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1st Week of October Weekly Summaries

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October 1, 2012
It's Already Worse.

Gabi drops by the Horton house and leaves a message for Abby with Nicole. Nic wants more information. Gabi recaps Mel's departure. "Oh, poor Daniel!" Nicole coos, deciding to run off and comfort him. Meanwhile, EJ drops by Daniel's. The doctor informs him that Mel is gone. Elvis thinks they need to fix Mel and Chad's broken relationship but Daniel makes it clear that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near the DiMeras. They argue about Chad's activities until Nicole arrives. They shut the door on EJ. Elvis has a whole conversation with the number on the door. Inside, Nic gets busy 'being there' for Daniel. He assures her that he will still help with the baby and has even come up with a new idea.

Abby meets her mom in her office. Jenn's distracted by thoughts of Daniel but agrees to talk. They apologize to each other about their fight. Jenn's sure their constant overreactions are just part of grieving. They talk about losing Jack and Abby suggests having Nicole around has made everything harder. Her mom assures her that their house-guest's days are numbered. They discuss the Mel situation and her mom encourages her to help out. The topic turns back to Nic and Jenn starts to rant. She vows to stop Nicole from hurting Daniel. Her daughter guesses she must have feelings for him. Jenn explodes and denies it. Later, Daniel arrives in the office and catches her making calls to DNA clinics. He is not happy.

At Rafe's, Sami tells him she wants them to start over. He gulps and says, "It's not going to work." She claims she can fix everything. She speed talks until he stops her to say they will never work. Sami can't understand what changed since last night. "It just did," he grumbles, wishing he could change it. She's sure he can't forget their love any more than she can. He says this conversation needs to stop before it gets worse. "It's already worse," she says, walking out and twitching. EJ calls Rafe and warns him that he better stay away from Sami. Rafe says he finished with her and hangs up. Elvis' tongue lolls out and he decides to go and comfort Samanther. He arrives at her place. She's chewing on her lip. He sits down to comfort her and she says he was right about Rafe. She sobs on his lapel and he smirks. Back at Rafe's, Gabi shows up and tells her brother she wants to work out a way to pay for Justin's services. The cop assures her that's not necessary because she's his sister. Gabi goes to Caffeinated to meet with Abby. She fills her in about Mel's exit.

Caroline's tearing someone a new one over the phone at the pub. Roman shows up and she lectures him for not telling her about Bo. She keeps confusing his name with his brother's. Meanwhile, Hope rushes into the station as Bo complains about paperwork. She reminds him that they were supposed to be at Ciara's poetry reading. "I missed it! Because of this damned job!" he complains. He wants to leave the force to go after Stefano on his own. Roman shows up to announce that the force needs him because he's a superstar cop, but he might not need them. Bo putters off to ponder this. Roman and Hope discuss cuts and he explains he has to let some people go. Bo arrives at the pub and tells his ma why he became a cop. She shows him a picture of Ciara and warns him that time goes by fast.

October 2,

I Am Not the Cream Puff You Think I Am.

EJ is at Sami's letting her cry on his shoulder. "I want to do whatever I can do to make you feel better," he says. They get whispery until Chad starts banging on the door. They come out as he rants about Nick. EJ sends Sami back in and warns his brother to take it easy. Chad rails about Gabi as Sami pops back out to offer them some tea. She babbles and then leaves them alone. EJ assures his brother that he has his back and tells him to go home to rest. Chad doesn't trust him and can't understand why he's protecting Gabi from the po-po. Elvis claims he's just thinking ahead about how things will play out. "The truth is not important, only Melanie's perception," EJ says, insisting that they do nothing yet. He sends his brother off and returns to Samanther.

