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1st Week of June Daily Summaries

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June 4, 2012

All Our Dreams Have Come True.

Someone walks into Casa DiMera and shoots Stefano as he sits in his chair. They put the gun down and check his pulse. Across town, Roman gets a call at the station. He's shocked by what he hears. Meanwhile, Bo arrives at the pub with shifty-eyes. Hope is there, looking edgy. They have some awkward chit-chat until Roman calls them over to Casa DiMera. When they arrive, Roman walks them through the crime scene. He actually called them there are suspects to be questioned. Hope can't believe he's serious. He reminds them they wished Stefano dead a few hours ago. They give him a fake alibi and twist around like they have giant ants in their pants. He shows them the murder weapon. They claim they've never seen it before. When the cops head home, they keep acting shifty.

At home, Lexi can't sleep. She goes downstairs to get a hug from Abe and notices he's all wet and jumpy. Lexi tells him about her nightmares. He promises he'll never let anyone hurt her. When she gets up to make tea, he turns on the TV and a newsflash comes on about Stefano's demise. He turns it off fast. Roman shows up moments after Lexi has gone to bed. She's standing on the stairs and hears that her father is dead. She rushes down in a panic. Roman confirms the news. She collapses in tears. Roman questions them. Abe lies. After he leaves, Lexi tells her husband that she thought her father was going to kill himself out of guilt. She cries and he promises her justice will be done.

John goes home. Marlena finds him flustered and wet. His eyes are shifty. "There was something I needed to do. Uh... nothing much," he explains. They talk about the weather. After he dries off, he turns on the TV and they see the newsflash about Stefano's death. "All our dreams have just come true," he says. Eventually, Roman shows up. John admits he's happy Stefano's dead but he didn't kill him. He and Marlena lie about what they've been doing all evening. Roman smirks.

Will's running around the square backwards. He bumps into Elvis, who wonders if he's hiding something. EJ goes for a coffee. He's got the fidgets. Meanwhile, Ian sits in the office. Kate shows up, exasperated and soggy. He wonders if she has something on her mind. Will rushes in and tells them that Stefano is dead. "You heard that wrong!" she cries. Later, Roman shows up to question them. Kate and Will both lie. After the cops leave, Kate tells Will that she knew this day would come.

Mel meets Chad at the Coffee Bean. Gabi calls to say she's okay and stalker free. She's actually with her 'stalker'. Andrew has some more ideas about how they can kick her plan up a notch. She's not interested and wanders off. Meanwhile, Chad thinks they should ask his father for help with the stalker. Mel thinks that's a craptacular idea. He just wants this whole thing over-with. Gabi has joined in to listen to the bickering couple. Chad heads over to Casa DiMera. It's swarming with cops. He spots the blood stained corpse. "Is that my father?" he asks. Roman confirms it. When EJ arrives at Casa DiMera, Roman is gone but Chad is still flustered and distraught. "He's Stefano DiMera! I don't understand why anyone would do this!" Chad moans. After EJ identifies the body, he heads over to the station to talk to Roman. He explains that he was going though 'a rough patch' with his father. The cop wonders why. Elvis says it was just part of their regular family conflicts. Later, the cops get an ID on the gun. Roman is shocked that the gun belonged to Abe. Not only that but there are eight different sets of fingerprints that have been identified on it. Meanwhile, Chad stumbles around the square in a daze. Mel and Gabi rush over to him. From his wilting hair, they guess things must be bad. "I'm completely alone," he groans. Mel says he has her and hugs him.

June 5, 2012
Are You Sure He's Really Dead?

Roman sits in the square reading the paper. Officer Martine Kent, his shadow on the case, arrives. He explains that the governor's men will be taking over the investigation soon, especially since he is closely connected to most of the suspects. They need to make sure everything they gather is impartial. He lists the suspects.

At home, Abe hides the paper from Lexi. She catches him doing it and takes the paper. As she reads, Roman and Kent show up. Roman bluntly says that Abe is on the suspects list and his gun was used to kill Stefano. Lexi's shocked. Abe explains what he did last night but insists he didn't kill Stefano. Theo shows up so Lexi takes him to the kitchen. Abe tells Roman why he lied to him last night and then unloads. He claims he left his gun behind because he hoped Stefano would use it on himself. Lexi has been eavesdropping and comes out to say she believes his story. Roman asks his friend to come down for a few tests so they can clear him. Once the cops depart, the couple wonders who the shooter was. As Theo watches "SpongeBob," Abe admits to his wife that part of him is glad Stefano won't be in their son's life. She claims that what happened to her was Andre's fault and they need to make peace with this. Abe can't forgive her father. She's distraught. They discuss how most of their friends have motives for shooting her father. "If one of them did it, I don't want to know," she says.

