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4th Week of July's Daily Summaries

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July 23, 2012
Elvis, The DiMera Impersonator.

The cops arrive at Casa DiMera and cuff EJ for killing his father. They know Stefano was not his father. Sami is gobsmacked. Will rushes in. Lucas tells him to stay away from his boss. He starts asking Sami what the hell she is doing there. "You are a bastard!" Sami blurts at EJ before bitch slapping him. EJ is taken away and Lucas bugs Sami for answers. He needs her to make a decision about who she wants to be with. She tells him that EJ is being set-up. He continues lecturing her anyway and demands that she stop lying to herself. Lucas gives her an ultimatum to make up her mind and storms out.

Down at the station, Will sneaks in to see his boss. Roman doesn't want him there but EJ insists they are allowed to discuss his legal issues. Roman advises his grandson to cut his ties now and Rafe warns them that the whole place is wired. Will apologizes to EJ and says that he should have been more careful. "That's okay. You never know when Brady incompetence will kick in," EJ says before ordering him to dig up some surveillance footage. After William runs off, the cops tell Elvis they are getting his cell ready. He threatens their jobs. "Yeesh," says Rafe. As soon as they swan out, Sami shows up making the stink face. She lectures him for lying to her and accuses him of blowing up her life. He tells her that Lucas is the one who leaked the letter and suggests that she should hop along and make amends with Lucas if she really wants him. EJ sniffs at her and she declares that she won't buy his lies anymore. He continues insisting he's innocent. Outside, Rafe remains convinced that there is something wrong with the case. Spencer calls and asks him to chase down a lead.

Madison takes Brady up to a conference room at Titan. He's horny but she needs to pick up her tablet. Kate and Ian arrive and Madi tells them that they are leaving for their honeymoon. "We are going to get married tomorrow," Brady explains. Ian turns red. Brady gets in his face and threatens to put his 'ass in traction'. Ian's not impressed. Madi tells him not to underestimate his enemies. She's finally come to see him for who he is and that makes her free. Lucas arrives as Ian is making insults. Brady and Madi run off and Lucas happily tells the others he just saw EJ getting arrested. He fills them in about Sami's suspicions and the surveillance footage. Ian anxiously gulps his herbal tea and then excuses himself. Kate tells her son that EJ will 'always be the sun' in Sami's orbit. He loves her anyway. She trashes Sami and doubts that prison will keep her away from Elvis. Meanwhile, Brady and Madison are in bed, recalling their segue adventures by candlelight. He tells her that having her with him during his relapse made all the difference. They agree that their marriage will only be about them and no one else.Sonny is with Will at Casa DiMera, aka "The Temple of Doom." They sort through the surveillance footage. As they try to close in on the other figure, Ian is busy using one of his minions to access the footage. Ian orders him to destroy it. As he erases it, the footage vanishes for Will and Sonny.

Nicole is in her room getting a romantic dinner ready. A pensive Daniel arrives. He's shocked when he sees he's lit candles. He can't believe she's trying to seduce him when his daughter is missing. She insists that's not the case. She just wanted to take care of him. He backs down but says he can't have a break right now. The doctor gives her a check-up and tells her how amazing she is. He says that everything will be alright. She tries to make him eat but he has to go.

July 24, 2012

See'ya Pub
At the station, Chad is frazzled. The cops tell him to be cool. He spots EJ being led by in cuffs. He rushes over and they chat about Mel. Elvis explains why he was arrested. "That's insane!" snaps Chad. EJ's touched by his faith but slowly explains that Stefano is not actually his father. "You're still my brother. So, anything you need, let me know," Chad says. Down the hall, the cops call Gabi down to chat. Her prints are on a paper from the crime scene and they need an explanation. She makes something up. The cops decide to take a break. Bo and Hope guess she knows more than she's saying. Hope fetches Chad. The cops think they should hypnotize Gabi. That scares Gabi but the cops want to call down Marlena.

