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4th Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 21, 2012

 You Can't Fly Anymore.

Maggie walks in on Victor talking to Henderson about keeping a secret from her. He tries to talk his way out of out. That fails. She demands answers and accuses him of lying. He won't explain so she storms off in a huff. He follows her down to the pub to apologize. She doesn't know how the truth can hurt her, so he begins explaining how Lillian stole her eggs... and he helped her. "You?" she asks. He tells her that he was just helping his friends and he didn't even know who she was. She begins crying and wonders why he never told her that he knew Daniel was her son. "My business was my business," he explains. That attitude only changed when he fell in love with her. He's never known how to be honest with people and forgot all about this. "You have a wonderful son now who loves you," he points out. It's her husband she has a problem with. She doesn't think he's changed at all. When he suggests that they have a fresh start, she tells him he's already made too many decisions for her. She doesn't want to go home with him tonight. He wonders if she's just using this as an excuse to lash out at him. Maggie storms out.

At the safe house, Marlena asks Carrie if she could be pregnant. Carrie says she just has erratic cycles. Rafe calls and announces that Stefano's reign of terror is over. He asks her and Marlena to get down to the station. Meanwhile, the cops take Stefano down to the station. He seems bored as they fingerprint him and make taunts. Shane and Hope goad him. He chuckles. "You can't fly anymore, Phoenix," she says. He tries to keep it light but they keep piling on the smugness. Marlena shows up to scowl and rant. He's happy to see her anyway. She tells him he's broken, dark and evil. Stefano declines making a phone call. Roman takes him down to the cells.

In the square, Lexi coos about how much she enjoyed her 'afternoon in Paris'. Elvis was so happy to see how carefree she seemed. She pats his cheeks and thanks him. She wonders where Stefano has been. He gets a call. They run over to the cells to see Stefano. He explains that John and the others are all alive. Their deaths were just a trap to arrest him. He's being charged with trafficking illegal arms. Lexi asks the mayor to set Stefano free. He refuses to help. She admits that her father may be guilty but she wants him with her during her final days. Stefano interrupts to say that he would refuse his help. Upstairs, the cops eat cookies and celebrate. A man strolls in and announces that he's there to take Stefano. He explains that he's with the CIA. Stefano is brought upstairs and Roman begins demanding some answers. Stefano smirks.

Carrie and Rafe go out to the square. She tells him she's tired of hiding how much she loves him. They nearly kiss but she needs to talk to Austin first. Meanwhile, Billie drops by Austin's place. He's going crazy pretending that his wife is dead. She sees that he's been looking at houses. He explains that he thinks it's a perfect time for them to start a family. They're finally ready to settle down. She warns him not to rush things. He's sure that his wife feels the same way he does. Carrie calls to tell him that Stefano has been arrested. She asks him down to the square. Rafe notices how pale she is looking. Austin runs up and hugs her. "I am never going to let you go!" he gushes. As Rafe stands aside, Austin keeps hugging her before thanking the other man for getting her home safely. He grabs his wife's hand and pulls her back to their room. He shows her his collection of brochures and announces it's time for them to settle down and get a fence. When he suggests that they start a family, she finally stops him.


May 22, 2012
You're My Inspiration.

Sami returns home and finds Lucas cooking stew. It's not edible. They discuss Will. She admits that she was discussing him with EJ. He saw that. They head down to the coffee house for some water and continue discussing their son. They bicker about how much time she spends with EJ. She doesn't want to mess things up anymore, with Will or Lucas. She moans about how she keeps making things worse. He offers to help her make things right with their son. Sami promises to change and earn the faith he has in her. "You're my inspiration," she coos. He doesn't want her to turn into a different person; she's still the person he fell in love with. She offers to take him home and fix the stew. They have a musical montage, chuck vegetables at each other and chew celery before sucking face and doing it on the stove.

