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1st Week of March Daily Summaries 

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March 5, 2012
Because He Has A Walking Stick?

Kate meets Ian in the square. She explains that she's been laying the groundwork for her revenge on Sami. Kate assumes that he has some revenge plans of his own but he's not forthcoming about them. She's sure that Brady must have been involved in the scam with Madi and Sami and wants to see all three of them in prison. He thinks that's very ambitious. She warns him that this will cost Titan a lot. Ian says that she has to leave Madison to him or face his wrath. Kate refuses to allow that. He reminds her of what happened the last time she tried to stand up to him. She gets pale for a second and then starts poking back. Kate doesn't think he's actually capable of loving someone like Madi. He repeats that she can take down Sami, but that's it.

At the loft, Lucas and Sami admit that they still love each other. They hug and he promises to be there for her. His phone rings. He drops it. When she picks it up, she spots a name on it. Lucas explains it's his fiancee, Autumn. Sami has a fit. He assumes she just can't stand that he has a life outside of her. She mopes. Lucas doesn't want to deal with this. She seems to be no more than a pale imitation of her former self. This riles her up. He chuckles and gets nostalgic. They head over to the pub. Kayla spots him and says hi. Lucas steps away to call his lady. Sami makes faces until Kayla drags her into helping distribute the chowder for the lunch rush. Kate wanders by, spots him and rushes in. She's thrilled to see her son, but not when she learns he's there with Sami. "Are you going to let this little bitch get her hooks into you again?" Kate snaps.

At the ski lodge, Austin's eyes narrow as Abby and Carrie hug after 'accidentally' running into each other. Carrie tells Abby and Mel how great the place is and even offers to switch rooms with them. Austin insists on taking Abby to get her skis switched while Mel goes to check the room with Carrie. When they get upstairs, Carrie quizzes Mel about Abigail's man problems. Downstairs, Austin lectures Abby and tells her she's 'sick'. She tells him what they had was beautiful and says he still has feelings for her. He insists it's just concern and what happened between them was a mistake he doesn't even remember. She reminds him of how close his wife has become with Rafe. She gushes about how much she loves him until the others return. Austin ushers his wife away. Mel accuses her friend of losing her mind by bringing them there. She tells her friend that she is lying to everyone, especially herself. Mel insists that they head back to Salem. Abby refuses. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie get upstairs. She wonders if it bothers him that the young ladies are there. He insists he just doesn't want to think about anyone else right now. They shower together and he tells her how important it is that she knows he loves her. After they kiss, he sits there with his mouth open like he's going to say something.

Brady and Madison are in her bed smooching. She warns him that he needs to take Ian more seriously. "Because he has walking stick?" he jokes. Brady's confident in himself. After sex, they have champagne. He slips the ring in her glass. She doesn't slip it on her finger because wearing it would be asking for trouble. They drink and talk about children. He wants a softball team worth of them. Brady runs off on some errands, like looking for a divorce lawyer. She goes off to run some errands of her own. When she gets home, she's startled to find Ian sitting in her room drinking her champagne. Madison doesn't understand why they have to keep their pointless marriage going. He reminds her that actions have consequences. Ian implies that Brady could be in serious legal trouble over the spying scheme at CW. That could land her boyfriend in prison. She realizes he set all of this up. He advises her to think about how much she loves Brady.





March 6, 2012



March 7, 2012
Pistol Whipped.

In the pub, Kate tries dragging Lucas away from Sami. She's super excited until she learns that he's come to help Sami with the kids. She blows up. Sami thought they were getting along now. Kate tries to apologize and insists that was just a slip. She gushes about how much she trusts Sami now and looks at her as family. Sami gulps and runs off. "The more things change, the more they stay the same," Lucas quips. She wonders where his fiancee is and imagines he's trying to keep her away. He reminds her that she usually tries to kill the women he marries. Lucas worries about what's up with Will. His mom just worries that Sami will drag him down again. He suspects that she's up to something with Samantha. Kate covers. They continue debating Sami's involvement in his life and she warns him to be careful. Sami joins them again and Kate giddily tells her they can all celebrate when together once they catch the mole at CW. Lucas gives Sami a hug and tells her that he will be there as long as she needs help with Will. Kate narrows her eyes at them. She takes her son to tour her offices and tells him she has big plans. Back in the pub, Sami and Kayla talk about how great Lucas is looking. Kayla guesses that Sami isn't that thrilled that he's engaged.

