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4th Week of June Daily Summaries  

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June 25, 2012
What Part Of Stupid Do You Not Understand?

At the pub, Hope tells Bo that Ciara wanted to listen to James Brown. He was Lexi's favorite. They worry about Abe and talk about how precious the people they love are. Hope says that Ciara was whimpering in her sleep. "Lexi was family," says Bo. Hope sobs about her dead friend. He says they can honor her by never taking each other for granted. When Hope gets up to check on things in the kitchen, her daughter runs over and gets clingy. Hope assures her that her body won't stop working like Lexi's. She and Bo promise not to go anywhere. He starts writing something for Lexi's memorial and then reads it to Hope, sobbing at the end. Ciara shows them a card she drew for Theo.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis catches Will before he can pick up the paper he dropped. He sends William away. Later, Arthur, Stefano's lawyer, arrives. Arthur reminds him that the will has been re-written because Elvis is not the biological heir. EJ tells him that no one can know that. He claims that his father was lying. The lawyer saw all of the paperwork. However, the will was never notarized. EJ instructs him to make sure the old will stands. Arthur agrees to destroy all of the evidence and Elvis reminds him of how ruthless he'll be if any of this gets out.

Will wanders down to the square where people are reading about him in the paper. He bumps into Sonny and says he feels like the whole town is staring at him. Sonny says things can get back to normal. Will wants to run. His friend makes him sit down and tries reassuring him. Will tells him how helpful EJ has been and explains that he's working for him again. "What part of 'stupid' do you not understand?" Sonny asks. Will thinks EJ's okay. Sonny wants to know what he's got on him. Will explains that his boss is hiding something big and he wants to find out what it is. "I'm going to get him," he says. Sonny doubts that. "Dude, you'd be lucky to get out of there alive," he says. Will explains that EJ has more on him.

At home, Lucas wakes Sami up with a rose and reveals he's made her his 'killer frittata'. He moons about how amazing she is and how much he loves her. It took him a year to learn how to cook eggs. She wonders why he's being so nice and says she doesn't deserve him. Sami starts spilling out apologies for everything and tells him to run away from her. He's tried that before but he's never stopped loving her. They make out, rip off their clothes and go to the bedroom. After sex, he puts on her robe and they wonder if they can be mature adults. When she picks up the paper, she sees the story about Will. They try calling their son. She starts ranting and admits it makes her uncomfortable that everyone knows their son is gay. She doesn't want people to be hateful to him. "Kids bully," she says. He points out their son isn't a kid and he's not in high school. They worry about all of the secrets he keeps from them though. She thinks they should make EJ tell them what's going on. Lucas forbids it. He insists that they will figure this out together. They go out to the square and find Will talking to Sonny. Sami demands to know what EJ has done to him now.

Daniel returns to his office. Nicole is sitting in his chair. "The doctor is in," she teases, lifting a leg. She's declares that she's a woman who likes to finish what she starts. "So am I," he says. They start to smooch. "I like it crazy," she says. He throws everything off his desk and they go belly to belly.



June 26, 2012
Be A Good Girl.

In the square, Will's parents confront him about working for EJ again. They tell him it's too dangerous. He rolls his eyes. His mom says EJ will use the shooting against him for the rest of his life. Will claims he can handle Elvis. His parents tell him he can't. He should get an honest job and concentrate on his school work. Will doesn't want to listen and walks off. Sami's determined to do something to help. Lucas advises her not to confront EJ about this. "Be a good girl," he says, insisting they do everything together. He putters off. She makes a call to cancel her afternoon meetings. Across the square, Sonny finds Will hiding in a corner. Sonny thinks his parents may be right. Going up against EJ is likely a bad idea. Sonny worries. He doesn't want anything to happen to him. When he puts his hand on Will's lap, William says he needs to run, but asks him to see a movie later. Before he can run off, Lucas catches him. Will says they will talk later and heads out. Lucas asks Sonny if he has any advice about how he can make things easier for his son. Sonny tells him just to keep loving him. Lucas is glad his son has had him in his corner. He wonders if he has more than friendly feelings for Will. Sonny admits it, but he doesn't think Will is ready yet. Lucas is glad he thinks his son is worth waiting for.

