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4th Week of January Daily Summaries 

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January 23, 2012
Let's Get This Over With.


At the pub, Will meets with Sonny and his friends to discuss business strategy They tell him about a new gay bar. Will pretends he's never heard of it and gets bashful. When the other gentleman walk off, Sonny asks him what he thinks of Dustin. Will stutters until Sonny explains that he's actually interested in him. The others return and tell Will their coming out stories. "What about you Will?" they ask. He starts laughing nervously. The lads get called off. Will shrugs off what just happened. He heads home and stares in the mirror, spitting on his reflection.

At the mansion, Melanie mopes about Daniel leaving. He repeats to his daughter that he just needs some time and she can call him. She keeps blubbering. Jenn walks in. Maggie drags everyone out so the former couple can talk. The doctor tells Jenn he asked her there to say goodbye. She has lots of questions. He needs to work out the rest of his life. "Ai ai ai...  I've got too many painful memories here," he says. She assumes he means her. He says he'll always smile when he thinks of her. After she walks out, Victor comes in. Daniel thanks him for going beyond the godfather role and gives him the pocketwatch his father gave him. He's traveled the world, but this is the only place that's felt like home and he owes Victor for that. "This will always be your home," Victor says. They have a drink. Victor nearly confesses that he's always known that Maggie is his mother but covers. When the women return, he runs off. The ladies tear up. The doctor repeats that he'll be in touch. His mom threatens to ground him if he's not. Mel keeps crying. He promises she'll never lose him. "Aloha," Daniel says before pulling on his coat. Jenn passionately kisses him goodbye and begs him to hurry home.

Bo and Hope corner Stefano in the square. He doesn't want to be hassled with their stupid questions. They explain how they trapped him and demand the truth about what he was up to with Alice. He groans and tells them the box can only be opened with both keys. She takes out the one she found. "Let's get this over with," he says. They go over to the bank. Stefano goes in alone and Hope gets frazzled. When Stefano returns, he reminds Hope that Alice wanted all of this kept a secret. They bark at him to stop stalling and then Bo decides to stall. Stefano tells them to think it over some more and leaves. Hope admits to Bo that she's not ready for the truth after all.

At the spa, Quinn and Brady do some boxing and things get heated as Brady gets over aggressive. Quinn tries to prove to Brady that he's trying to change by going to therapy. Brady wishes him good luck. He knows that he sent Chloe an apologetic letter and has tried to help with her singing career. Since he's been given a lot of second chances himself, he'll give him one too. They shake on it. Over at the square, Abby tells Madi she can handle the pressure she's under. Madison welcomes her aboard at MadWorld and offers her a special position. After Abby leaves, Brady shows up and asks her if she's taking the CEO job. She explains how she has been using Sami as he mole. "You're a very accomplished liar," he says, unimpressed. They argue about this and he tells her of Sami and Kate's grim past. He doesn't like her playing dangerous games between the families. "You have no idea how personal this is for me," she says, asking for his forgiveness. He doesn't want to fight but suggests she be very careful. Across the square, Abby runs into Quinn and tells him her good news. They start discussing her fallout with Mel. Brady and Madison stare over at them. She explains that she's going to hire Abby to model for her but she has other plans for Quinn.

At CW, Kate offers Chad a modeling job. Gabi tells him he looks great. He's not interested. Kate keeps pushing. She insists this has nothing to do with Stefano. He still doesn't want the job. When Kate says it's both of them or neither of them, Gabi makes puppy eyes at Chadsworth. She asks to speak to him alone. The begging begins. She explains that she needs to do this of her self-esteem and to prove how attractive she is. He assures her that she is beautiful inside and out. Chad caves and agrees to do this with her. She hugs him as Kate walks in and says he's made a wise decision.


January 24, 2012
Think Again.

Bo meets Hope at the pub and hands her the remnants left from her target practice. She worries she's losing her nerve. Doug arrives and says that will never happen. She tells him and Julie about the latest adventures with the mystery box. Bo complains about 'old geezer' Stefano. He's sure that his wife will come up with the right decision about what to do. Doug and Julie explain that they have tracked the flow of Alice's money to Africa. They are going to go over there and check it out. Hope worries about what they will find but Julie is sure that Alice was incorruptible. After they leave, Bo and Hope decide to go after Stefano again.

Carrie and Austin make out in their room until she reminds him they have to get to work. He sighs and sadly does up his pants. Austin thinks they need to make a date. As they check their calendars, they find that they have no time. He suggests she be more flexible since she has no actual work. The professor moans about eating alone and he gets insecure. They could always find time for each other in the past so he wants to know why that's changed. A meeting of his gets cancelled so they set a date for Thursday night.