Maggie drops by Casa da Chad and slips a note under his door. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daniel barges into Jenn's office and catches her calling DNA labs. She won't let him throw away his career for Nicole. She lists Nic's faults and refuses to back down. "I am none of your business!" he insists. The doctor doesn't want her ruining his life again and says she's a 'user' who has no right to care about him. They bicker about what Jack's death has done to her. He admits he's with Nicole. "I never thought you were a complete idiot!" she blurts. They continue recycling these arguments. Eventually she stomps out. He goes home and has a drink. Maggie shows up. She and Daniel miss Mel before he explains how brutal he just was to Jenn. He wishes Jenn would just start looking after herself and her kids. "Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai," he groans. Hurting her nearly killed him. She thinks he must still love Jenn. He shrugs. She's sure that Jenn still cares for him too. Meanwhile, Chad returns home to find the ring and a Dear John letter in the envelope. He hurls them at the wall and grunts.

Gabi calls her brother to get an update about her legal situation. She heads into the pub. Maggie has arrived and is yapping to Nick. She's hopeful that the Chad problem will die down now that Mel is gone. He doubts that. Caroline wanders in and Maggie thanks her for giving Nick a job. Ma Brady is curt and walks off. She walks over to Gabi and says, "I hate that woman for marrying my Shawn, but she's too nice to hate." Gabi points out that Maggie married Victor. Caroline claims she's spent too long inside and takes a walk. Later, Gabi can see Nick has a headache and offers to close up alone so he can rest. After he strolls off, Chad storms in. "I'm going to hurt you," he threatens.

Nicole runs into Rafe outside the square and guesses Sami is making him miserable. He tells her it was her fault. "She's like malaria or shingles!" she rants. Rafe doesn't want to discuss this. She offers to buy him a martini so she can watch him drink it. The baby starts kicking. She explains Daniel's plan for taking care of the paternity test. He seems antsy and she stutters about Sami until he finally wanders off. Later, Nicole runs into Jenn in the square. The latter begins lecturing her and warns that she really is a threat to her. Nic is smug. "I am not the cream puff you think I am... that makes you a stupid bitch!" Jenn says, vowing to make her pay. Caroline happens to witness all of this. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ head to Caffeinated. She doesn't know why he's so nice to her when she's so terrible to him. "I love you," he says. She knows, but she still doesn't know how she feels. Rafe has been watching them and finally makes his presence known.


October 3, 2012

If it's Crazy...

Chad storms into the pub and threatens to reveal everything that Gabi did. He wants to make her pay. They argue about who drove Mel away. He's about to call the cops when Nick gets between them. He threatens to tell the cops about Chad pulverizing him. He's sure the SPD would be happy to put a DiMera away. "Good luck trying to live with yourself," Chad says. Nick announces that they are going to talk to Justin. Bo strolls in and advises Nick to stay out of trouble. Later, at the mansion, Gabi thanks Nick after he's had Chad swear a deposition clearing her. She thinks he's gone above and beyond for her. "How I feel about you is above and beyond," he says. They kiss. Gabi tells him he's a good kisser and then runs off.

Abby goes to see Daniel. She's worried about her mom and about Mel. He's vague. She tells him about Jenn and Nic's fights and suspects they are over him. He asks her to take care of her mom. Meanwhile, Brady spots Jenn railing at Nicole in the square. He tries stopping the fight. That only makes Jenn angrier. She tells Nic that she's evil. Caroline starts pushing away the growing crowd. Nicole goes out of her way to leave graciously. Brady drives Jenn home. She notices Nicole's prenatal vitamins are still there and ask Brady to take them to Daniel's. He assumes she just wants him to check up on the doctor but goes anyway. When Abby arrives, Jenn tells her daughter about her fight and Nic moving out but refuses to explain. Picking up Jacks's photo, Jenn wishes he was there to talk to. Her daughter assures her that worrying about Daniel does not mean being disloyal to Jack. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Daniel and they talk about their run-ins with Jenn. He's sure that she will keep quiet about her suspicions but Nicole thinks she has a screw loose. Nic asks again if she can stay there. He says she can look for a new home tomorrow. Brady arrives with the vitamins and asks to speak to the doctor alone. The pregnant lady goes to the guest room and listens in. Brady quizzes the doctor about his feelings for Jenn and hints that she still loves him. He warns him to be careful with Nicole. The doctor says he won't walk away from her and the baby, but part of him will always love Jenn.