Rafe runs into Nicole at the pub. He wants an explanation about the paternity test. She insists that she will deal with this and EJ has no claim on her baby. "At least, not right now," EJ chimes in as he appears. Nicole tells him the test proves he has no further involvement. She walks off to the bar. EJ sniffs her coffee and then questions Rafe about the murder investigation. Rafe can't discuss this with a suspect. Spencer shows up and asks if EJ is finally ready to co-operate. Elvis insists all of the evidence against him is flimsy and circumstantial. Besides, he's the mayor, and if they get in his way, "There will be hell to pay." After he leaves, Nicole trails after him to pay her condolences for Lexi. He says losing her only made him more determined not to lose his child. When he tries calling the hospital, she panics. He assumes she's worried about her 'accomplice' Daniel but says he just wants to make a memorial contribution for his sister. He repeats that there is nothing she can do to keep him from the child. Back inside, Spencer worries that Rafe might be biased. The cop reminds him of Elvis' history and explains that he had means, motive and opportunity. Spencer has his doubts. Rafe remembers that EJ has a second residence and suggests they search it. Nicole comes back in and sits with Rafe as Spencer departs. She worries that EJ is more determined than ever to claim the baby. The cop says EJ could be in jail by the time the baby is born. When Spencer returns, Nicole offers to search EJ's apartment for them. Spencer turns her down and heads back to work. Rafe joins him and Spencer discovers they can't get a warrant to the apartment.

EJ returns to his apartment. Sami shows up. "Once wasn't enough? You psychopath!" she blurts out, ordering him to leave her son alone. They bicker. He mocks her parenting and reminds her that he just lost his father and sister. That shuts her up for a minute. She knows how much he cared about his family. They argue about Will and he suggests putting him in charge of CW instead of her. She has a fit. He thinks that Will might be more qualified to run a company than her. "God! I hate you!" she moans, storming out. He guffaws. Later, Will shows up. EJ tells him about his run-in with Sami and reminds him that he's the only reason he's not in jail. He expects more loyalty. Will rolls his eyes. He tells him he enjoyed his position more when he was given perks. Abruptly, Will asks him how a smart guy like EJ could end up with Sami 'of all people'. EJ bumbles through a vague explanation and then sends him away before staring at a photo of Sami. Moments later, Nicole shows up. Out in the square, Lucas runs into Sami and guesses she went to see Elvis alone. They bicker. "Stay away from him," he says.

June 27, 2012
We'll Be Sad Today.

Gabi strolls into the pub and finds Chad staring at his phone and moaning about Mel. He wants to call Carly. Gabi asks him not to and says Mel should be apologizing to him, not the other way around. When she promises that she will be there for him, he tells her, "It's just not the same." This sort of upsets her so she leaves. Over in his basement, Andrew brings Mel her lunch bag. She offers to get him money and demands to know what he wants. He's not helpful and orders her to eat. After he leaves, she eats and stares at the wall. Andrew returns to get her trash. She tells him she doesn't want to be alone and says she needs to see her boyfriend. He refuses to let her go. He ties her up and gags her. When he walks out, Gabi shows up. She needs his help with Chad and asks him to be her stalker again. After she runs off, he unties Mel. She kicks him in the face and leaps toward the door.

Carrie shows up at the station at Rafe's behest. Things are awkward. He needs her help and tells her about his suspicions of EJ. She realizes this isn't really about that. Rafe admits he just wanted to see her. Carrie reminds him they are supposed to keep things professional. He apologizes for calling her down there. She doesn't want to go and admits she feels what he feels. They want to kiss but stop.

