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March 19, 2012
The Human Thermometer.

Billie strolls into the day spa and checks out some guy's ass. She's startled when she realizes it's Daniel's. They chat about how hard she's been working and he says that it must be helping Bo that she's by his side. She just wishes he'd wake up and asks him if Bo can really recover. Billie boxes a bit. That impresses the doctor but he thinks her footwork should improve. They start hopping around and she punches him in the gut. He's winded but checks her hand to make sure it's okay. That makes her uncomfortable. "I know your MO. You feel someone's glands, take their liver out and... all of a sudden, Dr. Dan is in love!" she moans. She accuses him of trying to seduce three generations of her family. He insists he has no interest in her. She backs down.

Abe runs into Lexi at the pub. She lets him sit with her. They awkwardly talk about Theo and then her 'evil family'. Abe wants her and their son back. He misses them so much and doesn't think their marriage should end over the election scandal. They discuss their son and she admits that she told him the truth about what happened. "He knows that you're not one of the good guys anymore," she says, explaining that Theo doesn't even want to see him. This upsets him. He asks her to tell their son how much he loves him. "The most important thing my mother taught me was to keep the faith," he says. Lexi's not sure she can trust him again. He vows to prove he can be trusted. She walks away.

Rafe shows up at Nicole's. She hides her pregnancy pamphlet and lets him in. He just wanted to make sure that she's okay after being harassed by EJ. She beats herself up for helping Elvis get elected. They discuss food and he opens his paperbag full of greasy food. She pukes. He feels her head. "What are you? A human thermometer?" she asks. After some probing, he guesses she is pregnant. She confirms it. He nearly pukes. Nicole tells him this has to stay a secret. Rafe reminds her that it didn't work when Sami tried to pull that. She admits that she's having mixed feelings. The baby is a miracle, but she thinks she'll die if anything happens to it. They discuss what she will do. She thinks she'll leave town. He keeps telling her to stay hydrated and see a doctor. She admits she's seen Daniel and then pukes again. When comes out of the bathroom, she collapses on the bed.

Lucas stops by Sami's office and offers to help her with the mole investigation. "You don't have to play whack a mole with me. Your son needs you," she says. He explains what happened with Will and Elvis. Lucas thinks that their son will be okay in the end but Sami has a fit. She worries that she screwed him up for life. They argue about whether their son knows what he's doing or not. He starts searching the computer for info on the mole. She confesses that she's the mole. He's furious. This gives him a headache. She insists that she's totally loyal to his mom now. "It's just so you!" he complains. He lectures her. She's tired of the 'Sami bashing' but Lucas keeps it up and accuses her of ruining their son.


March 20, 2012
Man's Best Friend..

Rafe is at Nicole's fussing over her. She doesn't think he should be worrying about her since he doesn't even like her. He calls Daniel over. When she tries to stand up, she falls over. The doctor sets up an IV for her. He lectures her about eating properly and insists that someone stay with her. She doesn't have anyone so Rafe offers. Once Daniel leaves, Rafe asks Nicole again if keeping her pregnancy secret is really wise. He knows how much suffering it caused Sami and doubts it was worth it. She wonders if he plans to take Sami back. "No," he says. When he admits that he kissed Carrie, she asks if he loves her. "You really are in trouble," she says. Once she gets into her jammies, she challenges him to truth or dare. He dares her to go to sleep. They both recognize how weird all of this is but she thanks him for sticking around. She feels stupid. He touches her hand and assures her that everything will be okay.

EJ is at Casa DiMera trying to write a speech about how he is man's best friend. Kate comes in, looks at it, and ask if Johnny wrote it. He wants his PR person back. Kate thinks a blow up doll could do Nicole's job. EJ feels lost without her. He mopes. She tells him to get over it. "DiMeras don't sulk," she says, telling him to concentrate on his career and children. Kate vaguely explains that she's working on something involving the children which will right past wrongs. He orders her to stop whatever it is she's up to and then walks off. Elvis heads over to Nicole's and walks into her room. He finds a shirtless Rafe standing by her bed. "You didn't like to keep your bed very empty for long Sweetheart!" EJ says. Nicole doesn't appreciate him breaking in and acting like a victim. "Once you're a whore, you're always a whore," EJ sneers. Rafe punches him the face. Elvis flicks his blood at Rafe and tells him he'll regret this. "Get yourself checked out mate. Believe me, you don't know where she's been," EJ quips before walking out. Nicole screams and throws a glass at the door.