 Rafe walks in on Elvis making the moves on Samanther in Caffeinated. He wants to talk to Sami alone and apologizes for being curt, wishing they could work things out. EJ smugly watches until he has to leave to take a call. Sami thinks Rafe is sending her mixed signals to torture her. He promises not to do that anymore. She assures him that EJ has changed. He doubts that and leaves, telling EJ to 'go to Hell' as they pass in the alley. Rafe goes home, has a beer and talks to Ari's picture about what a crummy brother he is. Will shows up and wonders if Rafe has given up on Sami. "Some things don't work out," Rafe says, though that obviously isn't how he wants things. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ arrive in their hall. Chad is waiting and weeping. When the brothers are alone, Chad tells his EJ that Mel is not coming back and Gabi will get away with everything. The DiMeras head out for a 'boy thing' and leave Sami behind. She's a tad confused. Down in the square, Chad tells his brother about the deposition he gave. EJ's furious that they have nothing on Gabi now. Sami steps out of the shadows after eavesdropping.

Bo runs into Billie at the hospital. They discuss his crazy work hours and he admits he's thinking of quitting his job. She thinks that's a great idea and encourages him to follow his dream. Later, he heads to the pub to talk to his ma. He asks Caroline if he should take his pension. She thinks so. He has a crazy idea. "If it's crazy, than it's probably right," she says.


October 4, 2012
You Used Me!

At Daniel's, Nicole tells him she has a way to take control of her destiny. He makes coffee and she explains that there is a law in Utah that will deny the biological father most parental rights. He won't let her move to Utah by herself and points out that the child would need an adoptive father. Nic hugs him and asks him if he is willing to adopt. The doctor thinks this should be their last resort. The pregnant lady says she is being driven crazy by dreams. She beats herself up and he promises to stick by her and the baby. He runs off to work. She wants retail therapy. Later, she winds up at the hospital and tells Maxine that she is living with Dr. Dan now. "Lord help that man," sighs Maxine. Dr. Sedwig pops up to say that she's filling in for Nic's regular obgyn today before she leaves for South America later that day. They start the check-up. The doctor soon explains that there is no fetal heartbeat.

Maggie drops in at Jenn's. After Abby has a little chat with her about Mel, she departs. Jenn informs Maggie the 'houseguest from Hell is gone'. Maggie bluntly asks her to stop hurting her son. They argue about Nic. Red tells Jenn that she ripped her son's heart to shreds. The blond says she will stay out of his life and explains that that's what Daniel wants anyway. Maggie insists that he still cares about Jenn. When Maggie goes home, she's shocked to discover that Victor has had brunch prepared for her. They smooch and she fondles his chin. She pouts about her son so he gives her a pep talk. Meanwhile, Jenn runs into Daniel at Caffeinated and wants to confess something. "Ummmooourrrr," he groans. She won't accept that for an answer and makes him sit down so she can remind him that they are friends. She wants to 'pick up where they left off'. He's a little thrown by this and tells her they are going in opposite directions. He doesn't see how they can be friends.

Gabi runs into her brother's apartment. She hugs him and declares that it's all over. Chad can never hurt her and she doesn't need to be protected anymore. She explains what Nick did to save her. He's thrilled. She rushes off. He calls Sami. There's no answer so he runs off to find her. Meanwhile, Sami barges into Casa de Chad and demands to know what he and his brother were discussing. "He's playing you and I want to help you beat him at his own game," she says. Chad is reluctant and asks her to go. She insists that EJ only ever helps himself. Chad caves and explains things vaguely. She guesses that his brother was just 'helping' him to get leverage to keep Rafe away from her. "Damn him!" curses Chadsworth. She runs off to find Rafe. He's not home because he's looking for her. Eventually, they run into each other in the square. They lock eyes and then lips.

