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2nd Week of July Daily Summaries  

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July 9, 2012
Huff And Puff

At the pub, Daniel tells Nicole that she's crazy and he's crazy too. 'Want to have some crazy fun?' he asks. He wants some 'ball play' right there and then. She's not so sure until he points to the basketball game in the corner. She's reluctant but he talks her into it. He teases her as she loses so she challenges him to up the ante. She offers to buy him a surf board if he wins and she will take whatever she wants if she does. The playing resumes and she beats him. He accuses her of hustling him and she drags him away to extract her reward. She forces him to massage her feet in public and then they race back to her room.

Kate gets some papers delivered to her in her office. Ian shows up as she locks them away. He asks her what the delivery boy brought. She fobs that off and heads to a meeting. He tries breaking into the locked cabinet. One of his minions calls and Ian orders all of the 'materials' used for Brady need to be disposed of. Later, the minion arrives and explains that all of the evidence has been removed. He hands him a box of it and leaves. Kate shows up and sees Ian holding it. She assumes it's just a protein supplement and decides to try it. As she stirs it up, Ian stares before kissing her and deliberately spilling the drink. She grabs a file and heads back to her meeting.

Brady is at the mansion telling Madison that he hasn't lied to her. She's having a hard time believing him. He reminds her that she lied to him before and he got past it. Once more, he insists that he hasn't been using and explains that she's the reason he's remained strong enough not to. Brady repeats that Ian is after them. He goes on to tell her how he became an addict in the first place. His mom's death left a void in him and he used women and drugs to fill it. They made him feel free for the first time in his life. But the void in his life disappeared when he fell for her.

Austin walks in on Rafe and Carrie talking at Mandalay. They claim they've just been discussing work. Austin coos about her and the baby. Rafe tries not to gag. Austin takes his wife to their room to feed her fruit. He fusses over her and then talks about house hunting. They start looking at house tours on his tablet. As he feels up her belly, she imagines for a moment that Rafe is with her and is happy. Austin snaps her out of that.

At the station, Roman sends Will and Spencer off to question EJ. Elvis tells him he can huff and puff all he likes. Spencer and the polygraph administrator arrive. As they get things ready, Will second guesses whether this was a good idea. 'It's scary to be on top,' EJ points out to him. Roman takes his grandson aside and asks why he's jerking around with EJ. He think they need to have a serious talk about this later. The testing begins. The first questions are all about EJ's name and who his father is. Elvis gulps and then gets angry, barking at them to ask him relevant questions. Rafe arrives and EJ lectures him for being late. Roman thinks EJ is deliberately trying to mess up the results. Everyone bickers until the administrator says they need to begin again because the results have been compromised. The questions start again. Once they're finished, the results soon come in. Roman and Spencer explain to EJ that he failed. The test shows that he did kill Stefano. EJ tries to smirk. Meanwhile, the administrator nervously meets with a gloved person outside of the pub and takes a bribe.



July 10, 2012
Very Hard.

Nicole is making out with Daniel in her room. After they have sex, she thinks they should talk about Rafe. That ruins the mood for a moment. They have sex again anyway and then order a banana split and fries. "You don't strike me as the kind of man who worries about what's good for him," she says. "Obviously not or I wouldn't be naked in your bed," he says. She's offended and decides to take a shower. He stops her. She asks him what's going on. He reminds her that they are in a complicated situation. He's having fun but he feels like she's torn between two men and he's not into that kind of thing. The doctor takes a cold shower. When he returns, she's waiting in bed with ice cream and suggests they get messy. He says she's not making things easy. "I want to make them very hard," she offers. "I think you already have," he says.

Sami goes home, ranting on the phone about distribution. Lucas takes the phone from her hands and they start making out. They're about to do it on the couch when she gets a toy truck up her butt and remembers he needs to fetch the children from camp. He rehashes their history and says he doesn't anything to ruin how well things are going. Lucas needs to know that they are more than friends with benefits. She confirms that and says they really have a shot this time. He gives her a glittery bracelet that belonged to his grandma. "She wanted you to have it," he says. Sami's amazed. She tells him about how she used to visit Alice so they could talk about New Kids On The Block. She thanks him for being her bestfriend and coming back for her. A business call comes in and they have to split.

The polygraph administrator takes a bribe from some gloved figure outside of the pub. The mystery person goes off and retrieves the gloves EJ had thrown away. Over at the station, Will paces and EJ fondles his tie as he tells Roman that the results of the test must be wrong. Roman and Spencer say the results speak for themselves. Elvis is miffed and tells them they're a joke. Roman thinks he's full of crap. EJ points out that the test is inadmissible. Will stands up for his boss but Roman is sure that the test has put them on the right track. Elvis keeps insisting he's innocent. They go around in circles until Will and EJ leave. The cops discuss why EJ would have killed his father. Rafe has some doubts all of a sudden. He can't understand why EJ would take a test he could fail. Roman is still confident so Rafe assures him he won't let EJ get away with murder if he's actually guilty.

