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2nd Week of May Daily Summaries   

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May 7, 2012

No Survivors.

Cameron joins his mom and sister in the square with Abe. Lexi explains that she's had another scan and they've discovered her time is less than she was expecting. She informs her family that she is not seeking any more treatment. She refuses to spend her final days suffering from therapies that can't save her. Her brother urges her to reconsider. She shakes her head and her family has to accept her choice. Cameron's not ready to lose the sister he just found. She makes them all promise to keep her impending death a secret from Theo. Lexi takes out a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Her mom thinks that's a great idea.

Will is with his father at the coffee house. William has something he wants to tell him. Lucas has some news of his own. He informs his son that he's gotten back together with Sami. "Are you kidding me?" Will asks. He thinks his father has lost it and is making the biggest mistake of his life. "She can't help being the slut that she is," Will explains. Lucas makes excuses for her but Will is sure everything his mom ever does is just an act. Sensing there is more going on with his son, Lucas prods him to open up. Will doesn't want to tell him his problems. His father drags him off to see Sami to sort things out.

EJ is moping at Samanther's. She tells him he needs to talk to the kids about Lexi and worries about how miserable he looks. Sami tells him he's not alone. They talk about being friends and she explains she's back with Lucas. He rolls his eyes and says she just plays musical chairs with men. His phone rings so he leaves. Lucas and Will show up. "I see you put away your pitchfork and the fire pit," he snarks at his mom. He's not happy about the reunion and wants his mom to apologize for being selfish. She apologizes for messing up the family but is sure they can work through it. He's not convinced.

At the safe house, Marlena refuses to leave John's side as they build a blast wall against the bomb. Outside, Shane drags Roman away from the house as it blows. Shane has to hold Roman back from running into the flames. Roman's determined to kill Stefano for this. Suddenly, the six safe housers walk over to them. They explains that there was a trap door conveniently leading to a fortified basement in it. John announces that no one can know they survived. They hide as the fire department arrives. EJ shows up and asks what happened. Roman rants about Stefano and EJ insists that his father did not do this. Shane leaves to inform the families. The fire department inform Roman that there were no survivors. Once everyone else clears off, Roman calls the survivors out of hiding. Marlena feels terrible about letting their families think they are dead. John says this is their best shot to take down Stefano.

Austin is in his room, thinking of Carrie and cutting hearts out of construction paper. His sister shows up to help his scrapbooking. Billie senses something is wrong. He explains that his wife is in love with another man. He's determined to try and save his marriage anyway. He eats popcorn while she makes the gift for his wife. She's sure that everything will be fine. He tries turning the topic to her but she'd rather gossip about their mom. He's totally out of the loop. Shane calls and asks them down to the pub. Soon after, the Bradys and Reeds convene at the pub with Shane. He slowly explains that the six people in the safe house were blown up. Everyone is in shock. Roman shows up and announces that there were no survivors.


May 8, 2012
You're On Your Own.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano recalls his father's dying request that he find the Anastasia egg and uncover its secret. Elvis interrupts and demands to know what he's done. EJ lists the dead and demands to know why. "I didn't mean for this to happen," Stefano grumbles. He doesn't admit to killing anyone though. Elvis keeps lecturing him and warns him his family is getting smaller and smaller every day. He begs him to pretend he is still his son so he can help him get through this. "Everything has changed," Stefano says. EJ warns him that people will come after him. He questions him about his latest fight with his enemies but Stefano reminds him that he is now an outsider so he can't be trusted. "You're on your own... Stefano," EJ says, smashing a photo of them and walking out. Agent Harmon calls and Stefano angrily orders him over before smashing his chess game. When the agent arrives, Stefano lectures him and says this is not what he wanted.