Everyone stares at Hope and Marlena as they walk through the square. They think that their dreams are finally coming true and Stefano is going behind bars. They spot Rafe. Marlena quizzes him about Carrie. Abe wanders by and Hope fills him in. He's afraid that Stefano going down will crush Lexi, but he's still happy about the news.

Carrie and Austin get back to their room. She starts having cramps and claims she must just have the flu. He tells her to get into bed but she wants some air. Austin follows her to the pub. She announces that she needs some medicine and runs off. Rafe spots her when she walks through the square. She tells him that she hasn't had a chance to come clean with Austin yet. Meanwhile, Austin has been left at the pub to gush to Kayla about Carrie and how amazing she is. He's still worried that she has feelings for Rafe though. He goes back to giving himself a pep talk. Eventually, Carrie returns. She eats and tells him how much she doesn't want to hurt him. He keeps gushing about their future. She runs off to the toilet where she takes a pregnancy test. The result is positive.

Roman, John and Bo are outraged when a CIA agent arrives at the station and announces that Stefano is being released. Lexi listens as the cops rant. Stefano promises his daughter he will be there for her when she needs him. The agent declares, "As far as the Federal government is concerned, Stefano is pure as the driven snow." He explains that Stefano was asked to make the arms deal and has been granted total immunity. Stefano smugly says that he has been working directly for the government for months. Roman has to stop John from pounding on him. Roman still wants answers from 'Agent whoever the hell he is' and demands that everything be verified. Stefano gets glum. John starts making calls but he can't find anyone in Washington 'who has a brain'. He and Roman wonder why the Feds picked Stefano. John throws a chair. Meanwhile, Abe rushes into the station and tells his wife to stay away from her father. He doesn't think she should be wasting her strength on him. John and Roman return. Bickering continues. Stefano says he would sue them if he didn't have better things to do. He asks them to let him go so he can look after his daughter. Marlena, Hope and the others show up. When Marlena starts railing at him, he smirks. Lexi tells Marlena to stop this. The shrink and John keep ranting. Lexi yells at them to stop until she collapses.

May 23, 2012
All Bets Are Off.

At the station, Lexi worries about her father. The cops explain that he's left. Abe shows up to take her home. Once she's gone, the cops, John and Marlena all complain about Stefano going unpunished again. Shane comes in to say that Stefano has helped the CIA save thousands of lives and they're sticking with him. Besides, there isn't even any proof he was behind the explosion. Roman gives a little pep talk. Hope points out that Stefano has been terrorizing them for thirty years this month. They all agree that he needs to be stopped. They list his crimes and then go down to the coffee house to wonder what Stefano's next move will be. John declares that they are out of options and will have to take care of DiMera themselves.

Nicole is in her room looking at baby clothes online. Rafe arrives to tell her what happened with Stefano. "Please tell me that was a crappy joke," she says. Nicole encourages him to be with Carrie. He's still determined to protect the baby from EJ. She thinks Carrie must be a saint if she's willing to go along with that. She wants to see pictures of Sami's face when she discovers he's hooked up with "Pollyanna" Carrie. He tries calling her but she doesn't pick up. She suggests they go and find her and suggests she must be in chowderland.

Carrie is at the pub with Austin. She's having trouble eating. He gets a call from his sister and walks off. She stares down at the positive pregnancy test in her purse. She calls Rafe and leaves a message saying she loves him. Austin returns and demands to know who that was on the phone. She covers and he rants about Stefano getting off. When she runs off to the washroom, he rummages through her purse to pay the bill and discovers the pregnancy test. She comes back as he's gasping. He gets her to confirm she's pregnant. "Oh my! Gup! Wot wot!" he yelps before calling out for drinks on the house for everyone. Nicole and Rafe arrive. She drags him over and Austin happily declares that Carrie is pregnant. Rafe looks like a deflating balloon. He manages to congratulate them. Nicole pulls him away to get some potatos. Austin keeps gushing about how he is the happiest man on the planet. He kisses her. Outside, Rafe is clearly crushed.

