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2nd Week of October Weekly Summaries

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October 8, 2012
Gay People Kiss Too.

At the loft, Sami demands to know if Rafe and Nicole are lying to EJ about the baby. She offers to help keep the DiMera away and assures him she will never forgive EJ. Sami rambles about how she can help. Rafe doesn't want to discuss this. She keeps talking and suggests that she hook up with EJ so she can be like a spy for Rafe. "I want this to work for us," she says. He's not coming clean and it's getting awkward. He promises they can have a fresh start. They suck face and plan a picnic.

At the hospital, Nicole cries as she watches Daniel tending to Jenn's injured hand. Nic stumbles back to the exam room and tells herself this is not real. She tears up her bag of children's costumes. "Why is this always happening to me? It's so unfair!" she cries and realizes she has nowhere to go. After smashing things around, she spots a scalpel and picks it up. She fantasizes about Daniel coming in and telling her he's back with Jenn. She snaps out of it as a nurse arrives, mistaking her for a different patient and babbles. Meanwhile, Jenn tries asking Dan about Nic. He grunts and gets cold. "Unbelievable!" she huffs, storming off. Kay comes over and starts quizzing him about his feud with Jenn. He's not helpful and walks off. Jenn returns and Kay worries that she wants to quit her job because of Dr. Jonas. Jenn can't watch him ruin his life. After she storms away, Nicole hobbles out. In the square, she reads over the paperwork about her baby's death, then shreds it and dumps it in the trash. Billie shows up, says she looks great and then plods off.

Stefano calls EJ in his office. Angry Elvis eventually picks up. His father guesses he's in a bad mood and offers to fix his problems. Junior declares the conversation over and hangs up. Meanwhile, Lucas runs into his mom at the pub. She's plotting to destroy Sami and hopes he's over 'the walking nightmare.' Anxious Lucas sits down and tells her he saw his son kissing Sonny. "Gay people kiss too," she tells him. He admits he was taken aback and Will caught him looking shocked. He's not sure he can change the way he feels. His mom says it will just take time. She's sure his son will be patient. He thanks her for her great advice and putters off. Later, EJ mopes in. She assumes he's suffering from Sami stress. Elvis tells her he spoke to Stefano and makes a point of telling her that his father had no interest in her. She wonders if he'll let his father back into his life. He vows he won't. At that moment, Stefano places a call to someone else, asking them to help him bring EJ back into the fold.

Victor walks into Caffeinated and sees Sonny and Will finger fondling. Sonny and Victor head to the bar. Vic quizzes him about his love life and assures him that he's okay with him being gay. He asks Will to drop by the mansion some time to hang out and then departs. Lucas shows up and tells the lads that he's been making an ass of himself. He wishes he wasn't uncomfortable but he can see that they have something special. Sonny jokes that with all of the support they're getting, they must be doomed. Lucas gives his dad a hug. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to see Victor at the mansion. Vic recalls his baptism and the doctor recalls how helpful he's always been. Daniel says that, for the first time, he knows where his life is going. He returns to the hospital, finds Jenn and informs her that he's resigning.


October 9, 2012

Hope meets with Bo at Caffeinated. He wants to take a big adventure and sail off to see their son with Ciara. He shows her his map. She quickly realizes that every port on the map is tied to DiMera Enterprises. Marlena shows up. Bo runs off to see his ma. Hope tells the shrink what Bo is planning. Marlena guesses she's not so excited. Hope doesn't think that her husband considered the consequences. The shrink advises her to be honest with her husband. Meanwhile, Bo makes a call about a boat and then meets his ma at the pub. He tells her about his plans. She's happy for him and then mixes up his name. Caroline makes excuses for it. He sits at the bar and chats with Gabi about what a 'funny guy' Rafe is. She tells him that his mom seems a bit overworked. Bo heads to the square and his wife finds him there, looking worried. Hope admits that taking this trip right now might not be such a good idea.

Daniel confronts Jenn in her office about resigning. He informs her that he's leaving. She hopes it's not with Nicole. The doctor tells her how much the hospital needs her. She rails about Nic and what a mess he's in. Eventually, he yells at her to stop. Once he's gone, Billie walks in on Jenn moaning to herself about how much she hates Nicole. Billie quizzes her. Jenn rants about what a 'miserable human being' Nicole is.

In tears, Nicole tracks down Rafe in the square. She tells him she lost the baby. This was a fantasy. In real life, she listens to him having a cheesy phone call with Sami. Before Nic can creep over to talk to him, Sami swans in and they saunter off. Nic hobbles away. She gets a voicemail from Daniel about moving to Utah and wonders if he's ready to make a commitment. Daniel calls again. They meet at Caffeinated. He tells her that most of the patient data at the hospital was lost today. Jumping ahead, he explains that he wants to go to Utah with her. He gets a call from Mel and wanders off. Nic talks to her dead baby about how evil Jenn is. The doctor heads back to work. Billie corners him and tells him how upset Jenn is. Meanwhile, Nic drops by Jenn's to get the last of her stuff when Jenn shows up.

