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1st Week of July Daily Summaries  


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July 2, 2012
My Husband Or Yours?
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Marlena and Carrie are in the square hyperventilating over baby clothes. Sami walks by and asks what's going on. From the baby clothes, she guesses. Marlena tries to keep things cool but Sami starts sputtering about being the last to know. Carrie wishes she'd told her sooner. "Who is the father? My husband or yours?" Sami asks. Carrie avoids answering but her sister won't relent. "I don't live like you. I don't have to look at the calendar to figure it out," Carrie explains, insisting she never slept with Rafe. Sami accuses her of stealing her husband. Carrie reminds her she boffed Elvis. She rubs this in her sister's face. Sami tries storming off. Carrie wishes the baby were Rafe's. "You would deserve it!" she says. Marlena has to stop Sami from pounding on the pregnant lady. The shrink lectures Sami for being a crummy sister. "She still has to go through labor. That's a lot worse than this," Sami complains. Her mom orders her to act happy about the baby. Sami doesn't want to join Team Carrie. She rails at both of them and storms off. Her mom trails after her but Sami power walks away. Carrie plays with a teddy bear until her mom returns. Carrie admits that she may have helped ruin Sami's marriage. Marlena says the only thing that matters now is making things work with Austin.

Will joins Sonny at the pub. He talks about how he's no longer front page news and Sonny tells him that people now assume EJ is guilty. Sonny wonders if Will is making the same assumption. "Whatever the secret is, he's keeping it secret," Will says. His friend worries about him and wants to help. Will insists that this is his fight. "I just wanna be by your side," Sonny says. Will runs across the room and welcomes Brian as he walks in. He introduces the men. "Haven't seen you around The Spot since the night old man DiMera was killed," Brian says. Sonny listens to them talk about that. Brian wonders why Will let the charges hang over him for so long. He doesn't know why he would go to such extremes to hide being gay. He gets a call and walks off. Will complains to Sonny, who explains that some people might interpret how he's been acting as shame about being gay. After Will walks out, Brian returns and asks Sonny why he hasn't been harder on Will. He thinks William is messed up but Sonny says they should cut him some slack. Brian guesses he wants Will as more than a friend. He gets that because he's hot but warns that he has a lot of baggage.

Spencer and Rafe head to Casa DiMera. Spencer is not happy about what Nicole did. Rafe thinks they just need to play their cards right. EJ opens the door and sighs. Rafe smirks. Bickering begins. Elvis feels harassed and suggests that the Salem PD can only eat bagels and blame DiMeras. Spencer watches the two men taunt each other. EJ threatens his job and says that this is a witch hunt. The men continue issuing threats to each other. They each threaten to leak stuff to the press. Rafe pushes him to take a lie detector test. EJ sarcastically agrees and points out that the test would be inadmissible anyway. He doesn't trust the Salem PD at all and asks them to leave. Rafe asks him if he has a gun. This enrages EJ, who insists that he doesn't own a gun. Once the cops leave, Will shows up. EJ shoves his secret paper in the desk. They start bickering about blackmailing each other. EJ prefers to call it 'teaching'. He threatens to drop him as a friend if he doesn't stop annoying him and orders him to stop smiling. Elvis leaves him alone to do some work. Will finds the paper. "Oh my God!" he gasps as he reads it. Meanwhile, Spencer and Rafe return to the office. Spencer orders Rafe to run his plans by him in the future, but says he did a great job at backing EJ into a corner. However, he still thinks they should focus on other suspects too. After Spencer leaves, Sami storms in and asks Rafe how long he's known that Carrie is pregnant.



July 3, 2012
On Top.
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At Casa DiMera, Will discovers Alice's letter and gasps. EJ strolls in and asks him to go and fetch a package. It's money from one of his shady deals. Will starts making vague statements and says he can help him more if he knows more. Elvis tells him just to be grateful and sends him off. After Will smugly walks out, he takes the letter to the pub and locks it in the safe. Sonny walks in and Will excitedly offers him a free meal. Will acts like he's just won the lottery and assures Sonny that his relationship with EJ is going to be very different from now on.

Sami barges into Rafe's office and demands to know if he is the father of Carrie's baby. He repeats that he and Carrie never slept together. They rehash their mistakes and she still puts the blame on him. She forces him to admit that he had a part in the destruction of their marriage. He apologizes for having feelings for Carrie. "That's it?" she asks, guessing he didn't knock her up after all. "I never got her pregnant!" Rafe blurts out just as EJ walks in. Elvis demands some answers. Rafe says he's talking about Carrie, not Nicole. He orders Sami out. She won't budge. He argues with EJ and then they bicker about his test. Once Elvis leaves, Sami worries to him about Will's relationship with Elvis. Rafe offers to talk to Will. He tells her to stay out of other people's business and shows her the door. Meanwhile, EJ returns to Casa DiMera. He gets a message that Will hasn't picked up the package yet. He calls to bawl him out. Later, Will arrives and he still hasn't picked up the package. His boss warns him to be careful. "I think I'm going to be the top," Will says, announcing that he will be calling the shots from now on. Elvis thinks he's delusional. "I know that Stefano is not your father," Will says.

