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2nd Week of November Weekly Summaries

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November 12, 2012

I Messed Up Again.

Hope is at Jenn's, getting an update about Nicole. Jenn actually feels bad for what happened. The cop wonders what she'll do and tells her that she's not responsible for anything that happened. Meanwhile, Nicole is in her hospital bed recalling how Daniel tried to stop her from offing herself. "I messed up again," she complains to herself. Brady pops up to say she still has him. She's not in the mood for visitors. Snapping, she tells him she would do what she did again. He doesn't believe that. She moans about how she constantly screws up love and ends up with nothing. Brady tries to hug her but she asks him to go. Later, Jenn shows up. Nic makes it clear that she won't apologize. They bicker about Daniel. Jenn's sorry if she pushed her to the breaking point. Nicole is not impressed. She mockingly claps and says they will never be BFFs and she will never forgive her. Nic orders her out. Back at Jenn's, Hope tries on the family pilgrim hat. Daniel shows up. They chat about Jenn. She assures him that her cousin doesn't blame him for any of this. He waits around for awhile. When he leaves, he runs into Jenn on the porch. She tells him things didn't go well with Nic. And then she went to see the DA... Meanwhile, Hope shows up at the hospital. "You're here to arrest me, aren't you?" Nicole asks the cop.

EJ and Johnny are wandering around the square. Elvis tells him never to forget how much he loves him. Chad swans in and asks his brother how he feels about their sister. EJ sends his son away to play alone. Chad offers his sympathy about Nic and then asks him why he never told him that their sister was back. EJ's not sure what to say about his sister. Johnny asks uncle Chad to come with them to the pub.
Marlena arrives at the cabin and finds Kristen sleeping on John. "What the hell is going on here?" asks the shrink. "I got way laid," Kristen explains. Marlena turns away and tries not to gag as Kristen gets John to untangle her hair from his coat. Kristen leaves to catch a ferry, thanking John for last night. Marlena demands some answers from him. He makes excuses for the other woman. She obsesses and makes coffee. He insists they can't let Kristen upset their lives. She's miffed that he's defending her. "This is not some human being, a normal person," she tells him. He accuses her of being cynical.

Nick and Gabi are rolling around in her bed when his phone rings. He worries about his meeting with his parole officer. They go downstairs. Nick meets with his officer. Abby arrives. Gabi gushes to her about Nick and how she 'more than likes him'. Things get awkward when they discuss Abby's love life. The blond admits she's still a virgin. Gabi's sure she'll find the right guy when she least expects it. Chad shows up with his brothers. He demands some menus and yaps with Abby about her mom. She wishes she could understand what Nicole did. He spots Nick with his parole officer. She asks him not to make trouble. When Nick finishes his meeting, he and Gabi meet up to smooch in the corner. Chad watches this and wanders over, accusing Gabi of sleeping with Nick so he'd stop her from going to prison. They are defensive. Chad accuses Gabi of being a 'whore'. She sends Nick to the kitchen before he can deck Chad. Gabi blurts out that she loves Nick. Chadsworth tells her not to hold her breath for a fairy tale ending and threatens to blow up her happiness. After he leaves, Nick returns. She tries to brush it all off but then faints.

Johnny runs around the square. Abby wanders by and pays her condolences to EJ. He says he owes her mom an apology and pays his condolences for Jack. She tells him about how hard losing her father was. He tells her life is random and cruel but it teaches you what to treasure. They chat some more. "It was good talking to you," he says. Meanwhile, Kristen runs into Brady at Caffeinated. She repeats that she's in town to make amends and just live her life. He snaps at her. She asks him for a favor. Explaining that she spent last night with his dad, she asks him to give his father back his money clip. She took it by accident. He finds that hard to swallow.

November 13,

Friends Again.

