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4th Week of November Weekly Summaries

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November 26, 2012

Even Nicole Can Change

Jenn is shocked when Nicole swans into her house. Jenn notices she locked the door behind her. Nicole starts apologizing. She says that taking drastic measures was the only way to force her to actually face up to what she did. Jenn believes she's sincere but wonders about the timing. She accepts the apology anyway. Nic pays her condolences for Jack again. She understands what loss does to a person now. Leaving her key behind, she walks out.

At the rectory, Hope tells Eric that her guts have a terrible feeling about him getting involved in Nicole's life. He's sure even Nic can learn from her mistakes. She drags Ciara in to meet him. "Are priests allowed to be handsome?" she asks. The priest tells her he'll be teaching her communion class. Brady shows up. They men hug. Brady teases him and Eric jokes he's just dressed up for Halloween. They ask Brady about his bandage. Brady begins explaining but Ciara just wants to eat so her mom takes her away. Eric quizzes Brady about his involvement with Kristen. The Black tells the Brady that Kristen seems to have changed. The topic turns to Nicole. Brady assures him she's not a lost cause, but she is her own worst enemy. "Don't tell me you're still hung up on her," Brady says. Eric insists he's allowed to help women, his bishop said so. Meanwhile, Hope and Ciara go to  the square for coffee and talk about praying. The little girl has been praying for Bo and Caroline to come back.

Daniel is at home thinking about Jenn pressuring him to get treatment. Maggie shows up to interrogate him about Jenn. He tells her about the clinical trial and says he's conflicted about it. After observing how invested Jenn still is in him, she abruptly rushes off. She heads to the hospital and corners Jenn. The redhead lectures her for pressuring her son. Jenn just wants to help. Maggie thinks she's putting him at risk. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at Daniel's door. She eavesdrops on him talking to Mel and decides not to disturb him. He asks his daughter what she thinks about the treatment idea. Jenn later shows up and apologizes for putting pressure on him. The doctor says he's decided to go ahead with the treatment thanks to her. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Father Eric. She informs him that she paid Jenn a visit but didn't have the strength to apologize to Daniel.

At Gabi's, Rafe and Sami are shocked when they find that his sister was looking at abortion clinics on her computer. Sami tries to keep him calm. She makes some calls and tracks down the local clinics. He calls one of them. They refuse to give out information about their patients. Rafe and Sami run out, brushing past Nick. He heads upstairs and notices the abortion site is open on her computer. Meanwhile, Will paces at the clinic. He tells the nurse that this is all a mistake and he needs to stop his friend. Meanwhile, Gabi goes in for the procedure. Before it can start, the doctor gets called away on an emergency. Rafe and Sami show up outside. He demands that they let him into the clinic. The cop threatens to break down the door. Will tells him the procedure is done. Rafe is outraged. As they argue, Gabi comes out in tears.

November 27,

Enjoy Your Cannoli!

Nick is in Gabi's room freaking out when he finds the abortion clinic site on her computer. Over at the clinic, Rafe is freaking out too. Will tries to explain. Gabi trudges out in tears. She says that she didn't have the abortion. Her brother assures her they will figure things out. "You are not alone," Sami coos. Will admits he wanted to stop her. He's about to tell them that he's the father when Nick shows up. Rafe asks his sister to keep him involved in whatever she decides. Will still wants to explain but Gabi stops him. She and Nick depart. Rafe wishes Will had tried harder to get Gabi to come to him. Will walks off. Sami asks Rafe to go easy on her son. She doles out more advice and he wonders when she got so wise. They say this feels like old times. Sami has to get back to work and assures him his sister is lucky to have him. Later, he heads to her office with flowers.

Marlena drops by the mansion to see Brady. She tells him how thoughtless she was in deleting messages on John's phone. Kristen eliminates her ability to be rational. Brady is understanding. She keeps apologizing. He suggests they might be wrong about Kristen. "Oh no! Not you too?" she gasps. The shrink explains her latest run-in with Kristen. He's skeptical. That sets her off. The 'goshes' explode out of her mouth as she stutters and rants. He assures her that Kristen can never take John away from her. Brady advises her to let go of the bitterness. She warns him not to let his guard down. When he wanders off, she picks up his phone and looks around craftily.

Kristen is cleaning out her office at CW. She chats with her father on the phone. He's amazed that she's been getting so much done. John drops in. She shows him CW's latest lipstick prototype. He tells her that she's convinced him that she has changed into a better person. She's overwhelmed and hugs him. His eyebrows twitch. When she heads to the square, she gets a text from Brady, asking to meet in the rectory. When she turns around, he's standing there but he didn't send her a message. Kristen figures something is amiss and rushes off. He checks his phone and realizes someone sent a text from it. Meanwhile, Marlena has snuck into Kristen's room and hacks into her tablet. Kristen barges in and catches her.

In Europe, Kate manages to hunt sown Stefano as he spills wine on his lap. She wants to discuss their marriage. He thinks she's wasting her chutzpah. Kate whips out the divorce papers. She thinks that if he can forgive Kristen, he can forgive her. Stefano rails about her being a 'whooooorrre' and says he will never forgive her. After he trashes her some more, she signs the papers, declaring that she has been a fool. "You enjoy your cannoli!" she yelps, storming out.

