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3rd Week of July's Daily Summaries

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July 16, 2012
Shut Up And Kiss Me!

The cops search EJ's apartment. Rafe finally takes the painting off the wall and they discover the gloves carefully shrinkwrapped and taped on the back. EJ arrives and orders them out. "You gonna call the cops?" Rafe snipes. Elvis turns pale when he sees the gloves have magically returned. He accuses them of setting him up. Roman bickers with him. Rafe smirks. Spencer lists the evidence they've accumulated as EJ stares and his collar sticks up. Rafe's sure they've got him.

Sami and Lucas are making out at her place. She stops him and they bicker about him barging in. He refuses to let EJ come between them. "You belong to me," he says. That doesn't go over well. He tries to finesse his way out of it but that doesn't pan out either. Finally, he admits he just says stupid things sometimes, just like her. He begins asking if EJ means as much to her as he does. She tries fudging an explanation. He thinks she's deluding herself about Elvis and then suggests that her EJ obsession will ruin things between them again. She whines. "Shut up and kiss me!" he blurts. They suck face until they hear all of the bellowing across the hall. They walk straight into the cops questioning EJ. Lucas is thrilled by this. After some barking, Lucas is taken out. The cops file out afterward. Roman orders Lucas to behave himself and takes him to the station to make a statement. Once Samanther is left alone, she sneaks over to Elvis' again. She asks if the gloves are his. He admits that they are and they will test positive for residue... but he didn't kill his father. Elvis explains that he got rid of them so someone must have found them and planted them. Over at the station, the cops send the gloves to be tested. Spencer says they need to have solid evidence this time. "Dammit!" Roman curses. Rafe soon gets the results and they aren't good for EJ.

Kate is in her office with Ian. She bustles off to take care of something and he rummages in her bag, taking out the papers that Stefano's lawyer sent. Kate returns as he's reading through the papers. He wonders how long she was planning to keep the details from him. Ian says that they can have no secrets and he wants her to share anything else she has. He offers to look through the paperwork for her. She turns him down and then tells him Madi is taking Brady to rehab. She gets a call about EJ failing the test. He makes a snide remark about EJ. After she wanders off again, he sits and thinks about planting the evidence.

Gabi runs around Andrew's place looking for him but he's gone. He left a note saying that he's going to keep Mel. Before she can run away, Chad shows up at the door. He spots Mel's bracelet through the window and kicks the door open. He hops around like an acrobat on speed. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope are in the square coming up empty on the Mel search. Nicole spots Daniel. She's flirty but he abruptly runs off. She goes after him and he starts explaining. The cops come over and help fill her in. Nic is shocked and offers her support. Chad calls to say he found the bracelet in some house. Bo barks at him to get out of there. The cops run over to the crime scene with the doctor and the pregnant woman. After lecturing Chad for contaminating the evidence, he runs straight down to the basement. He pounds on the cell door. Gabi hides as the boys yell at each other. Bo orders everyone out so they can get a search warrant. Chad paces and hyperventilates until Hope yells at him to stop. Gabi keeps listening and worrying. Outside, Daniel worries to Nicole. She can't tell him that everything will be okay. He appreciates the honesty. She offers to be there for him. Bo eventually returns with a battering ram. He heads to the basement and knocks the cell door open. They find Gabi on the floor.


July 17, 2012
In A Box.

In their room, Austin startles Carrie as she stares at the sonogram. They yack about 2:00 AM feedings. "This is a great kinda scary," he says. They discuss her breasts and baseball. He hopes their baby is as honest and good as she is. She forces a smile and says she's no saint. After she bumps her knee, he says they can't live in a small room when she's as big as a house. Besides, they need to get a stable for their ponies. He's so excited to change diapers and have a mortgage to pay. He's the happiest man in the world.

