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5th Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 28, 2012


Bo and Hope get maudlin at the pub as they discuss Lexi. He doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her. "I'm here to stay," she assures him. Meanwhile, Abe returns home with groceries and talks about gluten free cakes until he notices his wife is in pain. He suggests they postpone their plans but she claims she just needs a nap. Bo and Hope show up with a food bag. Abe tells them that he lies in bed at night and wonders how he can continue without his wife. "Don't focus on what, focus on now," Hope advises. They talk about Stefano until Lexi comes down. She apologizes to them for the things her father has done. As Abe cuts cake, Lexi explains she's been writing down lots of instructions for him. Bo assures her the Brady clan will look after him. As they eat, Abe talks about getting sea sick. His wife loses her appetite so he eats her cake. Hope suggests that they all go on a sailing trip. Lexi tells her how blessed she's been to have her in her life. They cry and hug. Once Bope leave, Lexi admits to her husband that her time is almost up and she's not ready. Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope that Stefano won't get away with things anymore and then loads his two guns.

Abby walks into the Coffee Bean and sees Cameron talking to Sarah on the phone. She gets jealous and accuses him of having a girlfriend. He grabs her hand and drags her off to meet Sarah at the hospital. She's an arthritis patient he's been looking after. Abby is mortified but Cam is glad that she obviously likes him. They head down to the square. He talks about his sister and she holds his hand. They agree to do this again and kiss.

In Daniel's office, Austin gushes to Carrie about their baby. Nicole and Rafe are uncomfortable. Austin tells Rafe they need to put their issues behind them. They shake on it. When Rafe walks out with Nicole, she tells him how sorry she is. She points out that this doesn't mean Carrie needs to spend her life with Austin. Rafe's not convinced. She leaves when Carrie shows up. Rafe tells her she should be happy about her baby. She's not. He says she needs to think about herself and the baby. She wishes she could be selfish like her sister. He says that will never happen. "Please tell me what to do," she begs. Rafe wants to be with her but can't break up a family. Carrie doesn't think she can stop loving him. They agree that they have to put their feelings aside and then hug. She asks him never to forget how much she loves him.

In the square, Will tells EJ that Stefano knew about the EJami sex romp. He forced Will to tip off Rafe by 'accidentally' letting him overhear his conversation with Sonny. "You're the reason I lost my wife!" EJ fumes and tells him he'll regret it. Later, anxious Will bumps into Nicole. She advises him to run away from the DiMeras. He runs off. Austin pops up and asks her where he can get some maternity clothes. She offers to help him shop. He yaps about how lucky they all are. After they shop, they meet up with Rafe and Carrie. The couples split off and Austin tells his wife he won't give up on her. As soon as he turns his back, she weeps.

At home, Stefano calls the grandson of the coin maker and orders him to discover who Yvette is. Will calls and tells him that EJ knows. Elvis arrives on cue. Stefano groans as his former son barks about losing the woman he loves. Stefano trivializes this and EJ accuses him of being 'dead'. After taking some more mockery, EJ protests that he's not a puppet. Stefano accuses him of loving Sami more than Nicole. "Are we done?" Stefano asks. EJ keeps badgering him. Stefano explains that Nic was too 'low class' for him and tells him to move on. EJ doesn't see why he cares. He tells him that he will destroy him and finally bring peace to the family.

May 11, 2010
I Don't Hate Your Guts Anymore.

Jack and Jenn toast to themselves and celebrate their anniversary with a muffin at the Coffee Bean. Abby teases them. Cameron shows up to flirt with her. Her parents arch their eyebrows. They ask him to join them. Jack interrogates him. They learn he's a doctor and Lexi's half-brother. The doctor gets depressed so the parents leave. Cam and Abby discuss her parents and their continual re-marriages. Before he leaves for work, she offers to make plans with him for later. She invites him to her parents; anniversary party.

Jack and Jenn sit in the square. She wonders if all of the danger in their lives is finally behind them. She's not sure she wants it to be. He says it was always exhausting but exciting. "It was really good," she says. They kiss. She asks if they have finally settled down. He gets a text and then says they haven't settled down yet. He's discovered that EJ wants to run for governor. "This state cannot afford a governor named Elvis," he says. He doesn't think he should run off on their anniversary to deal with this but she encourages him to do it for the greater good.

EJ visits her sister and makes her some hot tea. She starts telling him about Theo learning yoga. They cuddle and talk about regrets. He wishes he never had to let her go. She tells him how hard it can be to look after her son and she worries about how hard it will be on Abe when he's alone. Lexi points out that Abe will have no job or outlet in his life. She asks EJ to give her husband his job back. He's surprised and explains how democracy works. She wants him to resign and clear her husband's name before endorsing him. He explains that a political career is all he has but won't explain what's happening with Stefano. She hopes that he and her father can change what the DiMera name means. When she pushes him to open up, he tells her she can't fix what's wrong. "I'm not a DiMera," he explains. She thinks he's speaking metaphorically. He has to correct that and explain how literally he meant it. EJ tells her that Stefano broke up his marriage. He makes her promise not to confront her father about this. She assures him that nothing will change him being her brother. Elvis thanks her. "You're stuck with me," she says, kissing and hugging him. She's sure that God brought him into her life. He says she's the sweetest sister ever. Lexi encourages him to think about how much all of this must hurt Stefano too. He offers to have the charges against Abe and Jenn dropped. They hug some more.