Elvis meets with a lawyer and asks him to help make the deposition his brother signed go away. He needs a loophole. When the lawyer hears that Justin took the depositions, he laughs and says that he has an impeccable reputation. This is all a dead end. The lawyer adds that EJ doesn't even have the clout to bribe a judge at this point. EJ heads to Sami's. He uses his key to go in and snoop around. Chad arrives and they start lecturing each other. "You used me!" Chad yelps. EJ squints when his brother explains that Sami tipped him off about this. EJ turns red, screams, hunches his shoulders and does hand gestures until his brother calls him a coward and says he's exactly like Stefano. EJ mopes down to the square and witnesses Sami and Rafe kissing.

Abby runs into some chick at the pub. Abigail's impressed to learn that she's a surgical intern. That fades when Cam walks in and it becomes clear they are dating. This is awkward. Cam leads his date away as Gabi arrives. She gives her friend a shoulder to sob on. Later, Gabi takes out the trash and bumps into Chad. He tells her that he will still find a way to make her pay.

October 5,
Give Me The Wand!

Nicole starts to panic when her baby has no heartbeat. The doctor decides to give her an ultrasound. "Please show me my baby!" begs Nic. The doctor won't. "Give me the wand!" demands the pregnant lady. The doctor tells her the baby is dead and there is no way they could have known this would happen or prevent it. Nic stares. The doc suggests she go home and get some rest. Nic tells her to go and catch her flight. Once she's alone, she weeps and then folds all of the baby costumes she bought on the way over. "How come this is happening to me again?" she sobs, falling to her knees. "Oh my little Danny no!"

Kayla's having tea with Bo at the pub. They discuss the work and home balance, or lack thereof. Hope appears and declares she will support whatever he decides to do. Bo gets tired of listening to his wife discuss job losses and plods off. He storms into Roman's office and lashes out at him for planning to fire people. Bo offers to take early retirement to save their jobs. Roman thinks that would hurt the force. Brother Bo hands him his resignation anyway. He's been carrying it around for a week. Bo heads back to the pub and tells Hope that he resigned. She's proud of him. They go to the mansion to see Ciara. He's sorry he missed her poetry reading.

At Caffeinated, Daniel tells Jenn they are going in opposite directions. "I-I-I made a commitment to Nicole," he says, admitting he doesn't see how he and Jenn can even be friends. Jenn is sure he wants more from her but the doctor doesn't even think they should acknowledge each other. She tells him he's letting Nic destroy his life. He shakes his head as she lectures him. Jenn runs home. Kay shows up. Jenn's frazzled and says she's thinking of quitting. They get calls and run off to the hospital. The computer system has gone down. It's chaos. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to see his mom at the mansion and lectures her for talking to Jenn. She thinks he's a bit harsh. He explains that her help isn't helping. Walking out, he calls Nic and suggests that they talk more about Utah. When he gets to the hospital, he catches Jenn arguing with a member of the staff. Jenn punches something and hurts her hand. Daniel checks it for swelling. Nic arrives and sees them chuckling together.

Elvis arrives in the square just in time to witness Sami and Rafe inhaling each other. He huffs and puffs as they suck face and talk about their future. EJ sends them texts. They ignore them and make a picnic date. After Rafe strolls off to get food, EJ strolls over. He makes excuses but she's heard them before. "My motives were pure," he insists, holding her hand. That infuriates her and she rails at him for not keeping it real with her, "Rafe knows what real love is!" she declares. He thinks she just wants what's easy and expected. Grabbing at her chest, he pulls her close and says that Rafe is a liar.

Rafe heads to the pub and thanks Nick for what he did for Gabi. Nick was glad to help. Rafe wonders why he put himself on the line for her. Nick just thought she deserved a second chance. He assures him they are just friends but assumes Rafe has a problem with it. Rafe just doesn't want his sister taken advantage of. He goes to see Sami at the loft after he gets a food bag. She tells him all of the secrets and lies are in the past now. He agrees. She asks him if he's really the father of Nicole's baby and offers to help keep EJ away. Meanwhile, EJ sits in his office. His father calls.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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