Nicole is trying to keep Daniel calm at Andrew's. Rafe wanders by with his gun out. He heads downstairs and finds the cops helping his sister up. She stammers as they ask her where Mel is. Bo suddenly decides that Gabi must have been abducted by the same person who took Mel. She claims she was just searching door to door when she wound up there. Daniel comes down in time to hear the guy ran off with his daughter. They notice 'Mel' is written on the wall. Bo orders everyone out so the lab can come in. Nicole offers to call the TV station to get the word out. She, Rafe and Daniel go to the square. She makes some calls and reminds the doctor that his daughter is a survivor. He leaves to take a call. "Aiaiai," Rafe says. Nic's baby starts kicking her. As the cop feels her baby, Carrie walks by and spots them. She touches her own belly and runs off. Rafe starts joking around with Nicole. Daniel looks at them and grits his teeth. Back at Andrew's, the cops find a paper with a number on it. Chad recognizes it as Gabi's. Chadsworth assumes the culprit must have been her stalker. The cops begin questioning her about her stalker and soon guess they are missing something staring them in the face. Gabi stares. Chad demands that they go looking for his girlfriend now.

A distraught Carrie heads to Marlena's. She tells the shrink that everything is perfect, but she feels guilty all the time. She's sure that stressing out over her feelings can't be good for the baby... or her. Carrie tells her what she just saw and admits she wishes Rafe was groping her stomach. She knows she isn't being fair to Austin. "You've got feelings too," Marlena says. Carrie is sticking with her choice, but it nearly kills her to see Rafe. She recalls the mistake she made with Mike and declares that the baby is making up her mind for her this time. "I'm in a box but I don't think I built it," says Carrie. The shrink says she still has a choice to make, even if that means breaking Austin's heart. She'll support her, whatever path she chooses. They hug. Carrie heads back to her room and packs her bags. When Austin arrives, she announces that they are going to Switzerland.

Mel wakes up in the sewers under Salem. She's cuffed to a pipe. Andrew is with her and begs her to stop crying. She guesses this wasn't part of his plan and asks him to let her go. He won't. She can smell gas and suggests they leave. He says they aren't going anywhere until he knows where they are going. "There's no way in hell I'm going anywhere with you!" she yelps. He barks that she's going with him one way or another.

July 18, 2012
The Key To The DiMera Empire.

At the station, Spencer urges Rafe to cool his jets about arresting EJ. Rafe takes a minute to fret about his sister. Meanwhile, Daniel and Nicole are down the hall. She's trying to keep him calm and holds his hand. Maggie shows up, weeping. Nicole keeps searching the web for signs of Mel. The three of them begin going through the contents of Mel's locker. Rafe comes in and tells them not to give up hope. This makes Maggie panic. Nic follows Rafe down the hall. She stops for a second to remind herself that she's with Daniel now. Seeing her talking to herself makes the detective guess something is wrong. She worries about the baby. "Good things don't happen to people like me," she says. He tells her he can handle the faith for both of them. The doctor watches them together and then returns to the office. Maggie plays with his hair and he promises they will find Mel. She runs off as Nicole returns. Things are awkward between them. She wonders if he is trying to avoid her. He thinks they should go back to just being friends. He needs to concentrate on his daughter right now. She cries. Down the hall, Spencer brings Rafe the test results. They're exactly what they wanted.

Will grabs the paternity papers from the safe at the pub when Lucas startles him. He wants to talk about EJ. Will would sooner discuss his love life. His father gives him another warning. Will insists his boss is innocent so Lucas tips him off about the gloves. That makes no sense to Will. He runs off to make a call and leaves his bag behind. Lucas searches it and finds the letter. He reads it and furrows his brow. After he pockets it, Will comes back in to grab his bag and jog off. Lucas calls Rafe and they arrange to meet up.

Sami's running around her apartment in her negligee looking for Lucas. She thinks she hears him at the door and is startled to find it's Elvis. She grunts and pulls on a fluorescent beach towel. He wants to see the children. Sami asks if he's there to say goodbye but he reiterates that he's not going anywhere. Syd comes out and asks her dad why he's so sad. She gives him a hug and goes off to get ready for gymnastics. Sami starts interrogating him about the police. He assures her that he has nothing to worry about it. William calls and demands that they meet. Elvis runs off. She tracks Lucas down at the pub and he tells her that EJ is in store for some very bad news. He kisses her and runs off. She spots some dude putting in a security camera. He tells her that he's been installing them all over town. Meanwhile, EJ and Will meet up at Casa DiMera. Elvis explains that he is being set-up and insists the cops have nothing. Will starts looking through his bag and soon begins to panic.

