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2nd Week of June Daily Summaries  

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June 11, 2012
Will Didn't Do it.

EJ shows up at Casa DiMera and is surprised when Rafe answers the door. Rafe explains that he can't enter the crime scene. "This is my house. I'm the mayor!" EJ objects. Rafe wonders what he needs anyway. Elvis blinks threateningly and accuses him of switching the DNA tests. Rafe reminds him that he's a murder suspect. He shuts the door in EJ's face. Later, EJ sneaks in the back door and opens the secret compartment so he can grab the papers proving he's not a DiMera. He hides as Rafe comes in to check on things. The cop gets a call about Will being arrested and runs off.

In the square, Jack excitedly tells Jenn that a publisher has agreed to do his book. He never thought this was going to happen. She's proud of him. He has all sorts of other ideas for books too. Jack assures her he won't be running off. She's happy that he's thinking through things for once. He tells her she's perfect. Jenn thinks that they have finally figured things out. "I love you so much," she says.

At home, Lexi tells Abe that she wants to meet her brothers to plan the funeral. He was expecting this. She talks about how hard her father made her life. "I loved him so much!" she sobs. She's sorry he died feeling sad and alone. As she wipes away the tears, she admits that her father's death may have been a blessing for him. No parent wants to outlive his children. Jack and Jenn show up to pay their condolences. They tell Lexi about his publishing news and Abe runs off to do some errands. There are lots of hugs between Jenn and Lexi. Jack decides to go and play video games with Theo. Jenn tells her friend how much she wishes she wasn't dying. Lexi's come to accept it. She just wishes she could make it easier for Abe. There's so much she still wants to do... They change the topic to Jenn and Jack's marriage. Jack comes back in and Lexi tells them how much her son loves to draw. They promise to make sure he remembers her forever.

Kayla runs into Abe in the square. She offers to leave him alone. "I'm going to be alone soon enough," he says. She tells him he can share his feelings with her. He wants to cry but he doesn't think he'd be able to stop. After they chat, she asks him to call if he needs anything. Roman calls to tell him that they've arrested Will. When he gets off the phone, Abe says, "Will didn't do it. I know that for a fact."

Sami rants at her father as he reads Will his rights at the station. Roman tells the parents that he has no choice but to arrest his grandson. He advises him not to speak without a lawyer. Will starts talking anyway. "Stop speaking!" Roman yells. He suggests they call Carrie to represent him. Sami hates that idea. Lucas offers to call Justin instead. Later, Lucas and Sami discuss the situation. He reminds her that Will has shot someone before. After being booked, Will is brought to his parents. He repeats that he's innocent, insisting the gun he shot was not the one that killed Stefano. They begin bickering. Roman arrives to end Sami's yelping and leads Will away. His parents head over to the pub. Lucas says this is all ridiculous. Sami explains that Stefano was blackmailing Will. He says no one can find this out. Back at the station, Will gets bail. He's shocked to find out that EJ paid it.


June 12, 2012
The Wrong Horse.

Roman and his shadow drop by the townhouse. He tells John and Marlena that they both passed the residue test... but Will didn't. They're shocked. Marlena would stake her life on Will being innocent. That sounds suspicious to Roman. "What is wrong with you?" Marlena snipes. Roman tells them they need to follow procedure. He's being brutally honest and he's noticed that the people close to him are lying. Roman gets a call telling him that EJ posted Will's bail. They wonder why. Marlena keeps insisting that Will couldn't hurt a fly. She spouts off and accuses Roman of only caring about Stefano. He insists that this is not easy for him and the investigation is not over. After he leaves, Marlena gets pensive and remembers the night Stefano died. She tells John that Stefano is tormenting them from beyond the grave.

At the pub, Sami and Lucas discus how they barely know their own son. Lucas says that no one can ever find out that Will shot EJ. They turn around and notice that Rafe is standing beside them. He didn't catch the clue. He explains he's back on the force. Sami hopes that means he can be helpful. Rafe promises not to stop looking for the killer. He thinks they should call Carrie in to help. Sami insists that they are using Justin, even if he is just a corporate lawyer. She rails about her sister. He accuses her of letting her quarrel with Carrie get in the way of looking out for her son. This infuriates her. He gets a call about Will making bail.