Sami slobbers all over Rafe's face at the loft. Nervously, she tells him that she never actually left MadWorld. "I'm a spy," she explains. He hates this and is not happy that they've been living a lie. She defends herself and insists that what she's doing is 'kind of okay' since it's just about sticking it to Kate. "You're excelling at this new nine to five of deceit and betrayal. Great!" he moans. When he compares her to EJ, it hurts her feelings. She lectures him for being condescending and having no money. He wonders what her kids would think of her behavior. She thought that he loved how crazy she is. He says he'll never stop loving her. They bicker. She turns things back on him and accuses him of showing more loyalty to Carrie. They argue about this and she still refuses to think she's doing anything wrong. He walks out in a huff. She cries.

EJ corners his sister in the square and tells her that they will always be family. "Think again," she says. They bicker about this. He insists he's trying to change. She groans and says he'll never have Abe's integrity. She shoves him and declares that she chooses her husband over him. Meanwhile, Nicole catches Will before he can run away from Casa DiMera. He acts clueless. She's sure he's been doing more than fetching coffee. Nicole demands that he tell her about all of the assignments Elvis gives him. Stuttering, Will suggests she talk to her husband instead. She hands him a check and offers more if she can count on him. Elvis arrives as Will pockets the check. After she departs, Will tells EJ what his wife just did. That's exactly what Elvis expected. Will enjoyed being bribed. EJ pats him on the back.

Abe arrives at Jenn's. She asks him if he's ready to play hardball with EJ. She's heard Elvis is going to get the debate questions in advance. She thinks they should get the questions too. That's further than he wanted to go but he admits she's probably right. He can't bear to think of how much damage a DiMera mayor could do so he agrees to her plan, as long as Lexi never knows. Abe wants a further advantage over his opponent and he has an idea of how to get it. He wants to find a way to feed EJ the wrong questions. Lexi walks in on them. Abe covers.

January 25, 2012
I'm Trusting You.

Rafe heads home to get his phone. Sami is still there. Their argument starts up again. She wants to make things right. He's still miffed she's been lying. "I'm not perfect like you," she snipes. He suggests she walk away from her job but that won't happen. Rafe snorts and leaves. Meanwhile, Kate and her stylist arrive at the photo studio as Chad and Gabi get ready. Chad has a hard time moving in his pants. He starts flirting with Gabi and telling her Will was a jerk to let her go. Sami arrives and is amazed by how good they look.

Carrie and Austin are in the square talking about where to go for their date. He offers to make a reservation and kisses her goodbye. Once she's gone, Abby walks by and Austin asks her for coffee. He complains about his wife changing her plans. She says he should call her next time he's stuck alone. When she tells him that she got the MadWorld internship, he gives her a hug and offers to take her to brunch at Chez Rouge. Abby worries that she's a drag but he says he loves spending time with her.

At the mansion, Maggie impresses Victor with her oatmeal muffins. He tells her she's good for his guts. Brady joins them and they chat about Basic Black. Victor is eager to get Madison started at Titan. She arrives and explains that she's honored they offered her the job but she's turning it down. Victor is pissed. Brady asks if she's sure. She is. Maggie tells her that she is still welcome there. Victor grouchily walks off to call a headhunter. Brady wants to know why she really turned down the job. He confronts her about her plot with Sami but she doesn't have many answers. They head down to the square. As he gets them drinks, she calls Sami to get the latest on their operation. Sami tells her the shoot actually went well. Madison isn't happy. Kate walks in on Sami yammering. Sami covers and Kate marvels at how well things have turned out. Back in the square, Brady senses something is wrong with his girlfriend. She sends off a text and says it's nothing. He doesn't believe it. She calms his worries and he says he'll support her, no matter what. After he leaves, she calls her mystery man and says she did what he asked. "I'm trusting you," she says. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Victor wonders to Maggie about why Madison said no to him. He's sure something else is going on. She suspects that Madison is just changing her priorities.

Rafe arrives at work. Carrie happily tells him about a break she got in the arson case. He's thrilled but something is bothering him. They concentrate on work instead of discussing it. They decide to go and interview a suspect. As they put on their coats, they have an awkward moment. After they deal with the interview and a meeting with the DA, they return to the office. As they work, Sami calls to ask if Rafe is still mad. He tells her he's too busy to talk and hangs up. The DA's office calls and says they dropped the case against their client. Carrie runs over to him and they hug. This is strange. He adjust his pants. They gulp and he runs away. She starts adjusting her bra.

Will heads to the pub for lunch with Marlena. She makes it clear that she loves him, regardless of his choices. As she tells him about learning to be comfortable with who he is, Sonny arrives. He shows them the ideas his friends have been giving him for the coffee house. He asks Will to dinner to discuss it. Will squirms and turns him down. Marlena senses something is up. Will takes his friend aside and tells him he's too busy to go out. Sonny senses there is more to it but leaves. William returns to his grandma and she's not impressed that he's obviously been shutting out his friend. Will wants her to drop this but the shrink keeps pushing. He insists that he's okay, just busy. He runs off, barging past Gabi and Chad on the way.

January 26, 2012
The Warren Buffet Of Day Spas.

