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2nd Week of March Daily Summaries 

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March 12, 2012
He's dying!

In Alamainia, Hope continues pacing, frustrated by the lack of news about Bo. John gets her to scream. That doesn't make her feel better. She rants about Stefano and wonders if he was behind Bo's attack. John tries to keep her cool. They get a call informing them there is a problem with their passports. The US consulate has lost all jurisdiction there. John makes some calls but people won't even smuggle them out. They start brainstorming and decide to break into the courthouse to get their passports. She gets on the computer and finds some blueprints. He gives her a pep talk and she confidently tells them they can do this.

Billie bumps into Daniel at the hospital. When he introduces himself, she tells him she's Chelsea's mom. "You're not going to like me very much," he says. She offers him a clean slate if he saves Bo. He shows her into Bo's room and leaves them alone. Billie sits down and flashbacks to her past with the cop. She takes his hand and talks to him, begging him to smile. Maggie and Victor show up. Daniel sticks his head in to wish he could help. Billie and Maggie catch up. The doctor leaves to get the test results. Victor admires his son's fighting spirit and wishes he could take credit for it. He turns to Billie to explain where Hope is and why. She decides they need to stop Stefano from pulling all the strings. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to see her son to say how much she's missed him. She 'boo-hoos like a baby' about her husband's situation and what she would do if it were her son in the hospital bed. The doctor tells her that Bo's brain function isn't getting any better and this could go on for a long, long time. They return to the others with the news. Maggie takes her husband home. Billie stays by Bo's side. The phone rings. It's Hope. Bo instantly begins convulsing. "He's dying! Oh my God! Oh My god!" Billie wails.

At the ski lodge, a towel-clad Austin assures Abby that she will meet a fantastic guy some day. She cries so he gives her a hug and wishes this would all go away. Carrie walks in with Mel trailing behind her. "This is not at all what it looks like!" Austin blurts. Abby declares that his wife needs to know the truth. Carrie realizes that Abby is constantly popping up and starts demanding explanations. Austin begs Abby not to say anything but she admits to Carrie that he is the one who broke her heart the other day. "How could you take advantage of a little girl?" Carrie asks her husband. He wants to explain. When he claims nothing is going on, Abby says he's lying. Carrie is disgusted and Abby keeps making it worse. She claims this is because Carrie cheated on her husband. Mel drags Abby out and Austin repeats that this is all crazy. Once he puts his shirt on, he tells his wife that he messed up but he's not in a relationship with Abby. She fell for him but he was too stupid to stop it. Carrie doesn't see how Abby could have been stupid enough for this. He says he's made his feelings clear and begs his wife not to leave him. Out in the hall, Mel keeps reminding her friend that Austin is married but Abby is manic. She barges back in on them. Austin barks at her so she blurts out that they had sex. "We made love and it was beautiful!" she moans. Carrie's gobsmacked and then smacks her husband, telling him he's disgusting. They run out. Abby cries. Mel asks her friend what she's done.


March 13, 2012

Billie sits beside Bo's hospital bed when Hope calls. Bo begins convulsing. "Oh My God! He's dying!" Billie moans. Hope starts freaking out when the line goes dead. Lexi runs in and orders Billie out. She tries to call Hope back but can't get through. Kate shows up. She tells her daughter that she shouldn't be the one to break Bo's death to Hope. Billie admits that she still cares about him. Her mom wonders if she just came back for Bo but Billie insists he wasn't a factor. Lexi comes out to say Bo has been stabilized. Things don't look good though. Billie panics. Her mom tells her to be cool. Billie calls her daughter to leave a message about what's going on. Kate and her daughter discuss marriage to Stefano. Kate admits that the good outweighs the bad and she cares about him. They get around to discussing work. Billie worries about Madison and Ian.

In Alamainia, Hope reels from the call. John promises her that it isn't too late for Bo and hugs her. They decide to try and get their passports back. After getting dressed in black, they pack up their special bag and go out the window. They head over to the court house and discuss how to break in. Once they jimmy open the window, they cracks a filing cabinet open. The lights come on. They gasp.

Roman and Abe show up at Casa DiMera, confused about why EJ called them there. Elvis lets them in and offers his sympathies for Bo. He explains that he wants to help them. They guffaw. EJ offers to get Abe a pardon. They laugh some more and then the name calling starts. This makes EJ chuckle. Abe is livid and refuses to bargain with him. Elvis asks him to let go of Lexi. Abe accuses him of being the reason for their problems. EJ is giddy about sticking it to him. He lights a cigar and says that his sister will come running to him. They call each other more names. "You can dress yourself up in fancy suits, but you're garbage!" Abe says. Roman stands up for his friend and EJ warns him that his job isn't secure. Crime has actually gone up and arrests have gone down since Roman took over. He plans to have him replaced. Roman squints. EJ rubs in the fact that the commissioner seems incapable of making charges stick against anyone. EJ offers Abe the deal again. "Go to hell," Abe answers.