At the station, Will is led upstairs after getting bail. He's surprised when EJ shows up and reveals that he's the one who paid it. Will wonders if this means he has his job back. Elvis is not there to make amends. Freeing him just serves his purposes. "Once again, William, I own you," EJ says. Will doesn't want his help. Elvis explains how useful he can be by pointing out that he could tell the cops about when Will shot him. "You can't blackmail me twice over the same thing," Will objects. EJ says it's the gift that keeps on giving. Will wants to go back to work for him but EJ needs him to earn his trust again. "You backed the wrong horse, mate," EJ says, claiming he holds all of the cards. Will points out that he's learned quite a few things the mayor likely doesn't want to become public. EJ tells him to take that back. Will doesn't. Elvis thinks he's being stupid and threatens him. Rafe, Sami and Lucas barge in. They're startled to see EJ there and demand to know why he paid the bail. Elvis claims he just wanted to help a young man in need. Lucas and Rafe are fairly skeptical about that. When they are left alone, they discuss what's going on and Rafe repeats that they should bring Carrie in to help. Roman shows up and Lucas heads out. The commissioner tells Rafe that EJ posting Will's bail only makes him look guiltier. Roman guesses that EJ is not the only person who has been hiding things. They discuss how much Will has changed. Roman stares at the suspects board and admits that it is too hard for him to stay balanced. He asks Rafe to take over. Rafe points out he's as connected to the suspects as he is. Roman is sure he can be 'objective enough' anyway. It takes a little prodding, but Rafe agrees.

EJ goes to Mandalay and places a call to order 'a handsome casket and some red roses' for his father. Meanwhile, Sami takes Will back to her place. She fusses. Lucas shows up and suggests that he humor his mother. She thinks they need to keep everything under wraps. Will's starting to think she thinks he's guilty. Elvis calls him to say they have unfinished business. Will covers so his parents won't realize who he's talking to. EJ makes it clear that he wants more from him.


June 13, 2012
All I Can Be Is Sorry.

EJ goes to Casa DiMera and finds Stefano's body laid out. He twitches until Lexi and Chad arrive with Mel. He thanks them for coming. Lexi knows that her father wanted to be buried in Italy, but she thinks they need to say goodbye as a family first. Chad fumes about the killing. He admits that his father was not a good man, but he hates whoever did this to him. His sister takes him away. Nicole shows up to pay her respects. She knows how much EJ loved his father. He tries to hug her but she asks him not to misinterpret her condolences. He runs off to brunch. Down the hall, he hands Lexi a box of old family photos. She thinks he should keep them but he reminds her that he's not family. "Forget all this biology nonsense," she says, urging him to see his grief is as real as hers. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to talk to Stefano's corpse. She tells him how fierce and attractive EJ is. She wants her baby to be just like Elvis... but she doesn't want him raised as a DiMera. "But I am so glad it is his child," she admits. Kate clears her throat and startles her. "I think a little heart to heart is a bit ghoulish," Kate snipes. They bicker about who is a bigger slut until EJ interrupts. Nicole walks out and Kate insists she is just there to pay her respects. He tells her to take all the time she needs. Left alone, she weeps, "I loved you, you son of a bitch." He knew her better than anyone and still loved her. She can't understand why he destroyed their relationship when they seemed invincible. "Now all I can be is sorry," she cries. She wanders down the hall and thanks EJ for bailing out Will. Later, Chad tells Mel how manipulative his father was, but he liked him anyway. He's sorry he wasted the time they had. Weeping, he admits that Stefano taught him what it was like to have a father who he could love. When he walks down the hall, he catches Kate talking to EJ about Will's arrest.

At the townhouse, Will thanks Marlena for letting him stay. They talk about the murder case. Sami shows up and wants to speak to her son alone. Will insists Marlena stick around. Sami says she believes he's innocent...  because she ran into her mom acting crazy on the night of the murder. Will's shocked that she's accusing her mom of shooting Stefano. Marlena admits that they all had motive. After Sami leaves, Marlena warns her grandson that they will all be scrutinized. He repeats that he's innocent.