Sami and Rafe go out to the woods where they had their first official date. They recall the jumping fish and recall how much has happened since then. She'll never forgive herself for the things she did to him. He doesn't want to talk about all of that, but he does forgive her. "Can you forgive me?" he asks, reminding her about Carrie. She forgives him. There is smooching. They tell each other how amazing they are. He brings up Nicole and things get awkward. There are more apologies. He tries kissing her to halt the conversation. She wants to do it on the picnic blanket but he thinks they should wait until tonight.

October 10,

Not Very Smart Of Me.

At the pub, Abby probes Gabi about why Mel left. Gabi feigns ignorance so her friend assumes it must have been her fault. Abby's shoulders puff up as she interrogates her. She gets distracted when she notices Nick's battered face. He's not explanatory. Abby turns pink and demands answers. When she doesn't get any, she storms out. Later, Kate drops in and asks Nick about his job prospects. He doesn't want to talk but she follows him out. She follows him all the way back to the mansion. He reminds her that the last time they worked together it didn't pan out. She knows he did some work for CW and wants him to help kill their synthetic organics division. He walks away.

Kate approaches Chad outside of the square and probes him about Mel. She assumes his father must have called him about it. He can't see why she's defending his father but soon guesses she still loves him. "It's not very smart of me," she admits before meandering away. He heads to Caffeinated. Abby corners him there and asks about Mel. He doesn't want to talk about it. She refuses to stay out of this so he walks away.

In the square, Hope tells Bo that traveling the world isn't the best idea at the moment. He agrees. She wonders why so he explains his Ma needs his help. Bo tells her about Caroline's memory slips. He tried questioning her but she intimidates him. He quakes in his boots but insists he has to tell Ma Brady she's 'losing her marbles' on his own. When he gets to the pub, Caroline is arguing with her bank statement. "Shouldn't you be out buying a wooden leg and a parrot?" she asks Bo. He explains he's staying home. She's happy and starts telling him a story about Lexi like it happened yesterday. He points out she's dead. She becomes annoyed, begins complaining and accidentally smashes some glasses. She rants at 'Shawn' until her son stops her. Blinking, she realizes he's Bo.

At the hospital, Billie worries to Daniel about how over the top Jenn is acting. She plods off and Brady turns up. The doctor warns him that Jenn is unravelling and asks him to keep an eye on her. He explains that he's leaving town. They worry about the fury of Jenn. Brady heads out. Maggie magically appears to discuss the holidays. He takes her to his place and explains that he's moving. "Who do I get to blame for this?" she asks. She thinks he should just go to work with the nuns at St. Mary's but he wants out of town. The doctor asks her to keep this to herself.

Jenn confronts Nicole in her doorway. She won't let her leave until Nic tells her where she is dragging Daniel. Jenn rants. Nic is sick of this. Jenn rants more and forbids her from taking Daniel away. That sounds pretty rich to Nic, who reminds her that she dumped him. Jenn rails until all of her veins strain. Nic warns her to shut up as she moans about the baby. "I lost my baby you bitch!" Nicole blurts out. She covers by saying she lost her last baby. Brady arrives as Nic tries to escape. "This isn't over!" Jenn yelps as Nic runs. Brady tries calming Jenn. "You're flipping out," he says. She screams that she's calm. Meanwhile, Nicole shows up at Daniel's with her bags, insisting they need to get out of town immediately. He needs at least a week and reminds her about Rafe. She insists everything will be fine and they have no time to act logically.

October 11,
I Want A Freakin' Sandwich.

Rafe drops by to pick up Sami at her place. He stares at her cleavage and hands her some flowers. "This is nice," he says. He can't wait to take her to bed. They kiss until EJ intrudes. He informs them that he's moving out and on because Samanther isn't worth the trouble. She gets a call, leaving the gents to bicker. Rafe declares that he's won. He warns Elvis never to use his sister again. EJ rants about his child and hops in the lift. Rafe takes Sami to Caffeinated. He thinks this is lame. She says it's good enough because it's closer to her place. "I want a freakin' sandwich... to go," he says. They wait. He's antsy about how long it takes to 'slap a piece of meat inside some bread'. That leads to making out.

At the pub, Caroline screams at Bo, calling him 'Shawn.' She snaps out of it and he helps her sit down. She's scared but tries laughing it off. He doesn't find it humorous. She admits she's become forgetful and claims she's just overwhelmed by stress. He suggests she take some time off. That won't happen. He suggests she talk to Kayla. She refuses and shakes her finger at him. This makes her confused again. He hugs her and she worries about being a burden. Bo promises that will never be the case. They head to the hospital to see Kay. Caroline tells her about her problems. She's sure they all know what's wrong with her.

