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3rd Week of October Weekly Summaries

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October 15,
The Chosen One.

In Europe, Kristen tells her father that she's not going back to Salem. "That's that," she declares. He gets bossy. She makes a stinky face. "Oh Kristen Kristen, ai ai... I'm desperate," he says. She reminds him they were never "The Waltons." He's sure she is their last chance to be a family and urges her to listen to the voice in her head. She finally caves, but she's sure she'll regret it. He hands her a passport and says she's going back alone while he takes care of some things.

John and Marlena are leaving Caffeinated when they bump into Will and Sonny. "Dude, you could do a hell of a lot better than this guy," John jokes to the lads. "Har har har," says Will. He and Marlena get coffees while John chats with Sonny about business. Sonny suggests he tell some stories from his past as an entertainment feature for the cafe. John won't do it. This suggestion miffs him and he leaves with Doc.

Nicole is at the hospital weeping. Daniel pays her a visit. She tells him again that Jenn killed her son. Nic runs through the 'what-ifs' that could have avoided all of this. "It was my turn to have a child of my own!" she cries. Later, Billie finds him staring blankly at the nurses' station. He asks her about what happened. The story doesn't make Jenn look good. Billie informs him that Jenn was arrested for murder.

EJ sits in his office talking to his booze and toasting to misery. Across the hall, Rafe and Sami are peeling off their clothes at her place. They climb onto her couch when she stops. She tells him how much she loves him. "I love us," she says. They make out until Daniel calls and tells him to get to the hospital. Rafe rushes out. Sami is about to trail after him when EJ shows up, drunk. He's looking for Rafe, "The Chosen One." He makes jokes about how she didn't get past her first date. He mocks her as she threatens to call the cops. Suddenly, he notices that Daniel called the phone and hurries out. Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the hospital and Daniel tells him that Nic lost the baby. The doctor has to run off so Rafe agrees to look after Nic. The cop goes to her bedside and holds her. They discuss letting the truth out. As they agree to keep the paternity a secret, EJ arrives at the door and eavesdrops.

Jenn paces her prison cell and thinks about the deadly stair affair. Abby and Hope arrive and Jenn fills them in. Hope's sure this is all a misunderstanding and Jenn assures her daughter it will all work out. Hope and Abby leave, make a call to Justin and then head to the Horton house. They hope this ends fast. Abby doubts it and tells her about her mom's feud with Nic over Daniel. Back at the jail, Daniel drops in to see Jenn. He needs some answers. She insists that she wouldn't deliberately kill the baby. He stares for a long time. "You're freaking me out," she says. He paces. She sobs. The doctor finally says that he believes her.

October 16,

Make Her Pay.

At the hospital, Rafe and Nicole agree to keep lying about the baby's paternity. EJ eavesdrops and licks his lips, leaving before hearing the child is dead. He calls Justin and orders him to file a petition for custody. He walks over to the nurses' station to talk about his baby. "I'm sorry for your loss," the nurse says. He's confused so she explains that Nic was pushed and lost the child. The baby was a boy. He sighs and stares before shuffling into a waiting room. Some random kid walks up to him and sees him crying. He thinks he should be talking to someone about his problems. EJ tells him about his dead sister and says his children are his only friends. "I bet you're a good dad," says the kid before he wanders off. EJ shakes as he weeps. Later, he calls Justin back and says he's found a new way to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Nic begins apologizing to Rafe. He holds her. Once she calms down a little, she tells Rafe that Jenn killed her baby. "You have to make her pay," she says. She's heavily sedated so he leaves. EJ sneaks in with his phone set on record. "I'm so sorry," he tells her. He questions her about what happened and promises to make Jenn pay. "That's sweet," she says. EJ admits he heard her talking to Rafe before. He just wants her to confirm the truth so they can grieve.

Sami calls the hospital to get news on Nicole. No one will tell her anything. She decides to head over. Sami bumps into her mom in the square and tells her what's up. Her mom worries that she'll upset things if she goes to the hospital. Marlena walks her daughter over to the loft and wishes her good luck with Rafe. After she leaves, Rafe arrives and tells her Nic lost the baby. They're quiet for awhile and then she starts kissing him.

At Caffeinated, Sonny tells Will he wants to do something with him. They go rock climbing. After that, Will is panting. Sonny tells him him about the Himalayas and suggests he'd like his salty butter tea. Over at the pub, Bo's ma tells him to stop hovering and go home. Gabi shows up as Nick is clearing the final tables. He asks her out on a date. They go to the square and he teaches her about the stars. He tells her how much he learned about the sky from his jail cell. After he tells her she's beautiful, they nearly kiss but are interrupted by Sonny and Will. This annoys Nick a bit. Will complains about his nauseating date. Gabi talks about his fear of heights and admits to Nick that she and Will dated. The former couple flashback to their grief sex. After the lads leave, Gabi tells Nick she's happy that Will finally figured out who he is. She agrees to do this again soon so he kisses her goodnight.