Gabi nearly faints at the pub. Nick keeps her awake. She claim she's fine bur he insists on taking her to the ER. Meanwhile, Lucas shows up in Sami's office. They yap about the Nicole business. When she says their son will be dropping by, he says he has to go. She guesses he's avoiding Will. He complains that Sonny is pushing their son. Will arrives. He tells his dad that who he sees is not his call. The men bicker. Lucas insists that this isn't about him being gay. Will stomps off. His parents bicker. She accuses him of being a bigot. He thinks Sonny is 'bird dogging' their son. Sami urges him to try to be a good guy. She runs over to the pub looking for Nick. She hears he's at the ER with Gabi so she calls Rafe. Sami jogs over to the hospital. Nick is waiting in the hall and and picking his teeth. Sami runs in and decides to burst into the exam room. She begins questioning Gabi, who isn't happy to hear that Rafe knows she's there. Cameron comes in with the results of her blood work. He asks Sami to go. "Is something wrong?" Sami interrogates. With Gabi's permission, the doctor breaks the news that she's pregnant.

Hope arrives in Nicole's hospital room. "Did you bring your handcuffs?" Nic asks. Hope tells her she's free and she has Jenn to thank. She gets righteous about it. "You got the news but you did not get the message," snaps the cop. Nic tears into her about how much she has suffered. The cop backs down and leaves.

Will arrives at Caffeinated as Sonny does his hair. They sit in a corner and Will gushes apologies and begs for another chance. "That's what this is," says Sonny. He explains that he wasn't totally honest with him and he's hardly been a monk since he came back to Salem. Plus, he did deliberately send the boxes to his apartment to get Will there. Will cozies up to him and gives him a kiss. He says he didn't need to be lured anywhere. Taking Sonny's hand, he leads him out. The lads head back to Sonny's and make out.

On the Horton porch, Jenn tells Daniel that she will not be pressing charges. He hugs her. She asks him about his feelings for Nicole. They stare at each other. "I guess it's all over," she says. He walks away. Hope shows up and informs her of Nicole's reaction. Jenn's sure that Nic is still miserable. They chat about how great and self-sacrificing Daniel is. Jenn runs off. Over at the hospital, Daniel catches Nic as she's getting ready to leave. He thinks she should be happier that she's not going to jail. She asks if he hates her. He doesn't. They realize she has no home. He explains how the baby clothes showed him the way to the truth. Sobbing, she walks out. In the square, she stares at the steps of doom and yells at the people passing by. Slumping over, she cries, "Why did you have to make me this way?" She leaps up when she sees someone familiar jog by. "Oh my God! Eric?" she blurts. Back at the hospital, Jenn finds Daniel to say that things didn't end right between them. She doesn't want their friendship to be over. They shake on being friends again.

November 14,

I didn't agree to that.

Elvis meets his sister at Caffeinated. Marlena arrives and starts sneering. She issues a warning to Kristen. The DiMera tells her this is all in her mind. John arrives. He leads the shrink away. "I came in and there she was," she complains. He's baffled and leads her out. EJ tells his sister how impressed he is by her ability to upset Marlena. She changes the subject to Sami. Kristen wants him to be Sami's new boss. He wonders what's in this for her. She claims she just wants to make the whole family happy. Working for CW means he'll have to talk to their father. He likes his current 'bitter and estranged' relationship with Stefano. After some prodding, he agrees to think this over. He takes a walk and calls Stefano. They discuss him taking over CW and EJ makes some demands. Getting off the phone, Elvis tells himself he can do this for Samanther.
Marlena lectures John in the square. He thought they'd agreed to disagree. "I didn't agree to that," she says. She rants, assuming Kristen must be having him followed. He tries to be logical. The doctor doesn't think that works and warns him that if anything happens to their family, it's on him. He heads to work. Kristen shows up, hoping she can help fix things. They agree that Marlena will never trust her. She offers to walk away from CW to make Marlena and Sami happy. He thanks her. They shake hands.

