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1st Week of November Weekly Summaries

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November 5, 2012
You Make Me Sick!

Sami runs over to Jenn's to ask about the Nicole situation. She tips her off about tomorrow's Hawaii escape. Jenn doesn't want to be involved. Sami still wants answers. She won't shut up. Jenn begs her to go. Lucas shows up and interrupts. He gets a business call and steps away. Sami yaps about how great Daniel is. Jenn says there's nothing they can do. Sami keeps pestering but finally leaves. Lucas comes back and questions his sister. She won't let him trash Daniel. After he leaves, she starts to wonder if Nicole planned all of this just to get Daniel.

Kristen meets with Kate outside of the square. She hands her divorce papers. "This is no way to end a marriage," Kate declares, refusing to sign. Kristen is snooty and walks off. Meanwhile, a shirtless Brady has a nightmare about being frozen in space as Kristen shoots his father in the face. He wakes up in a sweat. Over at the pub, Marlena can hardly eat her cheesecake so John guesses something is wrong. She worries about Kristen working with Sami. "The woman is evil. That's never going to change," says the shrink. She fusses. He fusses over her. Brady arrives and his dad runs off on an errand. Brady tells Marlena that he warned Kristen to stay away and assures her everything will be fine. Kate arrives to announce that she just had a run-in with Kristen. She says that Kristen hasn't changed and is after them all. They tell her how their old enemy keeps popping up and she's Sami's new boss. "I don't know if I should laugh or be terrified," Kate says.

John drops by Sami's office. Kristen is there. "Wow! What a coincidence," he says. He thinks she followed him. Sami shows up. She's late for her meeting. Kristen decides they can do this tomorrow and leaves. John tells Sami that working with the DiMera is a bad idea. Kristen may have tried to kill her mom, Sami admits, but she also offered her a bonus. John offers to match it if she comes to work for him. She doesn't want charity. He offers to kick her arse on a regular basis. She insists she doesn't trust Kristen but can handle this. Besides, she's sure his job offer is her mom's idea. Meanwhile, Kristen calls Marlena and tips her off about what just happened with John."You make me sick!" spews the shrink. Kristen repeats that she has nothing to fear.

Nicole calls Rafe and asks him to stop by before she leaves town. He hurries over to Daniel's. She worries about what EJ will do to him after she leaves town. Nic asks to him to ask Sami to distract EJ. He says that won't happen. "My life will be less exciting without you in it," he admits. He bids aloha and leaves. Victor shows up. "This isn't a good time," she says. "Tell me about it," he snipes, ordering her to cancel the trip. He offers her money to leave alone. She tells him that Jenn ruined Daniel's life and she's the one who saved him. Victor doesn't think she's capable of making a real commitment. She orders him out.

At the hospital, Daniel finds the twosie and sees that it was in exam room B on the day Nic lost her baby. He hunts down the Salem Gives box and matches the top to the bottom. He grabs Nicole's chart for that day and finds there is no record for a doctor's visit that day. It was blackout day. Daniel finds Dr. Napp and she explains that Dr. Sedwick was supposed to cover for her. She never got any notes and Sedwick is in Machu Picchu. He makes calls but comes up empty. Rafe arrives. He notices the doctor is distracted and offers to help out. Rafe makes some calls and tracks Sedwick's number down. Daniel calls her. He's shocked when she tells him hat she's the one who told Nic the baby was dead.


November 6, 2012

Milli Vanilli.

John meets Marlena outside the pub. He's annoyed that he woke up in bed alone. He explains that he ran into Kristen again last night. Kristen already told her. They go in and she keeps complaining about the 'coincidences'. He keeps saying they live in a small town. Kay shows up. John runs off. The doctors talk hospital business. Marlena is distracted and explains her old enemy is back. Kay is sure John will protect her. The shrink kicks herself for letting Kristen make her look like 'an irrational shrew'. Meanwhile, Stefano calls his daughter to complain about her living in a hotel. She won't move into Casa DiMera alone because it's full of ghosts, Mary gave her a box of mementos. She goes through it. There's a key, a video of John Jr. in the bath and her Milli Vanilli albums.

