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4th Week of March Daily Summaries 

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March 26, 2012
Hunky Support System.

Daniel wanders into the pub to meet Billie as she fondles the sugar dispenser. He thought she was warned to stay clear of him... by her mom. This miffs her. He tells her not to let her mom get to her and insists he has no ulterior motives. She wants a beer. As he gets them in, Agent Spencer calls and demands to meet. After she has her drink, she meets the agent in the alley. He tells her the ISA wants everything she's found on Stefano. She explains that EJ is likely the one who was behind framing John. He wants her to get into Casa DiMera so she can get the goods. "I will need hazard pay for that," she complains.

At the coffee house, Will plays dumb as his grandmother vaguely tells him she knows he's gay. Kate knows what it's like to have a secret and says she'll love him regardless of his sexual orientation. She jokes that working in the fashion industry has made her sensitive to these things. She keeps talking. His mouth hangs open and he repeats he has no idea what she's talking about. He claims he needs to meet a girl and runs away. Lucas returns, eager to talk to his mom. She doesn't want to talk about Sami. He pleads for her and admits that he knew Sami was the mole. They bicker about his relationship with Sami. He wants her to back off but that won't happen. Talking to him has made her even more determined to send Sami to prison.

Rafe drops in to see Nicole. He's mopey and explains that he's getting divorced. She thinks he needs to cheer up and gets him a beer. Although he feels like crap now, she's sure getting Sami 'the cup of crazy' out of his life will make him feel better. Not knowing what the future holds can be exciting. She assures him his wife will move on fast to 'some other loser' and he should too. He decides to go and tell Carrie that he'll be free soon. After giving her a hug, he runs off. She sighs. Daniel arrives to check her out. He thinks she'll go stir crazy if she stays there until the baby comes. They chat about Rafe. She's glad she has such a 'hunky support system'.

In her office, Austin asks Carrie if it's too late for them. She's angry. He thinks they can have a second chance. They talk about how they had issues other than Abby. He admits that he may have accidentally led her on. Austin can't face life without his wife. Rafe arrives and eavesdrops at the door. He gets the impression that Carrie is willing to start over. After he walks away, Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't know if they have a future. In tears, she runs off.

In Alamainia, Stefano lets John and Hope see the video feed of a DiMera goon stalking Marlena. When the goon points a gun at the shrink, John caves and agrees to do whatever Stefano says. The goon is called off. John asks that he let Hope go home. "Impossible," Stefano declares. John backs out of the deal and threatens him. Hope tells him to make the deal so they agree again. Stefano explains that their alternative personalities stole an Anastasia egg for him but he never received it. He wants his egg. John points out that they don't even remember stealing the egg. Stefano has hired a hypnotist to turn them back into Gina and the pawn so they can remember where it is. They don't like that plan.

Will wanders through the square and runs into Marlena. She can sense something is bothering him and prods him to open up. "Do I have a sign on my back?" he asks, telling her about Kate and Lucas. Marlena insists she hasn't told anyone anything. She thinks he needs to talk about his feelings. "Feelings suck, Grandma," he says. After a pause, he admits he might be gay. Meanwhile, the DiMera goon delivers a package for Stefano to Kate. She puts it on the chess table and decides to open it herself. It's full of pictures and information on Marlena.

March 27, 2012
That's It?

Outside the square, Will tells Marlena he thinks he might be gay. "That's it?" she answers. She thinks it's okay and starts quoting Lady Gaga to him. He worries that Caroline will start praying for his soul. Marlena assures him he's not the only gay Brady or DiMera. Will is awkward and runs off.