In the square, EJ tears into Will for making him take the test. Will was just trying to help. Elvis reminds him that innocent people go to jail every day. Once again, William asks him point blank if he's guilty. EJ repeats he's not and points out that they shouldn't be discussing this in public. Will heads over to the pub and orders a new car. Lucas shows up and lectures his son for making a huge mistake by going back to Elvis. Will is cocky and claims everything will work out this time. Outside, Sami bumps into EJ and senses that something is wrong. Since his sister is dead, she offers to listen to his problems. He admits that his reputation is at stake and tells her about the test he failed. She's floored.

July 11, 2012
Pot-Kettle Sweetie.

At the pub, Lucas keeps telling his son EJ will betray him. Will is nonchalant. His father guesses there's more going on. William isn't helpful. He plays with his tea bag and tells him that EJ is not who he thinks he is. Lucas continues to tell him how worried he is. Will insists he can handle his boss and leaves.

Gabi finds Chad in the square worrying about Mel. He calls Carly and leaves a rambling, worried message. He putters off to get coffee and she calls Andrew to panic. He assures her that they can still both get what they want. Andrew brings Mel some ice tea and suggests that they can be friends. She tries having small talk with him. She gets him to listen to an MP3 and heads for the door as he plays air drums. Mel tries running up the stairs but the door is locked. He orders her back into the room. He yells at her and says she's made a big, big mistake. Meanwhile, Gabi tells Chad his obsession is unhealthy and he needs to have some fun. She drags him off to go biking. The exercise doesn't last long because she hits a tree. He takes her to the pub and laughs at her. Suddenly, he gets a call and assumes it's Mel. It's only Carly and she explains that her daughter is not in Europe. Chad panics.

John and Marlena sit on their couch and read. She talks about how great it is for life to be normal now that Stefano is gone. He rubs her foot and says he's counting his blessings. "Wee wee wee!" he squeals. They smooch and then talk about their dead friend. After they discuss how lucky they are, they make out until the doorbell rings. Lucas shows up to worry about Will. He thinks his son is playing some crazy game and he hopes Marlena can get through to him. John decides that it's time for him to get more directly involved and stop the DiMeras 'once and for all'. Marlena thought they were done with all of that but John explains that he will take over all of the DiMera power. The family empire is rightfully his.

Elvis follows Sami home and lectures her for accusing him of murder in public. He repeats that he's innocent. "Whatever," she grunts. They repeat this for a few minutes. Elvis tells her that if he was going to kill someone, he would have done a better job. That doesn't help. He feels like he's talking to a brick wall and accuses her of wanting to burn him at the stake. As he lectures her for being self-absorbed and says she'll be alone forever, Will shows up to chuckle. She rants at both of them. Will doesn't see why either of them care about what the other thinks. He asks him mom to stop butting in. "What's he doing to you?" she asks her son. He quickly leaves. Sami lectures Elvis some more about what a horrible person he is. "Pot-kettle sweetie," he says. When she suggests he must have enjoyed killing his father, he wants to leave but she won't let him. They insult each other's parenting skills until she tries slapping him. He holds her hand and she leans in to say how much she hates him.


July 12, 2012

Gabi chases Chad around the square. He is still panicking about Mel. Daniel arrives. He says Carly is a wreck. Abby shows up with Cameron. Chad fills them in. Abby frets. They start calling all of her friends but no dice. She worries that Mel is a goner. He tells her to have hope and faith. Abby says her dad was always taking off and coming back. They quickly run out of people to call and then discuss him growing up without a mother. Celeste turned out being nothing like he'd imagined. After they talk about praying, she says he's 'sexy' and they suck face. Suddenly, she remembers Mel went to a shrink. He gets her to sit on his lap and she says she would go nuts if she were doing this alone. Suddenly, a call comes in.

Bo and Hope are over at the station. They call Ciara to yammer until Chad and Daniel storm in. They fill the cops in, give them keys to Mel's storage locker and her email password. After the cops do some digging, they return. Bo questions Chad about the last time he saw Mel. This makes things uncomfortable. Finally, Bo says there has been no activity on Mel's cards. "Now I know something is wrong," Chad decides. Daniel becomes distraught and pulls at his hair. Hope explains that she found Mel's passport so she couldn't have gone far. They guess that someone must have abducted her.