Will drops by Casa DiMera looking for EJ. Sami shows up, looking for him. She tells him he has to listen to her. They bicker. He claims he doesn't have time to talk to her. She apologizes for how she reacted to him coming out. As she babbles, he accuses her of making this all about her again. Sami claims she never judges people for who they are and she loves him. She worries about him getting bullied. Will assures her that the world is changing. His mom asks him for another chance. "You drive me insane... but it's only because of how much I love you," he says. She's thrilled that he's forgiving her and they hug. Moments later, she starts interrogating him about EJ. He confesses that he's the one who tipped Rafe off about her couch sex with Elvis.

May 30, 2012
You And You Alone.

EJ mopes around the square. Abe finds him and Elvis explains that Lexi asked him to give up his job but he couldn't. Abe wouldn't have let him do that anyway. Meanwhile, Nicole and Rafe head to Daniel's office. She's panicking about the paternity test and EJ taking over the child's life. He tries to get her to calm down. They discover EJ hasn't shown up yet. Daniel advises her not to get too optimistic. She keeps worrying. EJ shows up. Bickering begins. Nicole backs down when she remembers about Lexi. EJ tells Nicole that she reminds him of a rat who has realized she can't escape. Once he has proof that he's the father, he's going to expose her as an unfit mother and take the child. He leaves to give his DNA. All the samples are taken. The doctor chats with the remaining pair as he locks up the samples. He walks them out and tells them how sorry he is that the truth will have to come out. After he wanders off, Nic tells Rafe she wants some time alone. As soon as he's gone, a lab guy rushes into the office and Nicole babbles to him about the samples until he runs off in the other direction. She finds the key in the desk and opens the sample box. As she changes the sample names, Daniel walks in and catches her.

At Casa DiMea, Will admits to his mom that he's the one who let Rafe know she slept with EJ. He claims Stefano made him do it. It didn't take a lot of convincing. She's furious but makes excuses for him anyway. Will doesn't have time to discuss this anymore and leaves. He corners EJ in the square and begins apologizing and making his case. Elvis doesn't accept it. He says he made the wrong choice and demands his keys back. Will's fired. EJ suggests he find a job with Stefano. After handing him an envelope, Will walks off. The envelope contains test results proving that the gas under the mansion is what caused Lexi's tumor. EJ curses. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up at Sami's to see the kids. They're at her aunt's. He senses she's upset so he offers to listen to her problems. They have tea and she unloads. He can see why Will is siding with EJ. When he criticizes her, she kicks him out. Across town, Will gets a gun. "Let's see who has the last laugh, Stefano," he mutters.

Stefano is at his daughter's fussing over her. He offers to give her whatever her heart desires. She asks him to let other people see his caring side. "I've always known that you would do anything to protect me," she says. Lexi wants to die with everyone she cares about at peace. He sobs and promises to look out for Theo. She asks him not to be sad. He apologizes for anything he has ever done to hurt her. She's exhausted so he helps her up to bed. When he turns around, Abe arrives. Stefano says Lexi wants them to get along. Abe tells him that the knowledge of his role in causing Lexi's tumor constantly gnaws at him. Stefano insists he had no idea what Andre was up to. "You and you alone are responsible for Lexi's death sentence!" Abe accuses. Lexi is on the stairs eavesdropping as her husband harangues Stefano. Abe wonders if this is the justice that Stefano deserves. "I am losing her too!" Stefano says, admitting that some part of this may he his fault. They notice Lexi has been listening and gasp. Weeping, she hugs her father before he leaves. Abe hugs his wife. Stefano goes home and weeps alone.

May 31, 201

Daniel catches Nicole in his office tampering with the DNA test. She tells him how scared she is. He gets it. Nic talks about the great pain of losing a child and refuses to let EJ take her baby away from her. The doctor tells her that EJ's threats might just be him lashing out over losing his sister. He suggests that they could repair the damage between them some day. "Never," she says. She turns the topic to Jenn and wonders why he bothered coming back to town. She tries running off but he doesn't think she should be alone. Nicole starts to rail. He tries calming her and assures her that he'll be there for her. That makes things awkward. They yammer about sleeping alone and then he kisses her. "What was that?" she asks. He's not sure. They do it some more. He's interrupted by the lab. They need the samples. The doctor apologizes for what happened. He promises she won't be alone and then takes the samples away.

Abby walks into the Coffee Bean and sees Mel and Chad sucking face. They wonder where Gabi is and Abby starts poking holes in Gabi's stalker story. She thinks it's all made up to get to Chad. He refuses to accept that. Abby keeps making her case. Meanwhile, in the sketchy part of town, Will checks out his new gun and puts it in a bag to protect it from the rain. He bumps into Gabi. She grabs at his bag. "Don't!" he yelps. He walks her away. Some dude with emo hair stands in the background. Will takes Gabi to the square. When he leaves her, she makes a call. She goes off to meet the guy from the alley. His name is Andrew and she is hiring him to pretend to be her stalker. He doubts this will work. Moments later, Gabi calls Chad in a panic and asks him to meet her. She screams on the line. Chad and the others run into the square. Gabi is wrestling with Andrew. He runs off and Gabi clings to Chad with a subtle smirk.