At Jenn's, Brady tries to keep her cool but her eyes are bugging out of her head. She rails about how Nicole has been controlling her life. He won't leave when she asks him to. Jenn is determined to 'take care of Nicole'. Brady thinks she might be jealous. That makes her pissed. He urges her to let the doctor work this out on his own. After he leaves, she vows to save Daniel. Later, Jenn is gone and EJ shows up. He starts searching for Nic but Abby informs him that she's moved out.

Nicole is at Daniel's insisting that they leave Salem immediately. The doctor doesn't understand the rush. She's scared that she could lose everything. He insists they need to slow down and make sure she's in shape to travel. "Nothing is gonna work now," she whimpers. He promises to look after her 'little dude' and suggests she go to see her obgyn. When he leaves, she cries that it's all over. She starts calling her doctor but stops when she hears the message that Jenn leaves on Daniel's machine, asking him to meet her. Nic curses and then notices she still has the scalpel she picked up. She heads down to the square and pulls it out when she spots Jenn but then hides it again. Nic wants them to settle things. Jenn  struts up the stairs. Nic trails after her and grabs her arm. They rant at each other. Jenn rips her arm away and Nic tumbles down the steps as Billie and Brady arrive.

Daniel rushes over to see Victor, who has called claiming he's sick. He's not. He just wants to interrogate him about running off. Maggie joins them as Vic tells his godson that he makes him want to throw up. Daniel is sorry for being insensitive. Victor can't understand why he's running off to Easter Island. "Utah," says Daniel. Vic lets the insults flow. Meanwhile, Kristen meets Stefano at a restaurant in Europe. "It's been much, much too long," he says. He tells her that the family is coming apart and he's sure she's the only one who can save them.


October 12, 2012
She Pushed Me!

In the square, Jenn and Nicole struggle on the stairs. Nic loses her grip on Jenn's arm and tumbles down the steps as Billie and Brady arrive. Billie calls an ambulance. "She pushed me," Nic says as she glares at Jenn. She goes into labor. Jenn hyperventilates. The ambulance arrives and they take Nicole away as she throws accusations at Jenn. Billie asks her what happened. Jenn can't remember. Roman shows up and starts quizzing her. She doesn't know what happened. Billie suggests she get a lawyer. Jenn paces as Roman rushes off.

In Kayla's office, Bo can't say it, but Caroline knows it's likely Alzheimer's. Kayla admits that's a possibility but they need to run tests. The ladies go off and do that. When they return, Caroline starts to feel a bit relieved now that she's started facing things, but she wants this to remain between the three of them. They group hug. Caroline says she can only play the cards she's been dealt.

In Europe, Kristen shakes her head when Stefano asks her to come back to Salem. He says that she is the family's last chance. She appreciates that he sends her money, but it's not enough to go back to Salem. She has flashbacks to her many fights with Marlena. Besides, Kristen admits, she doesn't really care about 'Brad' and the other one. "Chad," Stefano corrects. The answer is still 'no.'

Rafe and Sami are at Caffeinated waiting for their sandwiches. He thinks the delay is a bad omen. She feeds him some mints. He gets a call from Daniel. Sami quizzes him about Nic and the baby. The cop doesn't want to talk about this. She keeps talking and then they make out. John and Marlena walk in and watch. Eventually, they interrupt. The men go off to look for food. Marlena tells her daughter she hopes it works out this time. Sami moons about their newfound honesty. Later, John and Marlena toast to smooth sailing from now on. "Oh baby, oh baby," she croons. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe head back to her place and make out some more.

At the mansion, Victor refuses to let Daniel run off with Nicole. The doctor claims she's changed. Vic says Rafe should be rescuing her. Daniel gets a call from Brady and hurries away. Over at the hospital, Cameron helps Nicole deliver the baby. After a silent moment, Cam explains that the baby didn't make it. She asks to hold him. "Hey buddy," she tells the dead baby. Everyone starts crying. Moments later, Daniel arrives at the nurses' station. Maxine tells him what happened. He goes in to see Nic and tells her how sorry he is. "This wasn't supposed to happen," she cries, explaining that she was pushed. "She killed my baby!" she claims. Cam returns to examine her. Down the hall, Brady tells Victor and Maggie what happened. Roman arrives and Brady admits that Jenn and Nic have been fighting in public. The cop appreciates the help and putters off. Daniel comes out and tells them about Nic's accusation. Brady says that, from what he saw, it could be true. Maggie cringes. Back in the square, Billie breaks the news to Jenn that the baby is dead. As the blond sobs, Roman arrives and regretfully arrests Jenn for the murder of the child.

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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