Kate is in her office reading the paper and thinking about last night. Ian shows up and she tells him how hard it is to believe that Stefano is gone. He was the most vindictive person she'd ever met. She warns Ian that Stefano will keep ruining her life, even from beyond the grave. "He's been dead and undead so many times that I can hardly count," she says. Ian assures her he's in Hell now. He asks her if she pulled the trigger. Before she can answer, they're interrupted by Roman and Kent. She waves calling her attorney. Ian leaves and Roman asks Kate what really happened. She's not terribly helpful but admits that she was furious. Ian listens at the door as Kate tearfully tells Roman she would never murder someone she was desperately in love with. She reminds Roman of her checkered past and her long history with Stefano. Their marriage may have started out as a business relationship but it evolved into something else. Ian walks in. She swears she didn't do it. Roman asks her to come down for a test and then leaves. Ian reminds her of how abusive her husband was. She loved him anyway and feels sad and guilty. He asks her again if she killed Stefano. She sobs.

EJ stops outside the pub on his morning jog. Sami wanders by and asks if the news is true. He admits he's shocked by Stefano's sudden death. "Are you sure he's really dead?" she asks. They head to her place and he explains that he just ID'd the body. She says everyone wanted him dead, even they did. He admits there were such times. She worries about her job. He assures her he won't let anyone take it away from her. She realizes he's the head of the empire now and he can make it into whatever he wants. "We can have a chance," she says before insisting she meant the 'family we'. Roman and Kent arrive. He wonders why EJ isn't more upset about Stefano's death. "You already know who the killer is, don't you?" Roman prods.


June 6, 2012
He Ruined Everything.

At Sami's, Roman suggests that EJ might have killed his dad. He even pulls out a motive. Stefano's last will disinherited EJ. Elvis points out that it hasn't been notarized so it's not legal and claims it was just an empty threat. Roman adds that they also found his prints on the murder weapon. The cop needs him to take a residue test and suggests he tell him if he knows anything useful. EJ insists he would never kill Stefano because they were flesh and blood. After the cops leave, Sami assures EJ that she thinks he's innocent.

Bo and Hope drop by the townhouse to explain what the police have found to Marlena and John. They say that there are seven sets of prints on the murder weapon, including theirs. Marlena admits she went to the mansion to confront Stefano. They all did. The shrink is shocked when she learns that Will was there too. Roman shows up. He hopes that the four of them aren't involved in some kind of cover up. He lectures them for being idiots and lying to him. He demands that they come clean with him. John repeats that they are all innocent. Roman asks them all to come down for a residue test. After he leaves, Bo and Hope file out to do their tests. Marlena reminds John of when she shot Stefano but claims she's innocent this time. She packs up the clothes she wore to see Stefano. Down at the station, Hope asks Bo if he'd tell her the truth.

Will is at the Coffee Bean talking about Chad losing his father. When Sonny teases him about being tight with EJ, Will explains that he got fired. "Stefano, he ruined everything," he complains. He explains what went down. Sonny's annoyed when it sounds like he used him to help do Stefano's bidding. Will apologizes and offers to earn his forgiveness. He talks about how his life has fallen apart and how glad he is that Stefano is dead. His friend warns him to be quiet about expressing that. As they smile at each other, Sami runs in. Sonny runs away. Sami starts offering help. Will doesn't want it. He pulls Sonny over and declares that they are in love. He asks if that bothers her. Sami fidgets and groans. She says Sonny seems like a great guy and asks if it's serious. Sonny apologizes and says he doesn't appreciate Will being a jerk. He thinks Sami deserves to have some time to get used to things too. They sit around a table and she offers Will her spare room. He's not interested. Roman shows up and asks to speak to Will alone. Sami won't budge. She explains that Lucas caught her son with a gun. Roman explains it was actually Abe's gun that was used which means Will was at Casa DiMera.