Abe takes Lexi home. She's shivering so her mom gets her a blanket. Abe thinks she needs to see a doctor so she tells him to call Daniel for a house call. She points out that there is really nothing to be done. When the doctor arrives, Lexi sends Celeste and Abe out to get her some soup. She admits to Daniel that she feels lousy. She can feel her time running out. It may just be days instead of months. She doesn't want her family to know that. As she cries, she tells him about how hard all of this is on her. He offers to listen to her vent whenever she needs to and holds her as she weeps. Meanwhile, Celeste and Abe are at Mandalay discussing Stefano going free. She just hopes her daughter's last months will be free of stress. So does he. He begins grumbling about what Stefano did to Lexi. When she wanders off, Roman comes by and tells Abe that tests revealed that there really were toxic gases beneath the mansion. Abe curses. Roman points out it was Andre who held her down there but Abe still blames Stefano. His friend makes him calm down. Abe agrees to back down, but 'all bets are off' once his wife is gone. Abe and Celeste return home as Daniel departs. He reminds Abe that he's been through this too in case he ever needs to talk. When Abe and his wife are left alone, she thanks him for 'Paris' and tells him how loved she feels. Across town, Roman tells Shane how worried he is that Abe may be aiming to kill Stefano.

May 24, 2012
More Like The Borgias Than The Waltons.

Will meets with Gabi in the square to tell her he came out to his parents. She's not surprised to hear his mom flipped out. He wasn't prepared for his mom's reaction. The topic changes to her stalker. She forgot all about that. He keeps taunting her to go to the police. Meanwhile, John and Marlena are gabbing in the square. He says things will never be normal as long as Stefano is free. The 'agency' calls him and he runs off.

At the Coffee Bean, Chad gets a text from his sister inviting him to a family luncheon. He asks Mel to come. "I'm not sure I can share bread-sticks with Stefano," she says. He wants to make peace in the family for Lexi's sake. She doesn't think he's worried enough about his father's manipulations. This is a bit awkward so he leaves. Gabi and Will have arrived to see this. While Gabi gorps, Marlena wanders in and Will tells her the latest about Sami. "I came out and she walked out," he says. She's sure his mom will come around. He's so happy she's not dead. She bustles off. Meanwhile, Mel fills Gabi in about her little tiff with Chad. Gabi tells her to leave Chad if he won't turn his back on his evil family. Will interrupts and sends Gabi to get her own latte. Mel tells Will she feels bad about what happened with Chad. He encourages her to go and find him. She runs of. Gabi isn't thrilled. He tells her to stop trying to break the couple up. After he leaves, she pulls out her phone and arches her eyebrows.

At home, Theo grabs Celeste's death card and shows it to his mom. Celeste says it can also mean the start of something new. Theo skips along. Meanwhile, Elvis strolls into Casa DiMera to start bickering with Stefano about the money he stole. Stefano reminds his former son that he stole the money from John. EJ still wants it back. That will never happen. Elvis knocks over his chess pieces and they keep arguing. He can't move on. "Why don't you have a little chat with Marlena," Stefano snipes. EJ admits he still has feelings for him. Stefano stops his emo ranting to declares that he can break him if he wants to. Lexi walks in and yells at them to stop. She gets a headache. The men apologize profusely. Theo runs in with his family. Nono leads him out to the garden. Lexi makes EJ promise to try and keep the family at peace. He promises to try. Meanwhile, Celeste and Stefano hang out. They both wish they could have more time with Lexi. He wishes he could exchange his life for hers. Abe interrupts to say he wishes that too. He confronts him about the poison gas. Abe warns that he will never forgive him for it. Chad shows up. He wants to be part of the family again... but he can't be like EJ. Stefano's happy to hear that. They hug. Lexi joins in. Mel shows up and tells her boyfriend that loving him is more important than hating his dad. Stefano announces that lunch is served. Lexi declares that she knows they are more like the Borgias than the Waltons, but she still prays that they will at least try to get along... for Theo's sake. Everyone tears up as they promise to do all they can for him. A photographer is brought in for the family portraits.