Lexi is the final DiMera to speak to her father at Casa DiMera. She was always throwing him out of her life but that could never last. She can understand why he waged war on the world for his children. "I forgive you," she tells him, praying that he is finally at peace. Abe arrives to take her home. She tells Theo that she was saying goodbye to his Nono. "Are you going away too, Mommy?" he asks. His parents tell him she doesn't want to go, but she has no choice. He's glad she'll have Nono with her and hugs her. She tells him never to forget how much she loves him.

Sami brings Johnny and Allie to Casa DiMera to see EJ and their grandfather. Johnny talks to him about chess. Sami wanders off and tells Stefano she wants to stick a needle in his corpse. EJ interrupts. He thanks her for bringing the kids and hopes that everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now that Stefano is gone. She doubts it. When she returns to her mom's, she tells her she's worried that the kids have figured out that the whole family could have killed Stefano. She's sure that something has changed in EJ. Back at Casa DiMera, EJ has a drink and rails, "No son loved a father more than I loved you." Now, he's alone and that's all his fault. He'd like to tell him to burn in Hell, but he loves him too much. "You destroyed everything," he says.

Andrew meets with Gabi in an alley. She lectures him about his rat stunt and explains that her brother the cop found out. Andrew says he was only trying to help but she says it's too late. He asks her not to give up on him. She tells him to lay low. When she walks over to the square, she finds Chad ranting about Will killing his father. Mel thinks he should calm down. He storms off. The ladies bicker and Mel asks about the stalker. Across the square, Chad finds Will and demands to know if he killed his father. Meanwhile, Andrew prepares a room in his basement.


June 14, 2012
Are You Going To Get Me Off?

Mel and Gabi sit in the square and discuss the stalker situation. "It's tough when someone won't just take 'no' for an answer," Mel says. Gabi tells her about her cramps until Mel gives her some Midol. Across the square, Chad confronts Will about his arrest. Will can't talk about it but Chad demands that he tell him what he wants to know. Gabi and Mel run over when they hear yelling. Will explains the evidence against him but insists he's innocent. Mel stops her boyfriend from clobbering Will. She reminds him that there are loads of suspects. When Will walks off, Chad barks that he can't get away with this. He lashes out at Mel for standing up for Will. She tells him about when her father was murdered. Chad still doesn't think she knows how he feels. He beats himself up for spitting on Stefano's love and accuses her of being happy his dad is dead. "How dare you put this on me!" she objects. Gabi smugly listens as they fight bitterly. Mel walks away sobbing. Gabi tries comforting him. He realizes that Mel was just trying to help and he feels like a jerk. When he tries calling her to apologize, she snatches away his phone. Gabi explains that girls need time to calm down. Meanwhile, Andrew gets his basement cell ready and then loads up his duct tape. He goes out on the prowl and is soon stalking Mel around town. He gets his chloroform rag ready and follows her to a corner.

EJ sits in Casa DiMera staring at Stefano's portrait. Ian wanders in to pay his condolences. Elvis gets snide and makes jabs about Kate. Ian doesn't rise to it. EJ wonders why he's really there. Ian wants them to lend each other professional support. He suggests they have dinner some time. Elvis wants to be alone. Ian shows himself out and smirks. EJ paces around. Will shows up. EJ tells him that coming there was a bad idea. William wants to find out what he owes him. He doesn't like people thinking he's a murderer. "Are you going to get me off?" he asks. EJ says it's not his job to do that. William says he needs to be cleared so he can do all of his dirty work. Elvis smugly makes it clear once again that he owns him, then adjusts his pants and caresses his crease. As they go over the evidence against Will, EJ laughs hysterically about how bad it looks. Will wonders why he's never even asked if he killed Stefano. "I already know that you did not," EJ says. Will asks why he doesn't tell the cops or the press. EJ says it wouldn't help and then abruptly bustles off. He goes to the grotty part of town and chucks a pair of black gloves into a dumpster. When he heads home, he tells Will he wants to own him for the rest of his life. William bluntly asks him if he killed Stefano.