Abe is at the townhouse telling Marlena all about his plans for the autism benefit he's holding in Lexi's honor. John shows up and starts sniffing around. Marlena explains she shoved some stuff in a crockpot. He's actually talking about his mail. "It smells like victory," he guffaws. The couple tell Abe about John's plan to take over DiMera. Abe's shocked he didn't do this sooner. John's a bit anxious that Brady hasn't been returning his calls. He gets a call from an investor. While he's on the phone, Abe and Marlena have a laugh about Stefano being dead and then he tells her about the speech he wants to make about Theo. John gets off the phone and groans. He explains that his backer has backed out. He goes off to take another call. Abe asks her if she's okay with John being a DiMera. She is. John comes back to say that Brady has checked himself in rehab. They're convinced that Ian has been drugging him. "That son of a bitch McAllister is gonna pay," John vows. Lucas shows up as Abe heads out. He hands the papers to John, who cocks his eybrow. "That's the key to the DiMera empire," claims Lucas.



uly 19, 2012
Junior Isn't Junior.

Carrie drops by the station to see Rafe. She startles him when she declares that she's moving to Switzerland. "That's... wow... farther away than I expected," he admits. She says it's the right move and does her best to act happy about it. He'll miss her. She'll miss him too. She does her best to convince both of them that this is the right idea. Roman shows up and his daughter tells him her news. Carrie claims she has to do this for her family and she's leaving tomorrow. He gets called away to work. Rafe has been moping in the corner. She tells him she's sorry. He only wants what's best for her. They hug. When he leaves, she breaks into tears. Her father returns and asks her if her abrupt move has something to do with Rafe. She continues insisting this is the right move. "I'll miss the hell out of you," he says as they hug.

Kate and Ian are in her office and she starts prodding him about his interest in the DiMeras. "What's in it for you?" she asks. He just wants to take care of her. Kate tells him that times have changed and she's not easy to manipulate anymore. However, she doesn't shy away from his plans to battle for a chunk of the DiMera fortune.

Lucas shows up at the townhouse and hands John the letter. Marlena looks quizzical. John reads it out loud, revealing that EJ is not Stefano's son. "Junior isn't junior after all," John says. They guess that EJ must have killed Stefano to keep the company. The shrink worries that Will might have had something to do with Stefano's demise. They walk down to the square. Marlena urges them all to be careful about this and suggests they speak to Will before doing anything. Ian and Kate wander by. He invites them to lunch but John is offended and accuses him of knocking his son off the wagon. Ian suggests that he should have spent more time looking out for his son instead of at DiMera Enterprises. "Don't mess with my family pal!" John growls. Ian suggests that John killed Stefano for messing with his family. That raises Marlena's ire and she calls him a 'bully'. Ian and Kate stroll away. John decides to dig into what his new enemy is up to. They head back to the townhouse and he wishes his son had come to him earlier. She continues worrying about how talented Will has become at keeping secrets. The shrink warns him that Ian is a dangerous man. Meanwhile, Kate tells Ian he didn't need to goad John so much. He's surprised she's so quick to protect John. He suggests that he wants to get CW back for her.

At Casa DiMera, Will freaks out when he notices that he's lost the letter. He runs out of there. Sami shows up and says that she has come to save EJ's life. "Let the salvation begin," he says. She explains that her father had security cameras put up everywhere and that means there could be footage clearing him. He excitedly hugs her. This is awkward. He calls one of his minions to dig for the footage. She wants to flounce off but EJ wants to thank her 'properly'. When he gets close, she reminds him that she is with Lucas. He takes her hand and draws her in for a kiss. She pulls away but he says there is always a 'next time' for them. Sami adjusts her skirt. He teases her and suggests that Lucas can't be that important to her since she always winds up with him. She claims she will make things work with Lucas this time. He says that what they have has no rational explanation and takes her hand. "Nothing is going on here," she insists. "We are the opposite of good," she adds, listing their many faults. He dares her to deny their 'irresistable pull'. When he leans in to kiss her, she's about to reciprocate but he pulls away and wanders off.