In the tunnels, Andrew tries waking up Mel. When she does, he coos about how he would do anything for her. She's startled to see he's been crying. He was afraid he'd lost her and just wants to take care of her. She asks to see his face. After pulling off his mask, she says he's handsome and brave. He offers to get them a car. She hugs him and grabs his phone. He begins beating himself up for not taking her some place safe and then runs. Mel calls Chad, who is walking in the square with Gabi.

Will and Sonny have spent all night at Casa DiMera trying to track down the surveillance footage. Sonny wanders off to find coffee. Sami shows up and tears into her son for keeping EJ's secret. "I don't know why anybody does anything anymore," she complains. Will explains and she lectures him some more. They rehash her past with Elvis and he explains that Stefano was ruining his son's life. Will can relate to that. He defends his boss. When he mentions the missing footage, she whips out her flashdrive and says she made a back-up. He begs her to let him have it. She runs out the door instead. Will gets back to work. Sonny makes bedroom eyes at him until his friend starts gushing about how EJ needs him.

Sami arrives at the station to see EJ. Bo advises her not to say anything stupid. She promises to try. He leaves them alone. She lectures Elvis for lying to her. He says that he's a big nothing now that he's not a DiMera. She assures him he's not nothing and Stefano loved him. Then she tells him that the footage was erased. He smashes things up, sure that he's being set-up. She pulls out the flashdrive and says it's all there. EJ kisses her and asks her to bring it to his lawyer. She bustles out. When she gets to the square, some dude grabs her.

Kate meets her son at the pub. Austin confirms that he and Carrie are leaving. He explains that he needs to get his wife out of town fast or he could lose her forever. Even though leaving was Carrie's idea, he's afraid she might change her mind. "I could throttle her," Kate says. He makes her promise not to get up to any 'funny business'. They hug and she tells him he's brought her nothing but joy. Meanwhile, Carrie corners Rafe outside the square. She says he's the best person she's ever known. Carrie wishes she'd met him first. He tells her he understands and they hug. She knows he's furious with Sami but reminds him that her sister still loves him. "I want you to be happy," she says, giving him a kiss and then walking off. She goes to the pub to meet her husband. He asks her if she's sure about leaving. Carrie is. They giggle and head out to the catch their flight. "See'ya pub," they say as they go.


July 25, 2012
 Pretty Damn Special.

At the station, EJ is led in to see a smiling Will. Elvis is in a mood. Will informs him that Sami has the footage. They hope for the best. EJ says Will is now his strongest ally and warns him there will be a lot of heat coming his way. "Bring it on," William says. He tells him he's 'more than his boss'. They smile and chuckle and Will encourages him not to give up. Elvis is taken away for his arraignment. Later, he returns and has a fit. His bail is so high he can't even afford to post a bond.

A dishevelled Sami mopes back to her apartment after being mugged for the flashdrive. She falls into Lucas' arms. He puts on a bandaid and tells her to go to the cops. She explains she was jumped for the flashdrive. He's not happy that she is helping EJ again. Sami doesn't appreciate the lecture. It continues anyway. She assures him that she is not choosing Elvis over him, but she can't let the cops handle this. Will calls to tell her EJ cant make bail. Lucas worries she will use the kids' college fund and storms out. Later, she shows up at the station to bail EJ out.

Cam and Abby are at the pub discussing the Autism benefit. She's obsessing over Mel. Her parents arrive and tell her not to go looking for her friend on her own. Cam and Jenn go off to look at ads for the fundraiser so Jack plays 'dutiful dad'. His daughter admits she's a mess. He assures her that she has been a good friend to Mel and then starts quizzing her about Cameron. She makes him pinky promise not to embarrass her. Jack apologizes for not being there for her more and only wants the best for her. Meanwhile, Cam tells Jenn the reasons he's sticking around Salem, and they include Abby. They return to the pub. Jack takes Cam to get coffee. Abby starts worrying to her mom. Jenn assures her it will be fine. Her daughter tells her what a dedicated and caring person Cam is. At the bar, Cam admits he has feelings for Abby and hopes Jack is cool with it. He says that Abby is 'pretty damn special'. They return to the ladies. Cam and Abby leave to deliver some programs. Jack tells Jenn that Cameron is okay and he has the look of love, the same look he has when he thinks of her. He tells her how great she's made his life and they kiss.

