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1st Week of May Daily Summaries  

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April 30, 2012
A Gold Class Slut And Some Radioactive Waste.

Lucas and Sami wander around the square talking about their kids. She thanks him for coming back. As they kiss, Kate arrives and gags at the sight. "Oh my God! My eyes actually hurt!" she groans. Kate rants, comparing Sami to radioactive waste. She becomes so distraught that she's in tears as she rails about how Sami destroys Lucas' life. She's sure there are a billion women who would be better for him. Sami calls Kate a 'gold class slut'. "You're the first person in the history of the DiMera family to be kicked out on a morals charge," Sami snipes, before gleefully revealing that Lucas is now working for her. He tries convincing his mom that this is not betraying her. Kate thinks he's in for trouble: Sami could lose money selling lemonade in the Sahara. After Kate storms off, Lucas tells Sami he's not going to help her get revenge. She challenges him to back out of their deal. He's not backing out but insists that they are just trying to make the company work, not bury other people. She offers to try her best not to 'play him like a poker hand'. He asks her about the kiss earlier. She says it was a thank you kiss and liplocks him again.

Justin arrives at the pub to meet Madison. She wants him to push her divorce through fast. He thinks a fast settlement could cost her a lot of money. She only cares about Mad World and is worried Ian is making things too easy. They discuss Kate's appointment to Mad World but he doesn't think they can do anything about it. Later, Kate arrives for a martini. Madison joins her and they talk CEO to CEO. Kate explains that she's come around to the idea of them working together, thanks to what Ian has told her. Madi's not convinced she's into 'duets'. They discuss how much they both want to 'bring down and arrogant little bitch'. They agree that they hate Sami even more than each other. Toasting, they agree to bring down 'the bitch known as Sami Brady.'

A goon grabs Marlena in the square. He holds a knife to her and barks at John to hand over the coin. Roman and Carrie arrive. The cop pulls his gun and squints. He's three feet away but can't get a good shot. Marlena knees the goon in the balls and breaks free. He runs off. John worries that Stefano is getting desperate. Roman and the ISA have decided to send them all to a safe house. Agent Harmon arrives to take them over. Meanwhile, Stefano is informed that the 'fake attack' went exactly as planned. The coin is delivered to him. He looks it over. Across town, Bo and Hope make out on their couch. As she unbuttons him, someone watches through the window. They hear someone at the door so they whip out their guns. When they open up, Rafe is outside. He tells them about the attack on Marlena and explains that Roman wants them to go to a safe house. They think that's a good plan and decide to send Ciara out of town.

The two couples are brought to the safe house by Rafe, Roman and Agents Harmon and Spencer while Carrie gets them groceries. Rafe bickers with Spencer about safety and the ISA agent asks him to help out. Spencer says the ISA has sent an exact replica of the coin to Stefano, only minus the inscription. Harmon heads out. Carrie arrives with groceries. The women leave to look at the freezer while the men discuss the coin. Back at Casa DiMera, Agent Harmon arrives to see Stefano. He explains the coin is a fake. The real coin says, "Yvette." Stefano orders him to 'take care of them'.


May 1, 2012
Take Care Of Them.

In the square, Sami tells Lucas their kiss was no big deal. They kiss some more. EJ witnesses it and interrupts the PDA. He asks to speak to Samanther alone. That doesn't happen. He's annoyed the kids went to the zoo without him. Sami drags him off and wonders why he doesn't have better things to do. He's concerned that her relationship with Lucas could impact on the children. She thinks this is none of his business. Then he asks her how her sister cleared John. She has no idea. Lucas eavesdrops until Elvis departs. Lucas asks her what that was all about. She's clueless. An urgent message comes in from work. They run back to her place and start making calls. He does some damage control with a retailer. She thinks they are really good together.

Brady drops by Nicole's with treats. He heard she was in the hospital. She confesses that she's pregnant and then tells him it's Rafe's baby. He doesn't know how she could have done something so stupid. She admits EJ thinks the child is his. Brady guesses he's right. Nicole claims otherwise and admits she nearly took EJ back but refuses to have her child raised as a DiMera. She congratulates him on his wedding news and hopes Madison doesn't hurt him like she did. He tells her that Madi is still getting divorced but he's determined to marry her. She tells him how amazing Rafe has been. When she claims she doesn't love him, Brady has his doubts. They rehash their breakup and he tries to be optimistic for both of their futures.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano orders Agent Harmon to 'take care of them'. The agent leaves and calls to have a bomb set at the house. Whenever a door or window is opened, the place will blow. Meanwhile, Elvis shows up at Casa DiMera and asks Stefano what he was going to show him before. When Stefano tries to run, EJ grills him about how John got off the hook. "A father would never betray his son the way you are suggesting," Stefano says. EJ keeps badgering him until he's fobbed off. After Stefano walks away, EJ searches for the paper he hid and finally discovers it hidden on the bottom of a drawer. As he reads it, he sits down in shock.