At the station, Roman informs John, Marlena, Hope and Bo that the FBI wants them to back off. They moan. John promises that he will stop Stefano anyway. Marlena has to leave for work. Roman lectures his friends and forbids them to go rogue. The cops are sick of obeying the law. Roman knows how frustrated they are but warns that he will not look the other way if they break the law. John announces he's going home to 'sit on his thumbs'.

Lucas follows EJ around the square and asks him where Will is. Elvis explains that William doesn't work for him anymore. He gave him the boot because he wasn't loyal enough. Meanwhile, Marlena finds Will standing in the rain. She walks him into the pub. He breaks the news that EJ fired him because of Stefano. Will explains what happened. She wants to know what Stefano has on him. "It doesn't matter, what matter is that he's not going to get away with it," he declares, storming out. He heads over to the Coffee Bean and bumps into his father. The gun falls out of his pocket. "What the hell are you doing with that?" Lucas demands. Simultaneously, Marlena returns to the station. Roman gives her an abbreviated lecture. She caresses the gun in her purse. Across town, John jogs around with his gun while Bo and Hope act suspicious outside the pub before splitting up to fondle their guns.

At home, Stefano cradles a photo of his daughter and says he'll be lost without her. He has a drink and then gets a call about his coin. EJ shows up. He waves around the proof that the tunnel was full of poisoned gas. Stefano morosely tells him Lexi already knows. EJ lays into him and hopes he burns in Hell. He pulls on his black gloves. Stefano says that Lexi forgave him with her eyes. Elvis isn't so forgiving. He won't let him do to Theo and Chad what he already did to him and Lexi. EJ pulls out his gun.

June 1, 2012

Kate and Ian are in her office when she gets a delivery. It's the divorce papers from Stefano. She doesn't want to look at them so he takes a peek and discovers that there is a no-compete clause which means she can't work for Mad World. She won't let him get away with this. "I'm going to fight the fire with dynamite

At the pub, Bo loads his gun. Roman calls. He doesn't pick up. Hope sits at home staring at her gun. It's sitting beside a picture by Ciara so she has second thoughts as she fondles it. After staring at it for awhile, she loads up her pistol and runs out the door.

Sami catches her mom running through the square. Marlena drops her purse and her gun spills out. Sami doesn't notice. They bicker and part ways. Meanwhile, Lucas catches his son with a gun at the Coffee Bean. He demands to know what's going on. Will claims it's EJ's gun. They argue about it until Will runs off. Lucas go to see Sami and tells her what happened. She says everyone is acting crazy. "Something is in the air tonight," Lucas quotes Phil Collins. She thinks they should take Will's gun to the police station. They head over to the pub to get the gun out of the safe. It's gone. They run off in a panic.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells Stefano he can't get away with ruining his life anymore. Stefano challenges him to put them both out of their misery or get lost. "I'm going to kill you," EJ says. Stefano dares him. EJ raises the gun to shoot him in the back. Stefano dares him again. EJ shoots some flowers instead. "Feel better?" Stefano says without blinking. EJ sulks away. When Stefano turns around, Abe is standing there with his gun. Stefano won't put up a fight. Abe yells at him and orders him to face what he has done to his daughter and grandson. "I will never forgive myself," Stefano says. He waits and sighs. Abe can't pull the trigger and puts down his gun. His conscience won't let him do it. Stefano repeats how much he loves his daughter but Abe doesn't think he knows what love is. He storms out. Stefano shakes his head. He goes upstairs. John is waiting for him with his gun. His old enemy challenges him to give his old speech about justice. John claims he's going to make him pay this time. Stefano says he never tried to kill him or his family but challenges him to go ahead and kill him anyway. John stares and then scurries out. Hope shows up. "Oh God! You too!" he groans. She comes in to rant about how, when facing death, she realized she might never attend her daughter's prom. "Whatever, you survived," he points out. She pulls out her gun and threatens to kill him. He warns her that going to prison won't help her share a future with her daughter. She runs off. He has a drink. Will, Bo and Kate all have their turns threatening him. Once he's shrugged all of them off, Marlena shows up. He assumes she's there to kill him too. She offers to give him insight to his soul, not that he has one. She gives him a speech about bullies. "I pity you. But even more than that, I despise you," she says. After she walks off, he laughs. She goes downstairs and picks up Abe's gun. Later, John returns and touches the gun. He sees lights outside so hides as Bo returns. He touches the gun.

Hope goes home to mope. Abe goes home to mope. EJ goes to the pub to drink and mope. He returns to Casa DiMera for another drink. Spotting the gun, he picks it up. Dogs bark. He walks off and Kate returns. Back upstairs, Stefano continues to drink and grieve about his daughter before putting on his recoruy7d of "Pagliacci." A gloved figure picks up the gun downstairs and walks up, shooting Stefano from the doorway.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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