Down in the tunnels, Mel manages to make a call to Chad after snagging Andrew's phone. He can barely hear her as she yells about being in the tunnels. Andrew returns and smashes the phone. Brady arrives to hear about this and suggests they go to the police. Chad can't wait. Brady realizes what tunnels she must have been talking about and they head down. Gabi tries calling Andrew to tip him off. He's busy yelping at Mel. Down the tunnel, Chad and Brady start sniffing around. Brady has a schematic of the place on his tablet and they wander along. They soon run into Gabi. She sends them off in the opposite direction. When she turns the corner, she finds Mel and Andrew. Bleary eyed Mel spots her and is confused. Gabi tries grabbing Mel to lead her away. Andrew turns and blurts out her name. As he switches on his lighter, the place explodes.


July 26, 2012
Sorry Cupcake.

Chad and Brady stumble around in the tunnel after a blast. They run around but have no luck. Eventually, they go back over ground and start making calls. Down in the tunnels, Gabi tries helping Mel escape when Andrew jumps out from some debris. "Long time no see," he gasps at Gabi. Mel wonders how they know each other. Gabi explain that he's her stalker and urges him to let them go so he can run. "Sorry cupcake. No can do," he says, accusing Gabi of hanging him out to dry. He cuffs them to a pipe and then walks off to follow a noise. An outlet starts sparking. Andrew returns. He and the girls yell at each other until he offers to put all of the cards on the table.

Daniel is agitated at the mansion. Victor tries to keep him calm. He offers to help with the search and then brings up Nicole. "What the hell are you thinking?" he asks. The doctor tells him not to go there. "Nicole? She makes Medea look like the tooth fairy," Victor lectures, telling him she uses sex like currency. Daniel tells him this is none of his business. Victor thinks he's insane. Outside, Nicole is about to ring the bell when Maggie runs up to her, distraught about Mel. Nicole explains that Victor summoned her there. Maggie explains that's her fault. She shakes and sobs about Mel, blaming herself for that too. They go inside, where Victor is busy listing Nicole's faults. He begins arguing with Maggie. She claims he becomes an interfering idiot when he feels powerless. The doctor explains that Nicole understands him and helps him keep the faith. Daniel leaves to take a call and Maggie runs after him. Victor tells Nicole that he doesn't want Daniel in between EJ and the baby. She insists that Rafe is the father. "Fruit flies have longer relationship than you," he says. "I never took biology," she answers. "That's a shame because you're so good at it," he retorts. Meanwhile, Maggie panics to Daniel but he assures her that Mel will come back to them. "We are a family," he says as he hugs her. They decide to interrupt the arguing. Nicole and the doctor leave together. He apologizes for what just happened. She's sorry he has to deal with this now. Back inside, Maggie warns her husband not to boss her son around. She says he's just making things worse for everyone. He apologizes. She frets some more.

Will calls Roman to tell him there was a rumble under the square. He asks about EJ's bail. Roman says Sami bailed him out. Meanwhile, EJ asks Sami how she managed to post his bail. She used CW as collateral. Roman interrupts to demand an explanation from his daughter. Sami claims she's just trying to do the right thing. Bickering erupts. Moments later, Sami and EJ are gone. Will shows up and Roman asks him why he's so 'rah-rah about EJ's lame ass story'. Roman gets a mysterious tip by phone. He orders Will to leave and then calls a cop over. Will eavesdrops on them talking about the DiMera jet being fuelled.