At the mansion, Victor asks Brady to help him save Daniel's soul. Neither of them wants the doctor to end up like them. "What do you want me to do? Kidnap the guy?" Brady asks. Victor asks him to throw himself at Nic's 'foxhole'. He's sure she'll go for it and Daniel will see her for what she is. Brady's offended. Victor thinks this is the only way.

Nicole finishes packing up at Daniel's when Jenn shows up, demanding answers. They bicker and Jenn wants to know what she wanted to confront her about during their scuffle on the steps. Nic just wanted to say she hates her guts. Once Jenn leaves, Nic paces and replays the conversation and then fantasizes about Daniel asking her to marry him. He offers to teach her how to surf and promises they can have fish for children. Jenn barges in and tells the doctor he can finally be with her. Nic snaps out of this. She calls Daniel but gets no answer. Brady calls but she doesn't pick up.

Over at the hospital, Daniel keeps running over the evidence. Cameron stops in to ask about an autopsy. Daniel tells him that they screwed up with the baby. He asks him to stay quiet about this. Dan calls Dr. Sedwick again. She still has her notes from the exam and offers to email them. Once he gets them, he gets pensive. Nic calls but he won't answer. Sedwick calls again to confirm everything. He picks up the twosie and weighs the two halves in his hands. Cam spots this and stares at him until Daniel hands them off and runs. When he gets home, Nicole has gone to Jenn's. She pulls her scalpel out.

John arrives at the church to see Father Tobias for the board meeting. The priest explains it was cancelled. The newest board member arrives. It's Kristen. Tobias explains that she's overseeing the school program which the DiMeras are funding. The priest has to run off. Kristen and John discuss God. They flash back to when he was a demon fighting priest. Tobias comes back. They discuss board business and then John requests to speak to the priest alone. He asks him about forgiveness. Tobias advises him to pray for God's guidance and grace. Meanwhile, Kristen goes back to her room and flashes back to being in her swimsuit and drinking on the beach with John.

November 7,

Opportunistic Tramp.

Kristen meets her brother at the pub. She hands EJ a copy of Nic's itinerary. He already has it and shovels some fruit salad in his gob. He quotes the Bible. She bites her lip. Elvis ponders what to do next. Roman butts into their conversation and gets snarky. He takes her across the room to advises her not to screw up. After he leaves, she tells her brother about when she used Roman in the old days. "What is it about Marlena that I don't get?" she asks. They go back to discussing his problem. He suggests that Daniel could have an 'accident' in Maui. She thinks that's a bad idea. After offering him some biblical quotations, she runs off. His dude calls and updates him about where Nicole is. EJ jogs off.

In the square, Marlena lectures John about Kristen. She's annoyed that no one will listen to her. Hope arrives and asks if Kristen is back to cause trouble. They are so worried that they get ice cream. John says that work is really busy right now so he wants to take some time off. Hope asks them if they want to go to the island to fix the boiler. John agrees, even though they'd be totally incommunicado. The shrink leaves to take a call. One of her patients is freaking out. She has to meet her so she won't be able to catch the last ferry. John doesn't want to go alone, but Marlena pushes him to do it. He jogs off. Marlena's sure Kristen won't be able to find him there. She keeps fretting. Hope validates Marlena's paranoia. Meanwhile, John arrives at the cabin and discovers that Kristen is already there.

Brady is being grouchy at the mansion when Maggie walks in. She worries about her son. They head over to Caffeinated. He explains his argument with Victor. He beats himself up for not helping Nic. She worries about her son being exploited by 'an opportunistic tramp'. They discuss the situation. Maggie encourages him to reach out to Jenn since they are both grieving. She tells a parable and then heads out.