In the square, John buys a gun from some dude. He runs off as Marlena comes around the corner. She confronts John and tells him he can't kill Stefano. He backs down. She leaves and tells herself that she'll make sure Stefano pays. Over at a hotel, Bo wakes up Hope with a flower. It's their anniversary. They roll around and make out, taking breaks to have mullet flashbacks and coo about their love. They drink champagne and then he reminds her about Alice sending money to Africa. She'd forgotten about that. He tries to distract her. After he falls asleep, she vows that Stefano will never come between them again.

May 25, 2012

John and Marlena drop by Lexi's place with food. The two couples discuss their past trip to New York and John accidentally makes a joke about how he's been 'playing dead'. Lexi assures him it's okay. Once alone with Marlena, the shrink encourages her to drop the bravery act and tell her how she really feels. Lexi says she's come to terms with things and just wants to enjoy the time she has left. She just wishes she knew exactly how long she has. Sobbing, they agree to make every moment count and hug. The men join them and Marlena suggests they do some online shopping. John tells Abe he will be there for him and then promises Lexi he will look after her husband and teach Theo how to throw a knuckle ball. They eat cheesecake until Lexi is exhausted. Abe helps her upstairs to bed while Marlena weeps with John.

In Daniel's office, he tells Carrie and Austin that he will put a rush on the pregnancy test. As Austin gushes about it, Rafe and Nicole arrive. Things are tense. Austin and the doctor leave to fill out forms. Rafe asks Nic to step out and then Carrie tells him how sorry she is. "Just because you told me you love me, am I supposed to expect you aren't sleeping with your husband anymore?" he ponders. She thought he was sleeping with Nicole. This isn't what either of them wanted. They discuss her options. Out in the corridor, Nic worries about the paternity test and repeats that she will protect her child. Austin returns with the paperwork and isn't happy to learn his wife is alone with Rafe. Nic claims he's not in there and heads in herself to tip them off. Carrie heads out to get Austin. They return with Daniel and Nicole offers pregnancy tips. When the women are left alone, Carrie worries about what's next. "Take it one step at a time," Nicole suggests. Daniel and Austin return with the test results as Rafe arrives to get Nicole. Austin asks them to stay and hear the news. "Congratulations," Daniel mumbles. Austin is thrilled. Carrie and Rafe force smiles.

William and Elvis are sitting in the square. Will is starting to find his job a bit dull. They joke around about EJ's agenda. Sami calls but Will won't pick up. He admits to Elvis that he's angry with her. EJ makes excuses for her telling him about his sexual orientation. "It's not like I didn't know," he says. EJ says she isn't a monster and suggests that she can change for her son. Will assumes he's on Sami's side, not his. Elvis insists he isn't taking sides and has always had his best interests at heart. Will begins babbling about Stefano and the CIA. EJ's not happy about his 'father' going behind his back. Will lets it slip that Stefano made him tell Rafe about the EJami sexcapade. He tries to run but Elvis demands that he tell him everything. Ferocious squinting erupts.

Sami is at the pub, leaving messages for her son. Kate swans in to snipe about how Will is smart to avoid her. She sits down and, after they trade some barbs, Sami tells her about Will coming out. Kate admits she's always known this about her grandson. She accuses Sami of being self-absorbed and clueless. However, she knows that Sami was not trying to hurt her child and assures her that the family bond can heal the rift. Sami opens up about her problems with her son. Kate tells her she would have known he was gay if she'd wanted to. She's sure that Will feels like he's lost his mom. Kate advises her to be patient and keep her feelings in check. She wishes her good luck and then they get back to threatening each other.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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