At Mad World, Ian offers to finish a distracted Kate's work for her. She'd rather work than think about Lexi's passing. She talks about it. He offers to go to the memorial with her but she doesn't want to make a scene. He starts talking about Brady stumbling around stoned. Ian doesn't approve of what a liability Brady is. Kate doesn't understand why he would be on drugs again and accuses Ian of drugging him. He claims that's absurd.

Brady gets back to Madi's room after his run. He starts sucking down his protein drink and doing push-ups. Jumping around, he tells her they can go out and have some fun after work. She reminds him it's Lexi's memorial. "We can do something fun after," he says. She thinks there's something wrong with him. "We'll be sad today. Sad day. Then fun weekend. Crazy!" he announces. She wants to see the results of his test. He hands her the envelope to open and is shocked when she tells him the results are positive. Brady protests that he's innocent. She thinks he's high right now. "I think I am," he realizes. He assumes Ian must be behind this and storms out. Heading straight to Mad World, he bursts into Ian's office and yells that he's going to kill him.

Nicole shows up at EJ's saying she wants to apologize. He says an apology isn't enough and demands to know the real reason she's there. They bicker. She wants a truce. They argue. She passes out. He panics and wants to take her to the ER. She says she just needs some candy. He only has coffee and brandy so he runs off to get some cake. As soon as he's gone, she starts searching the place. Meanwhile, EJ bumps into Chad at the pub. He apologizes for not calling him about Lexi. Chad wishes he'd never taken his family for granted. EJ tells him not to beat himself up and reminds him he still has a brother. Chad promises to be a better brother and they hug. Elvis grabs his cake and heads off. When he gets back to his place, Nicole has just discovered some bullets next to his melon-baller. Back at the pub, Gabi finds Chad still moping. He thanks her for being so helpful and she walks him out so he can change for the memorial.


June 28, 2012
A Lot Of People Own Guns.

Nicole finds a box of bullets at EJ's just as he returns. She hides them behind her back and blubbers that she was looking for tea. He thinks she's hiding something but pulls out some carrot cake. As he gets utensils, she shoves the box in her bag. She makes him share the cake with her and they try having a civil conversation. He recalls the last time she was pregnant and how she used to eat burritos with maple syrup. The baby starts kicking. She puts his hand on her belly. They recall their dead baby. He reminds her about her lies to him and says he won't stand for them anymore. She decides it's time to go. EJ apologizes, repeats that he loves her and says they can finally have the family they always wanted. She hugs him but insists that this baby is not his. Nicole walks out.

John and Marlena show up at Abe's. He needs help with his tie and admits he's not ready to say goodbye. "Take it one day at a time partner," John says. Abe tells them the tale of Lexi buying the tie for him. He misses the five minutes a day he used to spend with her. "You made the most of the time you had," Marlena says. Sobbing, Abe says he can't remember who he is without his wife. John and Marlena go out back to pick flowers. It's hard for them to see Abe so upset. "It's important he begins to experience emotions," she says. He gets wrought up thinking about all the times he nearly lost her. Marrying her was 'the rightest thing' he's ever done. They kiss. Meanwhile, Kayla arrives at the front door. She has a DVD Lexi made. John and Marlena join them to watch it. Lexi made him a special funeral message. They had twenty three years together and she loved every minute of it, even if it wasn't easy. She wants him to celebrate the love they shared. "Someday, we'll be together again," she promises. Later, EJ arrives. Abe asks him to be a pallbearer. Elvis would be honored and tells him they will always be family. Everyone files out. Abe takes a moment to look at Lexi's picture and say how much he misses her.

Brady bursts into the Mad World office and angrily confronts Ian. He accuses him of slipping him drugs. Ian suggests he's paranoid. Brady asks him if this is all about him stealing his wife. "I gave her to you," Ian says, claiming that he couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out. Sarcastically, Ian says he's been sneaking in at night and stabbing him with needles. Brady vows to be the man who laughs last. Ian warns him that drugs can kill. He offers to send Brady to rehab. Brady's not going anywhere. Ian keeps prodding him, calling him a 'trust fund baby' and a 'leach'. Brady throws things and kicks furniture. "Feel better?" Ian asks. He has a drink and then leaves for a meeting, wishing him good luck proving anything.