Chad drops in at Caffeinated. Sonny asks him to lay off of Gabi. Chad says she's a drama queen and Sonny has no idea how kooky she is. "Drop this," says Chad before storming out. Will arrives and his boyfriend tells him about Chad's blow up. William worries and runs off. Meanwhile, Gabi and Nick go back to her room. He's more than upset. She tells him she was being selfish. They bicker. "You're not the father," she admits. He already figured that out and accuses her of 'playing' him. She insists that she wasn't. Nick assumes that Chad must have knocked her up. Chad starts knocking on the door.

November 28,

Revenge Is The Best Medicine.

In her room, Nick rails at Gabi, accusing her of manipulating him and lusting after Chad. "He knocked you up," he suggests. Chad knocks on the door. Will joins the party. He doesn't understand what's going on. Neither does Chad. Nick covers. Gabi coos about how much she loves him. Chadsworth wants to puke so he departs. Nick begs Gabi to tell him who the father is. Will steps up. Nick's confused. They explain. He's still confused. They explain again. Will admits he took advantage of her. Fallon declares that no one else needs to know the truth yet. Gabi goes off to wash her face. Nick asks Will to give Gabi time to think things over and asks him not to tell anyone, including Sonny. Hernandez returns. Will hugs her and agrees to stay quiet for awhile. Rafe calls to check in on his sister and Nick promises to take care of her.

"Wowwee!" blurts Sami as Rafe shows up at her office with flowers. He's suddenly realized how good they are together. They kiss. He snaps out of this fantasy. When he walks into Sami's office, EJ is standing there. "I prefer roses," he jokes. The cop wonders why he's there. Elvis explains he's her new boss. They bicker until Samanther arrives. Rafe's outraged that she's working for 'the nitwit'. Sami sends her boss away. Rafe whines. She doesn't see the big deal. He smugly says that EJ will get what he wants, like usual. They bicker. Meanwhile, Elvis runs into his brother in the square. They yap. EJ accuses him of pining for Mel. Chad doesn't quite see his big brother as a mentor. His brother urges him to chat with Kristen instead. They sit down and Chad vents about Gabi. He wants to ruin her life. "Sometimes the best medicine is revenge," EJ says. He returns to Sami's office as Rafe plods out. "I'm fine, it's fine, everything is fine," she grumbles to him. He says they might have to work through dinner. She calls the babysitter and then they get to work.

Brady looks at his phone and realizes Marlena must have sent Kristen a message from his phone. He bumps into Eric on his way out of the pub but has to run. Eric sits down. John runs into him. The priest asks him what's up with Marlena. She cancelled their lunch at the last minute. He questions John about Kristen. It sounds like Black has been convinced she's changed.

Marlena sneaks into Kristen's room, hacks into her tablet and starts reading her diary. Kristen slams the door as she enters. The shrink threatens to expose her as a liar. The DiMera threatens to have her arrested. They wrestle over the tablet. Kristen lets her shove her onto the ground. Brady bursts in. Kristen turns on the waterworks. She tells Brady what happened. The doctor says it was justified. Brady suggests Kristen let the doctor read her tablet. She rants but he insists that this can vindicate her. Kristen caves. Marlena reads and shakes her head. It makes the DiMera look innocent. "It's a set up!" blurts the doctor. She squints until Kristen threatens to call the police. Brady sends Marlena away and calms Kristen. He admits he believes she's changed and hopes she will continue 'extending' herself to others. He's sure she can take the higher ground with Marlena. She agrees not to call the cops and he promises to protect her. Kristen wants to call his father though. He begs her not to and she relents, hanging up after placing the call. Meanwhile, John bumps into Marlena. Doc encourages him to give Kristen a call. He makes the call and asks if everything is alright.


November 29, 2012
Why Do You have To Be A Guinea Pig?

John calls Kristen back at Marlena's behest. The DiMera tells him there is something he needs to know. She covers for Marlena. John hopes they can all co-exist. The calls ends and Marlena goes along with the cover, hoping this means they are all keeping their distance from now on. Things are awkward. She stumbles through her sentences and says they can't let Kristen come between them. Back in her room, Kristen wonders why Brady is still there. He thinks they need to learn to get along. She has a sharp pain in her wrist. When he massages it, he gulps. This is uncomfortable. They bump into each other in the doorway. She runs off. He pants. Brady goes down to the square and stares blankly until his father interrupts. They discuss Kristen and how hard she is to read. Brady notices he has a missed call from Eric and runs off. John cocks his eyebrow.

Jenn calls Daniel, dragging him out of his shower to answer the phone. She explains that she twisted a doctor's arm to get him into the clinical trial. He has an appointment today. The doctor clenches his fist. She wonders if he's having second thoughts but he insists on going ahead. When she gets off the phone, her daughter starts quizzing her about Daniel. Meanwhile, Maggie interrupts Daniel eating his chocolate Cheerios to panic about the treatment he is seeking. Her head almost falls off when he says he's getting the injection in an hour. Maggie goes straight to Jenn's and accuses her of pushing Daniel into this because she feels guilty since she can't love him. "I demand that you talk him out of this insanity!" says Maggie. They argue bitterly. The redhead wishes she would butt out of her son's life.