Abby hunts down her parents in the square to tell them something terrible has happened. In tears, she explains. Jenn goes into denial. Over at the pub, Roman breaks the news to the Bradys, the Blacks and the Reeds that their loved ones are dead. Everyone goes into denial. Will upturns a table. Brady refuses to accept it but Roman assures him it's true. Gabi shows up. They tell her Rafe is gone. Nicole arrives to hear this. Everyone's in shock. "I was going to give her the scrapbook!" Austin cries. Sami starts blaming her father. Will doesn't know where she gets off doing that. Austin drags him away and lectures him. Will backs down. Roman and Shane answer Billie's questions and tell Austin that Carrie was just delivering groceries. Fed up with all of this, Brady vows to get revenge on Stefano. He storms out. Roman and Shane stop him. Madi tells him this isn't worth going to prison for. She calms him down. Back inside, Gabi weeps about her brother to Nicole while Lucas tells his son how much Sami really loved her sister. Billie corners Shane and demands to know what's really going on. He's cagey. She wants vengeance. Jack, Jenn and Abby run in. Kayla fills them in. Jenn calls Doug and Julie. Abby gives Austin her condolences. Kayla starts vowing revenge. Shane promises everyone they will bring DiMera down.

Kate arrives at the square and is informed that the bistro is closed for a private party. Ian appears and announces they are the private party. She's not happy and points out that Stefano dumped her there. He had no idea and offers to take her somewhere else. Kate claims she's fine staying and won't let her ex ruin her life. He offers her some jewels. She thinks he's being too generous too soon. Kate explains that she still has feelings for Stefano. He reminds her about the beginning of her relationship with the other man but she insists that she came to love him. "Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome?" he asks. He advises her not to linger on another man for too long. She suddenly gets a text and gasps, "Stefano has finally lost his mind!" Kate fills Ian in and wonders what Stefano will do to them.

Chad's reading his motorcycle magazine in his room. Mel tries distracting him with sexual advances but he's not in the mood. The dude is still bummed about his sister. She offers to distract him by beating his play station. That turns him on. After sex, he gets a call from Gabi in tears. Down in the square, Roman arrives to see EJ before he gives a press conference about the explosion. Elvis offers his condolences and Roman tells him they won't rest until they get who did this. EJ's broadcast begins. He vows to make sure that this cruel act will not go unpunished. Everyone in town watches as he warns 'the perpetrator'. Stefano turns off his TV.

May 9, 2012
Fricken' Furious.

Two days have gone by since the families learned of the explosion. Kayla is preparing the pub as people arrive. She can't believe that Stefano would have actually killed everyone, "That SOB's gonna pay for what he's done," Victor vows. Maggie tells him not to look for more bloodshed today. "Fine, I'll do it tomorrow," he grumbles. Kayla lectures him but he says the cops don't exactly inspire confidence. He apologizes but whispers to Maggie that he will still go after DiMera. Chad arrives in time to hear this. He defends his father so Victor threatens him.

In his office, Brady throws himself into his work. Madison tells him he's just trying to escape. He opens up about his father and how they always used to fight. John always used to be patronizing to him, but he finally started treating him as an equal. She thinks he needs to stay calm and focus. Down the hall, Billie drops by Austin's room and finds him moping in his underwear. "Oh baby," she says. He cries. She finds a crumpled up picture of Carrie and asks him what's up with that. "I am fricken' furious," he admits. He rants about how Carrie should not have been at the safe house. He's sure she was really there to be with Rafe. Billie tries to calm him down. He's angry and throws a toaster.

Will stops by Casa DiMera to confront Stefano. He was expecting him. Will wants to know why he killed his family. "Classic Brady reaction," Stefano groans. Will screams at him so Stefano threatens to kill him. EJ arrives as Will is yelling about everything he did for Stefano. "What exactly did you do for my father?" EJ asks. Will won't explain. He tells Stefano he doesn't deserve to be alive. "Don't be stupid William, you won't like the consequences," Stefano warns, reminding him of how much he cared about his grandma. He leaves to take a call. EJ quizzes William about what he's been up to. Will doesn't want to deal with his 'DiMera mind games' and leaves. After he leaves, Stefano returns. "To be loved by you seems to be a death sentence," EJ quips.

