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3rd Week of November Weekly Summaries

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November 19, 2012

Stomach Something.Sami finds Will moping at Caffeinated. She thinks he should be talking to Gabi. "She's in trouble and she needs your help," she says. The have a convoluted debate about who knows what and doesn't. She tells him how proud she is of him and wonders why he isn't over the moon about Sonny. She goes to work and thinks about Rafe. She calls him and asks him to drop by. He soon arrives. Gabi told her something in confidence but she thinks it's only right that he knows what it was.

Sonny drops by Gabi's. She claims she has a 'stomach something'. He asks what her problem last night was and offers his help. She doesn't think there's anything he can do. Nick shows up to disagree. He asks him to keep his friend Chad away from Gabi. After Sonny leaves, Nick brings out Gabi's breakfast. She pukes. He offers to cover her shifts at the pub and heads off. Will arrives. Neither of them slept last night. They worry that they could lose their lovers over this. He's not sure how to fix things. "You want to get married?" he asks with a shrug. They both know that was a stupid idea. He assures her that she'll never be alone in this. They worry about how much a child will mess up their futures. She reminds him there are options and shows him a website. "An abortion?" he asks.

Theo and Ciara are hanging out with Hope in the pub. They miss Bo. Kayla swans by to say he will be home sooner than they thought. Kay gushes about how well Ma Brady is doing and says that she will be back soon and able to continue her treatment from home. Abe shows up and chats with the two women. They start gossipping about Nick and Gabi. They join the kids and Theo explains that his mom still looks over him. Kay gets Abe alone. They discuss Joey and he worries that he doesn't have enough of a connection with his son. She assures him he has a long road ahead with Theo and Lexi would be proud of him. Meanwhile, Hope corners Nick and asks him about Gabi. He asks her to keep it quiet.

John wakes Marlena up with a rose and asks her out for breakfast. He goes off to take a shower. She sees Kristen calling him and erases the message. Later, she and John stroll around the square and discuss Eric. When he goes to get a paper, Kristen calls again so she erases that message too. When he returns, Cameron calls her and complains about one of her patients. He lets it drop that Brady has been admitted to the hospital too.

Kristen goes to check on Brady and his head. Cameron says he's okay. Kristen tells Brady she's been calling his dad. They argue about her interest in his father. He tells her he's going home. When he tries to get his pants on, he falls over. He keeps trying. Kristen tries calling his dad to come and pick him up. She bickers with Brady. He falls into her arms when he reaches for his shirt. She helps him back into bed and suggests that he take his pants off by himself. He thanks her and they bicker about his family some more. Out at the nurses' station, John and Marlena arrive. Cam leads John to his son. Brady assures him he's fine. Meanwhile, Marlena runs into Kristen, who tells her that she's the one who brought Brady in. She's been calling John since last night. The shrink thinks she's playing some kind of game and strolls into Brady's room. Cam joins them and talks about what a hero Brady was for saving Kristen. John digests that. He doesn't know why she didn't call him. Kristen sticks her head in and says she did. John cocks an eyebrow.

November 20,

The Big Mistake Of Stupid Teenagers.

At the hospital, Kristen tells John that she called him several times. He wonders what happened to his messages. Kristen stares at Marlena. The shrink pulls out his phone. There are no messages so Kristen hands him her phone to confirm it. John guesses what happened and apologizes to the DiMera. Marlena trails after him. Brady guesses his dad is mad. Maggie bursts in. She catches up with Kristen about Victor. "Hooray for love," the DiMera says before strolling away. Maggie admits that one of her hospital spies called her with a tip. Brady explains what happened and says he's had worse hangovers. She advises him to take care of himself instead of his father. Meanwhile, the shrink admits to John that she erased the messages. He accuses her of not trusting him. She gives him a rambling explanation but accepts the blame. Kristen swans in. The shrink accuses her of knowing she would delete the messages. Squinting, the doctor accuses her of hiring the muggers. Kristen guesses she she can't get past the past. "Crawl back under your rock you conniving bitch!" Marlena snaps. John's apologetic. The shrink rants. He thinks she's being a paranoid twit. Marlena's feelings are still hurt from when the other woman tried to kill her. He asks her to move on. She can't. "When did you and I stop talking to each other?" he asks as he leaves. Kristen has made her way back down the hall to thank Brady again. He thanks her too. When she heads out, John drops by and admits things aren't good with Marlena. Brady says he's backing out of his business. Down the hall, Kristen runs into Marlena. She smugly thanks her and saunters off. Marlena fumes and squints.