Mel meets up with Abby at the coffee house. She starts congratulating her on coming clean until Abby stops her to explain that she didn't. Mel lectures her. Abby explains that Carrie left Austin for Rafe. Mel still think she should come clean so they can have a 'secret free' relationship. Abby swallows that. When she leaves, Daniel shows up. He chats to his daughter until Kate interrupts and starts sniping. Mel runs off. Kate quizzes Daniel about Billie. "You stay away from my daughter," she orders. He says she has no idea what she's talking about and suggests she see a witch doctor for her paranoia.

Gabi drops in on Chad at his place. She shows him their first magazine ad and says they will be famous. She gets excited about this and hugs him. He's not that thrilled about fame and fortune. She thinks that's because he was spoiled and tells him tales of how she has had to struggle to earn a living. Mel calls and plans a date with Chad tomorrow night. As they make plans for the Burger Barn, Gabi hides one of her earrings in the bedsheets.

Austin is drinking at the pub and chatting with Kayla. Jack arrives and sits down with him. Austin is uncomfortable. They begin discussing Austin's love life. He's nervous but Jack obviously doesn't know the Abby story. Jack explains that he's writing a book about his time in Afghanistan. When Austin mentions he has to write some articles, Jack offers to help. Later, Abby shows up. She's about to talk to Austin when she notices Jack is there. She asks her dad to leave them alone to discuss work. Kayla interrupts to see that she got a tip Bo might be recovering and asks one of them to lock up. Austin offers and rushes away to start getting ready for close.


March 21, 2012
Dude! What's the matter with you?

Rafe walks into the square and bumps into Carrie. They chat awkwardly and agree to have coffee together as 'friends.' Meanwhile, a rattled Sami rants to her mom and Lucas about Bo's condition. They go into the pub. Caroline and Kayla are there, worrying about Bo. Caroline thanks them all for coming over. Austin walks in and spots his little brother. They hug and things get tense when Sami mentions Carrie. On cue, she walks in with Rafe. Everyone stares. Marlena explains that they are going to special mass for Bo at the church, Sami starts making barbed remarks about how Carrie was with Rafe instead of the family. Carrie insists she wasn't. Sami rants until her sister blurts out that Austin is the one who slept with someone else. "No way!" Lucas blurts out. The arguing starts. Austin explains himself. "You slept with my niece? Dude! What's the matter with you?" Lucas wonders. Austin says he has no feelings for Abby and points out that Carrie loves Rafe. Sami barks and Lucas holds her back. Marlena tells her to back off and lectures the siblings for making things all about themselves when Bo is in the hospital. "This family is in trouble," Marlena lectures, telling them they should he ashamed of themselves. Rafe tells Caroline he's praying for Bo and he's sorry for everything else. In the corner, Carrie tells Kayla she didn't want any of this to happen. Across the room, Lucas lectures his brother. Austin thinks his mistake has cost him everything. "This kind of thing happens a lot with you," Lucas snipes. They rehash when it happened with Sami. She walks across the room to ask Rafe if he's falling for Carrie. He doesn't think she deserves an answer and walks out. Carrie joins him. They look though the window at Lucas hugging Sami. Rafe thinks she's already moving on. Lucas tells Sami and his brother how amazing his fiancee is. The hospital calls Kayla to say that Bo is stable again.

