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3rd Week of June Daily Summaries  

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June 18, 2012
Like A Chameleon.

At Mad World, Brady sucks down a protein shake as Madi tells Ian about their latest campaign. Brady starts sniffling and pacing. After Ian leaves, she asks Brady if he has a problem. "Are you using drugs again?" she asks. He insists he's clean. She thinks he should take the drug test. He calls Daniel and schedules one. After assuring Madi he'll soon have proof he can be trusted, he leaves. Ian returns and begins bickering with her about Kate. He asks what's going on with Brady. She doesn't want to talk about it. "This thing you have with Brady Black, is this another one of your mistakes?" he asks. They argue about their past. He says her boyfriend is a mess and he worries that he might drag her down.

Brady meets Daniel in the square. He tells him he's feeling jittery but he's not taking anything. It kills him that Madison thinks he might be using again. He rambles and the doctor offers to run some blood tests as well. After they do, Brady tells the doctor that he hasn't felt like this since he went through withdrawal. Daniel suggests he talk to Maggie, his sponsor. Brady gets paranoid when his friend offers to take him over to see her.

At the mansion, Maggie reminds Victor that everyone warned her about him. They both got caught up feeling 28 again. Being giddy made them too stupid to realize they were too different from each other. She walks out. He follows. They agree that old habits never die and he says he doesn't deserve her. She's shocked he's giving up so easily. That's what he does for people he loves. That's enough to make her forgive him. They kiss. He's amazed she's already come back to him. They agree to tell Daniel everything and then get busy. Before they can make it up the stairs, Brady and Daniel show up. Brady and Maggie go into the other room to talk. He admits he feels like he's slipped. She says that cravings are natural. She suggests he could be scared of how well things are going for him. Out in the foyer, Victor tells Daniel that he and Maggie almost broke up. He's just glad she's nothing like his ex-wives. He reminds the doctor that he used to be married to Nicole. "She's like a chameleon," Victor says. He's just lucky he got away from her alive. "I pity the fool that falls for her," he adds. Brady comes out and the two men head over to Mad World to tell Madi he took the test. The results will be in later. She's sure once they get a negative result, this will all be over and done with. Ian watches them from the doorway and smirks. Back at the mansion, Victor apologizes again for being so hard on Maggie. She just wants him to try to be the man she knows he can be.

Abby joins Cameron at the pub. He ran over after seeing all of the exclamation points she texted him. She invites him to see the Black Eyed Peas in Chicago. He'd love to go but he can't. He has to look after Theo and his turtle, Larry. He asks 'Deveraux' if they can have a rain check. She plays with her hair and then hands the tickets to some random dude in plaid. She asks Cameron to come and pick berries with her. At first he thinks 'berry picker' is some kind of euphemism. He had no idea she was a berry picker but that excites him. After they go picking with Theo, she gets berry juice on her face and Cameron wipes it off before they suck face. He says that he's coming around to Salem and talks about how hard it is to watch his sister die. She wonders if he's eager to get back to his old life. He wants to stick around and was even thinking of looking for a position at the hospital. Theo isn't the only reason he wants to stay either.



June 19, 2012
Proud Every Day.

Chad is eager to find Mel and apologize but Gabi advises him to give her some space. He keeps running around to find her with Gabi trailing behind. Meanwhile, Andrew follows Mel around town. She knows someone is following her so she leads them into an alley on the sleazy side of town. Andrew puts on a mask and nabs her. He pulls her into a corner as Chad and Gabi walk by. He thinks he hears something but she leads him away. He tries calling her but has no luck. Gabi leads him back to the square and advises him to leave Mel alone for the night. Meanwhile, Andrew brings Mel to his basement. He takes her phone. Chad keeps sending texts. When Mel wakes up, Andrew is gone. She bangs on the door. He sends Chad a text with her phone. When Chad sees it, he's shocked. It says that Mel wants a break and is going to Europe to be with her mom. He's devastated. Gabi smirks.