Daniel is at home worrying. Rafe arrives to help. "Nicole is gone. That's all I know," the doctor says. The cop guesses something has gone wrong. He needs an explanation. Daniel won't explain. Rafe offers to look for her anyway. He runs into Roman outside of the square. They discuss the killer steps and then Roman asks him about the vague APB he just put out. Rafe asks him to look the other way. "Just once," says Roman. Rafe gets a tip off.

Nicole shows up on Jenn's doorstep. She's distracted by flashbacks and the scalpel in her purse. Jenn snaps her out of it. They bicker about Daniel and then about Nic's fall. "If there's a God, I'll never see you again,"says Nic. Jenn gets in her face. She demands the truth about what happened. When Nic tries to run, Jenn grabs at her, knocking the phone out of her purse. It automatically calls Daniel and he hears them yelling at each other. Nic tells her she'll be sorry if she keeps pushing her. As the doctor runs over, Jenn keeps ranting at Nicole. "You want the truth, bitch?" Nic asks. She rails at Jenn and keeps accusing her of killing her baby. She threatens to go to the cops. Daniel arrives as Nicole declares that she needs to go to the police. "We are not going anywhere," he says. The doctor asks her to go somewhere private with him. She starts melting down. He tells her that he knows that she knew that her baby was already dead when she fell.


November 8, 2012
Your Own Line Of Crap.

At Jenn's, Nic cries to Daniel that Jenn killed her baby. He admits he knows that she knew that her baby was already dead. EJ and Rafe barge in. Daniel threatens to smash Elvis' face. Brady and Abby stroll in as Daniel encourages Nic to leave with him. She breaks down and tries talking her way out of this. He pulls out evidence from Dr. Sedwick. She crumples it. He repeats that she knew the baby was dead. Everyone shudders. "Bitch!" yelps Abby. Nicole collapses in a chair in tears. Rafe tries to calm her. EJ is less understanding. Daniel explains that it was a placental disruption and it was no one's fault. Abby rails at Nic anyway and then at Brady for siding with her. "Do you think I'm a bitch?" Nic asks Daniel. He's not sure. She tries explaining herself to the doctor. Hearing Jenn's voice in her head drove her over the edge. He yells at her to let it go. When he turns around to talk to Jenn, Nic runs off. They chase her across town to the steps. She takes out her scalpel and begs them all to stay away.

Sami's in her office reading Nick's job application. Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi are rolling around in her bed. They get buzzed back to work. Reluctantly, they put on their clothes and he asks her out for a bite later. She runs down to start her shift. Sami is there and looking for Nick. He runs in. Sami spots the goofiness between them. She sticks her nose in. Gabi asks her not to tell her brother. Gabi gabs about Nick, 'the most amazing straight man' she's ever been with. She gets back to work and Nick joins Samanther. She warns him not to hurt Gabi and then pulls out his job application. He admits he's already had an offer from Kate. That raises her ire. He putters off and she starts making calls. Nick goes back to Gabi's room and lights candles until she arrives. She's impressed. He loves her. She loves him too. They leap into bed.

Marlena and Hope stroll around the square. Her patient calls to cancel her appointment, leaving the doctor at loose ends. Hope suggests she charter a boat and go out to the island. The shrink thinks John could use some time alone. They go to Caffeinated and hang out with Ciara until she has something better to do. Sami arrives as the ladies yak. They play checkers and Sami tells her mom about John offering her a job. Marlena laughs, "That was all on his own." She apologizes for telling her to stop working for Kristen. Sami starts complaining about how her boss has disappeared. Marlena is so worried she begins blinking erratically.

John is disturbed to find Kristen in the cabin when he arrives. She rolls her eyes and insists she wouldn't have come if she'd known he was going to be there. The ferry toots. He bars her exit for a second and then she runs off. She misses the boat. John mocks her. She doesn't want to be there and she's cold. As she tries to start a fire, he interrogates her. She pulls out the key  to the cabin which Alice gave her. He still doesn't understand why she's there. Kristen says this was the last place she was ever happy. She flashes back to when they used to do it on the floor there. He admits that he can actually remember that part of his life. The cabin reminds her of when she was innocent. John puts his coat on her shoulders. She wants something other than his jacket.