Jack meets Marlena in public. She explains they aren't having their session there. She wants him to come to a weekly therapy session with some war veterans. He doesn't think he can handle that and it would be an insult for him to pretend he went through the same thing they did. The shrink thinks he's running away. She pulls him to the meeting, telling him how brave he is. They go in. He's introduced around. Things are tense. Some of the vets don't accept him. Slowly, Jack explains what happened to him and how he still feels like he's in that cave. Jack's amazed as each person tells their stories about what they saw and what they lost. When they're finished, they ask Jack to tell them more. He has a hard time discussing the torture and how he kept himself sane. That world is more real to him than anything else. He just wants to be whole again. When the hour ends, everyone hugs Jack as they leave.

Abby meets Madison in the square. The boss is cagey about her plans for her. They head over to the spa and Madison explains that she wants to rescue Quinn from Kate. Meanwhile, Quinn corners Mel at the spa to talk about Abby. "She hates me," Mel says. He urges her to fix things before they go too far. He goes off to meet Madison and sends Abby to the back room where she bumps into Mel. Back in the reception room, Madison tells Quinn she wants to use his spa for her new campaign. They hunt down Mel and Abby. He's impressed they haven't killed each other. Madison tells them she wants to launch a campaign featuring the two of them as the faces for her new line. She wants to feature friends instead of doing the cheesy boy/girl thing. Madison assumes they aren't interested in they can't be friends. The young women jump to correct her. Their prospective boss tells them they'll have to patch things up and leaves them alone. She goes off to harass Quinn to take her offer so she can make him "the Warren Buffet of day spas". Back in the back room, Mel tells Abby about her dad leaving and tells her again that their friendship means more to her than any guy. Mel can't lie about the fact that she still wants to be with Chad though.

At the penthouse, John and Brady are discussing an ad campaign. Brady thinks his father's ideas are predictable and they need to do something new. They bicker. John squints and pulls rank. His son isn't sure they can work together unless they set some rules. "You're acting like a jerk!" John barks before noticing that he's being a jerk too. They laugh about it and decide to try to compromise.


January 27, 2012
That's The Whole Idea.

Abby goes into Austin's office and blurts out that she loves him. She's tried to fight it but she wants to be with him. He tips her chin up and kisses her. She snaps out of this hallucination and tells him that Madison asked her to model. Abby wanted to make sure that would be okay with him. He wouldn't stand in the way of that. "It's still so hard for me to think of you as a grown-up," he admits. This upsets her. He apologizes and asks about her modeling gig. They discuss how much she has travelled. "I'm much more mature than you realize," she says.

Carrie heads to the office and finds Rafe trying to make a tiara for Syd. She starts helping out and he's amazed by her talents. Carrie tells him about the pony at her princess party. It was the last party her mom threw for her. He thanks her for helping out and wonders why she never had kids with Austin. "By choice... sort of," she says. They get dressed up in fairytale clothes after the guest entertainers cancel. They head over to the pub where Kayla makes fun of them. Rafe worries that he'll never live this down. Kayla decides to teach them the princess dance. Once they're in motion, she gets called off to see Joey. Carrie tells Rafe he's a wonderful dancer. They keep rehearsing and dance all over the pub. She trips into his arms and they look in each other's eyes before gulping.

At home, Jenn is going over the debate questions with Abe but he hates all of this cheating. Lexi shows up and tells her husband that EJ invited Theo to a party for Syd. She's not thrilled about it but doesn't want her feelings to get between the kids. Jenn offers to go with them to keep an eye on things.

At Casa DiMera, EJ complains to Will about being banned from Syd's birthday. He wants to throw a rival party for her and asks Will to bring her over. Will worries that Syd will tip Sami off about this but EJ is adamant about spending some time with his daughter. William thinks his mom will lose her mind if she hears about this. "That's the whole idea," EJ says, sending him off. Nicole joins him to deck the place out in pink. She worries about the fallout from this but he says that's Sami's problem. Nicole still loves the little girl and will always think of her as hers. Will returns with Syd. After some high fives, the Carvers arrive with Jenn. Lexi barks at her brother while Abe and Jenn conspire about switching the questions before EJ gets them. They spot Will and he tells them that he's EJ's intern. They're appalled. The party goes into full swing anyway. EJ worries about his family to Nicole. A courier delivers the debate questions. Abe and Jenn watch Nicole put them in the foyer. Abe sneaks over and switches them while Nicole helps Syd unwrap gifts. EJ approaches Abe and asks him what he's doing.

Stefano meets with Bo and Hope in the square. He wonders if they'll let the past rest in peace. They dance around an answer so he gets sarcastic. Hope's sure he wants all of this kept secret. He's nonchalant. She keeps doubting he wants the box open. He claims he's just protecting his 'little art thief'. She starts barking about how he stole years of her life and demands that they open the damn box. He reminds her that she's clueless and says there are two secrets in the box. He explains that Alice was a real 'pistol' and more clever than he imagined. Stefano says that he discovered something about the Hortons and offered to keep it a secret. Alice took that as a threat and threatened him back with some dirt she had on him. The secrets both of them held are in the box. "You can let sleeping dogs lie or awaken the beast," he challenges.


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