Will runs into the pub looking for the envelope. Sonny is there so he offers to help. They start searching in the trash. They come up empty. Will guesses his father may have the envelope and decides to run to the station. Lucas is already there, waiting to see Rafe. When the detective arrives, Lucas tells him to get his arrest warrant ready. Rafe's baffled as he reads it. Will runs in.


July 20, 2012

Gabi tries getting Chad to relax but no dice. Abby, Cam and Sonny show up after posting flyers. They tell him to take a breather, but he's determined to 'destroy' whoever took his Melly away. They talk over the details of the case and Abby says it no makes sense that the stalker kidnapped Mel instead of Gabi. This makes Gabi defensive. Abby asks her questions about the stalker and that makes her friend distraught. Gabi storms off and Chad goes after her. She asks him if he blames her. He doesn't. Back outside Mandalay, Cam hugs Abby and Sonny can smell gas. He runs off to check on it. Abby tells the doctor all about her 'feisty' friend.

Bo and Hope are at Andrew's talking to the realtor. She gives them his rental application and Hope goes off to look him up. When she gets back, she explains that the kidnapper was using a stolen identity. Bo curses. He says he told Carly he was going to keep an eye on Mel. Hope says she'll be with him every step of the way through this. She gets a call that the lab has matched the prints off the note. They belong to Corey, an escaped mental patient. They run down to the square once they get a mug shot. The cops show it to Chad and Gabi. He recognizes him as a photographer's assistant. Gabi feigns idiocy. Abby arrives to witness this and narrows her eyes. The cops explain that there was a second set of prints on the note but no match. Bo explains they sent the prints to the passport agency. Gabis starts to worry.

Down in the tunnel, Mel sobs and Andrew tells her he's looking for somewhere new. "It's so dark I can't see your face," she tells the masked man. He gives her a teddy bear, just like the one she used to have. He's interested in everything about her. She says that's more than Chad ever did. Andrew says he never would have let her disappear. Mel claims Chad must have never really loved her. The ceiling starts crumbling. She thinks they need to go somewhere new. He won't budge. She keeps panicking. Finally, he offers to search for a new spot and leave her with Mr. Bear. Mel screams until debris falls on her head.

Lucas meets Rafe at the station and hands him the letter. Rafe is shocked to read that EJ's not Stefano's son. Will arrives and declares that his dad stole it from him. He found it at Casa DiMera. They fill in Roman and Spencer. Will tries claiming EJ never read it but no one buys that. They split up to confirm the letter and Will begins barking that his father has betrayed him. Lucas claims he was just protecting him from his own cockiness. Will thought they had a better relationship than this. Lucas thinks he's been corrupted by EJ's influence. "Why haven't you been here to influence my life?" Will asks, adding that he needed him but he was gone. Lucas apologizes but his son says it's too late. Lucas apologizes again. Down the hall, Rafe's gut tells him that something is not right. A call comes in confirming that EJ and Stefano's DNA does not match. EJ's prints were all over the letter too. They decide it's time to make an arrest. As they file out, Roman takes Will's cell phone away and orders him not to go near EJ. When Lucas gets a call, Will runs off.

Sami is at Casa DiMera thinking back on EJ's dare to give in to her feelings for him. She tries working on the surveillance footage. Elvis strolls in and makes more innuendos. She computes. He's bored. He undresses her with his eyes and snorts her hair. She keeps insisting she's doing this for the kids. Finally, they find footage of him throwing the gloves away. Moments later, a man takes them. "It proves someone is setting us up," she says. She wants to take this to the cops but he says they need to get more information first. The cops show up and arrest him. They make it clear that they know Stefano was not his father. Sami is shocked. Will and Lucas arrive. "What the hell are you doing here?" Lucas asks Sami.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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