Nicole is in the square when she notices Eric jogging by and gasps in disbelief. She's about to lunge over when Maxine suddenly materializes and warns her to stay away from Jenn. When Nic gets rid of her, Eric is gone. She searches around and flashes back to him telling her he was leaving town. Nic calls Marlena and asks for her help. The shrink offers to refer her to someone. "I'm not crazy!" Nic declares, hanging up. She wonders who else she can call to ask if he's back. He darts across the square again. She follows him to the pub. When she approaches him, she shocked to discover he's dressed as a priest.

Rafe sits at Mandalay hallucinating about Sami. He notices he has a call from her. Over at the hospital, Cameron informs Gabi that she's pregnant. He has to run off. "That's some news, huh?" Sami says. Gabi's jaw hangs open. Sami tells her she'll be okay. "Birth control, it's not foolproof," she adds. Gabi begs her not to tell Rafe. Sami goes off and calls Rafe, claiming everything is actually fine. She turns to Nick and urges him to head back to the pub to help Eddie. Meanwhile, Cam returns to see Gabi. He explains that she's around twelve weeks along. That makes things worse. She recalls grief sex with William. The doctor plods off again. Sami returns. Gabi tells her the baby is a very big problem. Sami says she felt the same about Will. That doesn't help. Sami gushes about how she should give Nick a chance. Sami bustles off and the doctor comes back again. He gives Gabi an OBGYN referral. Later, Sami bumps into Rafe at Caffeinated. He asks her what's been going on. She tells him to leave it alone.

At Sonny's, he and Will kiss and pull off their clothes. After sex, they tell each other how perfect it was. Will fondles his hair follicles. He feels like he finally knows who he is and where he wants to be. "I think we're both exactly where we belong," Sonny says, cuddling him. They enjoy some post cuddling chips and Gatorade. As they make out, someone raps on the door. They joke that it must be Lucas. They try ignoring it. Gabi yells through the door. Will finally opens up and wonders what's going on.

November 15,

We're both pregnant now

At Caffeinated, Rafe prods Sami to tell him why she called him. She thinks of Gabi swearing her to secrecy. Sami claims it was nothing. He was hoping she needed him. This is awkward. He drifts off. She gets a text and gasps.

Gabi interrupts Will and Sonny romping. She notices Sonny lounging in bed and tells Will they need to talk elsewhere. Will puts his socks on and promises his boyfriend that he will be quick. "We have all the time in the world," says Sonny. Will and Gabi take a walk. She blurts out that she's pregnant. He hugs her and says it will be okay. He doesn't look okay when she tells him he's the father. They have to sit down. He assures her that they can figure out what to do. His head almost falls off when she tells him Sami knows... but not that he's the father. "We're both pregnant now," he tells her. Nick shows up and wonders what's wrong. He fusses and asks Will to make Chad back off. After Will wanders off, Nick suggests that the other man is using her. When Will gets back to Sonny's, he doesn't want to talk about what just happened.
At the office, Brady interrupts Kristen and John. He lays into his dad. Kristen putters away. John tells Brady this is none of his damn business. Brady hands him the money clip and warns that 'DiMera quality trouble' is on the way. "She's probably responsible for the Greek economy too," John jokes. He insists there is no threat. Brady thinks he's being a fool.

Jenn returns to work at the hospital with Maxine. They tease each other. The nurse unveils the welcome back banner and cookies. Daniel pops up to welcome her back too. Jenn asks him to stop by her office later. After she goes off, Maxine teases Daniel. When Jenn gets to her office, Kristen is waiting for her. She pays her condolences for Jack and says she still cares about her. She's been extending olive branches. John seems understanding. After she leaves, Jenn rolls her eyes. Kristen heads over to the church. Father Tobias has to bustle off and take care of something. Brady shows up and announces that he's taking his father's place. Meanwhile, Daniel goes home to shower. His mom shows up with chowder. She's relieved he's staying and hugs him. Maggie begins probing about Jenn. Her son asks her to leave it alone. Then he admits he professed his love to Jenn. She suggests Jenn might be ready to move on. He heads back to the hospital to see Jenn.