Will goes to see Lucas at the loft. They chat about Billie and Will wonders why his father has returned. He's there to babysit. "I thought you were smarter than this," Will complains. They discuss Sami's mistake. Lucas guarantees that he won't fall for her tricks, or her, again. He explains that he's engaged. Will doubts his mom will be happy about that for long. His father adds that he's worried about him too. He urges him to open up and then questions him about working for EJ. Lucas expects him to quit but Will says he can't. EJ knows who really shot him. Lucas furrows his brow. His son says working for him actually isn't that bad. EJ makes him feel important. Lucas reminds him that he used to work for Tony. It was exciting but corrupting and he doesn't want that for his son. Will insists he knows what he's doing and leaves.



March 14, 2012
Only Amnesia Will Help.

Mel chases Abby around the square. She's looking for Austin. Mel thinks she's nuts and tells her she needs to leave the married couple alone. Abby thinks that everything will be better now that Carrie is leaving Austin. She says that she never would have had a chance with him if Carrie didn't have a thing for Rafe in the first place. Mel thinks she's deluding herself and warns her that she keeps making things worse. Abby continues producing excuses and planning her fantasy future. "There's an old saying: If you married a man who cheated on his wife, you married a man who cheated on his wife," Mel advises. Abby just wants to be with Austin in a cute apartment so they can make love for the first time. Mel clues in that they didn't actually sleep together. Abby admits they never did but makes more excuses. Her friend tells her she has to come clean now.

Austin returns to his hotel room. He spots a body in the bed and assumes it must be his wife. He starts apologizing until Billie comes out of the covers. "What are you doing here?" he yelps. She hopes his apology was just some kind of joke. It wasn't. He fills her in, first with the short and then with the long version of events. She can't believe he slept with a girl young enough to be his daughter. After she tells him about Bo, she reminds him that people can always forgive each other. "I'm not the kind of guy that would ever sleep around. Now I guess I am," he says. His sister shakes her head and tells him to look for a way to make things right. He thinks that only amnesia will help.

Carrie is in her office weeping when Rafe arrives. "You look like hell," he says. She hugs him and cries about Austin and Abby. "She's like 12!" he blurts. Carrie says she was old enough to know what she was doing. She's annoyed that their spouses were so self-righteous over their little kiss. Rafe doesn't think there's any excuse for what they did. Carrie drinks and complains. She makes a pass at him but he thinks they need to take the high road. While be backs away, Carrie claims that Austin isn't totally to blame. She explains how they've grown apart over the years. Eventually, she pulled away from him because she was falling in love with someone else. "I was falling in love with you," she admits.

In Alamainia, John manages to break into the filing cabinet in the court house. He and Hope start looking inside when Stefano shows up with their passports. He lets them know that he has his goons in the hall. Hope accuses him of putting Bo in a coma. He accuses them of being stupid for breaking into a government office and says they won't be flying away any time soon. There is much sarcasm. Hope begs Stefano not to stop her from going to Bo. Sirens can be heard. John apologizes to Hope. Stefano offers to let his goons distract the cops. John thinks it must be a plot but they go along with it. Stefano smuggles them back to their room. Hope thanks him and asks for her passport. Stefano explains that he has a job for them and will give them the details later. She demands to know why he's doing this. "Because it's fun," he says. John asks him to let Hope go but Stefano needs them both there.

March 15, 2012
Jealous Schoolgirls.

Sonny and Chad are holding their grand opening at the new coffeehouse. Justin tells his son how proud he is of him. Sonny explains that he found his own anonymous investor to help out. That's news to Chad, who assumes it must have been Stefano and is furious. He storms off. Maggie talks about how nice it is but notices Victor is worried about Bo. Adrienne asks him about his son. He sighs and wanders over to Sonny to blast him for going into business with Stefano. Sonny calls Chad back and explains to everyone that the investor has nothing to do with the DiMeras. Later, Chad is getting emo so he sits down with Sonny and Gabi. He worries about Mel not showing up. Chad and Sonny go off to get some supplies. Gabi notices Chad's phone was left behind. Mel calls to make a date. Gabi deletes the message. When Chad returns, she suggests that they get dinner since Mel doesn't seem to be showing up. He's reluctant but she talks him into going out.

At Titan, Ian isn't impressed by Madison's lack of business imagination. He thinks she's floundering because of her 'cliched' infatuation with 'dunce' Brady. She thinks he's acting like a jealous schoolgirl. "Brady showed me what love is," she protests. "Before you had me, you didn't exist," he tells her, calling her a 'bottomless pit' of need and threatening to send Brady to prison. "You're not the only one who finds him pretty," he warns. After he leaves, she puts on the engagement ring and has flashbacks. Brady shows up and insists that they talk. She starts counting the ceiling tiles. He keeps talking and says they are strong enough to take Ian down if they fight. Madi keeps insisting that she only loves Ian. He doesn't believe it. She claims that what they had was all a fantasy and he should stop prolonging the agony. Madison hands him back his ring and tells him to find someone else. He storms out. She weeps.

Brady meets Marlena at the pub and they chat about Titan. She asks about Madison. He doesn't want to talk about it but does it anyway. He doesn't like Ian at all. She reminds him that this is a delicate situation and could get worse. Brady wants to fight for Madison. Marlena tells him to prove that to her. She heads over to the coffeehouse and chats with the Kiriakis crew. Ian strolls in. He chats with the family, but Victor is very grouchy. Justin is surprised to learn that Ian knows Sonny. Ian explains that he's the anonymous investor. Victor is baffled.