Andrew lashes out at Mel for trying to escape from his basement. He accuses her of only pretending to like him. Her captor doesn't know what else she wants after he's tried so hard to make things nice for her. He ties her up and walks out. Gabi arrives and warns him that Chad has gone to the cops. She tells him it's time to stop the madness. He makes it clear that he will take her down with him if the cops come looking. He even recorded some of their conversations. Gabi plotzes. "You don't get to push me around anymore!" he bellows at her. He thinks Mel likes it there with him and he doesn't want to go anywhere. She warns him again that they could both go to prison.

At the townhouse, John reminds Lucas that he's a DiMera and it's time for him to take over the family company. He's sure that the board members might think new leadership is a good thing since EJ is in legal trouble. They make calls to start getting members on board but come up empty. Lucas suggests they try being less direct and then heads out. John sniffs. "Stinks," says Marlena, "Yeah, stinks," he concurs.

At her place, EJ advises Sami to take her hands off of him. They mock each other's parenting skills and she tries to slap him. He grabs her arm and she goes nose to nose with him. "I hate you," she spits. They nearly kiss but she leaps across the room at the last minute. She can't understand why this keeps happening. As she folds laundry, they argue about the killing. He can't believe she thinks he's guilty. She stops him from flouncing out and apologizes, but she's still suspicious of him. He makes her promise to protect the children if something happens to him. Sami says she's always made the children her priority. Seeing how worried he is about his kids makes her soften on him. She keeps realizing that he's a big part of what makes the kids special. "Likewise," he says. Sami says she will never turn them against him. They smile. She hugs him and shruggingly admits that he's probably innocent. Lucas walks in on this. "You have got to be kidding me!" he groans.


June 13, 2012
You Don't Exist Around Here Anymore.

At Andrew's, he tells Gabi that he's in control and he likes having Mel around. She's baffled. He plays recordings of their past conversations. She insists that she didn't intend any of this to happen. Since Gabi won't stop worrying about being caught, he threatens to just send the evidence to the cops. He laughs as she tries deleting the stuff on his phone. He has more copies. Chad calls her and asks her over to the station. She worries to Andrew that this could be a trap and then leaves anyway. Meanwhile, a bound and gagged Mel flashes back to mushy memories of Chadsworth and sobs. Andrew interrupts and tells her they are going to be together forever. After he brings her a croissant, she hallucinates Chad walking in to say he loves her and is coming for her.

At the station, Chad continues helping the cops search for Mel. Daniel keeps panicking. Hope arrives with Mel's passport. The cops guess she didn't leave the country. Chad guesses she hasn't been the one sending him emails. "Who in the hell would kidnap my daughter?" Daniel asks. The cops get a lead on where Mel might be by tracking her emails. Chad begins having sentimental flashbacks. The cops start pinpointing an area to search as Gabi arrives. Down the hall in an office, Spencer doubts EJ would be stupid enough to hold on to damning evidence. The cops aren't so convinced. A judge calls and awards them a warrant. They walk out of the office. Rafe offers Daniel some words of encouragement before leaving. Bo and Hope inform Chad and Daniel that they will have to stay there as they search. The men bicker. The doctor tries keeping Chad calm. A moment later, Chad runs off. Meanwhile, Gabi rushes back to Andrew's to warn him the cops are on the lookout. However, she discovers that his house is empty. As she heads for the door, she sees Chad outside and starts hyperventilating. As Chad looks in the window, he spots Mel's bracelet and kicks the door open.

At Sami's, EJ asks her not to bring the kids to see him in prison. He's glad she's being mildly supportive and assumes she now knows he's innocent. As they share a hug, Lucas walks in. He accuses EJ of conning her. "You don't exist around here anymore!" Lucas bellows at him, ordering him to stay away. Elvis doesn't think that's feasible. "Do you really think you can keep me away from Samanther?" he asks. The men insult each other for awhile. "I love my children, I love..." EJ starts. Lucas looks at Sami and then prods Junior about who he loves. "I loved my father very much," Elvis says. The men bicker about William. Lucas gets threatening. Sami gets sick of this and says this is really all about her and she knows what's best for her children. "I am not a prize!" she blurts out, ordering them to stop attacking each other. As soon as EJ walks out, Sami and Lucas start sucking face. She pulls away to say they need to talk. "I hate it when you say that," he says, repeating how much he loves her and their family.

A gloved person sneaks into EJ's apartment with the gloves Elvis had thrown away. They tape them to the back of a painting and skulk away. The police arrive with their no-knock warrant and walk in. They search. Eventually, Rafe takes down the painting and finds the gloves. "That's a hell of a place to keep gloves," Roman remarks. Elvis strolls in and orders them out. He's startled to see the gloves.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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