November 9, 2012
Just Here For The Show.

On the stairs in the square, Nicole holds a scalpel on Daniel and tells him to go away. Rafe, Jennifer, Brady, EJ, Abby and others look on as Nicole rants that everyone hates her and threatens to do herself in. Daniel coaxes her not to hurt herself. She sobs that she has nothing to live for and talks about losing her babies. Nicole says she knows it was wrong to try to hold onto Daniel, adding that Jennifer threw him away. Daniel says they all care about her. Nicole sobs that they don't. "They're just here for the show." Daniel promises to stay by her side while she gets better. Nicole drops the scalpel and then tries to throw herself off the staircase. Rafe and Daniel grab her.

At the cafe, Tad introduces Sonny to his new girlfriend. They ask about Will. Sonny says they're not together anymore. While his girlfriend is busy talking, Tad tells Sonny she urged him to help fix things between him and Will. Sonny realizes he's using him to impress her. Tad admits it. Sonny says Will doesn't want to talk to him and thanks Tad for doing his part to support the gays.

At the pub, Gabi tells Will that Nick is upstairs. She asks him not to tell anyone about it - she doesn't want Rafe butting in. She enthuses to Will that they've both found the person they were meant to be with. They discuss Will's disagreement with Sonny. Gabi says he's making a big mistake by not calling Sonny. She badgers him until he agrees to think about it. Later, Tad and his girlfriend show up and tell Will that Sonny looks bummed and he should call him. Will tells the girl that Tad's a good guy.

In the cabin, Kristin tells John she wants something he'll never be able to give her. She says it's not his love - it's his forgiveness. She understands what hell she put him and Marlena through and needs to make amends. He's not sure it's possible. Kristin knows it might be a lost cause, which breaks her heart. John scoffs at the idea that they could be friends. She says she's not the same woman from before just like he's not an assassin anymore. She talks about learning to love herself and says she knows he belongs with Marlena. John's happy for her that she's sorted herself out. Kristen says his forgiveness would mean so much - she's looking for closure. She never expected Marlena to accept her olive branch, but hopes John will because of what they meant to each other. Kristin dozes off while John searches for blankets. He covers her and looks thoughtful.

In the hospital, Cameron tells Nicole they're keeping her overnight. Rafe appears to take her statement. He asks if she wants to wait for her lawyer, but she wants to get it over with. Nicole recounts how she found out the baby was dead and didn't tell Daniel the truth because she saw him with Jennifer. She talks about how she'd lost so much and snapped. She describes how she accidentally fell while arguing with Jennifer and decided to blame the baby's demise on her since no one knew it was already dead. She expresses concern that she deserved to have her baby die because of her deception. Rafe reassures her. She asks what will happen to her. He doesn't know.

In the hospital waiting area, Brady tells Jennifer he owes her a huge apology. Jenn tells him they're good. Nearby, Daniel talks to EJ, hoping to give him some peace of mind. EJ calls him out on conspiring to make him believe another man was the baby's father. EJ says Jennifer's off the hook, but he won't forget what he, Nicole, and Rafe did to deceive him. Daniel says he owns his role in switching the paternity results. EJ says sending him to jail would give him great satisfaction, but he won't press charges because he's grateful for what he did in the past when his son was very ill. EJ goes past Nicole's room and looks in. Daniel meets with Rafe and Brady. Rafe says Nicole will face serious charges.

At the cafe, Gabi thinks about Nick saying homosexuality is wrong, and then talks to Sonny about Will. Sonny tells her Will's not talking to him, but he calls. They make a plan to get together the next day and talk.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis and Candace Young wrote these stories just for you!

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