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3rd Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 14, 2012

I Owe You Nothing.

Theo brings his mom a rock and hopes they can go camping with Cam this summer. She hugs him and looks pensive. When she gets her brother alone, she asks if he will continue to be part of her son's life after she is gone. He assures her he will. She's happy because Theo needs some positive role models from her side of the family. They hug. Celeste shows up and suggests that they make videos for Theo. Her daughter likes that idea and starts right away, looking into the camera and telling her son how much she loves him. She breaks into tears and has to stop. Later, her son runs down and gives her a card. She uses it as the cover for the DVD she made.

In the square, Billie goads EJ about Stefano betraying him to help John. EJ scratches his ear and claims he doesn't believe it. She keeps badgering and explains about the IOU to Alice until he asks her why she's so determined to drive a wedge between him and his dad. Over at Casa DiMera, Agent Harmon assures Stefano that they have the edge. Harmon makes excuses about the explosion and Stefano barks at him to get the damn coin. Later, the mayor arrives. Stefano is sarcastic. EJ confronts him about the IOU and demands an explanation. "I owe you nothing," Stefano says. He explains anyway, admitting that he let John slip away because of a debt he accrued for EJ. Elvis assumes that must be why he's so angry. He reminds him of all that he has taught him about being ruthless and warns that he will use that against him. "You don't want me as an enemy. Why don't we just declare peace?" Stefano suggests. It's not that easy for EJ. He won't let the empire slip away and mocks him for placing himself in a prison of his own making. Elvis repeats that it doesn't have to be this way and then calls him a 'soulless bastard'.

At the station, Bo, Hope and Shane discuss how to use their edge on Stefano. Hope decides to have another crack at decrypting the coin. She babbles about jewelry. Shane makes some calls. Billie shows up and they happily chat about how EJ and Stefano must be tearing each other apart by now. Shane gets a tip about the jewelry and learns that it must be from a jeweller in Italy. Bo and Hope think they should be sent over to track down the lead. Shane and Billie leave. Bo and Hope make out. Meanwhile, Agent Harmon shows up in the office and starts looking for the coin. Hope can hear him at the door. The couple hides as Harmon comes in looking for the coin.

At the safe house, Rafe and Carrie are furiously kissing in her room. Austin arrives with Roman. They shut the door loudly so the couple can hear them. Rafe runs down to act casual. Austin is terse and goes to look for his wife. Roman starts grilling Rafe, who aggressively swallows his coffee and attempts to act aloof. Roman reminds him that he and Carrie and are still married to other people. Rafe justifies himself. "Just because you love each other doesn't mean you should be together," Roman tells him. He lectures him about the trouble being with Carrie would cause. Meanwhile, Carrie acts surprised to see her husband. He sucks on her face until she leaps away and stutters. He hates being stuck on an emotional roller coaster and wishes her could take her home. "I'm counting the minutes until the insanity is over-with," he declares. When he tries to kiss her again, she pushes him away. He assumes she wants to have sex so he locks the door. She corrects his assumption and explains that facing death made her reflect on her life. She's about to explain what she came up with, but he stops her and whips out the scrapbook. He flips through the pages and talks about their good hair days. Roman interrupts to say time is up. Austin tells his wife to remember how good they are together and promises her a lifetime of happy memories. After he leaves with Roman, Carrie admits to Rafe that she couldn't end things with her husband. He tells her not to beat herself up. She's starting to have doubts.

May 15, 2012
I'm Gay!

Will goes to see Gabi at the coffee house and asks her if the stalking rumor is true. He offers to take her some place safe. She says he's overreacting. He can guess why. She claims her stalker is all talk. He thinks she should go hide in an attic but she insists she's fine.

Sami calls Lucas over to confront him about going to prison to protect their son. He didn't think he had a choice. She thinks that's amazing. They kiss and he admits there's something else he didn't tell her. He admits he knows about EJ blackmailing their son. She's furious he's been keeping this from her for months. She screams. He tells her she's just thinking about herself again. They lecture each other until Will interrupts and lectures his mom. She thinks she has the right to know everything that's going on with him and wishes he would be more understanding about her mistakes. He's spent most of his life trying to understand her mistakes. She worries that he can't move on from all the disappointments. He can insult her all he wants, but his criticisms are irrelevant to her. They bicker about EJ. She makes excuses for herself. Will tells them that he's not like them, he can't lie about who he is. "I'm gay!" he blurts out.