Will is in Gabi's room. She tells him she should get an abortion. "If I do this, will you hate me?" she asks. He says that he took advantage of her and hates himself for it. Whatever she does, it's her choice. She insists it's their choice. He sighs and tells her that he will always be her friend and repeats that he just wants what she wants. Will suggests adoption. She's sure her family would nag her into keeping it. They both feel like they've finally started to realize who they are thanks to who they love. A baby could destroy that. "It was not easy being the big mistake of two stupid teenagers," William tells her, recapping his life with babysitters. She guess this means she should have an abortion. He nods, offering to get her the cash. She reminds him his mom already knows she's knocked up.

In her office, Sami thinks Rafe should know what's going on with Gabi. When she mentions Nick, he assumes his sister is sleeping with him. He has a tantrum. She assures him Nick is okay and he loves Gabi. Rafe doesn't think his sister can make her own choices. Sami warns him that he'll lose his sister if he doesn't have faith in her. She says there is more. After a ten minute preamble, she tells him Gabi is pregnant. "My baby sister is having a baby..." he mopes. They leave to see Gabi together. When they get to the pub, Rafe spots Nick and barks at him to do the right thing. He storms upstairs. Sami breaks the news to Nick that Gabi is pregnant.

Lucas shows up at Caffeineated to order a large half-caff with low fat milk and talk to Sonny. The men sit down and Lucas admits he was out of line. He confesses that this is all hard for him to accept but he has to. They both love Will so they want what's best for him. "Okay, see you around," Lucas concludes. After he leaves, Will drops by. He needs to borrow some money from his boyfriend. Sonny gets it for him and they agree to see each other again soon. Meanwhile, Lucas runs into Gabi outside of the square. He can see she's upset. Will bustles over, babbling loudly about money. His dad asks what's going on.

November 21,

I Get It.

At the pub, Sami spills to Nick that Gabi is pregnant. That's news to him. Upstairs, Rafe barges into his sister's room but she's not there. He tries calling her but she left her phone behind. Staring at her uneaten breakfast, he wonders what's going on. He goes down and demands to know where his sister is. Sami explains that Nick didn't even know Gabi was pregnant. They guess she went out back. Rafe goes looking. Sami quizzes Nick. Rafe returns. Sami suggests they stay there and wait. They go to Gabi's room. He beats himself up for neglecting his sister. They discuss Nick. Sami is sure he loves Gabi. He says he would do anything for his sister and points out he gave up Sami for her. She decides to use Gabi's computer. When she turns it on, she sees the family planning website. He gasps.

Outside the square, Will blabs to Gabi about money and then notices his dad is there. He claims they need money for a school project. Lucas doesn't buy that. He tells his son that he apologized to Sonny and promises not to 'screw up royally' again. Lucas explains that he and Sonny both love him. He admits that he wouldn't have been so upset if he'd walked in on him boning Gabi instead of Sonny. That means a lot to his son. Lucas hands them some cash. "I'm proud of you," he adds. Will and Gabi head to the clinic. As they do the paperwork, he asks her if she's sure. She is. She goes in and he waits. After she has her sonagram, the doctor arrives to start the procedure.

Billie arrives at Jenn's for the book club meeting. She apologizes to her. Hope says her cousin forgives her. Adrienne and Kayla arrive. Everyone hugs and talks about the wonderful Caroline news. They drink coffee and then sit down to discuss "The Scarlet Letter" and pregnancy outside of marriage. Later, everyone bustles off and leaves Jenn alone.

At the rectory, Nicole keeps unloading on Father Eric. She challenges him to admit he hates her. He claims he could never hate her. "But there's more," she says. He thinks she needs to make things right with Jenn and 'this Daniel Jonas guy'. He randomly recalls their photo shoot on Venice Beach. She's sorry for trashing his pictures but says they weren't about his work. They begin bickering. She's sick of 'God talk'. That makes the priest a tad uncomfortable. She calms down and asks him why he became a priest. He explains that he went to document a civil war in the Congo. He met missionaries there and was amazed. The way he saw the world slowly changed and that changed him. "I get it," she says. He keeps talking about God. She mentions being celibate and he stares at her shoes. She leaves. Hope shows up. She notices the massive hoop earring that Nicole left behind. Hope tells her nephew that chatting with Nic was a big mistake. "You have to stay away from her," she orders. She insists that Nic cannot be helped. She has an ominous feeling about all of this. Meanwhile, Nicole heads to the square. She gorps at the steps of doom and suffers from flashbacks until she growls at them to stop. She heads for Jenn's and surprises her.

November 22,


November 23,

Classic episode

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis and Candace Young wrote these stories just for you!

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