Shane and Roman sit in the square. They aren't looking forward to the wake. Roman thinks this is a harsh game to play. Shane says that if anyone found out they safe housers weren't dead, they'd be dead. Meanwhile, Lucas finds Sami crying at her place. She's been beating herself up for how she treated Carrie and Marlena. After she composes herself, she decides she better look out for Will. They head to the pub. She feels like a hypocrite. He tells her that love is all that counts. Inside, Kayla speaks of the dead and reminds everyone of how they used to laugh. Gabi goes up next and breaks into tears. Chad comforts her. Sami goes up after and says Rafe died the way he lived. When she steps aside, Victor gets up to talk about tea parties with Ciara and how he never spent time like that with Bo. He loved his son and Caroline did one hell of a job raising him. Jenn tries offering her eulogy for Hope but can't do it. Austin heads up and weeps about how he fell in love with Carrie over and over again. He thought that they were on the right track for once... When Will goes up, he speaks of Marlena, how she would always listen and how he will always miss her. Brady takes his turn and says he is going try living in a way his father would be proud of. Sami jumps up to talk again. She admits that she never made it easy for her mom to love her but she'd give anything to have another chance with her. Stefano and EJ arrive outside. Elvis wanted him to see the pain that he caused. Stefano growls about how sanctimonious he's being and walks away.

May 10, 2012
Stefano Has To Die.

Outside of the pub, Sami weeps to Lucas that she doesn't know how to tell the kids what happened. She's also worried about whether anyone believes her grief and beats herself up for never telling her mom how much she loved her. Gabi and Will come by. Sami tells her what an amazing man her brother was. Gabi sobs and runs inside. Sami tells her son that her mom would want them to get through this as a family. He mopes away. Sami sobs and tells Lucas she will make her mom proud by not making a scene.

In the pub, Nicole, Brady and Madison discuss the memorial service. He was going to ask his dad to be his best man. Doug and Julie sit with Kayla, worried about how they will break this to Ciara and Caroline. Nicole sits down with Daniel and thanks him for being her funeral date. She's heartsick about Rafe. The doctor tells her it will be harder to keep EJ away now and offers to help her out. She's realized that she needs to disappear. He thinks that's a terrible idea.

At the new safe house, Marlena is being pensive. She tells John she's thinking about their grieving family. He says there was no other way. Roman fills them in about what Stefano is doing. The ISA has already advised Belle, Shawn, Abe, Lexi and everyone outside of town that this whole thing is a fake. After he and Shane leave, Carrie talks to Rafe about how he has her heart. He's called over to talk about the 'plan'. Marlena approaches her daughter, who explains that she's decided to try things with Rafe. She can't pretend with Austin anymore. Marlena doesn't judge her but warns that it will send shockwaves through the family. The cops decide to exploit Harmon by feeding him misinformation to leak to Stefano.

Back at the pub, Austin tells Billie how much he loved Carrie and how determined he was to make things work... even though he thinks he was a lot more committed to the relationship than she was. She tells him to stop torturing himself. Across the room, Will comforts Gabi. Roman arrives and orders everyone into a beer truck. They're blindfolded and taken to the safe house. Everyone is in shock when they take off their blindfolds. A festival of hugging erupts. "I thought I lost you," Austin tells Carrie. Roman has never seen so much joy in one place. He explains things and Bo points out to everyone that to take Stefano down, this has to be kept a secret. Brady asks his father to be his best man. Will hugs his grandma and tells her that he needs his grandma and his shrink. Rafe gives Nicole a hug and apologizes for stressing her out. Sami butts in to ask if faking their deaths was his idea and if he wanted to torture all of them. Rafe and Nic walk off. As he explains that he told Carrie the truth, Austin is busy asking his wife why she stayed in the safe house. She keeps staring at Rafe and Austin keeps talking, claiming he doesn't actually want an explanation. Sami has a fit about being forced to grieve for them. Marlena says they've hated doing this. Lucas tells Sami to be nice but she starts yelling at them for comfortably eating pie. Roman orders her to stop and herds everyone out the door. Austin hugs Carrie and tells her he'll be waiting for her. She wants to tell him something but Roman orders him out. Carrie tells Rafe that breaking Austin's heart will be awful. He wonders if she's sure. "I need you," she says. Meanwhile, the family is returned to the pub. Sami starts prodding Austin about his wife and Rafe. Lucas tells her to behave herself. Austin insists that there is nothing going on between his wife and Rafe. "Don't be a fool!" she yelps.