Rafe paces in Daniel's office. Nicole is on pins and needles. He doesn't think they can fake the tests now. She thinks back to Daniel catching her doing just that. Rafe suggests that EJ might be too distracted by grief to deal with this. Nic has her doubts. Daniel arrives as she tells Rafe that he's not tied to her anymore. She apologizes for coming between he and Carrie. He thinks everything works out the way it does for a reason. He leaves to take a call. Roman asks him back onto the force and puts him in charge of the murder investigation. Elvis walks by. He and Rafe enter the office before Daniel can have a talk with Nicole. As the doctor fetches the results, EJ repeats that they all know the child is his. When Daniel comes back, he reveals that Rafe is actually the father. Elvis blinks furiously. He accuses them of changing the results. Nic tells him not to be a sore loser. "Please, don't deprive me of my child," he begs. She asks for a moment alone with him. Once the other men clear out, Elvis tells her that he is losing everything he loves in his life. She's sorry for his losses, but 'the lab tests don't lie'. He offers to raise the child anyway. She says it's too late for them. EJ won't accept that. He walks out and she breaks into tears. Rafe and the doctor return. The cop wonders how she got this result but has to get to work. After he's gone, Nic tells Daniel how wonderful he is and gives him a hug. He admits that he didn't change the switched names back and decided to help her. She tells him he's the best and leans in for some more cuddling.


June 7, 2012
Best Of The Rest.

Austin is mollycoddling Carrie outside the square. She doesn't want to be treated like a china doll. As they smooch, Rafe approaches. He tells them he's back at work and they have some awkward chit chat until Austin congratulates him on being the father of Nicole's baby. That's the first Carrie's heard of it. She suppresses her rage as Austin rubs it in. When he walks off to take a call, she accuses Rafe of being a liar. He insists that he's never even slept with Nicole. She guesses someone switched the results. Carrie says none of this matters anyway because they can't be together. She is sticking with Austin, even if she'd rather be with Rafe. They have to accept that they will never have the life they planned in the safe house. "Whoever said that 'you can have it all' was wrong," she says. The only thing he wanted was her. Meanwhile, Austin tells Billie his baby news. She warns him about all of the diapers and how this will make him age overnight. He still can't wait. His sister reminds him that his marriage nearly fell apart recently. Austin insists that's all in the past and things are great now. He returns to his wife and Rafe with a bag of clam chowder and ice cream. After Rafe heads off, Austin promises his wife he will give her everything she needs. She assures him he's all she needs and apologizes for what's happened over the past few months. They talk about what amazing parents they are going to be. He says this is the start of the 'best of the rest' of their lives.

In the square, Mel offers Chad her pity. He asks her if she's glad his dad is dead. She tells him she'll be there for him. He opens up about how much he wishes he could have been closer to his father. She assures him that his father loved him. Across the square, Andrew surprises Gabi. She's not happy to see him. They bicker. "If I need you to 'stalk' me again, I'll let you know," she snipes. He guesses she has the hots for Chad. He's annoyed that she hired him to help her get some dude. She orders him to leave her the hell alone and flounces off to Chad and Mel. She offers her condolences and hugs. Chad suggests she come with them so she won't be alone. Mel rubs her eyes. They order take-out. When Gabi opens hers, she finds a dead rat in her salad. They send a complaint to the kitchen. Gabi freaks out. Mel looks nauseous. Chad wants to call the cops but Gabi refuses. "What is wrong with you?" they ask. He spots Rafe and runs over to him. After Chad fills him in, Rafe questions his sister. He wants all of the evidence but she's destroyed it. He declares that her modeling career is over until 'the perv' is caught. "Be glad I'm not sending you to that convent in Puerto Arenas," he says as he drags her off to the station.

At the Coffee Bean, Sami tries to stop her father from 'badgering' Will. Lucas arrives. They discuss the murder weapon. Will admits he went to Casa DiMera. Roman wants the gun he had so he can dispose of it. Sami and Lucas explain it's gone. Will admits that he took it back and dumped it in a storm drain. He claims he went to see Stefano but he wasn't home. He also admits that he touched the gun but never used it. Roman orders him to have a residue test. His parents take him down to the station. They wait with him and promise pizza when this is all over. When he is taken away to be tested, his parents wonder if he could be guilty. They debate it until their son returns to swear he's innocent. He kicks himself until Roman returns. Will grins uncomfortably until Roman explains that the test came back positive. He places Will under arrest.


June 8, 2012


Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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