Sister Margaret brings Eric the church's financial papers and tells him they've had no applicants for church secretary. After the nun leaves, Nic shows up. She complains. He suggests she get her mind off her problems by working for him. She laughs in his face. He wants a secretary, not a nun... but the job includes a room at the convent. Her jaw drops. She turns the room down but agrees to think about the job. The priest encourages her to make things right with Daniel. She can't face him because she still loves him. He pushes her to do it. She heads straight to the doctor's and apologizes for what happened. Daniel paces and then accepts her apology. Nic notices the treatment papers and he explains that if it works, he could be a surgeon again. She's glad Jenn is still looking out for him. Since he refers to Jenn as 'a friend', she bustles off to find out what that means. She heads to Jenn's and starts babbling to Abby, who snaps at her about her mom getting back with Daniel.  Nicole heads to Caffeinated and calls Eric to accept his job offer and smirk to herself.

Maggie tracks her son down at hospital and asks him not to be a guinea pig. He insists this is what he has to do. After he wanders off, she paces. Abby arrives with her mom and Maggie worries that Jenn could be ruining Daniel's life. Jenn goes in to see the doctor and they act hopeful. When the doctor comes in to start the treatment, Daniel's eyes dart around nervously.

Marlena brings Father Eric come cookies at the rectory. She admits her life is spinning out of control. Kristen shows up. The shrink gasps and leaves fast. Kristen tells the priest that God has forgiven her but Marlena never will. He thinks it will take a lot of hard work. Eric runs off. She looks for her check for the school and chats with Father Tobias. Brady shows up but stays in the hall. Kristen wants to make a confession. "Would you like to hit the box?" the priest asks. She can do it face to face. She admits she's afraid she may be making the same mistake again. Meanwhile, Roman and Kayla arrive at the pub. Hope is working the tables. Caroline comes out and surprises them. She convinced the doctor that going home sooner rather than later was a good idea. Roman sits down with her and they catch up until he has to run back to work. She mopes about Daniel. Eric shows up and notices she's upset.

November 30, 2012

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis asks Daniel if he's ready for the treatment. Daniel stares at his hands. Jenn asks for a moment alone with him. She wonders if he's having second thoughts. He thinks out loud and she holds his hands. He decides to plow ahead and calls Lewis back. After he gets the shot, the doctor tells the doctor that positive affects can start within the hour. Maxine shows up to hug Daniel and says that all the nurses want to help him out in surgery as soon as he's better.

Will drops by Caffeinated to see Sonny. He doesn't want to discuss the Gabi-Nick-Chad mess. Actually, he's horny so they run off to Sonny's. After sex, Will plays video games. Sonny guesses something is up. Will won't explain. He made a promise not to say anything. He asks him if it's true that he loves him. Sonny confirms it. He just wishes he hadn't told Lucas first. Will says he loves him too. Sonny is still grumpy about the secret. They head back to the coffee house. Chad is there and he wants some answers about what's going on with Gabi. Will runs away. Chad tells Sonny something is going on and urges him to find out the secret before it's too late.

Nick brings some breakfast to Gabi's room. They apologize to each other about their fight yesterday and make out. After they hit the sheets, he admits he's glad she didn't have the abortion. So is she. He wants the three of them to have a future and be a family together. She reminds him it's Will's baby. Nick says no one needs to know that. He's sure that Will will be relieved if he doesn't have to look after the baby. They get dressed and he urges her to think over his offer. She wants to discuss it with Will first. Will arrives.

At the pub, Eric notices something is wrong with Caroline. She tells him there's something she'd rather forget. Caroline admits she hurt Daniel badly. She brushes off the priest's dandruff as he tries comforting her. As she fills him in, he helps her do the dishes and then has to head back to work. Once he's gone, Daniel and Jenn wander in. Jenn has to take a call. Caroline approaches the doctor and tells him she wants to make up for what she did to him. He just wants to look forward right now and insists that he has forgiven her. Jenn returns and Daniel thanks her for all the hope she's given him. They go back to the hospital. Lewis gives him a test. Daniel starts shaking again. He's told the procedure has failed. Meanwhile, Eric returns to the pub. Caroline gives him chowder and tells him how much better she feels since her chat with the doctor.

At the rectory, Brady eavesdrops as Kristen confesses to Father Tobias. She hears Brady make a noise and jumps but doesn't see him. Kristen continues talking about how she is tempted to make a past mistake again. She fills the priest in about John and Marlena and how the shrink violated her privacy. Kristen wanted to strike back, but someone convinced her not to... someone 'amazing'. Brady's jaw drops as she talks about her confusing feelings for this 'person'. The priest randomly lists the ten commandments. She doesn't think she can fight her feelings. The priest wants details but she can't go on. DiMera runs out. Brady follows her back to her room. The door is wide open. He finds her sitting on the bed.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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