Chad and Mel stroll around the square. They notice a sign stating that the spa is under new management. She wonders if she's been fired. Maggie pops up. "I"m not only your grandma, now I'm your boss!" she declares. She randomly bought the spa last week when she was looking for something to invest in. They talk about how Victor is coping with losing Bo. Maggie reminds Mel that she needs to spend more time with her and says she wants to get to know Chad. They sit around and he assures her he will never be like Stefano. Since he isn't getting much modeling work, she asks him to join an ad campaign for the spa. Gabi walks by and eavesdrops on this. When Mel takes Maggie away to tour the spa, Gabi comes out and tells Chad that a guy was following her. He gets protective. She claims she's embarrassed by having to ask for help. Mel returns. She wants to call the police. Gabi stops her, claiming that Will will get EJ to arrange protection.

John paces around the safe house going crazy. Marlena makes him sit down. He tries taking his stress out on a pillow as they recap the situation. Shane shows up and assures them that Harmon won't run into Bo and Hope at ISA HQ. At that moment, Harmon is at ISA HQ searching for the coin as Bo and Hope cower in the background. He randomly pulls out his gun, then changes his mind and opens the safe, finding the coin. A cell phone starts ringing. It's Shane. He's shocked to hear Harmon on the other end when he was expecting Bo and claims that he just lost his phone. The agent shrugs and leaves with the coin. Bo and Hope head back to the safe house. "Bloody hell!" Shane curses as he learns what happened. They don't understand how they got out-manoeuvred. Shane makes calls to complain. He gets a call about how a big arms dealer named Vladimir Nevsky is headed to town. They strategize. "I don't even know what we're talking about and I already hate it," Marlena says. She worries John is planning to kill Stefano. Meanwhile, Harmon shows up at Casa DiMera. Stefano is grumpy. The agent hands him the coin. "At last," Stefano sighs. He examines it. Harmon gets a call from Shane, who feeds him misinformation about Nevsky. Stefano asks him to track the dealer.

May 16, 2012
Stoned And Stunned.

Nicole is reading pregnancy books in her room when EJ shows up with a talking chocolate cupcake. She lets him in. He wants to discuss the baby now that Rafe is dead. She makes it clear that she still wants nothing to do with him. He tells her this charade will have to end soon. Nicole reminds him she already offered to leave with him and he turned her down. She asks him to let her go so she can find someone who won't hurt her like he has. Elvis insists that no one can love her like he does. She's sick and tired of this. After throwing his muffins in the hall, she asks him to follow them. "You're not going to get rid of me that easily," he says, vowing they will always be connected because of the baby. He kicks the muffins down the hall.

Kate meets with Ian in the square. She gets her caffeine fix and asks him if he's bothered about seeing his wife with another man. He insists he's fine with it because he's madly in love with Kate. Meanwhile, Madison surprises sweaty and shirtless Brady at the mansion. She wonders if he's ready to get back to work since his father's dead. He's about to explain about his dad when Kate and Ian walk in. They trade barbs and then condolences before discussing their meeting with Serge. Madi and Kate go off to get some papers. Brady runs off for a shower and Ian dumps some drugs in his protein drink. Later, Brady drinks it down and jogs off. He bumps into Nicole and is speaking erratically. She wonders if he's baked. He tells her about his meeting. She's not sure he should be going. Once she gets him to sit down, she runs into the pub to drag Madi away from the meeting. Brady arrives before she can. Sniffing and dribbling, Brady rambles and ruins things until Madi asks Nic to take him away. She drags him outside. Serge declares that Brady is a liability and he can't support them while he's around. Madi runs out and asks Brady what's wrong with him. She says that was not acceptable. Ian strolls by and Madi leads him away.