At the safe house, Rafe warns the guests that they might go stir crazy. Bo already is. Rafe's about to leave when Carrie stops him. The guests get him to explain the alarm system. Marlena tells Carrie to get home but she wants to delay for a bite. She makes Rafe a sandwich and asks him not to go. They're both sorry things ended the way they did between them. Rafe can't handle lying to her anymore. Carrie can't listen to him anymore. Across the room, John and Marlena play cards. He's grumpy. Bo's grumpy too. He grouches about Hope not getting a divorce and then tells her that he saw Zach while he was in the coma. "He was happy and at peace," he says. Then he heard Hope's voice calling him back. Zach told him he better do what Hope says and go back to her. Bo tears up. He thanks her for coming back to him and they agree to get back into therapy when this is over. The sound of Carrie and Rafe bickering becomes overwhelming. Marlena wades in and tells him to leave Carrie alone. She and John say he isn't the man they thought he was. Rafe heads for the door. Carrie stops him and says this is the last chance to tell her what he keeps trying to tell her. She storms away before he can explain. John stops her so he can disarm the security system to let her out.

May 2, 2012
You Are Not My Son.

Roman runs into Kate at the pub and wants to give her some advice about her husband. She guesses he doesn't know they are kaput. He's sorry for her and then fills her in about Stefano going on the warpath. She warns that he's been 'particularly vindictive' lately. Roman reminds her that he still cares about her. She wonders if he's hitting on her. She reminds him of their history and 'the Sami problem'. After she leaves, he props up at the bar and yaks to Kayla. Roman calls Agent Spencer after his calls to the safe house don't go through. Spencer suggests that he go up and check things out.

Lucas and Sami are at her place high-fiving over their latest business activity. Some files arrive and they begin perusing. She asks him if there is a chance for them. He says it's crossed his mind but she's made his life 'a living hell' in the past. He knows what to expect from her but keeps going back for more. They make out and she pulls off his clothes. They go into her room for sex. When they come out for a breather, Kate walks in and wants to puke at what she's seeing. She makes them get dressed and declares she is there to end Sami's tenure at CW. Kate claims that she can't legally use the company name. Lucas whips out some paperwork and shows his mom that the contract she signed with Stefano included the rights over the name, therefore, she is wrong. Sami smirks and Lucas tells his mom that he is 'with Sami in every way'. He kicks his mom out. Sami's thrilled.

Carrie's about to leave the safe house when Rafe notices there is something up with the security system. When he tries to disarm it, there seems to be a glitch. He opens up the panel and discovers a bomb has been wired to the system. They realize they can't open the door or windows. John tries to call the bomb squad but they realize all of their phones have been jammed. Marlena pulls a sour face. Carrie starts to panic and shiver. Bo gets some chopsticks to help disarm the bomb. Rafe is asked to keep Carrie quiet as she hyperventilates. They talk about their feelings and agree that they are real. He's about to tell her about the baby when John calls him over. He looks over the bomb again and agrees that there is nothing they can do. They fear that someone might show up and set it off.

At Casa DiMera, EJ asks Stefano if it is true that he's not his son. "You are not my son," Stefano confirms. Elvis feels like his entire life has been a lie. Things finally make sense to him. Stefano is terribly, terribly, terribly sorry and couldn't bring himself to tell him. EJ wonders who his real father is. "I do not know," Stefano says emphatically, explaining he hasn't even known for long that it wasn't him. He tells him Alice revealed the secret and how she learned it. Elvis has to sit down. "I really am on my own," he marvels. Stefano prayed and wished this wasn't true. EJ suggests that it could all be a lie but Stefano says he's already searched for proof of that but it doesn't exist. Weeping, he tells him that he made him as proud as a son could. Elvis begs him to keep considering him his son. "It's not possible," Stefano says. Blood ties are the only thing that can be trusted. EJ reminds him about Tony. Stefano says that was different because he raised him. He asks him to keep this quiet for now. A dejected Elvis walks out. He sits on the steps to cry while Stefano sits by his chess set and weeps.

May 3, 2012
This Family Is My Family.

Kate runs into Ian in the square. They kiss and he suggests they head out for a vacation. Meanwhile, Madison is in her office looking at her divorce papers. She hides them when Brady comes in to invite her to dinner. She claims she has a meeting and runs out. Madi makes her way to the square and demands to talk to her future ex-husband alone. Kate wanders off. Madison accuses him of lying about the quickie divorce because he hasn't signed the papers she sent over a few hours ago. He tells her not to worry. "I've met someone else," he explains. She guesses who it is. After she leaves, he makes a call, telling someone that he won't let Madi be with Brady and making a mysterious order.