Jenn peeks into Daniel's office. The doctor ruffles papers until she interrupts. They discuss how awkward things are. She wasn't fond of the cheap tourist postcard he sent her from Bondi Beach. He explains that he just did a lot of surfing. It was heaven. He admits that he's been afraid to see her because he can't take his heart being broken again. The doctor explains that he was angry at himself. He's realized that they are not meant to be. "I never meant to hurt you," he says, insisting that he really wants them to be friends. She'll always want to be his friend.

Bo walks the square. He calls Hope to leave a message. Roman pops up and asks him what he is up to. He's heard that his little brother is planning to go on a stakeout that he was told not to go on. He advises Bo not to be stupid. Bo shrugs and complains about how much he wants to hunt down 'arrogant scum' even if he has no warrant. He thinks the only way to get them is to do it without going by the book. Roman reminds him that if they break the law, they can't put the criminals away. He explains that he already has a warrant for the warehouse Bo planned to search and has handpicked a team for it. Bo agrees to go along with him. As they head over, some goons run out, clobber them and pistol whip them. Later, Roman comes to and tries to bring bloody Bo back into consciousness. As Roman yells for help, his brother coughs up blood. Roman drags him into the pub and drops him on the floor. Sami calls 911. Kayla can't find a pulse and tries to revive her brother as Sami says prayers. Bo begins convulsing.

Hope and John are still in Alamania. He assures her that dumping Agent Walsh's body is okay and they won't get in trouble for it. Hope worries that one of them could have been killed. John blames himself for Walsh's death. She tells him not to and asks for the whole story of what's going on. He can't explain anything because he's still in the ISA. She's furious that she's stuck with a spy and surrounded by bodies. He fills her in on the scant details. They recap the situation. They're sure that something big must be going on. He thinks that Stefano must want to get to Marlena. They argue loudly as she insists on being involved in this investigation.

March 8, 2012

Nicole is pacing around her room when EJ shows up. She tries to shut the door on him but he won't go away. He begs her to come home but she refuses. "I committed an indiscretion with a woman who means absolutely bloody nothing to me!" he moans. He keeps insisting it was mistake. She's not convinced he had sex accidentally. Nicole isn't willing to forgive him again, particularly after she did so when he slept with her sister a few months ago. He makes loads of promises. When he refuses to leave, she does instead. He follows her. She tells him to get lost.

Jenn and Jack are strolling the square and discussing how much their son loves boarding school. She says that today would have been Tom and Alice's seventy second anniversary. He changes the subject to Daniel. She gets awkward. By her facial ticks, he can tell she's upset. With the power of his squinting, he gets her to open up. She explains that Daniel told her that he's over her. Jack runs off and gets some roses. Maggie shows up. They tell her that they are just friends. The three of them reminisce about Tom and Alice. Maggie tears up.

At the pub, Kayla is trying to revive Bo. Daniel arrives and pitches in. They rush him to the hospital. Kayla takes Roman aside and tells him that Bo's doing as well as they can expect. She can't promise that he will be alright. Daniel comes out to announce that Bo is stable. Kay rushes off to take care of things and the doctor lets Roman in to see his brother. Roman asks him to wake up and apologizes for walking them into an ambush. He vows revenge. Moments later, activity in Bo's brain nearly kills him. Daniel rushes in with a nurse and they start pumping him full of drugs. The doctor explains that he's slipped into a coma and asks Roman to channel some good vibes.

Hope and John are at the cafe in Alamainia asking the staff if they've seen Stefano. He's standing right beside them. "I gather you have been looking for me," he says. John accuses him of being up to no good. Stefano whips out his pistol and says they are going with him. They challenge him to kill them right there. He smirks and chuckles that he's not planning on killing them...yet. John reminds him that he trained him to be a killing machine. He warns that he will use all of those skills on him. "Uh oh," says Stefano. They demand to know why he's there. He tries reminding them of how much they loved each other. They demand to know why they're there. Hope's phone suddenly starts working. She gets a message about Bo and starts to panic.