Will is at Casa DiMera with Elvis, who thinks that he has some nerve suggesting that he knocked off Stefano. Elvis says Marlena had more motive than he did. "But she's a good person," Will points out. Elvis says that if he were guilty, he wouldn't have bailed him out. "Dear boy, innocent people go to prison all the time," EJ says. He prods Will to tell him what he left out of his statement to the police. Chad calls and apologizes to Will for going off on him. Will gets back to filling EJ in on the night of the murder. "You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do," Elvis says. Will doesn't like his idea.

At home, Lexi can barely hold a glass of water. Abe shows up with his picnic basket and suggests they go to the arboretum. She'd like to but isn't up to it. They go into their backyard. He's been keeping the garden going. She smiles and thanks him. He tells her how grateful he is that she chose him to be in her life. They do some cloud watching and talk about Theo learning to ride his bike. She thinks he's an amazing father and assures him that he will do fine. He promises to do all he can to make her proud. "You make me proud every day," she says. He thinks they should have a picnic with Theo and renew their wedding vows. She wants to stay in the garden until it's dark so she can count the stars. He holds her. They weep. After time passes, he wants to get her a blanket. As he's about to get up, he discovers that she has passed away.

Sami meets with Justin at the pub to discuss Will's case. He tells her that his firm has someone who can help. Carrie arrives. Sami blinks furiously. Justin says she's won a dozen cases like Will's. He leaves the sisters alone to discuss. Carrie apologizes for what happened with Rafe but tells her to think of what is best for Will. Justin returns and asks Sami what her choice is. She offers her sister the job.

Billie drops by the station and tells Rafe that EJ is the person he should be suspecting in the shooting. She tells him what she dug up on EJ and offers to get more evidence. Justin, Sami and Carrie arrive. They're informed that Rafe has taken over the case. Sami isn't happy because she thinks 'the star-crossed lovers' won't be able to concentrate. She storms out. Rafe assures Carrie that they can be professionals and handle this. She tells him not to let his gut get him fired. "My gut is doing fine. It led me to you didn't it?" he says. They discuss the case. Sami returns. The three of them bicker until Neil arrives. He tells them that he was with Will on the night of the murder. They were at The Spot, a gay bar.

June 20, 2012
You Are Our Family.

Bo and Hope are looking after Theo and Ciara. She says that no one will ever be ready to say goodbye to Lexi. Theo tells Ciara his mom isn't coming back. He explains to the adults that she just went to heaven. This blows Bo's mind. Hope runs out the door. Out in the backyard, Lexi has died in Abe's arms. He cries, "Don't leave me!" Her spirit starts walking around. She tells him he'll be fine. He has their son, their friends and their memories. Abe cries that he isn't ready. "I will never, ever leave you," she says, hugging him and her dead body. Hope arrives and finds him cradling the body. Later, Bo joins Abe. "Part of me is missing," Abe explains. Bo says he was lucky that he had a chance to say goodbye to her. Back in the house, Hope makes calls while Theo plays video games. Lexi's ghost shows up. He doesn't want her to go. She asks him to look after his father for her. Lexi promises that she will always be there when he needs her. Abe and Bo come inside. Abe isn't surprised that his son already knows what's happened because he shared a special connection with Lexi. Theo says his mom told him to look after him from now on.

Gabi hunts down Andrew in the square and excitedly tells him that Mel is gone. She's hopes she doesn't come back any time soon. "Maybe she'll be gone forever," he says. He takes her over to his place and shows her around. He starts to explain how he's planning to keep Mel away from Chad. Before he can fully explain, Gabi tells him to forget it because she needs to get busy making Chad fall in love with her. In her cell, Mel tries picking the lock with a hairpin.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis tells William that he has to tell the cops the truth about the murder night. Will is reluctant. EJ tells him that he can't let what other people think matter. Will doesn't want things to come out like this. Hope calls EJ and breaks the news about Lexi. Elvis is quiet. He tells Will, who tries to comfort him. EJ needs to be alone. Later, he heads over to Lexi's. Theo gives him a hug and then runs off. Abe tells Elvis how she passed away. The men discuss her. "She was my only friend. She was the most important person in my life," EJ says. Lexi watches them speaking and urges them to make peace. Abe would like to honor her wishes and tells him that he will always be welcome there. "You are our family," Abe says. He doesn't want his son to lose an uncle. They embrace. Bo and Hope join them to talk about how special and unforgettable Lexi was. Her ghost disappears.