Carrie sits with her teddy in the pub until Austin arrives. She's not hungry. He worries she has morning sickness but she says it's Sami making her sick. She explains why. He understands the problems of dealing with her sister. Carrie makes it clear to him that she never slept with Rafe. Austin knew that. She rehashes the feelings she had for Rafe and suggests she doesn't deserve to be forgiven. He guesses her feelings for the other man haven't gone away. However, he's sure she can get over them so he's okay with that. She thanks him for being so understanding. They go off for the ultrasound and then coo at the picture. When he heads off, she turns around and bumps into Rafe.

Nicole wakes up in her bed and is surprised that Daniel stayed all night. She's happy about it though. He says he's making the best of being 'up to his eyeballs in her mess'. They go at it until his 'head almost blows off'. He gets some oxygen and offers to take her out for brunch. After they go at it a second time, they head to Chez Rouge. He admits that Victor said she was a gold digger. She says a lot of people have bad things to say about her. He asks her if she's ready to raise the child alone. She knows it won't be easy but she's sure she can make it happen. They awkwardly discuss their situation. She bluntly asks him why he gets involved with his patients. He claims it was just a phase. "That's a crock," she says. She thinks he's still looking for complications. The doctor admits he may have crossed a line by sleeping with her and making things complicated. "I think you like complicated," she says. Nicole likes spending time with him and the sex is incredible but she doesn't want to put a name on what they have. He agrees with that.

July 4
, 2012
I Own You Now.

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At Casa DiMera, Will confronts EJ about not being a DiMera. After a long silence, EJ tries to talk his way out of this. Will smirks, revealing that the letter from Alice is gone. EJ twists like he has ants in his pants. "You're on thin ice," he tells Will, who guffaws. EJ acts like nothing has changed so Will hammers home how damaging this revelation could be. Elvis asks him what he wants. Will makes it clear he's not giving up the letter. He wants his car and apartment back. EJ kicks him the keys. Will wants a salary now that his internship is done and he wants power. He wants to have another person's fate in his hands. "I want to be you," Will explains. EJ's flattered but doesn't see that happening. Will wants to be his right hand man. Elvis can't give him what he wants because he knows that, at his core, Will is no DiMera. William reminds him he's no DiMera either. He thinks that two non-DiMeras running the empire would be great revenge on Stefano. This infuriates EJ. Will explains that the letter is already in someone else's hands with instructions to send it to the cops if anything happens to him. They rehash their past blackmail schemes and Will challenges him to call the cops. Will knows that EJ can be self-destructive, but he's sure he's not stupid enough to cross him. "We've taken our relationship to the next level," Will says, before adding, "I own you now."

Gabi and Chad sit in the square. He moons about Mel disappearing. "I can't lose her too," he says. She badmouths Mel. Chad sighs and starts talking about her moving out on her own again. Meanwhile, Andrew brings Mel some herbal tea and magazines in her cell. He offers to make her a new mp3 mix. She rolls her eyes. When she opens the paper, she sees that Lexi is dead. She panics and begs to be released. He can't do that. She chucks the scalding tea in his face. He yelps and chloroforms her. Chad suddenly runs in, decks Andrew and wakes her. That's just a dream. Outside, Gabi shows up and bickers with Andrew. He tells her that he has some ideas for the next 'stalker' event. She doesn't want anymore rats but wants it to happen today. When she admits that she's been living with Chad and he still won't make a move on her, Andrew starts laughing. She panics. He assures her that Mel won't be a problem. She notices he's staring at the door so she looks through the peephole and spots Mel. "What did you do?" she demands.

Rafe bumps into Carrie outside the square. They want to tell each other something. They discuss their run-ins with Sami. He says what Sami thinks doesn't matter and wishes he'd told Carrie the truth about the baby sooner. Rafe knows he's being unfair and she should be focusing on her family. She's having trouble getting past her feelings too. Carrie becomes distraught and declares that she can't face him anymore. It's too hard. He offers to step aside. They bid each other goodbye and he walks away.


July 5, 2012
Sticking Around.

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Ian runs into Kate in the square and asks her to join him for champagne. She needs to meet Brady and Madison. He groans. She asks him again if he's been doping Brady up. Ian says that addicts relapse. Kate seems unconvinced. She gets a call from Madison and rushes off. He makes a call to one of his minions and orders them to keep a close watch on Brady Black.

In her room, Madison tries waking Brady up. That doesn't go too smoothly. He can't even hold his coffee. He explains that he's coming down and he doesn't even know from what. Brady blames Ian but Madi doesn't buy it. They bicker about this and she tells him to stay there and pull himself together. When she leaves, he goes into a cold sweat and tries calling Maggie. She doesn't pick up. He begins twitching and arranges to meet a dealer. They make the deal outside the square. Ian's minion spies on them and snaps pictures. Meanwhile, Kate arrives at the office and sees how on edge Madison is. She questions her about Brady and Madi claims he just has a bug. Kate tells her to face the facts. She explains that both of her children were addicts and it was a struggle. Kate urges her to take action before it's too late. Meanwhile, Brady heads to a motel and gets a few lines of coke ready.
Abby and Cameron have been playing baseball with Ciara and Theo. As they start making out, Ciara tells them they're as bad as her mom and dad. Theo doesn't want to go home so Cameron reminds him that they need to look after his dad.