Jenn and Abe are in the square where EJ prepares for his inauguration. She assures Abe that the people who set him up won't get away with it. Lexi stumbles by. He's grateful that she came to support him but she's actually there for her brother. She admits that he made her an offer she couldn't refuse. He's not impressed. Later, he admits to Jenn that he was asked to take part in the ceremony but turned them down. Jenn vows again that they will clear his name. Meanwhile, Kate tells EJ that this is everything his father wanted for him. Billie arrives with the kids. They run into his arms. He tells them that today is all about them and their family. As he talks about how proud they should be, Johnny chews on his hand and Syd yawns. He goes up to make his speech before the crowd. He promises to end to corruption in government and crime on the streets.

Ian brings Madison breakfast in her office. He checks out her work and tells her how proud he is. His compliments make her paranoid. He knows he hasn't been the husband that she's wanted and he wants to change that. Ian wants her to be happy. His wife asks him to prove it by letting her go. That doesn't work for him and he doesn't want to hear that question again. They head down to the square and meet Billie and Kate. The rivals bicker. Ian talks about how much he enjoys watching women fight. Once they walk away, Billie tells her mom that it's a shame that Ian's married because she thinks he's attractive. Kate warns her about him and then takes the kids away. Madison returns and tries to get on civil ground with Billie. Meanwhile, Ian introduces himself to EJ. He's sure they will have a 'beautiful friendship'. Elvis walks over to his sister and asks her to get his agenda on his desk by the end of the week. He trashes Abe until she stops him. Abe rushes over and rails at Elvis, telling him to leave Lexi out of this. Jenn stops him from causing a scene. EJ calls over a cop and has Abe arrested for ballot tampering and then has Jenn arrested too. Ian has slipped out of the gate and corners Kate. She tells him not to even look in her daughter's direction. Kate threatens his wife again and he tells her she'll regret it if she goes after her.

March 22, 2012
You Are Caught.

In Alamainia., Hope sulks to John about not being able to get through to Bo. She thinks they should give in to Stefano. He thinks they need to take charge. They rehash the situation. Meanwhile, Stefano sends one of his goons off to do a job. The goon heads over and attacks John. Mr. Black's karate moves can't save him and he's knocked out with an injection. Hope walks in. The same happens. Later, they wake up in some kind of cell. Stefano appears on a TV screen. They refuse to play his game. Martin, the goon, shows up with a gun. Stefano talks about what a great team Gina and his pawn are. She demands to know what he wants. Before he can explain, they refuse to help.

Jack takes Jenn to the pub for post-jail chowder. She wants to have a shower. He tells her she smells. She thanks him for bailing her out and gives him a hug. They go into the pub and she talks about how innocent she and Abe are. She feels like she's ruined his life and wants to make things right. He wants to help. That makes her worried but she thanks him for being there for her.

Austin is sitting in the square when Abby walks by. He tells her that he was furious with her, but should have listened to her and come clean with Carrie. He's sorry about what happened to her mom. She's impressed by how nice he is being and tells him that all of this is her fault. He gushes about how sorry he is until she stops him. He just wants them to stop seeing each other so they can move on. ''I need to tell you about the night that we made love!'' she blurts out. Jack and Jenn walk by right as she says this. Jack hopes he didn't just hear that. Austin stutters through an apology. Jenn holds Jack back as he screams. He rants until his daughter stops him to say it was her choice and she's an adult. Austin wants to take responsibility for what he's done. Jenn rants at him about how disgusting this is. Abby defends him. Finally, she admits that they didn't actually have sex: she made it all up.

Rafe returns to Nicole's with food. She's worried about EJ discovering her secret and doesn't understand why Rafe is so keen to help her. She reminds him that he used her in the past. He insists that isn't the case now and tells her to rest. Nicole thinks he's been a great friend lately but she's feeling paranoid. The discuss EJ coming after them and how Sami will react. He doesn't care. She's glad Sami is getting what she deserves. He offers Nicole some chicken soup. She wants to puke so they decide to go outside instead. They head to the pub and she stuffs her face until he mentions EJ. That ruins her appetite. She prods him to share his miseries. He says that he wasn't thinking when he was with Sami: he was in love. Nicole tells him 'many, many, many guys have gone down that road' and they usually end up drunk. She just wishes she could finally find a trustworthy man but she has no hope. He is not really hopeful either but she assures him he deserves happiness. They go back to her room and she tries probing him about Carrie.