In the office, Carrie confesses to Rafe that she has fallen in love with him. He doesn't know what to say. Austin shows up and asks him if he loves his wife. Rafe stays mum. Austin can't believe what he just walked in on. He decides that they have nothing to talk about, but says he still loves her. Rafe fidgets as Austin keeps talking about everything he did wrong. He insists that sleeping with Abby was meaningless, but she can't say the same thing about what she's been doing. She never wanted to hurt him. Austin leaves. Rafe thinks she should go after him. She'd rather stay with him and closes the door. He admits that he has feelings for her and they never would have kissed otherwise. She gets close. "This is very complicated," he says. She tries to kiss him but he backs her away and reminds her that they are still married to other people. He thinks she owes it to Austin to give him another shot.

Mel chases Abby around the square, ordering her to tell Austin the truth. Abby is reluctant. Her friend tells her how bad it is to have a marriage go sideways. She keeps lecturing her friend about what she's done. Abby keeps justifying herself. They go around in circles. Forty minutes later, Austin walks by and asks what they are talking about. Mel prompts her friend to come clean.

March 16, 2012
That's Crazy Dude.

Sami returns to her office and notices her stuff has been boxed up. Kate pops in and Sami complains about her flight. Her boss wants to hear all about her trip but Sami is more distracted by the state of her office. Billie walks in to announce it's her office now. Sami's disoriented. "I know you had that accident but now you look like your old self," Sami tells Billie. She hurts Kate's feelings by demanding to know where her office is and whether she is fired. Kate assures her that's not the case. Sami makes confused faces as Billie talks about her nieces and nephews. Kate tells Sami to find the mole and asks her to buckle down. Sami wants to go and see her kids and eat. Kate tells her to get a HoHo from the machine and get to work. "When you find that mole, I guarantee you will get everything you deserve," Kate promises. She decides that she and Billie will take Sami's kids out and put them to sleep. Sami doesn't like that. "Bite me bitches," Sami growls as they leave. Meanwhile, Billie and her mom head to the pub. Billie wants to know what Sami is doing at CW so Kate tells her the whole story. "I am going to make her suffer," Kate promises.

EJ paces Casa DiMera, leaving angry messages for Will. The man in question arrives. EJ rails at him for not returning his calls. Lucas pops up. "You're not Will's boss anymore. I'm firing you!" Lucas declares. EJ finds this quaint. William doesn't want his dad's help. EJ says he's free to go if it's what he wants. Will still wants to work for EJ. Lucas doesn't care and, as his father, orders him to end this. "Is that from 'Father Knows Best' or 'The Waltons'?" EJ asks. Will makes the case for keeping the job. Lucas won't back off. EJ starts making jokes about Lucas' time in jail. Lucas gets threatening and says he will go to the media. Elvis repeats that Will can do whatever he wants. "Sorry Dad, I think I'm going to stay here," Will says. EJ smiles and rubs his lip with his finger. "Working for EJ is like sleeping with the enemy," Lucas warns his son. This makes Will chuckle. He likes that idea. His father thinks he needs a better role model but Will doesn't think there are any around. He keeps standing up for EJ. Lucas is perplexed. EJ smirks. Will asks his father to go. Lucas warns EJ that he will have to answer to him if he hurts his son. Once he leaves, EJ whistles at William and pours him a brandy. "I have big plans for you," EJ says, putting his arm around him.

Abby and Austin wander around the square. She thinks Carrie needs to hear what he has to say. He wants her to talk to him and leave his wife alone. Austin beats himself up about losing his wife. When she tells him that she will never leave him, he barks that this has to stop now. "There never was an us," he tells her before walking away.

Brady chats with Kayla in the pub. He sits down and thinks of Madison. Mel wanders in looking for Chad. He's not there so she joins Brady. He's moping and says he should be alone. She walks across the room and her dad shows up. Mel tells him Brady needs a friend right now. The doctor joins him. Brady doesn't want to talk about his problems, just kill Ian. Daniel doesn't think that's a good idea. He promises him that things will get better. Brady doesn't believe it. He rails about his situation. "That's crazy dude," Daniel says, insisting that he should just walk away from it all. Meanwhile, Gabi is having dinner with Chad in the square. She distracts him so she can delete the messages Mel has been sending him. They chat about their modelling until Mel shows up. He notices that his phone has been off and apologizes. He and Mel run off together.

Madison returns to her room and finds Ian waiting with champagne. She trashes the dinner table and rants at him for making him break Brady's heart. Ian's sorry. She's taken aback. He explains that he's only ever cared about her happiness. She admits that she was happy with him but then he began cheating on her and ruined her trust. Madi can't understand what he gets from destroying her life. He warns her to stop testing him and says that Brady has turned her into a 'snivelling mess'. Madi cries and tells Ian he's the one who has destroyed her. He leaves, genuinely sad. She takes out her teddy bear to weep.

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