Kayla drops by the pub for some chowder. She sits down with her brother and they worry. Bo wants answers but Kay says they need to be careful. Hope calls him about Jenn so he runs off. Caroline brings Kay some chowder and jokingly claims its chili. Roman shows up. He guesses something is wrong. His mom doesn't want to explain but eventually admits she might have Alzheimer's. Her son makes her promise to keep him in the loop. After he leaves, Caroline sits with her daughter and asks when she can start treatment. Kay says she needs a lot more tests first but her mom doesn't want to waste time. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope meet at the Horton house to discuss the Jenn case and his mom. "Yeah, eh, uh, tssyyyiiuuu," Bo groans and grunts. After a few minutes of this, Hope guesses he doesn't want to talk about this but needs to. He paces and recaps what's been happening with his Ma. He can't believe how fragile and lost she seems.

October 17,

Boomerang Son.

Kristen's jet is coming down in town. At that moment, John and Marlena are drinking champagne at Mandalay. He toasts and promises her he still has surprises in him. "Life would be dull without surprises," she says. The shrink asks him what he was talking about with Sonny. He explains but says he's not at liberty to discuss much. Most of it he can't remember and the rest he wants to forget. She says everyone has thing they want to forget. "They don't have decades," he says. He makes some sexual innuendos and she pants. He tells her he's a man of action and offers to take her home. "Hoo-hoo," she groans. After they have a romp in the bedroom, he dreams of Stefano. Waking up, he looks down and sees Kristen beside him.

At Jenn's, Bo sadly tells Hope about the fragile look on his ma's face. He's terrified that she could slip away so easily. They discuss treatments. "Even the dark is scared of Caroline Brady, but this..." he worries. They try to be optimistic and she encourages him to just be a son to his mom. Besides, they can always hire someone if they need help, Hope adds. Over at the pub, Caroline prods her daughter to start her treatment. Kay reminds her that they don't even know what's wrong with her yet. Bo shows up and tells his sister to get some rest. She heads out and Ma Brady asks Bo if he's pulling the graveyard shift. "I don't need a boomerang son," she says.

At the mansion, Brady fills Maggie and Victor in on Nicole's fall. He's sure Jenn never meant for this to happen but it's her fault. "No, it's mine," says Maggie. Brady doesn't know how Nic can survive this. Maggie starts defending Jenn so he explains that he's been getting close to her for weeks. He heard what Jenn said before Nic fell and that makes it hard to believe she's innocent. After he heads out, Maggie decides to talk to Jenn herself. She arrives at the station and chats to Hope. Once they catch up, they hug and Maggie notices she's distraught. Hope isn't explaining much. Meanwhile, Victor arrives at the pub and finds Bo cleaning up. Caroline yells down, "Shawn! Are you still down there?"

EJ is at Nicole's hospital bedside, begging her to tell him the truth so they can mourn together. She insists that the man who lost his son was Rafe. He won't accept that. He's about to leave with his recorder but she stops him and tells him about holding the dead child. She hopes he won't start sticking needles in his body. EJ claims he would never do that. He just wants to be a father and he wants to help her grieve. Elvis promises not to retaliate if she tells him the truth. After five more minutes of begging, she finally admits it. They both shake in tears. She falls asleep. He takes his recording and leaves, vowing to make Rafe pay. Later, Brady arrives to check on her. She wakes up and he holds her. Suddenly, she realizes what just happened with EJ and gasps.

Sami is making out with Rafe in the loft. He pulls away. She understands that he needs time. He has a beer. Sami promises to be there for him. They make out again. This time she gets his shirt off. Elvis arrives. He's so distraught his shirt is untucked. Samanther squints as EJ barks that the child was his. "History has a funny way of repeating itself," Elvis says. She refuses to believe this so he plays the recording and cocks his head.


October 18, 2012
Sanctimonious Hypocrite.

At the loft, Rafe insists that the baby who died was his. Sami asks EJ to go. Before he does, he plays the recording of Nicole admitting the child's paternity. Sami refuses to believe it. Rafe is silent for awhile. "For once, he's right," he finally confesses. She's flabbergasted. Elvis rails. Rafe says he would do it again. After EJ walks out, Rafe tells Sami how much he hated lying but he needed to protect Nic from Elvis. "I didn't realize any damsel would do," she snipes. He reminds her they weren't even a couple when this started. She accuses him of being unable to trust her. He tries to explain. She understands but doesn't trust him anymore. As she lectures him, she starts to realize that he actually told Carrie everything months ago. She accuses him of using her. "We were grieving... and about to have sex!" she complains. He insists he was really grieving but admits that he never would have told her the truth. Sami is furious that he chose another woman over her and accuses him of being a 'sanctimonious hypocrite'. She says he'll have to find someone else for grief sex because she won't forgive him.