Kate runs into Brady at the coffee house. She's in a foul mood and tells him that Madi is with Ian as they speak. Brady claims he doesn't feel threatened; he just doesn't trust Ian. Kate snarks. Brady starts suggesting that her boyfriend is dragging his feet about the divorce. He returns to the office and quizzes Madi about Ian. They both hope that he is really moving on with Kate. She's horny so they go at it. Meanwhile, Kate tracks down Ian in the square to complain about what a jerk Brady is. He guesses she is doubting his divorce plans and assures her that he is not playing games. He's determined to spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Chad drops in to visit his sister in her office. EJ arrives outside and eavesdrops as the siblings discuss their father. Chad thinks Stefano already has the son he needs. Elvis walks in and Lexi explains that she an inoperable tumor. Chad gasps. He's distraught. Elvis explains that they've contacted every specialist but it's too late. Chad refuses to accept that. She insists that they need to accept it. EJ stays silent as the siblings comfort each other. They discuss Theo. Lexi weeps and says he will need his family... and so will their father. "He's really going to need his sons," she says. Chad can't say no to that. He tells his sister that she is the one person in the family who made him want to be a part of it. "It's time I come home... if there is still a place for me," he tells EJ. Hugging him, Elvis says his timing is perfect. Chad offers to make peace with his father. "This family is my family," he says. EJ's uncomfortable.

At the safe house, Carrie spots Roman out the window and starts to panic. They worry that he might open the door. When he tries, Bo and John hold the door closed and yell at him not to open it. "What? I can't hear what you're saying?" Roman yells back. Marlena says he'll never give up. He notices a note they shove under the door. It explains what's going on. He sends back a note telling them not to worry. He sends a walkie-talkie down the chimney. They tell him all they know. He calls in Shane. The walkie-talkie is passed around for some jokes and then Shane begins tutoring them on bomb disarmament. They send him a picture of the bomb and Rafe suggests that they build a blast wall with the furniture. Shane walks Bo through the wire cutting. Every time a wire is cut, everyone grunts. Finally, they think they have it cracked. Everyone hugs and giggles. That doesn't last. They notice the bomb's timer was actually activated and it's counting down.


May 4, 2012
Better Choices.

Everyone at the safe house is shocked to discover that cutting the wires on the bomb only activated the timer. John fills Shane and Roman in. They have forty minutes. Shane starts trying to figure something out. Everyone is frustrated. Carrie is hyperventilating. Rafe tries to keep her calm. They hug and he admits that he loves her. When she reminds him about Nicole, he tells her he never slept with her. The baby is EJ's. Carrie's overjoyed. He's wanted to tell her this all along but promised to stay quiet. He thought she wanted to be with Austin. "No!" she says. Bo calls him back to work on the bomb. They try to short out the clock. The timer stops. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. It comes back on again. Shane's out of ideas. Roman has a fit but Shane says it's time to say goodbye. Bo and Hope cry about Ciara, then the other kids. John apologizes to Marlena for failing to keep her safe. She tells him that she is exactly where she's meant to be. Rafe and Carrie kiss. After he gives her a squeeze, he declares that they need to build a blast wall. Roman calls in to give his daughter a pep talk and tell her he loves her. She and Rafe roll up the carpet. As the timer ticks down to zero, everyone shares how much they love each other.

In the square, Ian tells Kate that she's no fool as waves away his goon. The goon calls. Ian pretends that the Titan server has been hacked. Kate worries and offers to interrupt Madi's sexcapades to deal with it. Across town, Madison peels Brady's clothes off in her room. She worries she might be crazy for trusting Ian. Kate calls and asks her to run over to Titan right away because Mad World has just been attacked. Kate and Madi run off. Back in the square, the goon comes out and hands Ian a pouch of 'potent stuff'. Ian calls Brady and invites him over to the pub. Brady's a bit confused. Ian assures him that he's allowing the divorce. He has his own 'sophisticated lady' so he doesn't need Madi. When Brady leaves for some air, Ian drugs his drink. Outside, Brady calls Madison to say he doesn't trust Ian at all. He goes back inside and Ian says they should toast to their 'better choices'. After they drink, Brady heads out.

Kate and Madison are at Mad World trying to figure out who hacked into their servers. Madi is sure it must have been Sami but Kate doesn't think she has the brains. Madi reminds her Sami works for Stefano. "That little bitch!" Kate curses. She wants to tear her apart but Madison thinks they need an edge. Kate reminds her that she built CW and can tear it down. She begins scheming and tells Madison about Sami bonking Lucas. Meanwhile, Brady heads back to Madison's room. He's all clammy. Madi shows up and rails about Sami. He barks at her to shut her mouth about his family. Brady apologizes for snapping. Back at the office, Ian visits Kate. She tells him that she and Madi know who the enemy is.

At home, Sami makes an awkward call to Lucas. She opens the door and finds EJ moping. He wants to see the kids. She assumes something must be wrong. He needs them to know he loves them. "Have you been drinking?" she asks. Sami assumes this must be about Lexi and stops him from moping out. "Be with your kids," she says. He gets the kids and they watch TV. They feed them candy and send them to bed. She says they'll turn out more Brady than DiMera. He heads for the door but she doesn't think he should be on his own. Sami offers him a scotch. She urges him to tell the kids about what's happening with Lexi. "You're not alone," she says.

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