Nicole follows Eric into the pub. "What the hell?" she blurts out when she notices he's a priest. He makes it clear that this is no joke. "Is it still okay to hug?" she asks. He says she's more beautiful than ever and he's back for good. She asks him what happened. He explains that he got tired of being a journalist and wanted to make the world a better place. Eric admits he's heard about what she's been through. When she sees that he still cares, she runs off. Marlena and Roman arrive to welcome him back. Nic slips outside. Eric tells his parents he plans to take mass for the family. Roman looks for something to toast with. Sami arrives and hugs her brother. When he mentions running into Nicole, she snaps and warns him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Nic calls her sister and explains she's decided to stay


November 16, 2012
Powderpuffs And Lipstick.

At the pub, Sami tells her brother that Nicole is worse than ever. "A priest collar isn't going to stop her... Chastity belts? She's conquered them all," she warns. John arrives and welcomes him back. Eric tries changing the subject from himself. Father Tobias shows up and says that the rest of Eric's stuff has just arrived. He tells John they'll miss him on the board. John and Marlena head out. He takes her to Caffeinated and explains that he's off the board and Kristen isn't Sami's boss anymore. She's sorry that Kristen has made her 'out of sorts'. She needs to make a call so he hands her his phone and wanders off.

EJ startles Nicole outside of the square. He wishes she'd have told him the truth. She doesn't think that would have changed anything. Nic expects him to send his minions after her. He doubts he can do anything worse to her than she's done to herself. "It takes true talent to take a situation like that and make it worse," he says. He twists the knife about Jenn and Daniel. "Did you think you were going to see your dead babies in Heaven?" he taunts, adding that no one will forgive her or love her. After he leaves her alone, Eric appears. She sobs so he takes her away to the church to talk. Nic says the woman he used to know is long gone. He doesn't want to judge her.

When Sami gets to work, EJ finds her speaking Japanese. He explains that he's taking over for his sister. "You work for me," he tells her. "Are you going to get your power-kicks from powderpuffs and lipstick?" she asks. He asks her not to be nervous and says that working together will be wonderful. EJ makes it clear that he doesn't have designs on her. "Go kiss my kids goodnight," he says. She leaves. He smirks.

Abby runs into Chad at the hospital. They chat. He says he has an ice cream date with Theo and asks if she'd like to come. She'd love to. Down the hall, Daniel shows up in Jenn's office. She explains that she's come to realize who her true friends are. Jenn pulls out information on a clinical trial that could stop his tremors. He's amazed that she did this and thanks her. The doctor walks off. When Jenn leaves her office, she runs into her daughter, who hands her some flowers. They chat a little about Daniel and then Abby leaves for ice cream. Jenn turns around and finds the papers she gave Daniel in the trash. She grabs them and stalks over to the doctor's apartment. He claims he's not interested in the treatment. She tells him he won't be alone, no matter what he chooses. Jenn fondles his sleeve. He agrees to look at the treatment again. Meanwhile, Abby, Chad and Theo go to the pub for ice cream. She talks about how awkward it is to be around Cameron. He feels awkward about Mel being out of Theo's life. She breaks the news that Mel isn't coming back. Chad's voice cracks.

At the church, Kristen warns Brady to watch his language while they are in the Lord's house. He tells her that he's cancelled the board meeting. Brady makes it clear that she has to deal with him now, not his dad. When he calls her a 'world class bitch', she tries to slap his gob but he grabs her hand. She taunts him about being an addict. When she stomps off, he follows. Some dude comes out to mug her. Brady runs in and pummels him. Another dude leaps out from the bushes and clobbers him. She calls the police and an ambulance. As she waits, she tries calling John. After she leaves a message, Marlena spots it and erases it without listening.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis and Candace Young wrote these stories just for you!

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