EJ returns to his office. He tells a photo of his children that he wishes they could have met their brother. Kristen comes to the door. "Mother!" he blurts out. "Not all the plastic surgery in the world could make Susan look like this," she says, strolling in. She admits she's there for Stefano and insists that their father has all of their best interests at heart. Kristen pays her condolences and reminds him of the son she lost. "Nothing is more important than family," she says. He's not impressed and sends her away. She leaves to handle her other 'irons in the fire'

At the station, Maggie notices Hope has been looking at Alzheimer's pages on her computer. Hope says she can't talk about it. They talk about it. Maggie offers to pray for Caroline. Meanwhile, Victor drops in at the pub and finds Bo cleaning the floor. "Shawn, are you still down there?" Caroline asks as she comes down. She notices Victor is there. Bo gets them some port. "A fine son we have," she says. He leaves them alone and Caroline remembers how much Victor has changed. Finding out Bo was his son revealed his gentle side. Their son joins them and she coos about how wonderful they are. She must be drunk so she goes to bed. "Thanks for the memories," says Victor. Once she's gone, he tells Bo how sorry he is. Bo claims his ma will be ok. Victor offers his help. Bo's afraid to discuss this but assures him that she will be looked after. "I've never been prouder of you," Victor says, giving him a hug as Maggie arrives. They go outside and he tells her he's grateful for all of the blessings in his life, especially her. Back inside, Bo and Hope get the pub ready for the morning and discuss how, one day, Ciara will have to look after them.

John wakes up from a dream. He turns around and finds Kristen in his bed. He wakes up. That was dream too. Marlena asks him what he was dreaming. "Uhhh... I'm not exactly sure," he claims, leaving for a cold walk. He paces the square and wonders why he's obsessing over Kristen. Marlena suddenly appears and startles him. He doesn't want to talk about what's going on in his head and insists that, whatever it is, it can't hurt them.

October 19,
Sorry Baby.

John's in his office trying not to think about his dreams of Kristen. He talks to himself until Marlena walks in. Squinting erupts. "Oh baby," she coos. She reminds him they are supposed to be on a picnic. "Sorry baby," he says, cockeyed. He has to go to the post office. Meanwhile, Kristen is reading the news in her hotel room. Her father calls. She claim she's making progress. He hopes she has things settled by the time he gets back. She heads down to Mandalay and continues reading up. She spots John and Marlena walking by and sucking face. Kristen cringes a little. "Bye Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful," Doc tells John as they part ways. He heads back to his office while Marlena heads to the park for a picnic. As someone barges into his office, Kristen surprises Marlena.

Abby goes to see her mom in jail. Justin interrupts and asks to speak to Jenn alone. Once the young one is gone, the lawyer explains the charge will be murder in the second degree. The case against her is pretty good so he encourages Jenn to brace herself for the worst. They go to see the judge.

At the hospital, Daniel calls around looking for information on Jenn but he can't get any. He goes in to see Nicole. She tells him she did something bad and explains that EJ was eavesdropping when she was drugged up. She confessed the truth to him and worries this could come back on the doctor. He holds her and tries to keep her calm. Nic weeps about her baby. She asks him to get her robe at his place. After he leaves, Abby shows up to pay her condolences. Nic insists to her that her mom killed her baby. A nurse barges in and orders Abby out.

Daniel runs into Jenn outside of the pub. She was released on her own recognisance. She thanks him for believing in her. This is really awkward. He rushes home and finds Nic's bag of baby costumes. He sadly laughs as he looks at them. Later, he heads back to the hospital with a sandwich for Nicole. She's not hungry. He admits he ran into Jenn. The doctor suggests that the fall could have been an accident. Meanwhile, Justin walks Jenn home. Abby arrives and runs into her mom's arms. After the lawyer leaves, Abby accidentally suggests that her mom might be guilty. Abby corrects the impression. Jenn sends her to the kitchen to heat up some chowder.

Over at Caffeinated, Kay and Bo discuss their ma. Roman arrives and Kayla announces they need to make some big decisions. The doctor explains that what's happening with their mom will not be going away and it will get worse. Bo tells his brother about her memory slips. Kay doesn't think they can leaver her alone anymore. Bo refuses to get his ma a babysitter. They debate this. Bo wants to be the one to be there for their ma. He wants to make up for 'being her big mistake' and all the time he lost when they fell out over Victor. Kay tells him to call her about this everyday

Fun Fact: Matt Purvis wrote these stories just for you!

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