Abe is at home, sadly looking at a photo of Lexi. Kayla has just packed his fridge with food. He asks her to stay and keep him company. She assures him it will get easier. Abe needs to get a job. As she tells him that her marriage with Steve is really kaput, Abby magically appears to overhear this. She takes her aunt outside to discuss it. In the garden, Kay tells her that she's finished with living in limbo and it's time to move on. They discuss Cam and Abby says what they have doesn't mean much because he's leaving town. Kayla thinks she should make sure Cameron knows she wants him around. Abby worries that she's been screwing relationships up like crazy and she's afraid of what might happen. Kayla pushes her to try anyway. Back inside, the kids tell Abe they saw kissing and then hop off. Abe tells Cameron that he approves. They discuss Abby and then Theo. Abe goes on to tell him about how selfless Lexi was and how she was his one true love. Cam hopes he can find that kind of love one day. "Maybe you already have," says Abe. A call comes in for Cameron as Abby and Kayla arrive. Kayla and Abe make themselves scarce. Cameron explains that he has a new job starting tomorrow. Abby assumes it's in Chicago. He explains the job is actually in Salem. They start smooching.

Gabi is shocked to discover that Andrew has been keeping Mel captive in his cellar. He reminds her that they are in this together and threatens to tell Chad unless she keeps her mouth shut. Gabi can't go along with this. Andrew points out that she could lose Chad forever if he lets Mel go... and they could end up in prison. Gabi backtracks. He promises to take good care of Mel. She doesn't like the sound of that. He urges her again to take advantage of the situation. Gabi keeps telling herself that she's the best thing for Chad.

July 6
, 2012
I Don't Play Hard To Get.

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Madison tries calling Brady after he's been gone all night. She leaves worried messages but he's not picking up. He's on the floor in a motel bathroom staring at his coke. Finally, he throws it on the floor. He sweeps it up in a bag and then dumps it down the drain. Meanwhile, Madison runs over to the mansion to see Maggie. She feels lost. Maggie tries to be positive but Madi worries that she may have undermined Brady with her lack of trust. The redhead understands and explains that Brady will always be an addict. She asks Madison if she loves him enough to be there for him no matter what. Brady walks in. Madison runs into his arms. Maggie leaves them alone and Madison tells Brady she will love him no matter what. He starts apologizing. She demands to know what he was doing. He only vaguely explains. She needs something better than that. Brady explains that he went out to score some coke. Madi freaks out.

Daniel and Nicole are rolling around in her bed. He decides that she's the sexiest pregnant woman around. "I don't play hard to get," she tells him. They tell each other that this 'is what it is' but nothing more. Rafe starts banging on the door. She gets a robe on and sticks her head out the door. Rafe hands her some stuff from the pharmacy. She won't let him in and he wonders why. Daniel listens and looks miffed. Eventually, Rafe leaves. Daniel decides he should go too. He pulls on his pants and she guesses that going from naked to dressed in thirty seconds means he's annoyed about something. "I'm no one's back-up plan," he tells her. She doesn't understand. He explains that he thinks she has something for Rafe and he expected more honesty from her. Nic thinks she has been honest. "That's hard to do when you're not honest with yourself," he says. He heads to the pub. Nicole later shows up and awkwardly walks over to him with coffee. She tells the doctor that she forgets to breathe or swallow around him. She drools. He starts laughing.

Will and EJ are doing paperwork at Casa DiMera. Having him around is annoying Elvis. They talk about the 'ins and outs of doing things'. EJ warns him that people are never more dangerous than when they are backed into a corner. Will tells him he should take the polygraph so that it will make his business partners at DiMera Industries more comfortable. EJ thinks he's being adolescent. They keep bickering about the test. EJ doesn't want to give any ammunition to 'Rafe and his band of merry men'. Will continues to prod him, claiming that passing the test would force the cops to get off his back. "Maybe," EJ relents. Will orders him to do it. Elvis does not like that. He threatens deadly retaliation if Will ever uses what he knows.

Carrie is restless in bed with Austin. She fantasizes about having Rafe climbing all over her. She licks her lips and then stares at Austin in disappointment before climbing out of bed. He wakes up and tries dragging her back in. She says she needs to get to work. Over at the station, Rafe and Spencer sit and ponder the case. Spencer wanders off. Carrie bursts in with her sex fantasies still kicking around in her brain. They tensely talk over a case. Before she can head out the door, Rafe reminds her they were supposed to steer clear of each other. She can't do that. They go out for coffee. "If it's so hard for us to be apart, maybe..." she starts. Austin shows up and eavesdrops as Carrie tells Rafe she doesn't think she can stay away. Back at the station, Elvis and Will arrive. EJ declares that he's decided to take the test after all.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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