Neil drops by the police station and tells Rafe, Sami and Carrie that he was with Will at The Spot on the night Stefano was killed. Roman arrives to hear the news but refuses to believe his grandson was at a gay bar. "You don't know your grandson," Neil says. Roman's confused so he asks Sami to explain. She fudges. Will shows up and confirms what Neil said. Sami smiles at her son. Roman assumes Will must have just been there as a friend and worries that people might get the wrong idea. "Grampa, I'm gay," Will explains. He didn't want to come out like this. Roman paces. Rafe and Carrie tell Will everything will be okay. Roman wishes he'd told him sooner and says this will take him some getting used to. This is awkward. Everyone leaves to get the charges dropped. Sami hugs her son and says she's proud of him. Neil gives Will a hug as Roman returns. After Neil takes off, Roman repeats that he should have come to him sooner. Roman still worries that some people will give his grandson a hard time. Carrie and Rafe bustle in to say the charges have been dropped. Sami tells her father about how she bungled things with her son when he came out to her. Roman assures her that he's not concerned about him being gay, he's concerned that he's working with EJ and running around with a gun. Meanwhile, Will breaks the news to Sonny. He admits he's worried about coming out this publicly. Sonny advises him just to live his life.


June 21, 2012
What Do We Do Now?

John and Marlena drop by Abe's to pay their condolences. "Oh gosh! There are no words," Marlena sobs. They discuss all of the flowers that Lexi grew and why. John says the garden is a testament to their love. Abe tells them about the gas that caused her tumor and admits that she found out about her father's role in her death by accident. They get a text about Will being cleared. Marlena explains that Will was on a date with a young gentleman. John's eyebrows start acting up until Marlena explains that Will is gay. "Doesn't matter," he shrugs. Abe realizes that no one has called Chad about his sister. He asks Marlena if she can do it. When she leaves the men alone, Abe picks up his family picture and sobs. John tells him he doesn't have to be strong now. Abe says that Theo has been stronger in all of this than he has. John promises that his friends will always be there for him.

Celeste sits in the garden and smells the roses until Cameron comes out. She's not ready to face anyone else. She assumes he'll go back to his old life but he assures her he's sticking around for Theo and work. His mom thinks that marvelous but guesses this is also about Deveraux. She warns him again that Abby has a horrible, dark aura. They go inside. John and Marlena hug Abe and leave. Celeste and Abe hug and then head out. "What do we do now?" Theo asks his dad. They look through the photo album Lexi left behind.

Sami goes home and finds Lucas there. They talk about the charges against their son being dropped. Lucas is worried about Will being outed to the whole world. She's proud of how Will handled things and eats an apple. They decide to go and see how their son is doing. Over at the pub, Sonny tries getting Will to look at things positively. Will worries about Roman's 'concerns' but says his mom deserves credit for once. John shows up to give Will a hug and tell him he's proud of him. Will giggles happily. When Marlena comes in, he hugs her and says, "I wouldn't be me without you." Will adds that Sonny has also been a great help and thanks him. His parents arrive and Sami declares that nothing could ever make them love him less. Sami hugs her son.