Sami shows up for work late. She senses that her boss is hostile. ''You've been keeping secrets,'' says Kate. She pulls out a folder full of enough evidence to sink Sami. The blond plays stupid. ''You're a liar!'' Kate blurts out. She demands answers immediately. Sami tries putting the blame on Madison. ''You are caught you deceitful witch! Now, I'm going to ruin you,'' Kate declares.

March 23, 2012
We're Over.

In Alamaina, John and Stefano bark at each other over the video feed. John's sure he'll never really have them shot. Hope starts calling him names. They keep talking around the issue. Stefano takes out a photo of Marlena. He shows them that he has a video feed of her. John curses. One of Stefano's goons starts flirting with Marlena. She squints. John gasps.

At CW, Kate yells at Sami to stop lying. She's always known that she is the mole and she's finished toying with her. Kate never thought her old enemy would be this stupid. Sami tries telling her the whole story and blames everything on Madison. She moans about how much time she has given up with her kids for work. "All that proves is that you're about as loyal a mother as you are an employee," Kate snipes. Sami explains that she could have taken her down but didn't and that proves how loyal she is. Kate still wants to turn her over to the cops, but she's going to make her wait for it. She advises her to go home and hold her children because she won't be able to do it for much longer.

Will drops in at the coffee house to check it out and see Sonny, who offers him a coffee for life card. They wrestle around for it and lock eyes. Lucas walks in and spots them. Sonny notices him and gets awkward. He gets back to work and Lucas takes his son aside to say that someone might get the wrong idea if they saw what he just saw. Will says it was nothing. "I know you're straight," Lucas says. His son thinks he's overreacting. As they discuss Sonny, Kate arrives and listens in as Lucas tells his son to watch himself or he'll be treated like a second class citizen. Kate decides to interrupt. Will walks off to get a drink. She rants about Sami. Her son thinks Sami was just getting even with her. Kate wants to take custody of the children. Lucas is miffed and storms out. Kate sits down with Will and asks him if what Lucas was saying about Sonny was hitting close to home. Will gulps. Kate makes it clear that she knows he's gay and that's why his father was making him uncomfortable. "Your secret is safe with me," she assures him.

Rafe returns to the loft. He sadly walks around and looks at family pictures. Marlena walks in and assumes he's missing Sami. He does but he needs to move on. She wonders if he's ready or if he can still forgive Sami. Rafe doesn't think she can love anyone more than she loves herself. He's finished fighting for her. She leaves. Sami arrives. They sit down to talk. He tells her that he can't do this anymore. She begs for a chance but he turns her down. "It's over. We're over," he declares. She doesn't understand this so he keeps explaining it. The person he fell in love with was just a lie. She tells him he can't turn off his love for her. "Maybe I can't but you sure as hell did when you slept with EJ," he says. She keeps pleading. They go over it for twenty minutes. She keeps telling him he loves her. He tells her to get a lawyer and says he'll always love the children. After he leaves, she heads out and bumps into Lucas. They discuss his mom. She moans about what a bad day she's having.

In the square, Abby comes clean to Jack, Jenn, Austin and Carrie that she and the professor never actually had sex. Fibbing about it is the worst thing she's ever done. Carrie wonders if this is just another lie. "None of it was real," Abby admits. Her mom asks her not to lie to protect him but Abby insists she's not. She tells Carrie what a great guy Austin is and how he never reciprocated her feelings. Carrie finally believes her and proves it by slapping 'the bitch'. Jenn and Jack hold her back. Jenn starts apologizing for her daughter. Austin lectures Abby for turning his life into a train wreck. She just wants to make things right. Carrie cries and runs away. Austin chases after her. Abby sobs to her parents about how everyone will know what she's done. Meanwhile, Austin finds his wife in her office and asks her if this changes things for them.

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