At the station, Roman informs Rafe and Spencer that a judge is working on getting them a warrant to EJ's place. Rafe is excited. Spencer thinks they should talk about the other suspects and points out that EJ isn't necessarily their man. This puts Rafe on the defensive. Roman referees and says they need to stay unbiased. Spencer has heard about Marlena shooting Stefano and putting him in a coma. They have a pattern of retaliation. Roman doesn't like that idea. The judge calls to say they can't have a warrant. Nicole shows up and declares that they don't need one. Rafe starts lecturing her for getting involved. Roman says they can't see whatever she found. Rafe says they might as well look at the evidence since they'll never get a warrant. She takes out the bullets. "A lot of people own guns," Roman says. Nicole says it's unusual for EJ since he gets other people to do his dirty work. They send her out. Roman points out that the evidence doesn't make sense since the gun and bullet were Abe's. Rafe is sure this is pointing them in the right direction.


June 29, 2012
The Pacifier.

Everyone heads to Chez Rouge after Lexi's funeral. Abe is still reeling. "It's not right," he tells John and Marlena. Across the room, Steve sends some condolences by text to Kayla. She vents about him to Jack and Jenn. He offers to talk to Steve but she says the marriage is over. Bo and Hope walk in to hear this. Bo is shocked. His sister explains that she was waiting and hoping for things to change but they didn't. Hope thinks Steve must just be having a mid-life crises. Kay says it's divorce time. Her brother hugs her.

Sami brings the kids in. They leap on EJ. Allie wonders when Aunt Lexi is coming back. Their father says she's not. Lexi's family arrives. Theo plays with the twins and Cameron talks about how he hardly knew his sister. Abe declares that they should all tell him stories about her. He recalls when they first met on the police force before she went rogue with his brother, Jonah. After she got fired, she became a doctor. More people join them to reminisce about what a great doctor she was. Things were never smooth for them, he admits, especially where Theo was concerned. He hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo. His family and friends promise that they will always be there to help.

EJ sits with Sami and tries to avoid bickering about William. He tells her about Lexi's phone calls. She assures him that his sister knew what a wonderful father he was. Sami wonders why he isn't talking to Abe. The cop is surrounded by Bradys. Sami explains why Lexi always hated her guts and admits that she was one of the few people who was better at lying than she is. Elvis tells her that his sister thought that they could be happy together if they stopped trying to destroy each other. She laughs uncomfortably and says that's 'nuts'. Sami encourages him to be his own man now that his father is dead, although she doubts he really wants that. When she walks off, Celeste joins him. He asks her if they will ever catch who killed Stefano. "Is that what you really want?" she wonders. He wonders why she wonders that. She wonders why he wonders and then assures him she doesn't think he offed Stefano. Abe goes up to the podium and declares that it's time for the dancing to begin. Gabi pulls Chad onto the floor. Kayla asks Abe to dance. Johnny drags his mom over to EJ and orders them to dance. Once the dance is done, Hope makes a toast to her friend and how she was always there to listen to her complaints. Everyone toasts to Lexi. Marlena goes up and reads a speech from "The Tempest."

Nicole runs into Daniel outside of his office. She thought he would be at Lexi's service. He admits he ducked out after the funeral to avoid all the grief. Funerals always remind him of when his wife died. He asks her out for dinner. She says he doesn't need to do that just because they slept together. Nic reminds him that she helped Chloe hide cheating on him. He just wants to have dinner so they can get to know each other. She tells him he's paying. They go to Mandalay and tease each other about not drinking. She's impressed that they are having a good time sober, but she says he's too predictable to be attractive. He gets up, grabs a guitar and starts singing until she stops him. "I think I proved that I'm not predictable," he says. After dinner, he offers to walk her home but she tells him she's not into hand holding. They part. She returns a moment later. Daniel rushes up to her and they kiss.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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