At the safe house, Bo, Hope and John fill Rafe in on their plan to corner Stefano making an arms deal with Nesky. They want to go undercover to force Stefano to reveal himself. Shane calls to say that Nevsky won't meet them. John and Bo make some calls and pull some strings. They go to meet Nevsky at the docks. John introduces them as O'Toole, Charity and Garcia and offers the Russian something more 'substantial' than his competing bidder. Rafe smirks and nods. Nevsky hasn't heard of any of them before. John offers him a briefcase of cash. Nevsky gets a text and has his goons pull their guns. "I know who you all are and exactly what you are doing her!" the dealer declares.

At Sami's, Will explains to his parents that he's gay. Lucas nods. Sami doesn't understand and goes into denial. Lucas defends their son and insists he's not just 'confused' and trying to annoy her. He thinks they should all set aside their issues and discuss this as a family. Sami can't do that and runs away. Lucas tells his son that she just needs to digest things. He admits that he's disappointed for him because he knows how hard it must be. Will tells him how hard he's tried to be straight but he's finally come around to who he is. Lucas is happy about that but still worries. Will admits he thought he had feelings for Mia and Gabi because he was desperate not to be gay. His father asks him about Sonny and if they are together. Two gay guys don't make a couple, Will explains. Lucas admits this is not what he expected for him. Will has come around to being okay with being gay and wonders if his dad feels the same.

Sami runs into EJ in the square. She confronts him for blackmailing her son. He shrugs and apologizes, telling her that he cares about William. She says her son has issues. "His sexuality?" he asks. EJ's known that he's gay for quite some time. He's amazed she never figured it out. She feels like the world's worst mother. "Your son is very good at keeping secrets because he takes after his mother," he says. She thinks it's her fault that he's gay. Elvis thinks she's being absurd. "Darling, if poor mothering made children gay, all of Kate's children would be waving rainbow flags," he says. She insists that she isn't homophobic, just in shock and points out she also found out Will shot someone today. Elvis says this isn't about her but about her son. He advises her to actually listen to him.


May 17, 2012
Stefano Has To Die.

In the square, Sami admits to EJ that she's afraid of going to see her son because she might make things worse. He tells her to go and apologize and then repeats that this isn't about her. She keeps making excuses and says it hurts that Will didn't tell her sooner. Sami moans about what a bad parent she is. He tells her to move forward. She runs off. He chuckles and shakes his head.

At Sami's, Will asks his dad if he will be okay with him being gay. Lucas is okay with it and reminds his son about when he was beaten up after going to school in a cape because he wanted to be a magician. Will tells him being gay isn't the same thing. His father knows and will love him no matter what. As Will tells him about how much help Marlena has been, Sami eavesdrops at the door. "You went to her instead of me?" she blurts out. She starts railing at him. "This is why I didn't come to you. Stop being a victim and grow up!" Will yells at his mom.

At the pub, Kayla and Abe tell the family friends that Lexi has things to do while she still can. Lexi says today is a happy day. She's flying them all to Paris! Abby shows up to hear the plan. She and Cameron discuss how romantic Paris is. Mel and Chad watch as they gab. Celeste cringes. Chad suggests Abby come with them. At the bar, Kayla tells Lexi that she radiates happiness. She says she will be there for anything she needs. Lexi wants her help Abe cope as he deals with losing her and looking after Theo. Over at a table, Celeste and Abe plan the trip. Elvis arrives and offers them his private jet. Suddenly. Lexi gets a call from Dr. Yu informing her that she's not healthy enough to go. EJ offers to send a specialist with her but that's not what she wants. Abe and Cameron run off to discuss a mysterious 'project'. As he walks by his mom, she tries to make Cam promise to steer clear of Abby. Outside, Cameron joins Chad, EJ and Abe. Back inside, Mel starts teasing Abby about Cam. They yap about how hot he is. At the bar, Lexi wonders what the men are up to. They worry that they might have run off to get her an elephant. Meanwhile, EJ and Chad are in the square, Chad wonders why Stefano wasn't brought along. EJ says Lexi doesn't need the drama. Cameron and Abe run over to say that things are ready. Abe brings Lexi down in a blindfold. He pulls it off to reveal that they have turned the square into "Paris". She's amazed.