Shane meets Agent Harmon in the square. He claims that all of the dirt they had on Stefano was lost in the explosion. He wants Harmon to take over the investigation as it starts afresh. Shane wanders off. Billie runs up to him. He gives her a hug and whispers that everyone is still alive. After he walks away, Daniel wanders over and asks her out for coffee. Meanwhile, Shane heads back to the safe house where John has become impatient and thinks this is pointless. He's sure Stefano will walk free again and he's sick of it. Stefano has to die.


May 11, 2012
Wouldn't That Be Lovely.

At the coffee house, Roman tries to keep Austin calm but he demands to see Carrie immediately. "Yesterday I thought Carrie was dead and I mourned her like a son of a bitch," Austin says, insisting he needs to tell her how much he loves her. Roman still refuses. Austin can't stand the thought of her being with Rafe. Roman makes some calls.

Carrie wakes up in the safe house. Rafe brings her coffee. They get corny and kiss. Once he pulls his tongue out of her mouth, she says she thought she was used to all of life's twists and turns. They're finally together. They spill coffee and then she goes for his belt before deciding it's too soon. He looks disappointed. She plays with her wedding ring. He buttons up his pants and agrees that they should talk to Austin first. She repeats that she wants him but she hates the idea of hurting her husband.

Downstairs, Marlena finds restless John researching Stefano's associates. He vows that this will be the end of DiMera, even if they have to put him six feet under. "Wouldn't that be lovely," she coos. However, she reminds him that killing Stefano would mean letting him win. John thinks everything changed when he tried to kill them. She despises Stefano with every breath she takes and refuses to let him take John away. "Never," John promises, adding it's the end of the line for Stefano.

Billie shows up at the station to see Shane. Bo and Hope come out of hiding. She's thrilled to see them and lectures Shane for exposing them to risk by letting them be there. She tells the cops that she's back in the ISA. Billie explains about the paper trail she has been following and how clueless EJ is about his father's dealings. They wonder how to drive a wedge between them. Hope suggests that Billie tell EJ that Stefano betrayed him to save John.

At home, Lexi and Abe plan her day. She knows how hard this must be for him, but she wants the rest of their time to be special. He's still having trouble accepting this. When he goes off to print off some tickets, she looks at a family photo and weeps. When her husband returns, she says Theo deserves a proper family album. She wants her son to always be able to see her. He assures her that Theo will always remember her. As they start the album, she makes him promise to let Theo spend time with EJ.

Will gags when he shows up at Sami's and shirtless Elvis is there. "Oh my God! Who's next?" he gasps. EJ and Sami explain they were just have a food fight with the kids and not doing the deed. Will thinks that they are too cozy. He's not sure EJ can handle being the 'lonely ex in the building.' Elvis insists he has 'no designs' on Samanther, although he's sure that her getting back with Lucas is a disaster waiting to happen. He asks him to show his mother some sympathy. "I felt sorry for her until she opened her mouth," he says. After Elvis exits, Will apologizes for snapping earlier. She hopes they can talk later. He's planning to go and see her mom. When she offers to listen instead, he says she's the last person he'd take advice from. She offers to try. He gets snarky. Elvis returns and suggests he give Sami a fresh start. Sami starts prodding her son about working with EJ. He points out she works for Stefano. As they bicker, Will lets it slip that EJ has been keeping him out of prison. He explains that he actually shot him. Sami goes into denial and can't understand how he can work with someone he would shoot. "To get even with someone I hate even more," Will says. Billie calls EJ and asks him to meet. After he walks out, Sami tells Will he doesn't need to work for EJ. He says he wants to and doesn't need rescuing. "I'm not about to quit," he says. He loves the perks and power. "I am who I am because of you," he adds before walking out. Meanwhile, Elvis meets Billie in the square. She bluntly tells him she knows what he did to John, but she also knows that his father set John free.

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