Marlena is pacing the penthouse when Will shows up with a bag. She wonders if it's food. Actually, it's Scrabble. They order Chinese food and hang out. She tells 'goofball' they need to resume the conversation they were having. He tries to avoid this by stroking his vintage Scrabble box. She thinks that he must have found Neil appealing. She worries that he's letting his head make all of his decisions instead of his heart. He thinks she's starting to sound like a fortune cookie. The shrink says he needs to get comfortable with himself. "What if I can't?" he worries. She assures him that he's 'deliciously normal'. Roman calls to announce that Bo is in a coma. They rush over to the hospital. Roman fills them in. The doctor has a chat with Marlena. When Daniel leaves, Roman tries to get Marlena to level with him. She admits things don't look good.

Rafe hangs out with the kids at the pub. They question him about everything that's going on. He assures them that he won't be far away. He goes outside and finds Nicole snapping at EJ. Rafe orders him to back off. "Get lost Hernandez!" EJ barks. Rafe thinks he's being ass-backwards. "Don't go there," Elvis says. Rafe lays into him about Sami and threatens to call the press about him harassing Nicole. EJ slinks off. Nicole thanks Rafe and tells her to call him if she needs anything. They worry about the kids. She goes home to eat ice cream.


March 9, 2012
His Own Muffin.

Mel and Abby are yapping at the ski lodge. Mel worries when her friend announces that she has plans. Abby insists she isn't up to anything even though Austin has real feelings for her. Upstairs, Austin and Carrie are sipping mimosas in their room. She found an envelope saying she won a free massage so she decides to leave him there in bed with the champagne. He's so happy they are just relaxing. She thanks him for being such an amazing husband. As soon as she leaves, Abby sneaks in, pretending to be room service. She jumps onto his bed. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings but asks her to stay the hell away from him. Austin is committed to his marriage. When he asks her to forget they ever met, she smacks him. He repeats that he has no romantic feelings for her. She cries and says he's her first love. Austin insists that she just has a crush and it will go away. She aches for him. He offers her a hug.

In the square, Kate tells Gabi and Chad that they are looking good. She's got big new plans for them. Lucas shows up and then she calls out her new co-CEO, Billie. After the introductions are made, the siblings hug and Billie talks about how much she's missed CW. Kate is so thrilled to have all her babies back that she screams. They watch the photo shoot. Billie thinks it's all too clean so she plays with their hair and cleavage. Gabi likes sitting on Chad's lap. When Billie talks about how they look like a real couple, Chad gets defensive and crosses his legs. As Billie looks at the pictures with her mom and brother, she starts worrying about Gabi because she's obviously in love with Chad. They sit around and Kate quizzes her children about their love lives. Billie wonders when she gets to meet Lucas' fiancee. He explains that he's just in town to help out Sami. Will calls. He's distraught about Bo's coma. Lucas breaks the news to Billie. She sprints off.

Back at the ski lodge, Mel runs into Carrie in the spa. She is staring at a Reed and Hernandez business card and getting misty-eyed. Carrie runs off for her massage. Mel calls Chad and they chat about his photo shoot. Gabi stands beside him and pouts. Carrie returns. Her massage has been delayed. She invites Mel and her friend to have dinner with her and Austin. Mel's really uncomfortable. As Carrie talks about the mysterious free massage, Mel realizes it must have been Abby's work and tries to stop her from returning to her room. When Carrie walks in, she finds Austin hugging Abby. "What the hell is going on here?" Carrie demands. Meanwhile, in Salem, Chad and Gabi head to the pub to chat. He tells her he's sorry for being a 'butthead' and dumping her for Mia. He's just glad they are friends.

Madison is looking at pictures of Brady and moping in her room. Brady shows up to announce he got her a divorce attorney. She stops him to explain something but Ian walks in first. "You didn't tell me lover boy was joining us for breakfast. If I'd known, I would have brought him his own muffin," Ian quips. Brady barks about how she is divorcing him. Ian would rather hear that from his wife's lips. Madison tells Brady she isn't going anywhere. She has no intention of leaving her husband because she's loved him 'since always'. Brady thinks she's full of it. She claims she was just bored and he was a distraction. Madi repeats this for half an hour until it get through to him. "You were like my back-up plan," she says. Finally, Ian tells him to leave. Once Brady leaves, Madison tells Ian she hates him.

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