Ian brings Madison to the square for a dinner with his business colleagues and rivals. She's not thrilled when she find out Brady is one of the guests. Kate arrives next followed by Marlena as a rep for Basic Black. Ian opens the champagne. Kate's eyes narrow. Brady stares at Madison and drinks. Marlena lends him her ear and he vents. Dinner is served. Ian toasts. Kate sneers at Marlena. Ian explains that he has created a foundation in his wife's name to help underprivileged women. Drunk Brady gets up to say that Madi doesn't need Ian and he should go back to where he came from. She barks at Brady to stop. He storms off. Marlena trails after him and he insists that he's not an alcoholic. She points out how bad he's made the business look. Back at the table, Madison lectures Ian for torturing Brady and storms off. Kate tells Ian that he needs to accept his wife loves someone else and then explains that her husband is still in love with Marlena. Ian reminds her of how much he cares about her. He came to town just for her. She finds that hard to believe. He takes her hand and says he'll wait for her. She runs off. Meanwhile, Madison chases down Brady. They make out. She pulls away and warns him that he could lose everything.

At the coffee house, Gabi and Mel are with Chad when one of his fans runs up to him and gets him to sign her shirt. They head over to the party in the square. Kate introduces them around and the other guests think Chad and Gabi are a couple. He has to correct this. This is awkward. They head back to the coffee house and run into Will. Gabi thinks they should all go to a club but Chad wants to take Mel back to his place alone. When they get there, she discovers that he's set up a romantic dinner for them. She admits that she's jealous of all the attention he's been getting and his chemistry with Gabi. She's noticed that Gabi looks at him like she loves him. He says it doesn't matter what Gabi thinks because he's madly in love with Mel. They put on some emo music and make out. When she gets on the bed, she finds an earring. She jumps to a false conclusion, puts her top on and runs out. Meanwhile, Will and Gabi walk the alleys after he shows her his place. He wonders what her deal with Chad is. She's more interested in his deal with EJ and tells him he should have a woman around to help him. Gabi wants him to teach her how to bend the rules. Marlena walks by so they rush off.

EJ drops by the pub to see his kids. Sami moans to him about how Kate is out to destroy her. Kayla checks in to make sure things are okay. Elvis orders a bottle of wine. Sami keeps complaining about Kate. He guesses that she's the mole at CW. She blames it all on Madison and asks for someone who can give her legal advice. He offers to represent her. She's skeptical. He doesn't want her life to be destroyed because of what it would do to their children. She tells him about Rafe wanting a divorce and complains about how she needs to find a new place to live. Rafe said she could keep the loft but she won't live there. Then she complains about her sister. He explains that he's getting divorced too. They rehash their couch ride. "Either we're the most disgusting people on the planet, or we're crazy," she says. He thinks they are just unique and self-centred. "Maybe that's what makes the sex so good," she says before moaning about how they are alone. He tells her she's not alone... because of the kids. She sobs about everything she's lost so he gives her a pep talk and touches her hand.

In Alamainia, Hope worries to John about letting Stefano control them again. He doesn't think they have much choice. They continue arguing about this and Hope demands some proof that her husband is still alive.

March 28, 2012
How Nauseatingly Romantic.

Billie is bickering with her mom at the coffee house. She worries about Bo. Kate worries about the scones. "What's your new hubby up to?" Billie demands. Her mom lectures her and Billie claims that Stefano is still addicted to Marlena. "Don't you think this is deja vu all over again?" Billie asks. Kate defends her husband and storms off. Billie follows her, apologizes and offers to move in with her. Kate's reluctant until her daughter claims she just wants them to hang out. Kate gets giddy and gives her some keys. As soon as Kate leaves, Billie calls Agent Spencer to say that she will get into the house today and get evidence against the DiMeras. She immediately heads over to Casa DiMera and starts snooping around.

Marlena walks the square, leaving a worried message for John. Will wanders by and tries telling her that he doesn't really think he's gay. She wrinkles her nose. He makes excuses and claims that Kate and Lucas are just perpetuating stereotypes and only he can know if he's gay. Marlena doesn't buy that and repeats that she'll love him regardless. He backs down so they discuss how his family would react. She's more worried about him not being able to accept who he is. "I'm not gay. I won't be gay. I just won't," he protests. He wants kids and normalcy. She tells him gay people can have that too. He admits that he feels like he fits in with gay people. "I can't believe my Grandma is my best friend," he says. She tells him that he is becoming a hell of a man and will get better every day. They hug. Kate comes by and Will runs off to class. Kate already knows what's going on. Marlena doesn't want her butting in. Kate warns her that she'll be sorry if she comes between her and her grandson. She accuses her of being up to something with Stefano. Marlena laughs hysterically.

