciliation process for Stefano and Chad, Will and Gabi.

Chad wanders into Casa DiMera and smells some beans. His father comes in to tell him all about coffee. Stefano invited him over to talk about his coffee house. He'd like to help. Chad doesn't understand and reminds him that he doesn't want his help. His father advises him not to let his pride trip him up. He wants to be his silent partner but Chad demands to know what he really wants. His dad just wants them to build a relationship and vows never to give up on him. When he asks his son to stay for dinner, Chad turns him down. However, he lets his father know that he is welcome to come by his new cafe.

Mel goes to work and cries to Gabi about her dad leaving town. Gabi says he just needs some time and it all be okay. Mel keeps moaning until she notices the photos from the shoot. Gabi tells her how amazing it was and how sexy it made her feel. Mel makes faces and Gabi asks her about Chad's feelings. "Would you ever consider hooking up with Chad?" Gabi queries. Mel insists that they are just friends. Kate shows up to see Gabi and asks her to text Chad over. Mel putters out and runs into Chad. She's weeping. He tells her that he was thinking of her during the photoshoot. He needs a friend right now. They vent about their dad problems. "I always get left behind," she cries. He lets her cry on him and assures her that he dad will be back. She runs off. He chases her and tells her how good they could be together. She asks him to stop coming after her and walks away. Back at the spa, Kate asks Gabi to model for her. Gabi's thrilled.

Bo and Hope are at the pub staring at the key. They worry about Stefano being Alice's partner. She wonders if they could get a search warrant. Bo reminds her that there was no crime. She thinks about committing one. He doesn't want to break her out of jail again. Madison sits a few tables over and snaps some pictures of them. She heads over and asks Hope how much she loves being a cop. Madison wants her to model for MadWorld. "When I look at you, I think 'Wow,'" she says. Hope loves being a cop. Madi thinks she can do everything and anything but Hope says this is not for her. Madison leaves and Hope marvels at this. Suddenly, Bo realizes how they can get to Stefano. They call some lady over. She does something mysterious and they pay her before sending her off to the bank. The cops pace around the square and wonder if they can pull this off. Stefano drifts into the square. The cops surprise him. He flashes back to getting a call from the woman the cops hired about his safe deposit box.

Over at MadWorld, Sami tells Madison that she was a genius to plant her as a mole at CW. She's sure that Kate is clueless and has completely fallen for all of the traps they've set. While she chases the youth market, they'll be going after everyone else. They look forward to leaving Kate twisting in the wind. The champagne starts to flow and Madison thanks her for everything as they toast. Sami feels kind of bad for Gabi. "She'll be okay," Madi says. She gives Sami leeway to do whatever she wants to torment Kate. Madison thanks her again for all of her help. She wishes they could have let Brady in on this but he wouldn't have allowed it. She thinks it's time that they let Brady and Rafe know what they've been doing.

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