Kate is at work trying to concentrate on R&D. Madison bustles in and spouts off until she stops herself. She apologizes and tells her how bad she feels for her. They commiserate about Stefano. Kate tells her that love isn't always enough. Madi starts telling her that Ian is not the man she thinks he is. They bicker about Brady and how he's been acting like an ass. He arrives with his protein shake and agrees. He apologizes. Kate tells him to pass the apology on to PR and go to a 12 step meeting. Madi sends him out and then lays into Kate for talking down to Brady. Kate doesn't like weak people. Madi tells her to back off and then sends Kate away. Brady returns and continues insisting to her that he wasn't high. He offers to take a random drug test. She won't ask him to do that but he's determined. She's distant but says she still loves him. Brady swears again that he loves her. She suggests they postpone the wedding until they know he's okay. He's not happy with this. Getting frazzled, he offers to take a drug test again. They finally hug and he calls the hospital to set up a test. Meanwhile, Kate is eavesdropping at the door. Ian walks up to her and she tells him what's going on. He acts shocked to hear that Brady used to be a drug addict.

June 15, 2012
How Dumb Do You Think I Am?

Bo and Hope drop by Marlena's as she finishes her paper work. The couple are awkward. Bo paces and blurts out that he thinks he's driving Hope crazy. They grumble and babble incoherently. They've worked together so much that they need each other to finish a thought. Now that they have their trust back, they are worrying about work. Someone they love could be a killer. They discuss how many people wanted to see Stefano dead. Marlena says they all need to stick together. Bo points out that they can't discuss this. The topic flips to Hope still being married to John. Hope says Stefano is dead so it's all over. Marlena guesses that Bo is more worried about whether or not Princess Gina rocked the casbah with John. Hope says they didn't because their hearts had never turned into their alter-egos'. She's sure her clingyness kept her from going all the way. They talk about their connection. Bo admits it is not easy to be with a woman who is married to another man. He wishes they could just get married again. Marlena makes them tea and says that a healthy relationship is a full time job.

Kayla is sobbing around the pub when Abe walks in. He guesses something is wrong. Jenn comes over to check in on him. Abe explains how hard it is to watch his wife die, especially since she seems more worried about him than herself. He asks them to throw some picnic stuff together. Kayla bustles off to do it. When she returns, she gets a text and looks depressed. "I know you're upset and it's not from cutting onions. What's wrong?" Abe asks. She explains that she and Steve have been having 'a nasty, ongoing fight'. She's been staying in town to get away from Steve so she can decide if she still wants him. They've been having problems since they left Salem. Steve got so bored in Africa that he went back to work at the ISA without consulting her. She's finally come to accept that her husband may still be the man she fell in love with, but he's not the man she wants to be with anymore. They wish she'd told them this sooner. "We're not going to have the happily ever after," she says. Abe tells her she can get through with this. She has to for her kids.

Victor calls Maggie over to the mansion. She tells him this is a 'big, fat waste of time'. He doesn't accept that and shows her into the parlor. He has a big meal there for her. This just infuriates her. "Just how dumb do you think I am?" she asks, lecturing him. He blurts out that he was afraid of losing her. He knows how lame this is but he can't let go of her. Stefano's murder was the loudest wake-up call of his life. They'd been through a lot of the same things but Stefano had to face them alone. Victor wants her forgiveness. She's not forgiving but offers him a deal. She'll listen to him but that's it. Maggie admits that she loves him and doesn't want to be alone. He begs for a chance to fix things and become the man she wants. The redhead is sure he means that but rants about his egg stealing ways. Victor promises never to lie again. She doubts he can keep that promise. He says that their hooking up was a gift from God and it would be arrogant to turn their back on it. She snorts and repeats that she loves him but it might not be enough. Maggie's not sure she can take any more leaps of faith where he is concerned. She says goodbye and walks out. He chases after her to apologize again for lying and being unmanly... but he still loves her and wants to deserve her. "Is there any chance for us at all?" he asks.


Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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