In the warehouse, Nevsky gets a tip off that John and the others are scamming him. He has his goons whip out their pistols and confronts them. John arches an eyebrow and challenges him to consider his next move carefully. Nevsky knows who all of them are and he doesn't like liars. They make excuses. John explains that he's trying to get revenge on Stefano for ripping him off. Nevsky shoots holes in the story. Bo and Hope explain what is in this for them. Nevsky doesn't trust them but makes the deal anyway. They ask to see some weapons and an inventory list. After they finalize the deal, the cops use the guns they just bought to arrest him. They call Shane to storm the weapons ship. Nevsky offers them a deal for information he has. Bo declares that they never make deals. They all look forward to trapping Stefano next. John pumps his fist.


May 18, 2012
Check And Mate.

Abe leads Lexi, blindfolded, into the square where there is a Paris-themed gathering set up for her. Abe tells Lexi, "Je t'aime." They dance. Abigail tells Cameron Lexi looks happy. He says he couldn't have done this without EJ. Abigail says she has a brother too -- it turns out Cameron went to the same boarding school JJ is at. Melanie sits on Chad's knee and gets sketched. Gabi appears. Abigail notices her unhappily watching Chad with Mel. Lexi goes to thank EJ for helping out, and for getting along with Abe. EJ admits to his sister that he's not okay. Lexi thinks good things will happen for him -- he's a good man. Celeste watches Abigail with Cameron and reads the tarot cards with a dark look. Cameron accuses Celeste of using the cards to disguise her dislike for Abigail. Abigail has joined Melanie, Gabi, and Chad, who says Gabi is getting weird phone calls from her stalker. Gabi panics when Abigail tries to look at her phone.

At home, Lucas tells Sami to calm down or she's going to screw things up with Will again. He takes her to task for walking out on him when he said he was gay -- it's the worst thing she could have done. He also wonders why she spoke to EJ about Will -- does she know what privacy means? Lucas rages at how she's handled this whole thing. Sami begs him to help her fix this. Lucas worries she won't get another chance if she loses Will again, but he thinks it will work out -- Will loves her, just like he does. They hug. Sami goes, and Lucas leaves Will a message saying they love him.

Marlena soothes Carrie as she wakes from a dream in her bed. Marlena tells her she heard from John, and explains what their plan is to nab Stefano. Marlena asks Carrie about telling Austin her decision, but Carrie rushes off acting like she's sick. When she returns, Marlena asks her about choosing to be with Rafe when Nicole is carrying his child. Carrie respects Rafe's commitment. His standing by Nicole makes her love him more. Carrie takes headache pills. Marlena, concerned, asks questions. Carrie asks, "Marlena, do you think I might be pregnant?"

On the stakeout, Rafe confers with Bo and Hope. John advises them to keep Stefano talking. Bo takes a call from Stefano and pretends to be the arms dealer. Stefano says he's on his way. When he arrives, the foursome is disguised in black hoods. Stefano demands that the arms dealer honor their deal, but Bo growls that they got a better offer. Stefano makes a threat. Stefano hands the original invoice and money transfer papers to Bo. They do the deal. Stefano asks if they're done. Bo says, "Not quite." They remove their hoods. John says this is check and mate. Stefano grins as he's placed under arrest.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie greets Victor in a sexy dress and wishes him a happy birthday. Victor kisses her. She tells him they'll have a big family celebration when Bo and the others return. For now, she's glad to have him to herself. They sit down to dinner and express their love. Lucas arrives and wishes Victor a happy birthday. Maggie's thrilled he decided to stay. They chat, and Maggie says she's always there for him. When she walks Lucas out, Victor tells Henderson that Maggie can never know the truth. She overhears.

Sami arrives at the square, and asks EJ what's going on. He wonders if she's talked to Will yet. She says no, but she'll do it right this time. Nearby, Celeste tells Cameron that there is great danger around Abigail. He scoffs. She says it's foolish not to believe. Abigail asks Gabi about the calls. She says she erased them -- she knows it was stupid. Chad reassures her. Abigail and Melanie go sit down -- they hope Chad can talk Gabi into calling the police. Mel admits she's missing alone time with Chad. Abigail looks thoughtful. Meanwhile, Gabi lies to Chad that she's heard from the mayor's office, and asks him to stick close to her. She hugs him. Across the way, Lexi and Abe dance and kiss some more. Lucas arrives and spots Sami with EJ.


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