Rafe runs into Nicole in the square. He's distracted and explains that he heard Carrie telling Austin she wanted to work things out. He tries to be happy for them and then deflects. She apologizes for dragging him into her mess. EJ strolls by. "How nauseatingly romantic!" he sneers at them. The bickering erupts. Nicole asks Rafe to go so she can speak to her husband alone. EJ doesn't appreciate her embarrassing him in public with another man. She explains that she's filed their divorce papers. He starts twitching. "Your tacky little affair isn't enough, now you have to hurt me," he whines. She reminds him that he had a tryst with Sami. He admits that it kills him to see her with Hernandez. "You're the only girl that I've ever loved," he claims. He begs her for another chance and grabs her purse. She grabs it back and declares it's over. "Have a lousy life," she says.

Sami's at the pub when her sister arrives to talk things out. "There is no way I will ever forgive you," Sami flatly declares. Carrie insists she didn't steal Rafe. Sami tells her he asked for a divorce and blames it on her. Her sister reminds her of what she did with EJ and tells her to stop playing the victim. Sami knows she's a screw-up but doesn't think she's a hypocrite. Carrie explains the truth about Austin and Abby. They bicker. Sami hates her and storms off. She finds Elvis moping in the square. He rants about Nicole hooking up with Rafe. She thinks he must have been hallucinating but he insists it's for real. She can't believe that Rafe would hate her that much. He goes home and finds Billie snooping. Meanwhile, Rafe finds Carrie sitting in the pub. She tells him about the Abby mess. He assumes this means she will take Austin back and acts happy for her. Sami storms in and confronts him for sleeping with Nicole.

Abe is being released at the station. He's surprised when Lexi shows up and explains that she paid his bail. He talks about how much he misses her and Theo. She misses having him around and apologizes for shutting him out. Abe tells her there is nothing to forgive. She wants him to move home. They head back with his suitcase. She tells him the bed was a lonely place without him. They have sex and then she tells him nothing can come between them again. Suddenly, she gets a headache.

March 29, 2012
From One Tramp To The Next.

In Alamainia, John does push-ups and Hope groans until Stefano interrupts. He repeats his threats and wants to send them back to their other lives. They want assurances. He taunts them and insists he just wants his egg back. Fifteen minutes later, the hypnotist arrives. "Is this Rolf's brother?" John asks. He's not. He explains what he will do and they debate about how much of John's old brain is left. Stefano whips out Gina's old compact. They gas the prisoners, who resist at first so they fill them with as much gas as humanly possible. Stefano starts making suggestions to them. They start flashing back to the Pawn licking her. Eventually Hope turns into Gina. 'Steffy' hands her the compact and she kisses him. She notices John and they inhale each other.

In the square, Marlena tells Kate that she despises Stefano and wants nothing to do with him. Kate claims she was happy with her husband until Marlena came back to town. She thinks he's obsessed with his 'queen of the night'. As Marlena questions her about this, Kate cuts herself short and tries to cover. They keep arguing and Marlena demands to know when Stefano will be back. She starts taunting Kate about her insecurity. Once they decide they've wasted enough time, Kate plods off and and Stefano's goon starts following Marlena.

EJ catches Billie going through Stefano's files at Casa DiMera. She claims she was looking for her mom's. He suggests he go to the CW offices for that. They get territorial about their parents and then rehash how he tried to get her into bed after sleeping with her mother. She explains that she's moving in. Kate arrives. She assumes EJ wants to talk about 'everyone's favorite guttersnipe'. Billie excuses herself and then eavesdrops on Elvis ordering Kate to back off on taking the kids away from Sami. Kate's bewildered about why he doesn't want to bring Sami down. Billie putters off and EJ warns Kate again. She doesn't take orders from him. After Elvis exits, Billie rushes back to her mom. They laugh about the chaos at the house. Kate misses her husband and runs off to the coffee house to get her scarf. Billie goes back to snooping. She breaks into a locked drawer and finds an order for a million dollars worth of weapons. She takes pictures.