Elvis and Sami go to Casa DiMera. Once he changes pants, she tells him that she was mugged for the flashdrive. He orders her to leave and stay out of this from now on. They bicker about this. She says she's been standing up for him. He doesn't want her making herself a target. He claims that he feels completely alone and doesn't deserve her. "Don't get on that plane!" Will yelps as he runs in. EJ says he's not that foolish. Will explains the jet has already been prepared. Elvis is impressed by how thoroughly he's been set-up. Sami thinks his only chance now is to run. He points out that he has an ankle monitor. Will offers to disable its GPS. Sami tells him it's the only way. "I believe in you," she adds. Elvis caves and they run out the back. Roman and a cop burst in the front door. Only Will is there.



July 27, 2012
A Gruelling Evening.

In the ballroom of Chez Rouge, Abe welcomes the guests to the autism benefit. He talks about how his son is more than a statistic and knows plenty about dinosaurs. Everyone claps and Abe toast to Lexi's memory. Theo gets up to say he wants to make his mom proud. Everyone begins milling around. "This is going to be a gruelling evening," Ian says to Kate before telling her what a disaster the Madi and Brady wedding will be. Kate actually thinks they deserve a happy ending. Ian floats off and Lucas starts quizzing his mom about his siblings. Then he prods her about Ian's blatant Madison obsession. People gather around Abe to tell him how great things are going. Maggie and Victor pace around the room bickering about what happened yesterday. She thinks he needs to cut Nic some slack. There are some rumbles so everyone gossips about earthquakes.

At the station, Bo and Hope tell Daniel and Nicole that they should take a break and go to the wedding and fundraiser. After they walk off, Nic gives the doctor a pep talk. They head to the fundraiser but he can't go in because he's so worried. There's a rumble. They worry about earthquakes and decide to take the stairs out but don't go. He's frazzled so she gives him a hug. They bicker and she wants to help. He runs into the shindig to pay his respects and then tries calling Chad. Nicole drifts off to a corner and starts groaning and grabbing her gut. Meanwhile, the cops go up to the ballroom to ask Lucas where Sami is. He's not happy to hear she bailed EJ out. Across the room, Abby hangs out with Cam and Theo until her father approaches her. She tells him she will always be his little girl and they hug. Bo and Hope come in and feed each other until Abe decides it's time for him to leave.

At the townhouse, John jokes around about losing the rings. He tells Marlena that Brady will be his best man when he walks her back down the aisle. Madison comes in to get zipped into her dress. She's a little worried Brady might be gun shy. She's been calling him without luck. Marlena gives her a little pep talk and offers her some old and borrowed jewelry. John welcomes Madi to the family. They head over to the fundraiser. Madi wonders where Brady is. Ian starts making smug remarks. John gets threatening. Flustered, Madi stomps around until Ian corners her. He says if Brady loved her, he'd already be there. Suddenly, a tremor hits the building. A chandelier plummets at Daniel. Abby falls into the elevator and it begins to fall.

Chad and Brady run around the tunnels chasing the echoes of Mel's voice. Brady stops Chad from hollering after her. Down the tunnel, another rumble knocks the ceiling onto Andrew. Mel wants to run. Gabi pretends she's broken her ankle and tells Mel to go and get help. The second she's gone, Gabi tries freeing Andrew from the wreckage. Chad finds her and starts screaming at Andrew, demanding to know where Mel is. "Ask your friend," Andrew groans. Meanwhile, Brady has bumped into Mel. He wants to get her out of there but she refuses to leave Gabi behind. Before they can find them, an explosion rips through the tunnel.

Roman and the cops show up at Casa DiMera to arrest EJ but only find Will. He plays dumb. The cops find the deactivated ankle bracelet. They run off in search. Sami calls her son for help. She and EJ are in a warehouse. He refuses to leave without saying goodbye to his children. Soon, William shows up with the kids. EJ tells them he's going on an adventure and needs them to look after their mommy. Will takes them away for ice cream. Moments later, Roman, the cops and Lucas show up after having followed Will there. Sami and EJ hide on the landing above. When he stands up, Roman and the cops level their guns at him. Sami jumps in front of him. She tells Elvis to run. Before he can, another tremor hits and she falls off the landing. He holds her, but the shaking is too much.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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