Abby finds Chad weeping in the square. He tells her that Mel left him. They worry that something must be wrong. He wants to chase her around Europe and apologize. Gabi rears her head to say that's a crummy idea. Mel needs space. Marlena calls Chad to break the news. He weeps. The girls try to comfort him. He wants his Melanie back. Gabi understands but says he just needs someone to talk to. "Lean on me," she suggests. When Abby walks off, she spots Celeste and Cam. She runs over to pay her condolences. He asks for a minute alone with her. Once his mom is gone, Cameron tells Abby how sad and cheated he feels. She gives him a hug. Meanwhile, Mel uses a hairpin to lockpick the door of her cell. When she opens the door, Andrew is there and wearing a mask. She tries to run. He drags her back into the cell. He doles out threats. She warns him that the DiMera and Kiriakis families will come after him for this unless he lets her go right now. He explains that everyone thinks she's in Europe. After he leaves, she pounds on the door and then holds her pillow.

June 22, 2012
Showdown Between A Tramp And A Man-Whore.

Daniel is being emo in his office. Nicole drops in and he mumbles about how much he will miss Lexi. She thanks him again for his help but doesn't think she can repay him. "So why even try?" he grumbles, accusing her of using him to get what she wants. This makes her defensive. He suggests she has been manipulating him. She admits that she probably put it on a little thick. They bicker about her using sex to control him. "If you knew what qualified as my idea of sex, your head would explode," she says. She lists all of the patients he's boffed and accuses him of having an agenda. Nic thinks he wants to know how far she is willing to go. "In a showdown between a tramp and a man-whore, who will come out on top?" she challenges. He keeps talking about their kiss and the connection he felt. She felt a connection too. The guitar chords of sexual innuendo play. The doctor says she's not his patient anymore, just a co-conspirator. Before they can kiss, he gets called off to work.

Agent Spencer shows up at the station to tell Roman and Rafe he has been put in charge of the investigation. He asks who the prime suspect is. Their guts say EJ. Rafe explains that Stefano's last will disinherited Junior but he didn't have a chance to sign it.

Austin and Carrie meet his mom at the pub. She's thrilled to know she'll have another grandchild. She's sure this baby will put all of their past problems behind them. When he has a moment with his mom, he pays his condolences for Stefano. They try to be positive about the baby. She peers across the room and sees Rafe walk in. He does his best to avoid Carrie but Kate sees them make eye contact and decides she needs to take her daughter-in-law shopping alone. The ladies go shopping and then head to Mandalay to rest. Kate yaks about houses and then hands her a gift. Carrie's surprised that it's a dagger. Kate explains that it's a warning of what will happen if she cheats on Austin with 'loser Hernandez'. Carrie insists nothing is happening between them. Kate refuses to let her destroy her son and reminds her about what happened with Mike. The pregnant woman claims she's not that girl anymore. "You are that girl and always will be," Kate snipes. Carrie insists that she is committed to her husband and tells her to keep the dagger.

Elvis sits on the floor of Casa DiMera and stares at Lexi's picture. He pulls out the note Alice sent to Stefano about him and then shoves it in a folder when Will arrives. EJ barks at him for being late for work. He throws the newspaper at William. They know the cops will be gunning for someone else now. EJ makes it clear that he is stepping into his father's shoes and taking over the whole empire. He asks Will if he thinks he's a 'heartless bastard'. Will is coy. EJ insists he really is a heartless bastard. Rafe, Roman and Spencer arrive. EJ shoves Alice's papers in his jacket as Will lets them in. Elvis greets Spencer and says he's happy to see him since the Salem PD are all 'impotent'. He tells them that he has nothing to hide. Rafe 'accidentally' spills photos of dead Stefano all over the floor. EJ goes pale. "Is it the gore or are you sorry he's gone?" Rafe asks. EJ doesn't appreciate this and tells the 'monkeys' to leave. Roman brings up Stefano's revised Will. EJ defends himself and rails at them before ordering them out. After Will shows them to the door, he spots the papers shoved in EJ's jacket. When Elvis flounces out, he knocks the papers to the floor. Will picks them up. Meanwhile, the cops return to the station and worry about Will. Spencer reminds them they still have no evidence. Rafe thinks they just need to wait for EJ to make a mistake.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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