Over at the pub, Sami tells Carrie that Rafe is jumping from 'one tramp to the next'. Rafe insists that there is nothing going on between him and Nicole. Sami thinks he's full of it. He thinks this is ridiculous. She says he can't judge her anymore. Rafe refuses to discuss this. Carrie holds her nose and her sister keeps railing. Rafe keeps objecting. Carrie wants an explanation of what he was doing shirtless in Nicole's room. He gets sarcastic and accuses Sami of being desperate to believe the worst of him. Sami keeps ranting and accuses her sister of 'slutting around' and tells her to go back to Austin while she still has the chance. After she storms out, Rafe explains that he can't explain but insists he's innocent. She buys that and abruptly leaves. Meanwhile, Caroline notices Sami crying outside. She joins her and Sami moans about how she will never find happiness. Her grandma assures her that God will give her another chance. After Caroline wanders back inside, Sami weeps until EJ interrupts and hands her a hanky. He asks her to come with him and leads her away.

March 30, 2012
I Know You Have My Egg.

In Alamainia, Stefano happily watches John and Hope make out now that they are back to their alternative personalities. He tells them what year it is and explains that they owe him a favor. While Hope puts on her face, Stefano tells them about his prized egg. "I know you have my egg," he says. He wants it and demands to know where it is. The men exchange threats. Steffy gets a headache. They offer to get his egg and then make a deal for it. He gives them 48 hours. They head back to their room. Stefano watches them via surveillance and calls his goons to track them. The couple start making out. John removes the cameras. Stefano grits his teeth. The couple get dressed up and grope each other. They rush off and elude Stefano's goons.

EJ takes Sami to an apartment and gives her the keys, announcing it's hers. He tells her she can hang out with Salem's smart set now. "I didn't know Salem had one," she says. He owns the building. She reminds him that he helped ruin her marriage. EJ won't have his kids raised in a car. Sami rants about Kate. He promises her that he's made Kate back down. Sami demands to know what dirt he has to 'muzzle that bitch'. Once he explains that it's rent free, she accepts but wants to pay him back. They shake on it.

Caroline teases Gabi and Will when they go to the pub. He opens up to Gabi about Mel thinking he's a cheat. Gabi says she must not love him if she thinks the worst. He doesn't blame her. Meanwhile, Abby and Mel are at the coffee house discussing the Austin mess. "I have a clear conscience but my jaw still hurts," Abby comments. Mel tells her about her suspicions of Chad. Her friend assures her he's totally honourable. Mel tells her about the earring. "What a jerk!" Abby gasps. Chad calls Mel and asks to meet her. He and Gabi rush over and explain the earring is the Gabster's. "He loves you more than all the sex we could be having, and trust me, that is a lot," Gabi says as she explains how her earring fell in his bed. This isn't exactly the explanation Mel was looking for. She's embarrassed. Chad and Mel run off together. Abby asks Gabi how her earring really ended up in his bed. Gabi gets defensive.

Lucas and Caroline worry about Sami with Kayla. He's sure Sami is about to do something stupid. Caroline tips him off about her leaving with EJ. Kayla wonders if Lucas still has feelings for Sami. He insists that he's just around for the kids. When he turns around, Sami arrives with Elvis. "Leave her the hell alone," Lucas barks. EJ decides to leave after mocking Lucas for his 'tantrum'. Sami explains to Lucas that Elvis gave her an apartment. This infuriates him. He thinks she's gone beyond stupid. She explains that EJ convinced Kate to back off. This makes him paranoid. She thinks that's sweet. After he gets a call from his fiancee, he tells Sami he wants to go home. "You can't leave me!" she moans.

Rafe meets with Nicole in the square. She wants to leave town but needs his help. He tells her she needs to relax and rest. Nic begs but he refuses and says it would just make what's happening obvious. "I feel like a sitting duck who is about to lay an egg," she says, worrying she will lose this baby too. She tells him how great he's been. They hold hands and she thanks him. As they chat, she mentions being pregnant right as EJ walks by. "We're having a baby?" he asks.

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